A story about one man, who bought deceased viking warrior's estate. He lived there until something went badly wrong... A full-conversion mod to Amnesia - The Dark Descent

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Loving the items, it was a great experience :)

+Probably one of the better Custom stories, the levels where of a strange bigger darker passageways. Not much ground floor castle areas though which I suppose is refreshing.
+Some weird ideas, like valhalla, valkyries, machinery that keeps them at bay, and a haunted place. A new enemy, and a non-static shadow enemy.
+Some weapons around the place, nice touch. Candle instead of lantern. Nice.

-Some of the new textures aren't great but that ain't no biggie.
-Some weird *** shoe horned in exposition from some Russian sounding guy in a steam bath. Honestly it was bad. He talks about some place where theres machinery, people getting killed.. how could that relate to the specific place your in. The name was not mentioned and the stuff he said was so vague...
-Alot missed opportunities for scares, its like he has a grasp of horror.. for not using jump scares, not cheaply anyway, but then clumsily puts in the enemy where ever.

I like the new model and story..
Just cheap scare and easy puzzle

Wow, this was amazing! So much custom stuff, voice acting, and an atmosphere that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There were also a few good jump-scares. Story was a little weird, but i guess that was the point. Absolutely loved it

This was a very good custom story.

A impressive full conversion mod that takes amnesia to a new level by adding many custom items, music, and objects. The story was well made and featured a strong physiological emphasis in the story which is always welcome in amnesia. The atmosphere was great and there were well placed scares and not to mention all the custom objects and features that make it original A very good mod that i highly recommend trying


ElectricEye says

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Not really my cup of goat's blood. There are some interesting settings here, but mostly it's just pulling levers. Boy howdy, will you get used to pulling levers. There's not much else, such as a narrative, going on. Writing "666" and drawing upside-down crosses everywhere is not storytelling (more like "Satanism for dummies"), and the voice acting is painful.

It's always neat with custom material, although it's a bit too blocky and shiny, and stands out from the default stuff. Love the candle though, even if you rarely need it, and will end the game with something like five spares. It also doesn't do much to immerse you in the time period, since everything else is anachronistic. There were no pianos or grandfather clocks in the 1500's, let alone steam engines.


Killermark says

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It was awesome.Just awesome.

I like the fact you tryed to make custom entities and I know it's hard to make a good one.
The jumpscares were good and not like a naked guy flying towards you.
The puzzles were good, my favorite is when I have to hold the cross or I die.I don't know if it is the last map but I can't do it.I don't know how to kill the machine:/

This is an amazing custom story! New ideas and very beautiful design. Sometimes I didn't like the "not-glowing" inventory items, they are hard to be spotted without light.

Loved it! So creative and way different than the other mods. This mod is a must play. 10/10 great job!

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