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Lit Fuse Films presents Flying Fenix, a Gears of War machinima video created by Michael K. Clements.

Posted by Michael on Oct 21st, 2008

Lit Fuse Films presents Flying Fenix, a Gears of War machinima video created by Michael K. Clements.

Flying Fenix is a music supported machinima video using the Gears of War (Unreal engine). Flying Fenix is the first machinima video for Lit Fuse using Gears of War and one of the first in the community for using GoW animations and lipsync.

Click here to download the 720p version.

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Dremth Oct 21 2008 says:

it was... interesting. i didnt know that he would actually be flying. it was still good though. i wish i could figure out how to do this stuff in ut3. this movie kinda reminds me of the second and third matrix movies.

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WarCrime342 Oct 21 2008 says:

He can fly so well because of all those cigarettes he smokes. Seriously, just listen to his voice!

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metatronstar Oct 21 2008 says:

A Mod that allows you to fly whilst playing techno music would be awesome.....LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Come on? who else was totally "wtf" when he began to fly?
10/10 LMAO!

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nervousquirrel Oct 22 2008 replied:

Lol, I was totally "wtf?" when he started flying. But it was pretty well done either way. Good music choice and pretty good editing.

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RogerRamjet Oct 21 2008 says:

Nice work guys as usual.. there really hasn't been any from LitFuse Films that I have not liked, even the Rusty Whispers ones... lol... Arty, yet Monty Python's "Brian" with the things they lost just the night before...

And who didn't think he would be flying with a name like "Flying Fenix"?

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Oct 21 2008 says:

oh wow, thats beautiful

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freakmean16 Oct 21 2008 says:

Where can I download it????? I follow the link and get to your page, but the links to the videos are dead!!!

Sorry, jejem clicked the wrong link!!!!

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aengelius Oct 21 2008 says:

Hands down, I was damn surprised when he started flying. Didn't really think its title through, hahaha. ^^

Awesome! :)

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sonicboy3060 Oct 21 2008 says:

Nice video like always. I was like wtf when he flew xD

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razorb Oct 21 2008 says:

hah yea really funny :) enjoyable vid guys! gjgj

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Cece Oct 21 2008 says:

Lit Fuse you can do better :|

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broadsword Oct 22 2008 replied:

Agreed. I think they should stick to HL2

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Inquisitor_Lowean Oct 22 2008 says:

ok now wtf was that. it was slightly amusing for like 20 sec. then it died for me. Comon u guys appear to be good at doing this but only if it was like a far more seroius war scene or something...i expected much more.

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manhunt0r Oct 22 2008 replied:

i have to agree, this one certainly was retarded. i mean if they just went for the wtf factor and did it for like 10 seconds it would be fine and funny as long as the rest would be good but making the flying itself the center of the story is fail imo.

nontheless the camera work is awesome its just the storyline that makes it all go to waste.

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vfn4i83 Oct 22 2008 says:

Awesome as usual. Great cameras and closed up.

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hushpuppy Oct 22 2008 says:


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Wilhelm_III Oct 22 2008 says:

Well, this was retarded as ****. Seriously, 9/10 of these videos are just pointlessly weird and or retarded. Good camera work I guess, but that was about all that WAS good.

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aengelius Oct 22 2008 says:

Ah, come on you guys who's dissing Lit Fuse's effort. What happened to injecting some ounces of fun? GoW isn't some holy grail. :P It's only logical that one would mess around with the program before attempting something serious.

Go Lit Fuse! :D Wonder what the guys at Epic think about this movie... End result: Gow3 will feature flying. :D

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Mr.Ugly_Pants Oct 22 2008 says:

Lol. My God, was never expecting this much randomness from the video.

Great stuff.

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m82sniper Oct 23 2008 says:

Well... that was something else... was not expecting him to actually fly... And L4z0r vision? Reminded me of Hancock..

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Darkcraft Oct 24 2008 says:

Was my previous comment deleted? If it was, I am very annoyed with the moderators of this community.
I have been a member of PHW and Moddb for a long time, if the moderators or admins are censoring my views, I am very disappointed. Michael K. Clements has done some very bad things in the past. Of all the amazing people in the modding and machinima scene, he must be the least deserving of any praise.

If it was an error on my end, then please disregard this comment. Generally, I have the greatest respect for the Moddb administration.

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Michael Author
Michael Oct 26 2008 replied:

Very bad things, like slaughtering all those children!

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urinal-cake Oct 24 2008 says:

With the quality of the modification made to make a machinima for this game, and the excellent camera and video editing skills, couldn't they of made a serious machinima, that is cool instead or something with a little bit more plausibility?

Technical skills, cinematic enjoyment: 11/10
Originality and interest: 4/10

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Michael Author
Michael Oct 26 2008 replied:

It wasn't a mod.

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Nightshade08 Oct 25 2008 says:

I really hope that some company in the future is seriously looking into having a flying aspect or jumpjet idea into a game in the future. The battlefield would completely change.

Your in a firefight online and you outnumber them 8-5. All of the sudden, the three other troops behind them do a jumpjet right over to a barricade behind you dropping grenades on their way, but you get at least one down before they land but they get 2 of your guys. You retreat to higher ground above group of 5 and drop a C4 killing 2 and making the others run.

You guys can see it from there, but having that kind of firefight would be quick, tactical, and really friekin fun IMO.

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DarkBlast47 Oct 25 2008 says:

I liked it alot really, the only thing that really irk'd me was the linear flight movement, Fenix's static motion while he was flying, needed a little more...movement, but overall I liked it alot.

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GrayInvisible Oct 25 2008 says:

thihs is amazing the best machiman yet gr8 job lit fuzeZ!!!!!!!!!

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vash12788 Oct 26 2008 says:

Kind of funny but made absolutely zero sense lol.

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Wiweeyum Oct 31 2008 says:

I wasn't too impressed with the content, but what kept me watching was the camera work and their ability to keep everything really pretty. Good depth of focus etc...

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Tron619 Nov 5 2008 says:

wtf a lazer bean no ******* way lol

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Froyok Mar 9 2010 says:

Michael Bay ? It's you ?

Very nice vid !

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kingston123 Apr 25 2011 says:

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darendar88 Oct 8 2011 says:


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