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Key to Freedom

Mod review

A Late Night Drink

Mod review

Amnesia: Rain

Mod review

Endless Insomnia

Mod review


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The first thing I noticed for this custom story was how dark it was. For me, the immense amount of darkness wasn't scary, just annoying. A lot of doors were hidden in darkness. There weren't any puzzles, just looking for hard to find keys and buttons. Voice acting was bad; the levels were low and a few of the microphones were crap. I did though like that voice acting of the guy whose only line was “please kill me”. It got to the point where I was just getting frustrated with the game, especially because my character was getting physically stuck in corners so that I couldn’t move. I would have to restart to where I last chose to save and exit, despite the fact this custom story auto saves. I wasn’t even looking for place to get stuck, it would just happen. The final straw was in the water level with platforming. A custom story is usually pretty bad when it has to rely on jumping for difficulty. When I got to the last platform, a pipe, just to be pushed back into the water; I was done and so was my computer. This custom story might have had a good ending. Oh well.


When Life No Longer Exists

Mod review

Down the rabbit hole REMAKE

Mod review

This was a genuinely fun custom story, and I will be excited to add some voice acting to it. ;)


Amnesia The Untold

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

-The story takes place around the same time as The Dark Decent.
-The is a rather simple story and easy to follow.
-Semi-short CS.
-Suitors in Brennenburg?
-Money? Why?
-Had an extra key at the end. Did I miss a secret?
-Custom music.
-Voice Acting.

Good things:
-This mod focused on the love story. There are very few Amnesia custom stories that do that.
-Progression was straight forward. The one time I was stuck, I wasn't stuck for very long.
-Voice acting was, in general, pretty good.
-The dream sequence map with the poems was pretty cool.
-Auto-save! You'd be surprised how much that means to me, especially when things bug up.

-Lots of bugs that need to be fixed (fell down a hole in the mountain, couldn't stop looking a something in the dream sequence, fatal error when I tried to back out of August's Private Quarters)
-It's really dark, and there is one jar of oil in the entire CS.
-The mapping was pretty plain, nothing amazing.
-Make it clearer what the three items in the end represent. I could only guess what each item meant.
-Too many owl sounds in the hallway. I'm pretty sure Ga'Hoole was right outside the window.
-I think it would have been cool if this story was more connected to The Dark Decent since they are happening around the same time. I know that Daniel and Alexander were mentioned a few times, but that's about it.


Oblivion: The Gates of Hell

Mod review may contain spoilers

This was a story that had a very slow and boring beginning, but had an ending that was pretty stunning.

-It was a pretty long custom story.
-There was a variety of monsters and a story to back the variety.
-It has a 3 ending choice system, (I played the hero ending).
-I was playing with a friend, and there was a point where I got really far ahead of him by touching an orb. This was as soon as I got to the top floor of the grand hall. I went on to get captured, while my friend was finding keys and unlocking doors I had never heard of. Is this part of the ending split, or did I just skip a portion of the story?

Good things:
-One of the few custom stories that has a solid plot line that is easy to follow.
-The hell environments were really cool and unique.
-No stupid jump scares, but instead some naturally startling events.
-Hero ending chase sequence was fun.

-The beginning was meant to be fast paced, but stacking boxes simply kills the pace.
-Earlier maps were very empty and boring.
-Puzzles were just finding keys, (I don't really like maps that just go from room to room finding keys, but I know you are aware that this is the kind of story you've made since you comment about it in the description and mention it in the story itself).
-Clipping textures.
-It is quite clear that you had great ideas for the ending, but the beginning is just simply filler and story build up.
-Items weren't spread out well. I ended up having a ton of laudanum and sanity potions by the end. There were points where oil was very scarce and other part where there was lots of oil to spare.

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