A Deus Ex advancement mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

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10 WildcatPhoenix

Aug 30th, 2014 7 people agree 0 people don't

GMDX is a comprehensive "advancement" modification which aims to improve upon almost every aspect of the Deus Ex experience. Gameplay mechanics have been painstakingly tweaked and revised in order to provide far better balance between skills, augmentations, and expendable items. NPC and enemy AI has been altered to behave more realistically and challenge the player to a far greater degree than ever before. Meanwhile, each level has been retouched and/or expanded with a number of graphical, decorative, and architectural enhancements which add an extra layer of discovery for veteran DX players. When combined with the New Vision and HDTP mod packages, this “fresh coat of paint” does an outstanding job of remaining faithful to the original artistic vision of Deus Ex while improving the graphical fidelity of the game.

Augmentations, in particular, have been enormously improved. Health Regeneration and Ballistic Resistance no longer throw the difficulty curve out of balance, while the much maligned Aqualung and Microfibral Muscle systems are now significantly more useful and worthy of consideration. Meanwhile, a revamped skills system (which includes new abilities such as Stealth) yields far more variety and actually forces the player to think hard about how to allocate his or her XP.

There is no denying that GMDX is a far more challenging experience than the original game. The Hardcore difficulty mode in particular is a punishing experience which will test even the most experienced of DX experts. In almost every circumstance, however, I found that the increased difficulty forced me to think outside my familiar approaches to the game’s obstacles. This approach managed to breathe brand new life into a 14 year old classic, and I can honestly say that GMDX represents the definitive Deus Ex experience.

A must-play for DX newcomers and veterans alike.

Marvin42 says
10 Marvin42

Apr 23rd, 2014 5 people agree 0 people don't

GMDX retouches and refines a large part of the game, gets rid of most of its annoyances and inconsistencies, and provides a fresh new experience for fans of the game (newcomers are still welcome). The mod's authors did not go through the levels with a sledgehammer - like Revision - or completely change the gameplay - see Shifter. It's still the same old Deus Ex but with hundreds of small changes.
GMDX's crowning achievement is probably the revamped skill system. To put it simple: Every skill is viable now (yes, even swimming!) and they are much better balanced. Not just by shifting a few numbers here and there but by changing how a skill impacts the gameplay.
How you pick your training has much more impact now and there are no must-have or dump skills anymore. Being untrained at lockpicks means you might as well throw them away now, same with melee. Swimming is important as a lot of useful stuff has been moved to underwater areas and respirators have been removed. Medicine is very viable as it increases your maximum health, also having an impact on if you really want to get Regeneration now or not. Rifles is not the be-all-end-all weapon skill anymore as they have been nerfed where other weapons improved. Again, not just by making weapon x deal 50% less damage, but by redistributing ammunition, adding new weapons, changing weapon behaviour and so on.
This style of design permeates throughout and the skill system is just one of many examples, the feature list speaks for itself.
Edit: About version 6.3: v5 had some problems with the level design, all of them have been addressed by now. Due to a number of additional improvements, especially to AI and camera, I'll upgrade the score to a 10.
Keep it up, and to the rest of the userbase: Download and play, you will not regret it.

phillon says
10 phillon

Apr 8th, 2014 3 people agree 0 people don't

I truly think this mod deserves a 10. What it does, it does exceptionally well. The mod makes a number of very cool changes to the base game (with HDTP). First is the overall increase of challenge via various mechanisms such as improved ai, less resources and some nice map alterations. Other very cool features include additional options for role playing at certain parts of the game. There are also conservative (for the sake of balance), but noticeable improvements (in my opinion) to various augmentations, weapons as well as skills. Cloaking ability has also been given to a few enemies, which is cool and makes it more realistic to me. Fights against augmented enemies have also been beefed up; again realistic and fitting with the game.

Overall GMDX is an excellent mod that adds quite a few new features, but nothing that detracts from the core DX experience. I highly recommend it.

dady977 says
10 dady977

Dec 5th, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't

Amazing project with amazing modders, the work done on this piece of art is flawless, this makes the game more entertaining than it already it, such a perfection!

ElectricAntagonist says
10 ElectricAntagonist

Nov 13th, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't

I just started replaying this game on v6.3. The improvements on v6.2 were great but this takes it to a whole new level. This game remains faithful to the original while improving on it's gameplay and AI in many ways. It adds new weapons like the USP, which has differences from the Regular Pistol. It also improves the Skill system and overall Stealth. It gives a much needed gameplay overhaul to what is my favourite game of all time and I can't thank the developer of this mod more.

HellCaller says
10 HellCaller

Apr 15th, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't

*Updated Review*

This mod has come a long way since I first stumbled upon it while searching for a mod for my favorite game of all time. At first it started out as a solid mod with an overpowered muscle upgrade and a dragon's tooth sword that had a ridiculously long range and a laser sight (What was CyberP thinking xd)
But since then it has become more and more complex with dozens of new changes and improvements and has become easily the best gameplay mod for me surpassing shifter, biomod, Deus Ex 2.0 and others. So I'm fixing my rating up to 10, because it deserves it. Although I'm still hoping CyberP to give Walton an ADS aug xd

Why is this mod so good? Because looking at it, you can see that the creator has thought about every change he made carefully. He didn't do things just because he can, but rather asked himself "Could the game benefit from this change whilst staying true to the original format?" Of course not everything suits my taste, but you can't please everyone. But even with those unwelcome changes it still deserves the 10/10 from me. Would I suggest this to people who love Deus Ex? I definitely would. It kinda feels like that patch the creators never released. Would I suggest it to new players? I would, yes. People say this mod makes the game harder, which it does, but Deus Ex was never a hard game to begin with. If I could go back in time I would give this mod to my younger self and tell him "Take it and play it, *******. Oh and when you're going to meet a girl named Manon in the future for the first time, then by all means: Shave yourself, you bum!"

thebronzemex says
10 thebronzemex

Aug 7th, 2013 2 people agree 0 people don't

I've been an avid Deus Ex fan since it came out in 2000. The problem with playing a game over numerous times, while it's still interesting and I'm still finding new things about it, it begins to lose it's challenge.

Thankfully, Cybernetic Pig's came along and has put some fresh air into the game with GMDX. Before I get into the main aim of the mod, I have to point out the simply fantastic skill system configuration that is provided. They are, frankly, the best I've ever seen in any Deus Ex mod. He's made some minor changes to what each skill actually does and makes all of them much more useful and has altered the cost of each skill. The mod, instead of replacing the swimming skill, actually makes it useful.

Now on to the increased challenge that the mod gives, and oh Jesus Christ in heaven does it provide one. Don't kid yourself people, this mod WILL kick your ***. I decided to jump right into the hardcore mode, which among other changes removes the ability to save at your on will. This, added with the improved AI and toughness will require players to use their head a lot more not only in terms of combat, but in the choices that the player will have to make. Veterans of the game will have to prepare to resort to tactics such as barricading using crates for example, among other unorthodox tactics. That being said, I cannot recommend this to newcomers of the game (which is the case with all mods, let's be honest.). This mod is aimed at people who are familiar with the game.

Cybernetic Pig has done a fantastic job at making the game extremely challenging, but fair at the same time; something that is very difficult to do. That said, it's not perfect; there are some instances where the enemies are overpowered (I'm looking at you, Grays.) but overall the difficulty balance is superb. Among other critiques is that the Dragon's Tooth's range is ridiculously long.

So if you're a Deus Ex veteran, get this mod. Now. Do it. Go.

Edit: I never give 10s to anything, but GMDX has made leaps and bounds since I made this review, so **** it.

a7xtony9392 says
10 a7xtony9392

Feb 21st, 2015 1 person agrees 0 people don't

I had previously said I had not got it started, but apparently it's because I'm an idiot. This is a great mod with very limited and tedious flaws like when loading a saved file where you are crouched you are standing up again or several textures go crazy during a few sections. Besides that this game is amazing. I'm not used this type of difficulty so I end up going in guns blazing and realize a second later I am dead because I did watch my surroundings which have also changed since the vanilla version.

frageok says
10 frageok

Feb 8th, 2015 1 person agrees 0 people don't

As I bought the GotY edition on steam yesterday I stumbled upon an article of PC Gamer 'How to run Deus Ex on Windows 7/8' where GMDX was recommended. I have played the game many times since 2001 having still the original cd version. Since then my gaming setup changed significantly from a 22" CRT monitor to a 28" LCD with 1920x1200 resolution. The default settings of the original DX offer only 1600x1200 @ 32bit resolution. So I was looking in principle for a mod to render the game in a higher resolution. But I got so much more the game looks prettier in a subtle way respecting the original look while gameplay is more demanding and offering more of a challenge. All in all a perfect overhaul for one of my most beloved games.

Vyticoz says
10 Vyticoz

Jan 10th, 2015 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This is a damn good mod. It is much more solid and stable than some of the other mods I've played with in the past. The only two things I would love to see in it would be an Alt-Fire and Aug Switching. Outside of that, fantastic job for just one guy.

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