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freakmean16 Mar 3 2011, 10:31pm says:

Downloading right now!!!!

+2 votes   download: War of Seven Temples Alpha
freakmean16 May 19 2010, 11:52pm says:

I need a key, where can I find it????

-4 votes   download: Resistance And Liberation Open Beta 1.0 installer
freakmean16 May 17 2010, 3:42pm replied:

Ill do it man....MDR are the marines right????

Send me a PM if you need something...

+1 vote   game: OverDose
freakmean16 May 10 2010, 11:12am replied:

What kind of help you need????If its related to modeling chars dont worry, just send me some imgs and Ill help...really....

+1 vote   game: OverDose
freakmean16 May 6 2010, 1:05pm says:

Hey guys, when this is going out???Im really waitin for it...Cmon tell us something!!!

+1 vote   game: OverDose
freakmean16 Oct 7 2009, 10:05pm says:

Quake live!!

+3 votes   poll: Do you play for achievements?
freakmean16 May 21 2009, 6:18pm says:

Man!!! Im so into this game, this one really lloks amazin, but sorry if i sound idiot, but i have some issues with Q2Evolved, where are the Q&A´s section for it here???

+1 vote   news: Post Process Effects Editor
freakmean16 May 4 2009, 4:07pm says:

Im joinin in, woohooooo, If you guys have any tuts or advices, thanks, Im really new in moddin (not done anythin yet, but tryin to), so any help in addin your own chars into any of the idtech4 games would be very very apreciated...

+1 vote   group: ID Tech 4 Modders
freakmean16 Mar 27 2009, 9:35am says:

Hey Gavavva, Im really diggin into your mod man, I hope to get some hands on it very soon,and please dude help me with the MD5 support man im really needin it...

+2 votes   member: Gavavva
freakmean16 Mar 27 2009, 9:31am says:

Hey team Blur, is there any actual md5 import export plugin for Blender 2.48a or not, please dudes, im tryin to find something like it, but i cant find it anywhere, im not good at python at all, and lookin the results of your engine im quite anxious!!!

+1 vote   media: MD5 Mesh and MD5Anim Support
freakmean16 Feb 4 2009, 3:09pm says:

Dude, been trackin this mod??? or game!! well it really looks superb!!!, when we're gonna get this amazing stuff man???

+1 vote   game: OverDose
freakmean16 Jan 23 2009, 11:55am says:

Hey I got the HLF2 deathmatch, but no mod appears in there, it says i need HLF2 but it works only with the deathmatch or not????

+1 vote   tutorial: Installing A Mod
freakmean16 Jan 20 2009, 11:46am says:

Me too, a nice and strong new PC!!!

+1 vote   media: WIP Sky Portal
freakmean16 Jan 18 2009, 5:32pm says:

Really nice overall shape mates!!!, lookin really good, I hope to learn how to model weapons!!!

+1 vote   media: Pistol Early WIP
freakmean16 Jan 18 2009, 5:27pm says:

Yeahh!!! looks really nice to me, kinda reminds me UT2K4....

+1 vote   media: OverDose Main Menu
freakmean16 Jan 18 2009, 9:16am says:

Good old Sauer, its quite fun doing some map editing there, but there arent soomany tuts on it!!!, damn, i really like to learn more about it!!!

+1 vote   download: Sauerbraten
freakmean16 Dec 23 2008, 2:29pm says:

hey Ive found my od Blood 2 CD, playin it, lovin it, and start to giving some s..t to all the CabalCo, also i got the moddin tools, and all, hey kurtfur, you know how can i import models o maps into the editin apps?????

+1 vote   mod: Blood 2 Resurrection
freakmean16 Dec 9 2008, 11:43am says:

Wohoooooo, some great Marathon games, wohooo, I knew Marathon would be almost inmortal....But one question, when are you gonna release it????, and if you need any help with the models just ask, im doin a lot of the chars from Marathon too...

+2 votes   game: Marathon
freakmean16 Nov 25 2008, 10:30pm says:

Wow, nice textures, models all of em, this game really rocks, is there any SDK or map editor or something to mod it??? and some tuts maybe????

+1 vote   game: Alien Arena
freakmean16 Nov 25 2008, 4:29pm says:

Hey hey, Im downloadin the SDK, is there any way to open the Map Editor or something, well im an Unreal user so I think its in the SDK right????

+2 votes   company: Warsow Team
freakmean16 Nov 5 2008, 11:01am says:

Thank for the add man, ive downloaded them and im playin aroundn, right now im learning how to map in Sandbox, so its a great help have these maps..

+2 votes   mod: DesignerSP
freakmean16 Nov 5 2008, 1:37am says:

I got a dumb question, I have hlf2 deathmatch, its enough to run insurgency or another hlf2 mod???, i got the CTF mod but it didnt run...

+1 vote   mod: Insurgency
freakmean16 Oct 29 2008, 5:16pm says:

Nice props dude!!, hey were they made in maya o where???, Im plannin on doin something in UE2 but i cant find the plugs for maya 8, so if you know where can I find em, please send me a msg!!!

PS: keep up the good work mate.

+1 vote   media: Late August News Screenshots
freakmean16 Oct 29 2008, 4:57pm says:

Yep, it looks relly great!! Maybe some wires????

+1 vote   media: H3 Chief
freakmean16 Oct 27 2008, 1:33pm says:

Im plannig to do a remake of Marathon!!Right now im on the design process, if anyone wanna help????

+1 vote   mod: Marathon:Source
freakmean16 Oct 21 2008, 11:07am says:

Dude its gonna be really fun to play Blood again, it is one of my best games, I really love Caleb's attitude, just to killwith amazing weapons and such...

If you need any help with 3D models or props, well here I am.

+1 vote   mod: Blood 2 Resurrection
freakmean16 Oct 21 2008, 10:55am says:

Where can I download it????? I follow the link and get to your page, but the links to the videos are dead!!!

Sorry, jejem clicked the wrong link!!!!

+1 vote   news: Flying Fenix - A Gears of War Machinima
freakmean16 Sep 17 2008, 12:05am says:

Great story, when are you gonna release it????Im gonna play it for sure...

BTW, any site with tuts for the map editor?? ones for a noob...Maybe????

+1 vote   news: Devblog #1 - Making maps for doom 3: Phobos.
freakmean16 Sep 16 2008, 11:36am says:

Thanks a lot, your tuts are really helpin me out, yep Im a noob here in iD4 tech.

+2 votes   tutorial: ID TECH 4: Radiant - Brush Works
freakmean16 Sep 13 2008, 10:12am says:

Hey hey people whats up?, well I've joined this group, hope it rocks..

+1 vote   group: 3D Artists Group
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