I dont make mods but I love playing them! I get mods for sins of a solar empire and star wars empire at war mostly, but I also play Garrysmod, If that even counts.......

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MrPerson Jun 17 2015, 2:33am says:

where do you even find the sounds for this stuff? I love the noise it makes when it walks

+4 votes   media: AT ST
MrPerson Jun 14 2015, 10:31pm says:

Hey, the Providence thing is still in the mod, cool!

+2 votes   media: Implemented the new UI
MrPerson May 20 2015, 10:47pm replied:

thank you very much, will try this

+1 vote   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
MrPerson May 19 2015, 10:27pm replied:

I am saying that it is unenjoyable from a gameplay point of view and ruins my games whenever it happens. All I am asking for is if you can disable it

+2 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
MrPerson May 18 2015, 11:36pm says:

does anyone know how to disable the Oblivion Crisis event? I find it BS that around 80 turns it randomly places giant full flag armies inside your territory and they run around taking all your undefended internal cities (playing as skyrim mainly)

I have enough defenses on my borders to take on any army, but they spawn inside my borders so if I leave my borders defenseless, other factions will take my borders and encroach on me, and if I stay at my borders, all my internal cities will fall, leaving me with no money. Its a lose-lose, and am wondering if there is a way to disable the Oblivion Event.

+4 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
MrPerson May 10 2015, 10:25pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Basilisk War Droid Texture Update
MrPerson Apr 28 2015, 1:01pm says:

oooh nice new page

+2 votes   mod: Sins of the Fallen
MrPerson Apr 21 2015, 1:15pm replied:

ah ok, I misunderstood

+1 vote   media: Asari Dreadnought
MrPerson Apr 20 2015, 9:26pm says:

I thought only the Destiny Ascension had the top spike? And the regular Asari Dreadnoughts were curved where the spike is.

Looks awesome though.

+4 votes   media: Asari Dreadnought
MrPerson Apr 19 2015, 10:44pm replied:

Ha, we share the same thought on that subject!

So glad you decided to do ground :D

+1 vote   media: Sith Behemoth
MrPerson Apr 19 2015, 2:36am replied:

actually PC specs don't matter too much, as Sins only uses one processor core and 2gb (without LAA) anyway. Could have a $4k PC and this game would still lag in the end game on larger maps with tons of fighters ships and trade/refinery vessels

+2 votes   media: Personnel Transfer Facility & Kodiak Shuttles
MrPerson Apr 19 2015, 1:29am says:

interesting, but doesn't sins hate having tons of these little trade type ships, especially in the late game? I have heard many modders say that is what makes the late game lag. That and the fighters

+4 votes   media: Personnel Transfer Facility & Kodiak Shuttles
MrPerson Apr 7 2015, 4:38pm replied:

to be entirely honest, I just want them to make a patch that makes the AI not stupidly OP lol

+3 votes   news: April Update (2015)
MrPerson Apr 7 2015, 3:33pm says:

I know I am beating a dead horse, but in this release, will you be balancing the AI, and have it so it does not require editing the base game files to work?

The ships and mod itself are amazing, but I could never get into it because within 10 turns I was always reduced to nothing but repelling gigantic invasion fleets over and over again.

+8 votes   news: April Update (2015)
MrPerson Apr 7 2015, 4:46am replied:

In these versions that are up, this mod changes the base game AI, which as far as i can tell, breaks the base game and other mods AI to get this ones to work. I don't remember the exact process as I don't have the mod anymore, but be warned, even if you do get it to work, this mod is unfairly brutal. As in (as CIS) fleets of 15 of each frigate, 10 acclamators, and 5 venators attacking your planets (or the same planet) repeatedly until it falls. Like 2 times a galactic turn, even if you destroy the fleet. They keep pulling more out of nothing.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
MrPerson Apr 4 2015, 3:48am says:

2k textures in sins? wow, can't believe it could handle that.

Wish I could help, unfortunately I have work, college, and I don't have the slightest idea on how to mod anything lol

+1 vote   news: Help Us, Obi-Wan
MrPerson Mar 25 2015, 12:29pm replied:

Well, a Legends character being in the title of the mod is a dead giveaway that this is a Legends era mod. Should be pretty self-explanatory

+2 votes   news: Ascendancy 0.95 Beta Released
MrPerson Mar 24 2015, 4:04am replied:

"Don't forget to visit Commander Shepard's favorite store on the Citadel"

+12 votes   media: Council Culture Station
MrPerson Mar 23 2015, 2:47pm replied:

I wish more games had dual monitor support like Supreme Commander FA does, two different monitors can look at two different locations and manage two different fleets etc at once.

Though it would probably push this game to its limits performance wise. Watching two huge fleet battles at the same time would kill it probably

+1 vote   media: Super Wide Shot
MrPerson Mar 23 2015, 12:11pm says:

you can stretch sins across multiple monitors? Why did I not know this? how do you do it? it would be so handy

+2 votes   media: Super Wide Shot
MrPerson Mar 17 2015, 1:24pm says:

Why did they replace the spirits with Phantoms in all the games except the first one? Spirits look cooler Imo

+4 votes   media: We've got Spirit.
MrPerson Mar 13 2015, 3:26am says:

I vote wraithking too

+2 votes   media: A Very Possible New Addition To THB:
MrPerson Mar 12 2015, 4:38pm says:

ooh, like the new bridge, it stands out

+3 votes   media: Recusant + New CIS Bridges
MrPerson Mar 10 2015, 11:52pm replied:

thanks, appreciate that :D

+1 vote   news: Galactic Conquest
MrPerson Mar 10 2015, 6:47pm says:

Will the Mandelorians have a defiler like unit? I could never play vanilla FOC against the Consortium because they would destroy buildings of mine ALL THE TIME. I am talking like up to 5 in a galactic day. Its more annoying than cool, at least for the factions fighting them

+2 votes   news: Galactic Conquest
MrPerson Mar 7 2015, 10:29pm replied:

oh, never tried scuttling them. Never thought about it.

I always just kinda messed with the system and tried to keep from capping the moons until I built a starbase first, then capped the moons. That way you can have both as long as you build the real starbase first >:D

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Fallen
MrPerson Mar 7 2015, 10:27pm says:

one spelling mistake "the providence can continue to pack a *bunch* (should be punch right?) even in the GCW era

Anyway, this is cool, I always liked CIS ships, good to see one of the cooler ones :D

+1 vote   media: The Secret Revealed
MrPerson Mar 6 2015, 8:21pm replied:

the moons just add a random type of moon to certain planets randomly that act like starbases, and each type of moon has slightly different abilities. Each planet can have anywhere from 0 to 3 moons.

Problem is that if you want to defend a planet with a real starbase (which are still better than moons) if you capture a moon first, you cannot place a starbase. As the game confuses starbases and moons as the same thing

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Fallen
MrPerson Mar 6 2015, 11:43am says:

when I came to this picture it had 343 views o_o

+2 votes   media: You know our motto: "We deliver"
MrPerson Mar 2 2015, 12:29pm replied:

I understand, I actually find land combat rather enjoyable, but I see why a lot of people don't. Kind of sad though, no Old republic mods I know of have ground combat :(

+1 vote   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Awakening
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