Prepare yourself for this Untold story of the Brennenburg castle.

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I expected this to be something tremendous, because of the long development time, but it didn't prove to be anything special really.


I can appreciate the work put into this mod. However, my personal experience with this mod was not so great. I found a couple game breaking bugs and was forced to load numerous saves to try and progress further.

The immersion of the game was destroyed a few times whilst I was playing due to holes in the map, flickering textures and in some of the maps I was able to simple run to the outside and see it's construction without any bounding boxes stopping me.

Voice acting was a plus in this mod and there was plenty of notes to read (though some of them contradicted each other and it wasn't clear what actually happened in the story at points).
Level design was okay, though I feel this mod would have benefited much more from further player testing.

Overall worth a play-through. Though I don't like the attitude of the dev at all. You shouldn't attack your playerbase but instead listen to their views and value your feedback - hurtful or not.


LordAmbler says

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I rarely got so frustrated while playing a CS.

The first thing that really got me MAD is the fact that you are walking SO DAMN SLOW for the first four maps. It's REALLY UNNERVING. I just can't stand it when i'm going slow. And this for no apparent reason too. Besides maps are huge and it's a real PAIN to go from point A to point B. I really HATED that. Remove it for player's sake.

Second thing, there is nothing to find anywhere. I feel like running around everywhere in empty environments. There is no tool, no oil, no laudanum or stuff to find and use. Barely any key. You just go where you can go and thats how the story progresses.

Third thing, BUGS. Bugs everywhere. I got stuck in several locations. At one point in the country house, my vision started focusing on one point and no matter what I did it would always focus on this point. Had to reload before entering the mansion. Also, if you re-enter the country house after you left, you are stuck inside forever. And at this point I got so frustrated that I just quit.

Yes I didn't finish it, but it was not worth the frustration I am still feeling at the moment. This CS really makes me want to punch things.

And damn it my wife is cheating on me !


FoxfyreRecluse says

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-The story takes place around the same time as The Dark Decent.
-The is a rather simple story and easy to follow.
-Semi-short CS.
-Suitors in Brennenburg?
-Money? Why?
-Had an extra key at the end. Did I miss a secret?
-Custom music.
-Voice Acting.

Good things:
-This mod focused on the love story. There are very few Amnesia custom stories that do that.
-Progression was straight forward. The one time I was stuck, I wasn't stuck for very long.
-Voice acting was, in general, pretty good.
-The dream sequence map with the poems was pretty cool.
-Auto-save! You'd be surprised how much that means to me, especially when things bug up.

-Lots of bugs that need to be fixed (fell down a hole in the mountain, couldn't stop looking a something in the dream sequence, fatal error when I tried to back out of August's Private Quarters)
-It's really dark, and there is one jar of oil in the entire CS.
-The mapping was pretty plain, nothing amazing.
-Make it clearer what the three items in the end represent. I could only guess what each item meant.
-Too many owl sounds in the hallway. I'm pretty sure Ga'Hoole was right outside the window.
-I think it would have been cool if this story was more connected to The Dark Decent since they are happening around the same time. I know that Daniel and Alexander were mentioned a few times, but that's about it.


Gaviao says

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i have played many custom stories on moddb, but this is the only one that made the trackers wait over a year to play a custom story of 20 minutes of gameplay(if you know what to do) i know, the voices,the story are cool, but is too short! and the owners of the cs don't help you or give you hints if you get stuck on their cs, that's why i'm giving a 6/10,the support is horrible,the cs is too short, but the voices and the story is cool.


I dunno why this mod was that hated. I wanted to give it a 8/10 but since so many useless reviews were written im gonna give it a 10/10.

This...This was a big let down period.

-You don't uncover the secrets in Brennenburg Castle.

-Sloppy map making

-Rushed development

-Love story

-Cliche script

-Vengeful ******* friend

-Gabriel is NOT Gabriel

-Too damn short



FearTheButcher says

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The CS was decent, could have been better. I finished the game in 4 parts, unnecessarily short for a Full Conversion. Nevertheless, I certainly enjoyed the experience. The story was a bit lacking honestly. But the level design was very good, and made this mod stand out. The abstract dream world was a neat idea too, but every door I tried in there crashed the game. I will give your next project a go for sure and I've done a let's play on this if you're interested.


WetDogSnout says

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I liked the part with the noses...


"a Great Custom Story!"

- Level Design
- Voice-acting
- Custom music
- Great length
- Good tinderbox distribution
- Immersive atmosphere
- Story is interesting

- many minor Level bugs
- Scares were poorly executed.
- same music for about 8 levels straight?
- some grammar errors

Great custom story, it may seem a bit slow at first- but the story is interesting and the atmosphere is very immersive. I recommend this to any fans of the original game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"- this is a great additional story to the original game!

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Alright, I'm going to touch points in order of story, level design, sound, progression, conflict, and conclusion. The story, though a bit choppy at times, was a good one. I was very focused in solving the mystery. There were times however when I was unable to follow the sequence of events. Another point, the voiceacting was superb 90% of the time, and I was thoroughly impressed with the dialogue and flashbacks. Level design was exceptional. Everything was well detailed, and there were few slip ups…

Apr 10 2013 by Ragendar