How to install many of the Half-Life 2 mods found on the - this is a very basic tutorial!

Posted by silentkillzr on Oct 13th, 2006
Basic Installers.

This is an incredibly simple tutorial, which explains how to manually install Half-Life 2 mods, which don't come with an auto installer. This tutorial is only designed to act as a guide, if you run into any difficulties - please see the readme / instructions which came with the mod, or contact the team who made the mod.
www.Extremelan.BIZ for more tutorials and downloads

  1. Download The Mod (usually comes in .zip or .rar [Click here to get winrar(free)]
  2. Extract it somewhere (i do it to my desktop).( Extract to button:)
    Tutorial Image
  3. Then click My Computer
    Tutorial Image
  4. Goto this folder:
    Tutorial Image
  5. Copy All Files To The Above Folder ( usually a readme of what files! )
  6. Then Restart Steam:
    Tutorial Image


  7. Should Show Up In Steam Games List:
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Arxae Oct 19 2006 says:

where did you got that steam skin? ^^

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Guest May 14 2015 replied:

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silentkillzr Author
silentkillzr Oct 20 2006 says: +1 vote   reply to comment
leilei Nov 10 2006 says:

I think the self-promotion is a wee bit too much for a simple few steps no?

+3 votes     reply to comment
silentkillzr Author
silentkillzr Nov 18 2006 says:

good point, changed it down a little

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~X~ Dec 15 2006 says:

I think I should write an alternate tutorial for non-Steam HL2 versions.
Much better, much more like in HL 1.x...

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budmaloney Dec 23 2007 says:

thank you for this tutorial it was very useful

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sgv3dmax Jan 19 2008 says:

Hi, i am new to this site and moding. Downloaded HL residual point mod and installed the game into C:\Steam\SteamApps\Sourcemods. But, after re-starting steam, i could not find the game in 'my games' list. Pls help

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Skull-Wart Jul 4 2008 says:

does this work with all mods? i need help i want to install severance mods!
ps. send a message to my profile if your going to reply thank you and goodnight

+1 vote     reply to comment
DeathSuperMario Jul 6 2008 says:

Way some mods don't show on my games list or tools list ? I cant see them in steam.

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StriderSRB Jul 6 2008 says:

I installed the eternal silence mod and I restarted steam(Right-clicked on the icon and clicked on exit and then restarted the exe), and it doesn't show up in the games list.

+1 vote     reply to comment
noname180795 Oct 10 2008 says:

but im not use steam.. i buy Orange BOx but how to play mod without using steam? sorry for my english x_x

+1 vote     reply to comment
utxpress99 Oct 12 2008 says:

me too mod doesnt appear in my games list

+1 vote     reply to comment
freakmean16 Jan 23 2009 says:

Hey I got the HLF2 deathmatch, but no mod appears in there, it says i need HLF2 but it works only with the deathmatch or not????

+1 vote     reply to comment
dethklok260 Jan 24 2009 says:

Thanks,without this tutorial,might never had learned and might'v given up on the site.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Qasark May 11 2009 says:

OKay... not the best guide, because i cant see images. But what an awesome site!!!! I just figured out how to downlaod mods!!!! just awesome

+1 vote     reply to comment
silvyu99 Jul 19 2009 says:

somone make an tutorial on how to instal hl2 mods(all of them) with nonsteam half life2

+2 votes     reply to comment
Petroph Aug 13 2009 says:

This is not working for me. I have the Non-steam version of Half life. So is their a way to install these mods besides steam. I've tried it but when i go to play it it's not their. So someone please send me a PM not here as I probably won't be able to find this again. So please help me someone.

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h3llsp4wn420 Aug 16 2009 says:

so i did all of that but when i restart steam it doesnt show up =/ i've tried this for 2 or 3 different mods and it does the same thing ='['' can anyone help me? p.s. i do have hl2 dm

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gman099 Dec 29 2009 says:

restarting steam is? (right-click on icon exit and run exe?)
i did that, but no mods in My games. i tried gmod9 and smod but nothing hapens! Please for help, for all of us!

+2 votes     reply to comment
gman099 Jan 1 2010 says:

oh, come on! we need help... and happy new year!

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SirckHolmes Jul 1 2010 says:

What if I've installed the mod, restarted Steam, seen the game in My Games list, and then, upon trying to play it, instead have Half-Life 2 itself load up and completely ignore the mod? This has happened to me with 3/4ths of the mods I've downloaded here.

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Martynass Dec 18 2010 says:

It gives me an error pls help me... Mount file system (309) Failed:.... Pm me if you know fix for this....

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kuzon101 Jun 25 2011 replied:

its done the same thing to me can you help me??

+1 vote     reply to comment
RangerC Feb 2 2011 says:

non-steam sucks

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kuzon101 Jun 25 2011 says:

GRRRRRR! ITS NOT WORKING! i am trying to install Earth special forces but it still doesn't work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
dragonzardman Jul 17 2011 says:

Cheers man, saved me HOURS of searching

+1 vote     reply to comment
V3SGO Sep 10 2011 says:

HL2 Mods on Library won't show up for me, its like only show mods that we can find on Steam Store like> Awakening,The Hidden: Source etc...
can someone help me? you can find a way to help me or make this for me:
get the "Gameinfo" of a HL2 Mod that You(We) Can find on Steam STORE (that show Download or VisitWebsite of mod) like Synergy,Awakening,ZombiePanicSource,TheHidden, just one of these, give me the Gameinfo for me to download and i just edit the name inside the Gameinfo for the Mod name, please i swar to god i want play these mods i still got but my internet is so slow i dont want to download mods over 50MB again, my internet is like 50Kbps

+1 vote     reply to comment
Streloker Jan 15 2012 says:

thx i just fixed aproblem on steam mods it was on D drive not on C

+1 vote     reply to comment
NakedOktober Mar 5 2012 says:

i dont have the bg2-svn file in the sourcemods file, Help? please
i would greatly appreciate it

+2 votes     reply to comment
[TKC]DragonNinja Mar 14 2012 replied:

That's because that's a folder for a mod, it's only the sourcemods folder you need.

+2 votes     reply to comment
theverchantofmenace Mar 23 2012 says:

@ silentkillzr:

mate, it is a pretty poor show when you can't reply to the many posts here on this thread. the majority of them need some form of help!

1) step 5 was ambiguous to me, personally.
"Copy All Files To The Above Folder ( usually a readme of what files! )"
the 'above' folder in question is the 'sourcemods' folder, yes?
what does this mean?
the above folder (sourcemods) is a "readme of what files"?
the extracted 'gstring' folder is a "readme of what files"?
that doesn't make sense to me. i found the sentence confusingly worded.

i have only just recently installed steam, so my 'sourcemods' folder was empty, but by your description, i thought i should be seeing a 'readme' file in the sourcemods folder telling me about "what files", or whatever that means.

it would be common sense to to think about having your images in the tutorial showing an empty sourcemods folder for template clarification purposes, or at the very least, an explanation detailing exactly where the new mod needs to go specically.
you mentioned "copying all the files to the above folder".
the image displays TWO folders:


some posters (including myself!) were very confused by this.
were we supposed to copy all the files into the main sourcemods directory, or into the 'bg2-svn' folder?

again. not very clearly explained.

don't get me wrong!
myself and others very much appreciate anyone taking the time to create a tutorial to help newcomers, but:

you need to make the steps a LOT clearer
b) you really must attempt to REPLY to these people!



+2 votes     reply to comment
ThePotatoGiant Apr 6 2012 says:

I installed it into the sourcemods folder but it still didn't work. I restarted it, it didn't work. I restarted the computer, it still didn't work. Can somebody please help me? I really wanted to play a mod.

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Robin899 Dec 8 2012 says:

Help i started steam i saw the mod there when i pressed play nothing happened help

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Dec 10 2012 says:

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Guest Jan 6 2013 says:

please just help me!
I already know how to install HL 2 mods,though recently when i try to launch the via steam NOTHING HAPPENS!
The only mod ive managed to launch is ZOMBIE PANIC SOURCE...
All the other mods that i have extracted into the sourcemods folder do not launch...Please reply!

+4 votes     reply to comment
xBloodxShotxx Feb 2 2013 says:

i get the same problem, i installed suicide survival and nightmare house 2 and they both appear on steam library but when i click play nothing happens..... before it used to work but for some reason it doesnt now.... can anyone help?

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Guest Feb 18 2013 says:

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krakenguy6665 Mar 31 2013 says:

if your looking for some mods for hl2 just download desura and find it there or keep looking for other ways

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Guest Jun 15 2013 says:

I did everything you said, and it showed up, but it won't launch! wat do? :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
MoterCrozz Jul 5 2013 says:

It appears I have a problem as well.
Normally I don't ask for help as I usually find a solution for the problem myself, however I can't this time.My problem is that the mod won't start in the library section when I click on play.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MoterCrozz Jul 5 2013 replied:

Well...ain't I the definition of stupid...Just install SDK BASE 2007.It is located in TOOLS.In the Game Library section.

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Guest Mar 23 2014 says:

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Guest May 14 2014 says:

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Guest Sep 13 2014 says:

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Guest Oct 1 2014 says:

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micahemr Oct 17 2014 says:

I do all this but it still doesn't show up in my games list. Please help.

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Guest Oct 5 2015 says:

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