The feeling that my fate is coming closer is starting to possess me. I couldn't even close my eyes for a minute in the last days. This foreboding, that a dark entity will prod me to devastation does not leave me undisturbed. Soon my emotions will fade away, there will be nothing left just this meaningless fight with my own insanity..

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This custom story was amazing and I loved every single moment of it. I think the level design was good and the atmosphere was nice. Recommended to everyone yolo

Finished it. Really enjoyable, some things are really nicely maded, like those soundtracks and tension, but still lacks something. End was kind of weird and little cheap, but overall really well thought level design, atmosphere terrifying, nice puzzles and scares as well.

Nicely done, man I liked it!

8/10 - Really Good!

A challenging cs with lots of secrets to find and some cool ideas. Sadly the story itself wasn't nothing special. Maps are big and pretty detailed. If you found all the secret chemicals there was a nice bonus into the last steps in the game and the "boss fight". Otherwise the ending was kinda meh, even though doing a separate mod for the ending itself was kinda cool. Atmosphere and custom music were also nice, except for the metalcore songs, which didn't fit the mood at all IMO.

8/10 - Fun to play, but the story lacks something. Not recommended for beginnes due to hard puzzles.

I enjoyed this very much! It's got fine mapping and I would say the puzzles are very hard, but I loved them. The creator used original and awesome ideas, including all the secret stuff and the bonus level (which I didn't get into, unfortunately). In general, amazing job creating this custom story! About bugs, the game crashed twice, yet with the autosaving feature, the progress doesn't get wasted. There is also one thing about the map with the 750 thaler-worth chest - when I reload a save, the cost of opening the chest is reduced to zero, meaning I can open it without finding all the money first. Gotta admit I didn't take advantage of that.

Overall it was pretty good.
Regarding atmosphere, how the rooms looked, general environment it was almost perfect.
The story is simple and I would've liked to find a LOT more story elements and bit of voice acting.
I didn't like the repetitiveness of the tasks as you entered new areas such as get keys for all the doors and such.
The secret area and what you had to do for it was brilliant though !!
The endings were quite abrupt and didn't explain much but nor did the in-game story.

Really good and unique. Loved the intro and the story it told. The atmosphere and level desgin were also very impressive .

Definitely would like to see more of what this guy can make, cause this was really cool

It was really fun, and it brings in stuff like torches which make me feel warm and safe. it has good and challenging puzzles, and perma death! also, SEEEECREEEETS! it was fun finding all the secrets. i actually found them all, on first try! weeeell, only because i kind of messed around in every single place where there was a puzzle too hard for me and took me a while... I looked up a walkthrough twice, and man i felt sooo stupid each time. You just gotta check everywhere! :D

Maps were fantastic and the intro was especially well done. The story was also pretty good. Some of the puzzles were a bit hard though, and having to restart upon death ( yes it's unique, but the frustration it caused outweighs the originality ) do bring the score down a bit.

Definitely worth a try.

I can play this.

Wow this was absolutely brilliant! Got stucked sometimes but then i watched a walktrough and continued. Had to reload often when enemies killed me but it was worth it.

I saw detailed maps, atmospheric levels, highlevel scripting, custom music & sfx, custom objects & enemies.

There was only one map which had a strange atmosphere. I was not scared when enemies spawned because of the music. Guess it was the dream-map.

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