I dont make mods but I love playing them! I get mods for sins of a solar empire and star wars empire at war mostly, but I also play Garrysmod, If that even counts.......

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MrPerson Apr 2 2014, 4:38pm replied:

huh, don't see how thats a whole faction with like 6 ships, oh well better than nothing.

maybe Creator of ORAW would be willing to share assets XD

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MrPerson Apr 1 2014, 11:04pm says:

haha nice one

+1 vote     media: Story Arc
MrPerson Apr 1 2014, 8:52pm says:

This + harrowers, all the ships I will build :D

+3 votes     media: Interdictor
MrPerson Apr 1 2014, 1:33am replied:

That's what I thought too, SOTP's joke was too easy to spot though lol

+3 votes     media: Foray
MrPerson Apr 1 2014, 1:20am replied:

Hope they get harrowers....

+5 votes     media: Hammerhead
MrPerson Apr 1 2014, 12:50am says:

*gasp* Old republic? does that mean sith empire?
woo finally!
what made you change your mind?

+3 votes     media: Hammerhead
MrPerson Mar 30 2014, 1:10pm says:

how did you (or did you) get around that weird crimping on the poles of the planets?

+1 vote     media: Bastion
MrPerson Mar 28 2014, 10:25am says:

Not many planets, will you add more as you go?

+1 vote     media: GC Galaxy Design
MrPerson Mar 26 2014, 9:07am replied:

huh, I would have thought going 1v1 with an SSD would let it focus all its guns on 1 target instead of shooting at different ones, which would make it excellent against just 1 target.

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MrPerson Mar 25 2014, 11:38pm says:

that SSD looks so..... smooth

+3 votes     media: This mod needed more battle screenshots
MrPerson Mar 23 2014, 8:57pm replied:

I feel your pain with the swarming AI. Kinda why I stopped playing. Playing CIS and holding off 3 Republic fleets a galactic week/day of 2-7 venators 15+ acclamators and 10-20 of each frigate type plus all the fighters gets extremely annoying. I am not exaggerating, that is what happened to me. I can beat them off but it just takes 20+ min to do those battles, so thats an hour of battles like that in 1 galactic week/day. Not worth it Imo

+6 votes     article: March Update (2014)
MrPerson Mar 21 2014, 4:03pm replied:

ah ok, thanks. any chance for a micropatch or something to fix this issue? don't want to bug you about release dates for the next major patch.

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
MrPerson Mar 20 2014, 11:11pm replied:

I thought you said that the multiplayer was broken due to use of an old set of files that you would have to put in the new version? I reported instances of 2 people crashing on trying to join the lobby and thats what you or another team member said I thought

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
MrPerson Mar 19 2014, 2:50pm replied:

by too small I mean you start with only a few towns, maybe its just me personally but I dont like having one big faction split into 2-4 smaller ones. It does nothing but cause confusion. "is that an elvish faction? does that faction start out liking me?" ect.

also when you are choosing your faction at the start you cannot see on the map the territory they start with. That plays a key role in the faction I choose personally.

I still think the garrison thing should be more clear cut, If I didnt ask if you guys had it I wouldnt have even known it was there and thought the AI was cheating when it just spawns units lol.

I dunno, maybe this mod is not for me

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 18 2014, 8:53pm says:

so far I think the mod is....strange. The factions are much too small now, the map has changed around many settlements, and the UI (for the elves I was playing) was transparent in the center and it was just plain Weird (Imo)

But how does the garrison script work? None of the buildings say "provides a garrison of XX amount of XX troop type"

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 18 2014, 1:08pm replied:

alright, I will give it a look, thanks

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 17 2014, 6:04pm replied:

I know you can do it in EAW, I just wish sins could

+2 votes     media: Pew Pew
MrPerson Mar 17 2014, 4:37pm replied:

so I cant just rename the third age folder something else and put the default expansion back in its normal place? and is that just for kingdoms or the entire original game?

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 17 2014, 4:36pm says:

There is my baby >:)

+3 votes     media: Testing picture of the Day
MrPerson Mar 17 2014, 1:48pm replied:

Thanks for the answers, I will give it a try.

may I ask why you need a separate install of the normal game to get this to work? default third age is just a mod folder and the original game still works fine, I heard some people say they can't play the original game because of this submod

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 17 2014, 1:47pm says:

wow that's cool! I still wish sins had the capability to have moving turrets :(

+7 votes     media: Pew Pew
MrPerson Mar 16 2014, 9:49pm says:

I am new to this submod and I have nearly 200 hours in just the normal version of this mod. I was looking into this once I found it and your newest news post says that there is progress on a new version and I was wondering how far that is, I dont really want to download large mods just to have another version come out right after I get done downloading the last version lol.

my other question was does this submod include the garrison mod that I have seen on the forums? I like that concept.

and my last question, does anyone know why they stopped making the main mod? thanks for reading and replying to this

+1 vote     mod: Divide and Conquer
MrPerson Mar 16 2014, 9:35pm says:

I wish that this game allowed battles at the main menu like EAW does. I sit at the main menu and watch the lasershow and battle for hours....

+2 votes     media: The first thing you see...
MrPerson Mar 15 2014, 9:33pm replied:

so apparently the ones I chose were fairly common ones then. He said as long as I kept it similar to the race's existing tracks and motives that I could find and give him some of the music for Nephilim, Hypercorp, and Plague, but mostly Hypercorp as that was mostly default TEC until I was done with it.

I asked him where he got the non battle music for Nephilim and I think he said that it was from a freesound website he found, he is not entirely sure what they are called anymore either

+1 vote     mod: Sins of the Fallen
MrPerson Mar 14 2014, 12:28am says:

looks great! I like all the icons, especially the one showing the inside of the ball things on star destroyers, always wondered what was in those

+2 votes     media: All the Tech Tree are Belong to Us
MrPerson Mar 13 2014, 8:02pm says:

Both my friend and I downloaded the same version of this mod and both have the the game on steam. Everything works properly in single player but for some reason we get version mismatch when trying to join lobbies we host. Is there a way to fix that? what did we do wrong?

+1 vote     mod: Republic at War
MrPerson Mar 12 2014, 6:40pm says:

Hey again, I am getting a desync error when I try to play this with one of my friends and I never got an answer (or I forgot it :\) on how to fix it. any help would be appreciated

+1 vote     mod: Maelstrom
MrPerson Mar 12 2014, 2:42pm replied:

ah ok, I know the star destroyer one is better in a fight, are the SD versions abilities better than the cruiser version? or are they situational?

I thought I had seen you around EAW mods before
I am also surprised that Star wars Ascendancy (thrawns revenge for Sins basically) has not introduced a traditional interdictor yet

+1 vote     media: Going Somewhere?
MrPerson Mar 12 2014, 12:07am says:

In the desc I think you mean for sins, Thrawns revenge has these in them, but good to see they will make an appearance here too

But if these are all around better but just more expensive than the smaller ones, what stops people from just saving up for this one rather than the 418? Do they have separate abilities that make it worth having both in different situations?

0 votes     media: Going Somewhere?
MrPerson Mar 6 2014, 1:08am replied:

If I see em I will give em a read. surprisingly where I found the books was in my high school library, they had the whole set of books on the time period I described above.

honestly that was the only reason I really read books at all was because I did not have anything else to do in school, have not read anything in leisure time in years.

+1 vote     media: It was so.. Artistically Done
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