34 years of war, billions of soldiers and civilians dead, all colonies on different planets under attack. And it is up to you to save them, as an commander of one of the Frigate Class ships named "Wings of a Angel" that came from an mission far in space to find new planets to life on, got the task to destroy the Covenant invasion of destroying humanity.

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Oh wow... Nicolas. You've outdone yourself. This is incredible and just has that Halo vibe and feeling. Well done, sir. Well done.

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To be honest, this is really hard to tell whether it's a Halo theme, or just a bunch of instruments mashed together in hopes that it sounds like something good. Was any Mastering done on this at all? It sounds like all the instruments were all set to the same volume levels in hopes that the listener could tell what sound to focus on.

Gonna be honest, this sounds really muddy. Muddy as in you can't tell what is the main melody and what is the harmony. Or what instruments need to be focused on (listening wise) and what instruments are background instruments.

I hope this is just a WIP, because I would not want to hear this garbling of sounds playing in some sort of epic scene or battle.

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MrTimm Creator

This track has no present use

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Hoffmann-Nicolas Author

Thanks you for your honesty. I'm sorry to have disappointed you, though i do not know what you had expected here... That track is not WIP, it just simply has no present use so i cease to work on it. However, i am glad to tell you the tracks i'm working on right now are more balanced.

And, between us, "Mastering" is a well paid art, ofttimes done by audio engineer specialist. The adequate term you were trying to refer to is "Mixage". As for the Harmony and Melody, i'll work on it and i hope i deliver.

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Hoffmann-Nicolas Author

Comment to be suppressed.

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Well I didn't know you had a degree in Music, Flaming Demon....

Personally I liked the song, yes the balance could use some work but It is far from a "garbling of sounds." I'd like to see you do better.

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You don't need a degree in music to hear something is off. And Understanding Melody and Harmony of any song or type of music is at the base level of music production. They are both very primitive concepts when talking about music.

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Hey everyone !
The project "Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved" based on the Halo Licence is progressing well. I know this licence is something amazing, and it makes the awaiting difficult. That's why i wanted to grant you a little taste of the music tracks i'm currently composing for the mod. This track has no present use, so i won't be spoiling anything. I hope you enjoy this, Halo fans !
Hoffmann Nicolas.

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