You will find yourself in a role of Benjamin Kerrigan. Acquiring a new job as a butler, he is in going on his brother’s previous position. But what is the real reason for that? Where is his brother and why hasn’t he reply to any of Benjamin’s letters? It is up to you to help him and find out what happened. While searching for clues you’ll unravel the secrets of a mysterious castle and his owner.

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Maybe one of the best Custom Storys ever.. I loved it and enjoyed it completly! No Cons...
just awesome!

Thanks for this masterpiece!


Fininshed with this custom story.

-Voice acting
-Awesome story (+ voice acting!)
-Very scary
-Best mapping in any Amnesia mod so far
-Great puzzles, not so easy but not too hard!
-Side quests!
-Perfect balancing for supplies
-Very long!


-Voice acting was a bit too quiet at some points

In conclusion:

This custom story was PERFECT. It had amazingly great story. Like the creator said, the atmosphere was VERY breathtaking, I was almost unable to finish the prison part..

The bug which I encountered before
(stairs blocking the way to go) it was cause of the Justine patch was broken for me (something was missing)).

Voice acting was great, like I said- although it was a little quiet at some points :)

I'm seeing myself to play this mod again in close future.

Although people say that the ending was a little messy, I liked it.

10/10- Perfect.

Nice, but need more side quests. And what's "remember Chapel?"



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Not a bad mod at all. everything was going fine until the flashback drill assembly bugged out and I can't assemble the drill ( i looked up walkthroughs so I know it's a bug) and even after rebooting the game im stuck and can't progress still a decent cs if you can get past that part

the voice acting is bad though


i made me **** soft m8 no scary **** at all and it ****** me of m8 dont do it


This was a really cool CS , keep up the good work


it is Awesome when (special map) for the end :D


Good things:

-You aced level design
-Great scares
-Long and good
-good puzzles
-Beautiful area, beautifully made
-Includes voice acting with good expression

Bad things:

-Hard puzzles
-Lack of brightness in some area's (took me 1/2 hour to get past the locked-in-cellar-find-drill part)
-Voice acting could have been done a little better
-No music in some areas

The story was great, there was lots of creativity and all that stuff however there was a lot of hard parts because when I used the explosive on the rocks in the entrance hall, it wouldn't work. It took a while before it actually did work. I have nothing to say about the level design, it was magnificent. I really have nothing else to say than: Great custom story!

8/10 Great!


This CS was just perfect! It was one of my favorites :D the voice acting could have been a little bit better but i really love this

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