The goal of this mod is to add a third playable pirate race to Homeworld 2, as well as implement minor universal gameplay changes and add additional ships to the existing hiigaran and vaygr navies. This mod is not meant to challenge or create existing HW2 canon, is merely for everyone's enjoyment. The gameplay of the mod is already complete and playable, and features a functioning pirate AI, so you can play against a pirate CPU in multiplayer! Features already included in the mod: New models New weapons New maps New gamemodes New sound fx New music functioning Pirate AI Features in the works: More models More maps More gamemodes New voices More Piratey goodness. Read More...

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Every vote counts and may win you a game on Steam!

Two New Concept arrivals in the Images for you to examine and scrutinize.

The Combat Shipyard
The Strike Frigate

Beta build progress was slowed down due to a heavy workload this month.

but Bataraia's Hammer and the subsystems are in my personal build!
unfortunately a minor issue has come up

some of the new subsystems look weird on the station and Strength of Liberata.
now if no one minds i can work on packaging the build for release.

i can assume your answer but i would not be a good modder with out asking you all first :D

also i got a Big Surprise for you all soon!!!! so follow the mod (if you don't already)

i think your going to like it


Mod Restart

Mod Restart

3 years ago News 6 comments

Latest update. With mod restart information. new concept pics and a personal update.

Status Update Mk2

Status Update Mk2

4 years ago News 2 comments

BlurryHunters Version announcement and personal update.

Status Update.

Status Update.

5 years ago News 4 comments

Getting everyone up to speed. Plans for the Future

Bug Fix version announcement

Bug Fix version announcement

7 years ago News 5 comments

Bug Fix version announcement Also new images and To Do List

RSS feed Downloads
Pirates Mod Version K

Pirates Mod Version K

4 years ago Full Version 7 comments

This version is What was sent to me via BlurryHunter. so those who where interested in his work can enjoy. for this version you must change your -mod...

Pirates Mod v0.3

9 years ago Full Version 25 comments

v0.3 - Fully functional Pirate AI (does not research upgrades or build weapon subsystems) - Several new deathmatch maps - Removed all fighter and corvette...

Pirates Mod v0.2.1

Pirates Mod v0.2.1

10 years ago Full Version 1 comment

This Pirates Mod update fixes a bug that caused the game to crash when a multi-gun corvette was built.

Pirates Mod v0.2

Pirates Mod v0.2

10 years ago Full Version 1 comment

This Homeworld 2 mod adds a third race allows you to play as or against in multiplayer and skirmish games. Known simply as "the Pirates", their...

Pirates Mod v0.1

Pirates Mod v0.1

10 years ago Full Version 1 comment

PIRATES MOD v0.1 DEscriptION This mod adds a third unique, playable race to Homeworld 2, known simply as the "Pirates", and implements...

Pirates Mod v0.0.9.1

10 years ago Players Skin 3 comments

DEscriptION The goal of this mod is to add a third playable ‘pirate’ race to Homeworld 2, as well as implement minor universal gameplay changes...

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Thunderbolt Creator
Thunderbolt Aug 7 2012 says:

FYI i made a new news post to coincide with the concepts i posted, but by a misclick its awaiting Front page authorization.............. oops.......

+2 votes   reply to comment
bestg036 Aug 18 2012 replied:

you need Idea for New Ship or news unit?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Raygoza Aug 7 2012 says:

By the way as Pirates, could each Hiigaran Carrier the Pirates capture become a Bataraia's Hammer?
Not right away since it would still be a Hiigaran Carrir but there could possible be a way to turn it into Bataraia's Hammer.
Maybe by removing each subsystem the Pirates don't have?
If they don't use advanced research modules then it could be the thing to remove.
As the ship is tranformed into Bataraia's Hammer each module is turned into the Pirate's counterpart.
It's very possible that they use the same modules as the Hiigarans but I don't know and if it's the case maybe there's a other solution to turn a Hiigaran Carrier into Bataraia's Hammer.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thunderbolt Creator
Thunderbolt Aug 7 2012 replied:

i have some experimental Build files, but considering how the pirates have two motherships in a sense and they will be on par Power wise. i would like to stay away from that. now being able to replace them might make its way in. but i am still on the fence about that.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Raygoza Aug 8 2012 replied:

How about making a maximum number of supply for a such ship and if you capture a Hiigaran carrier, if the supply is used it will stay as Hiigaran but if the real one gets destroyed the Hiigaran Carrier is turned into Bataria´s Hammer, recycling each subsystem the pirates don't have and this would also support with money.
If they don't have, they'll get it.
Also this way will allow them to make backups in a limited way as it's only the Hiigaran Carrier that can be used.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thunderbolt Creator
Thunderbolt Aug 8 2012 replied:

i will keep it in mind but it would be low on the Priority list.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Kardonian Jun 30 2012 says:

Would I extract the .big file into the Data folder?

+2 votes     reply to comment
jpguitarman Mar 18 2012 says:

Keep at this Thunderbolt. Still my fav HW2 mod!!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Hell_Diguner Sep 17 2011 says:

What's new on the modding scene? Well, ModDB is the number one place to showcase mods now. RelicNews is still the place to go for talking about mods and getting help with modding though. There are several new mod tools, and updates to older tools. CFHodED is in version for example.

You should have a look at these mods. Lots of new scripting, game rules, models, and general ideas can be found in them:

Path to Victory
Slipstream (the Price of Freedom)
Star Trek Continuum
Halo Homefront
Halo Starside Intercept
HW2 Free Mod
Freespace Fleet Command
FX Empires
FX Commander
Angels Fall First: Naval Combat Operations

TFS is still recieving minor updates now and then. PDS hasn't had anything happen for a couple years now.

The Homeworld Universe Mod (Project) is trying to gather the best of the HW2 communities' work, and put it all in one mod. So far, that includes models and game types.

And some old stuff that you may not have seen (and should see):
All the mods by Olmys:
All the mods by MiKail:

I shall be watching the Pirates mod closely. It'll be intresting to see what happens when one of the oldest HW2 mods (that people remember and care about) starts being developed again.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Cysta Aug 4 2012 replied:

"The Homeworld Universe Mod (Project) is trying to gather the best of the HW2 communities' work, and put it all in one mod."
now THAT would be facinating.
I saw good works, great ones,
but each has a lack another fills.
all the amazing mods mixed up...
I cannot wait.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thunderbolt Creator
Thunderbolt Sep 23 2011 replied:

well in the time it would take to dissect those mods. (which i personally do not want to as i feel its a form of plagiarism.) i think i can learn to mod HW2 again and find a new 3D modeling program. Then start playing with ideas i have in the Hw2 engine !

so i will just take the harder route....

thanks for the show of support !

+3 votes   reply to comment
Cysta Aug 4 2012 replied:

sorry, I forgot to tell: I LOVE the new badges.
and listening to Alestorm while playing. goooodie. thanks a lot. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
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