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sbnewsom Jun 21 2014, 2:50pm replied:

You don't have to learn to mod anymore. You just have to learn how to make games, which in turn help you mod games. People want to create original content now, leading into making games they can sell and not mods that require the ownership of a game. Different kind of world now. I don't mind it.

+2 votes   poll: How long have you been modding?
sbnewsom Apr 20 2014, 3:00pm replied:

They were also made before mods changed the core code of the game so they these were a lot more compatible than you would think.

+2 votes   feature: ModPack DOOM Edition
sbnewsom Apr 20 2014, 2:59pm replied:

Same installation instructions as EVER DOOM MOD.

+4 votes   mod: Aliens TC
sbnewsom Mar 16 2014, 6:01pm replied:

Not a mod, but a full game.

+2 votes   game: They Hunger: Lost Souls
sbnewsom Mar 16 2014, 6:00pm replied:

It always seems more appealing to us more than the developers.

+3 votes   game: They Hunger: Lost Souls
sbnewsom Mar 2 2014, 1:08pm replied:

Thats like saying, reality still feels like reality for some reason.

+2 votes   media: Scene
sbnewsom Mar 2 2014, 1:07pm replied:

Its the cryengine....of course.

+2 votes   media: Character - NGraphic filter (NEYA-7)
sbnewsom Feb 17 2014, 2:47pm says:

So my question is, how does the explosion end? You have the transition between the start and end but how does it transition between end to nothingness?

+1 vote   news: Volumetric explosion for two
sbnewsom Feb 5 2014, 2:03pm says:

Now thats the sort of night that games need to have. I'm sick of the typical full moon lighting everything night time.

+1 vote   media: Location demonstration - Around City
sbnewsom Jan 12 2014, 4:20pm replied:

Based on the amber glowing symbol of the Dharma logo, I would say you must solve the Aperture and/or Black Mesa first before you get an inkling of what the center one is.

+1 vote   media: New glifi
sbnewsom Jan 12 2014, 4:11pm says:

Are those buildings casting shadows? That would mean you you made the static meshes characters? Or some other technique?

+1 vote   media: New Gold Coast Buildings
sbnewsom Jan 12 2014, 4:09pm replied:

I don't know about you but I think this mod is translating it well perfectly. From the looks of it, the maps are pretty faithful without an overkill on making it look like Doom 3 or some modern game. Its like a Doom 3 version of what Doomsday Engine did to the classics. Nothing wrong about that.

+2 votes   news: Doom Reborn Alpha Version 0.82
sbnewsom Dec 24 2013, 4:05am replied:

Or just stick with a horse and put in some time? Like the good ol days? This is generally the same distance in the original game, but now you get to see that distance!

+1 vote   media: Dagger XL Far Terrain
sbnewsom Nov 20 2013, 12:29am says:

This is actually a really cool project. I would love it to get some more love from the community. One can say this makes Doom an open world game (Since it makes the whole game one giant map). Although it would be cool to see if its possible to tie maps together to make it one open world project. Doom Strife. Anyways, cool idea. Looking forward to trying it out.

+3 votes   game: Doom 1 as 1 level, Doom 2 as 1 level
sbnewsom Oct 1 2013, 1:23pm says:

Wait, machine for pigs wasn't scary? Hmmm, I must of played a different game.

+4 votes   news: Triptych will crawl to a December Release.
sbnewsom Aug 19 2013, 1:32pm replied:

You mean Wolfenstein 3d?

+2 votes   news: Prisoner Dev Diary : August 18th 2013
sbnewsom Aug 17 2013, 1:00pm replied:

What are you talking about? Programming is the biggest part of this project, else it'll just look like a mess. Doom RPG is completely different from the usual Doom game.

+1 vote   mod: Doom RPG Build
sbnewsom Jul 18 2013, 3:01am replied:

Yes. No underwear, just a sock! ^_^

+2 votes   news: Major 3D-Update
sbnewsom Jul 18 2013, 2:59am says:

I absolutely love the logo. I take it thats the new logo? If so, I'm glad it is being rebooted. I'd love to see where it goes as I love 'the Arrival', but I'd like to see something new done with the mythos.

+1 vote   news: Partial Reboot
sbnewsom Jun 20 2013, 1:17pm says:

I love this baby, but you know, I feel that its more than possible for the rebirth to look like the Header Image more than it does now. I'd love to see that to be honest.

+1 vote   news: [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.3!
sbnewsom Jun 6 2013, 12:33pm replied:

You should of tried polycount.

+3 votes   media: progress of the mod
sbnewsom Jun 6 2013, 12:32pm says:

I didn't realize how hard it is to understand 'Responsibility and Regularity'. I don't know if its the sad generation of today or people don't understand 'responsibility' and 'work on a regular basis'....oh wait, ignore something you don't understand instead of asking questions.

+1 vote   media: progress of the mod
sbnewsom Apr 27 2013, 11:26pm says:

I would expect angry people to go through the comments on the page for some answers and not blatantly asking the same old pathetic question? Glad you posted an article on the subject Gambini.

+7 votes   news: About the release
sbnewsom Apr 27 2013, 11:23pm replied:

Impatient People.

+4 votes   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
sbnewsom Apr 20 2013, 12:34pm replied:

Perfectionism didn't keep DNF from us. Wasting money kept it from us. It could of been done right with the right management.

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
sbnewsom Apr 20 2013, 1:33am says:

Thank you so much for revealing the true nature of the Source Engine. This short alpha made me feel like I was playing one of those adventure mods in Crysis. This is a grand feat. Beautiful lens flares, lens dirt, fancy bloom, and spectacular lighting. THe environmental lighting is probably the best part of this mod, aside from making a mod that feels like its own, without being overbearing in the horror department. *cough*Hellsound*cough*grey*cough*

Im looking forward to seeing the project progress. I kinda want to get back into Half-Life 2 modding, but damn, Unity and UDK are taking up way more of my time and provide a fruitful pipeline for my projects....Was most of the visual effects done through extensive programming? Or did you just reveal the features provided in the current Source Engine build?

Now that I played Alpha 5, I think i'm satisfied enough to hold out until the final release. :D Thanks for such a fine experience on the source engine. There have been real talent showing lately for this engine...(I'm tired of all the 'Half-Life' universe generic mods and abundance of multiplayer games)

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
sbnewsom Apr 20 2013, 1:30am replied:

Usually when you move the mouse, you change the camera orientation, revealing the environment. Walking around doesn't change the orientation. It is facing the same direciton, so the engine doesn't generally need to load/unload any data as often as looking around. Its common sense that this will reveal fps issues. Try turning off some of the features in the 'Estranged Options' menu.

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
sbnewsom Apr 16 2013, 4:08am replied:

Flashlight. Lower the shadows quality in the settings. Or don't use flashlight at all....which just isn't possible in the mod. lol

+2 votes   company: AASC
sbnewsom Apr 16 2013, 3:49am says:

I don't know if many people noticed but the references go way beyond just LOST and Portal. I can really appreciate this mod. I was surprised by the shear length of it...sure I would normally consider that a con as so many of the best mods or short and sweet. I made an exception for this beauty.

The mod was difficult in a good way and some absolutely terrible ways. Some cool ideas were bogged down by bad execution (electric fuse maze) and (impossible visual cues).

Other than that, I really can't wait to play Hatch 18. I really like the direction the demo went so I think all should be good.

+3 votes   mod: CUBE
sbnewsom Apr 14 2013, 7:50pm replied:

It wasn't suppose to be set to the 14th. He's not evil, the people messing with this profile are evil.

+3 votes   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
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