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sbnewsom Aug 17 2013, 1:00pm replied:

What are you talking about? Programming is the biggest part of this project, else it'll just look like a mess. Doom RPG is completely different from the usual Doom game.

+1 vote   mod: Doom RPG Build
sbnewsom Jan 11 2013, 11:16pm says:

Is this coming to Desura?

+2 votes   article: Triage Part 1 Official Release!
sbnewsom Dec 22 2012, 12:39pm says:

B. The contrast between the colors are a bit more defined and looks right..although A has the subtlety which makes it look like cloth....damn it. LOL

+2 votes   article: Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #8
sbnewsom Dec 3 2012, 1:14am says:

First thing I thought of was System Shock. Well why not, that game was no doubt a first person dungeon rpg. :P This game looks great, so much going on. :D

+1 vote   game: Droidnaught
sbnewsom Oct 17 2012, 11:05pm replied:

You can block games from showing up.

-1 votes   article: Central Hub
sbnewsom Sep 4 2012, 5:25am says:

Your version of slenderman looks similiar to the silence from Dr Who. :D Thats a good thing. :P

+1 vote   article: Weekly News Update 007 - September 4th, 2012
sbnewsom May 13 2012, 2:34pm says:

Cool, but the design needs an overhaul. Looks bulky/cheap and not mechanical and authentic.

+1 vote   media: Old Screens | CE3
sbnewsom Mar 3 2012, 12:18pm says:

You use Kickstarter to sell your game, not the 'what you'll get when you donate'. That is secondary. Its REALLY bad form to upfront state what you get if you donate.

+3 votes   article: New Rewards - 4 Kickstarter Exclusive Weapons!
sbnewsom Aug 23 2010, 3:27pm says:

lol souce mod. :P

+1 vote   article: 8-22-2010 Update
sbnewsom Apr 7 2010, 6:09pm replied:

They didn't model them.

+2 votes   article: Alpha/Beta stuff in Radom: Source!
sbnewsom Mar 31 2010, 2:28am replied:

whats ut4? lol you're well informed sir.

+5 votes   poll: The engine I (am/would) develop my games on is
sbnewsom Aug 11 2009, 5:01pm replied:

Maybe that says something. I don't know. Maybe at the time the zombie uprising was announced, everyone stole the food? If it was a mistake to make something empty, there would at least be something related on the ground, but there isn't. This seems purposeful.

+1 vote   media: Weekly Update Images August 10th, 2009
sbnewsom Jul 22 2009, 7:13pm says:

I didn't find the game all that hard. It was just right. I actually don't have any cons for the game besides typical map bugs.

+2 votes   article: An outstanding mod
sbnewsom Jul 4 2009, 6:25pm says:

Must download them! Must! My make them Zune/iPod playable! >_<

+2 votes   article: Doom: Fall of Mars - Music
sbnewsom Apr 25 2009, 11:17am says:

@Ciroman: You do realize that the project is set in Russia right? Obviously your joking....

+1 vote   article: Update!
sbnewsom Apr 2 2009, 10:33pm says:

Yeah this is being bashed like crazy on GameTrailers. God I hate that side. Nothing but console fanboys and graphic whores.

Anyways, like I said a while back, love the new art direction. Its absolutely gorgeous!

+6 votes   article: FPS/RPG E.Y.E reveals new trailer.
sbnewsom Mar 21 2009, 2:13am says:

Nothing fancy, but looks good nonetheless.

+3 votes   media: stunprod
sbnewsom Jan 3 2009, 3:53pm says:

He's SO CUTE!!! In my head I hear him saying "This is me taking a long walk on the beach at Dusk. This is my myspace photo! And this is the normal me! YAY!"

+6 votes   media: T-Rex Update
sbnewsom Dec 23 2008, 4:06pm says:

Am I the only one that feels a nostalgic relation to Blood in this mod?

Definitely going to try this out!

+1 vote   article: x - MASS Released
sbnewsom Dec 13 2008, 2:38pm replied:

He's talking about mods being playable on the 360, not actual modding on the console. Now that would be great.

+2 votes   download: G.E.C.K. (Mod SDK)
sbnewsom Jun 14 2008, 2:51am replied:

I would have to say though, that's one hell of a bad cut 'n paste job for a team logo. Think of something better to use. Its like saying Limbo of the Lost is pardoned from using screenshots of various games and consider it assets for there commercial product.

Using other logos for your own logo isn't a way to create an image of your team. When I see those things, I see Resident Evil and Punisher, and not your mod team. Wrong message me thinks.

+2 votes   article: Third Media Update
sbnewsom May 22 2008, 6:09am replied:

Drag the image into the browser's address bar. Let go and press enter...unless it automatically goes to the link automatically like in firefox.

+1 vote   article: TF2 Shading in UT3
sbnewsom May 17 2008, 8:20pm replied:

Your a whiny bitch for comparing the two.

+3 votes   article: WIP Character Sculpts
sbnewsom Apr 6 2008, 8:04pm replied:

Why? Get 1,000,000 and you can purchase the license and still have so much money left over. haha

+1 vote   article: Make Something Unreal Contest 2
sbnewsom Feb 24 2008, 10:30am replied:

Indeed, I myself would like to know how to get dynamic shadows working with lights!

+2 votes   article: Source SDK Base - Orange Box released
sbnewsom Feb 16 2008, 7:03pm says:

Reminds me of DMC4....this looks awesome. Really well done.

+2 votes   article: New Slayer Model
sbnewsom Jan 17 2008, 8:18pm replied:

Im sorry, but this mod is worthy enough for a price. Each tool in the mod is crafted well enough to be user friendly and enjoyable. All the work put into it deserves the price we pay.

Go play Counterstrike on HL1. thats free.

+3 votes   article: Update Released!
sbnewsom Jan 1 2008, 2:34am says:

Look forward to it being released. The sdk better be out soon!

+2 votes   article: Wiisis
sbnewsom Dec 28 2007, 8:15pm replied:

Indeed, but I don't know if I'm going to return to modding or go straight into game development. Our current project is still stuck between modding the source engine, getting a license, or using a free third party engine.

We are going up to Washington on spring break to visit Valve. Really looking forward to it. Besides that, I'm spending my time in court and discussing stuff with ex-presto members about licensing and royalties. FUN FUN FUN....not!

+2 votes   member: Stormseeker
sbnewsom Dec 28 2007, 12:58am says:

Hey Storm. Sad to see these retarded comments from idiots. Good to see an Xmas press release though. How are things going for you?

+2 votes   member: Stormseeker
sbnewsom Dec 25 2007, 1:47am says:

Looking Ace. Can't wait to see this in motion in-game. The emotion in the seen as if you were there would send shivers down my spine.

+1 vote   media: T-rex Break Out
sbnewsom Nov 27 2007, 9:53pm replied:

Thats okay. The title says Teaser Trailer though. The reason why I get a little angry is the fact that I've been to film school and currently getting my degree in Game Design. Its just the general public jump the gun to complain then research what they dont know.

+1 vote   article: Deus Ex 3 Teaser Trailer
sbnewsom Nov 27 2007, 9:42pm replied:

Its a Teaser! They didn't throw a bunch of stuff together, this is what a teaser is suppose to be. Something to tease or announce something. You basically answered yourself even if you didn't ask a question.

0 votes   article: Deus Ex 3 Teaser Trailer
sbnewsom Mar 21 2007, 8:45pm says:

Where was the icon used for this game profile taken from?

+2 votes   game: Penumbra: Overture
sbnewsom Jan 11 2007, 6:57pm says:

Like most games that instill fear. They use music, blood, and in most cases like in the movie, JigSaw shows the device in motion over the tv. There are so many other ways to scare someone without physical pain.

+1 vote   media: Flytrap Deathmask
sbnewsom Dec 28 2005, 12:56pm says:

Well put review! I'm glad that it wasn't so biased like some reviews Ive read. Great job!!

+1 vote   article: Doom - The Movie Reviewed
sbnewsom Mar 31 2010, 2:30am says:

I'd have to say UDK. It is far superior in the department of accessibility by all members of a development team. Source just takes a bit more effort just to get something working in-game, not to mention it takes more work just to get static meshes working. Come on valve, make it easier just to import static meshes. Stop giving me the whole "Requires a bone" mess and qc bs.

+7 votes   poll: The engine I (am/would) develop my games on is
sbnewsom Mar 28 2010, 6:45pm says:

This wasn't inspired by Flower was it?

+1 vote   mod: Butterfly - Quantic
sbnewsom Mar 27 2010, 2:36pm replied:

The transition isn't just about graphics, but the acoustics of the sounds.

+4 votes   article: March mega-update!
sbnewsom Mar 8 2010, 4:46pm replied:

Yeah. Great work though.

+1 vote   article: ...Presents Overgrown - The Unknown
sbnewsom Mar 7 2010, 3:32pm replied:

Overgrowth isn't a mod, but an actual game.

+1 vote   article: ...Presents Overgrown - The Unknown
sbnewsom Mar 5 2010, 3:28pm replied:

Where the heck did you get that from? Its just a house on a hill with a pathway.

+2 votes   media: Dear Esther Level 2 Progress
sbnewsom Feb 26 2010, 3:10am says:

Nice mod, but seriously. This could be done in a couple of minutes. :/ Its like putting a cube on top of the water and saying its Progress.

+2 votes   article: Progress
sbnewsom Feb 15 2010, 7:44pm says:

Seriously, this had to happen. Once it became multiplayer, I lost all my interest. If I wanted to shoot dinosaurs, I'd play Orion, else, I want to see your vision of how a single player JP game would go.

Hope you got a lot out of the experience. It was fun while it lasted.

+2 votes   article: The mod is over.
sbnewsom Jan 24 2010, 7:23pm says:

Amazing work. The maps look absolutely photorealistic. You bring a sense of vision and experience to gaming that not many professionals have, especially in big name companies. You have the eye that is capable of seeing what makes real life, so lifelike, without destroying that essence in the digital conversion.

Great work!

+1 vote   media: A quick update...
sbnewsom Jan 24 2010, 6:33am says:

Stupid Chua. haha

+1 vote   media: Map: ac_Chua
sbnewsom Nov 13 2009, 3:46am replied:

What was failed to mentioned was that Euphoria gives you physical artificial intelligence. It can make a character run, or walk using physics instead of animations. It allows characters to balance themselves physical on any surface. It is really powerful!

+3 votes   article: Why we are not using Euphoria
sbnewsom Nov 10 2009, 3:06pm says:

Not that good. Too boxy.

0 votes   media: Ian Malcoms' Body WIP
sbnewsom Oct 22 2009, 10:02pm replied:

Even though its a concept, nothing should be blurred except for the gun. It doesn't make sense to have the environment blur at all if there are no objects near the player's face.

+2 votes   media: Depth Of Feild Concept
sbnewsom Oct 22 2009, 9:59pm says:

Horrible Water. Awesome Grenade.

+2 votes   media: Grenade ViewModel In-Game
sbnewsom Oct 22 2009, 9:58pm replied:

L4D Team doesn't suck. They made L4D. Plus I really enjoyed L4D2 while at E3. How dare you badmouth hardworking people who bring us quality content on the same level as Valve. Oh wait, your still stuck up.

+5 votes   article: Gabe Newell says NTSUX
sbnewsom Oct 22 2009, 9:54pm replied:

Compared to the second one, no. It was decent.

+1 vote   article: Starship Troopers : Source :: Conceptual Layouts
sbnewsom Oct 21 2009, 6:40pm replied:

Well having a big object like yourself inside a bush tends to create a lot of shadows. :P

+1 vote   article: Transparent shadows using stippling
sbnewsom Oct 21 2009, 6:30pm replied:


+3 votes   media: Ingame Screenshots
sbnewsom Oct 21 2009, 6:27pm replied:

The fur shader is absolutely horrible when working with realistic themes. The only times it worked effectively was in cartoony games such as conker. I say don't use the shader just for the sake of it. Unless it looks like Hair Shaders from Maya or Max, just don't bother.

+1 vote   article: Soft normal maps for fur
sbnewsom Oct 18 2009, 4:49am says:

Thats awesome! Though, I don't understand how 1.0 is considered a beta when it isn't even the final product. :/

+1 vote   article: Its Here!
sbnewsom Oct 8 2009, 10:29pm says:

Very atmospheric. Great video. How open will the world be? Is it in terms of System Shock or Fallout 3 or even Stalker? They are all respectfully different.

+1 vote   article: Degeneration Theory: Cataclysm - Teaser Trailer Released
sbnewsom Oct 7 2009, 5:19pm says:

If only it could look that good in game. :D

0 votes   media: Environmental Models
sbnewsom Oct 4 2009, 6:53pm replied:

Nah, I say keep it. The developers have a reason for everything. I doubt they would add a random logo in some unusual location.

+1 vote   media: Ceiling Observation
sbnewsom Sep 29 2009, 8:18pm replied:

Well Build never looked like that back in the day. This is a modified engine.

+4 votes   article: WGRealms meets polymer.
sbnewsom Sep 24 2009, 2:10am says:

A couple of HUD design tips should be taken from Need for Speed Shift. That game did a real good job on making the in-car camera useful and not too claustrophobic, like real-life.

+1 vote   media: August Update
sbnewsom Sep 14 2009, 2:48am replied:

Except for the trees, which look really out of place.

+1 vote   media: AK-74 In-game
sbnewsom Sep 8 2009, 2:02pm replied:

This isn't GTA:SA its RE: Outbreak. There is a lot of detail mainly because the scope of the environment is focused on a small area and not a whole world.

+1 vote   article: Raccoon Park Entrence Completed
sbnewsom Sep 5 2009, 3:04am says:

This is stretching it in regards to progress sadly.

0 votes   article: Weekly Progress Report #6/#7
sbnewsom Dec 22 2012, 12:37pm says:

What do you guys mean on a tilt? That tilt is just a rotation in after effects and not in-game. I could be wrong though, but I doubt it.

Anyways, I think i'll stay away from another scary game until I start feeling less sick. lol Looks pretty awesome. Thought it would of been a FP Adventure version of the film. :P

+1 vote   article: [REC] Shutter Released on Desura
sbnewsom Oct 21 2012, 10:41pm says:

Of course! The model and texturing work is just gorgeous. Excellent stuff to be seen. Can't wait to see who's doing the animation. :D

+2 votes   media: Garen's concept to 3D
sbnewsom Sep 17 2012, 3:00pm replied:

Blurs are best implemented through DX11, especially with the Bokeh Blur used in this image. Shouldn't be hard, but I knew right away this look nothing like Source Engine. Maybe UDK, right out of the box, but not Source.

+2 votes   media: We can't turn back.
sbnewsom Jan 13 2012, 6:15pm says:

I think it means mammary....

0 votes   media: Player XP / HP / MRY - Bar
sbnewsom Jun 22 2011, 5:44pm replied:

Its neither a new mechanic. Its been done a couple of times before.

Also what is a classic zombie? The original use of zombie was actually a person dying and being revived, without actually being a braindead being.

There is no such thing as not being a classic zombie. All zombies are different. No, George A Romero didn't invent zombies.

+1 vote   article: Crystalised announces its debut title Desert Zombie: Last Stand for iOS mobile
sbnewsom Feb 14 2011, 6:55am replied:

Sorry, but Orion was originally promised to be a free mod.

+2 votes   article: Dear Esther remake to get commercial release
sbnewsom Nov 8 2010, 10:33pm replied:

I disagree, the complex use of warm and cold colors make the scene look dynamic.

+2 votes   media: Reactor Comparison (Source Beta, Prelude)
sbnewsom May 6 2010, 4:22pm replied:

I guess I can agree with that, but sadly because of just that, the logo looks like it looses light because the background behind it has a higher white value than the logo. In turn, the logo looks like its washed out.

0 votes   article: Welcome to Never Lose Hope hospital
sbnewsom May 6 2010, 4:31am replied:

Making logos in color require a set of rules. The colors must be different enough to have good contrast between shapes. The logo's colors are too much in the gray area and look VERY flat in nature....but I never said the logo itself was bad.

0 votes   article: Welcome to Never Lose Hope hospital
sbnewsom Sep 1 2009, 9:32pm replied:

Dark? The original looked colorful and sort of dated. Nothing dark about it. This looks absolutely dark and depressing.

0 votes   media: Sculpting the terrain
sbnewsom Aug 23 2009, 3:42am says:

Excellent work here. :D

+1 vote   media: screenshot
sbnewsom Aug 12 2009, 1:02am replied:

No kidding! :D

+2 votes   article: Carmack talks Rage, Doom 4, and modding
sbnewsom Jul 21 2009, 7:55pm says:

Not bad. Its no Black Mesa trailer, but definitely is well edited. Good job. Look forward to play the mod.

+2 votes   article: Wilson Chronicles Official Trailer 1 released !
sbnewsom Jun 12 2009, 7:22pm replied:

Sounds like it to me. Sort of brings the reality of Animals over Humans concept we here too much from PETA in our world, making our scapegoat that is Jurassic Park a thing of the past. :(

+2 votes   media: MP Gameplay Concept - Search and Rescue
sbnewsom Jun 1 2009, 10:31pm replied:


+6 votes   media: Barbasol Can
sbnewsom May 18 2009, 6:38am replied:

Arabic? How do Arabs have any relation to Egyptian mythology, not to mention literature? I have a feeling he meant Egyptian hieroglyphics.

+1 vote   article: Curse episodes
sbnewsom Apr 27 2009, 6:24pm says:

Amazing. Look at all those improvements. Loved the first version, and look forward to this one!

+1 vote   article: The Haunted is back! Version 2.0 Announced!
sbnewsom Mar 28 2009, 6:41pm says:

Freaking AMAZING! So much power in that video. It really creates an awesome atmosphere for the game.

+2 votes   article: Teaser Trailer Video for Encore! Demo
sbnewsom Mar 21 2009, 2:12am replied:

He's talking about the textures, not static meshes. Not to mention the graffiti look familiar.

+1 vote   article: Last Hope Preview
sbnewsom Mar 8 2009, 7:17pm replied:


+1 vote   article: Launch Trailer/New Website
sbnewsom Feb 28 2009, 1:22pm replied:

Do you even know what the definition of mod is? Good job feeding the flame that burns with ignorance.

-3 votes   article: 2008 Upcoming Mod of the Year Winners
sbnewsom Feb 25 2009, 3:17pm replied:

I agree 100%. Its like considering Guild Wars a singleplayer game. Sure you can play by yourself, but its nothing more than an instanced MMO.

+1 vote   article: Editors' Choice: Best Single Player Mod
sbnewsom Jan 25 2009, 4:15pm says:

Its the leaked map from the Half-Life 2 beta.

+2 votes   download: H.E.V. 4 hands (7 skins)
sbnewsom Sep 3 2008, 4:52pm says:


+1 vote   media: PC Gamer Feature
sbnewsom Aug 24 2008, 11:46pm says:

Cool, but I suggest trying to make the character look a little different. Right now, she looks too much like Judith Mossman. The design decision in HL2 and related games is to give each character a unique look that tears them apart from other characters. Doing that with your project will bring a little more polish and professionalism to the mod.

+6 votes   article: City24 administrator
sbnewsom Jul 7 2008, 11:06am replied:

Its the Field of View and the fact that he's on top of the gas station. If he was to show a screenshot on street level, it should look correct. I saw him working on the level and it looked perfectly find to me.

0 votes   article: Milestone for Back to the Future: Hill Valley
sbnewsom Mar 18 2008, 2:11am replied:

If this does get permission then Hallelujah!

-1 votes   mod: The Legend of Zelda: Codenamed - Project: Light
sbnewsom Mar 17 2008, 6:18pm buried:


I know for a fact that this project will be shut down. Why are you getting people's hopes up for a mod we would love to play? The thing is, your breaking copyright, and thats absolutely illegal.

Either get permission or stop now.

-5 votes   mod: The Legend of Zelda: Codenamed - Project: Light
sbnewsom Mar 13 2008, 6:00am replied:

Check out the new patch.

+1 vote   article: Gears of War SP Maps
sbnewsom Mar 12 2008, 2:16am replied:

Just tried. It doesn't work in Desmume.

+2 votes   game: Lonewolf DS
sbnewsom Mar 10 2008, 7:14am says:

Needs to be homebrewed to play right?

+1 vote   article: Release!
sbnewsom Feb 24 2008, 10:38am replied:

I saw you, but you know. I didn't say hi. I'm *** like that.....just kidding.

Did you get any numbers from the girls at the EVE Party?

+1 vote   article: GDC '08: Lessons - Shorts, Skirts and Shirts
sbnewsom Feb 24 2008, 10:29am replied:

Amazing. Look at that. What a great engine. :D Can't wait for the Particle Editor!

+2 votes   article: Source SDK Base - Orange Box released
sbnewsom Jan 29 2008, 6:36am replied:

In games, artists exaggerate the legs to give them a dominant look. The legs on this model is perfect. Its set up to work with the Source Human Skeleton.

+1 vote   media: Gas Masked HGrunt
sbnewsom Jan 6 2008, 6:42pm says:

I'm a happy Bee right now! ^_^

+2 votes   media: More Helicopter :)
sbnewsom Dec 16 2007, 5:47pm says:

Looks great! I thought it was kinda obvious that the HL2 models were refernce, but I guess it ain't so obvious with some people.

Can't wait to see his ingame.

+1 vote   media: Visitors' Center Rotunda
sbnewsom Dec 11 2007, 2:44pm says:

I don't know why this isn't getting more publicity, but this is one hell of a great mod for Doom 3. Damn, I really can't wait to play this game when its finished!

+3 votes   mod: Ruiner
sbnewsom Nov 27 2007, 9:40pm replied:

Its a teaser not a trailer. Of course you wont see much.

0 votes   article: Deus Ex 3 Teaser Trailer
sbnewsom Jun 17 2007, 6:35pm says:

Map looks very bland. I can pull off something like that in 15 minutes.

+1 vote   article: Amazing Asylum.
sbnewsom Feb 28 2007, 4:38pm says:

Alyx is like Feona from Shrek. haha funny ****, this will be worth a good long laugh! ^_^

+1 vote   article: Another media release.
sbnewsom Sep 15 2006, 3:03am says:

Who wants to play the 360 on that piece of **** TV! lol, nicely done though. :)

+1 vote   media: Xbox 360 Model
sbnewsom Feb 9 2006, 6:47pm says:

I'm definatley impressed with the new direction you guys are going! Good to see something new praz!!! ^_^


+1 vote   article: Incoming Source Media Update
sbnewsom Jan 19 2006, 1:36am says:

Oh wow! **** this! I agree with the other guy. I think I ran out of ****! @_@

+1 vote   media: Anomalous Materials
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