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FoxfyreRecluse Mar 29 2014, 2:20am replied:

Yep, it is.

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FoxfyreRecluse Jan 5 2014, 10:51pm replied:

To prove that you are incorrect I will write in verse
For in this mod, you will detect, is one way to converse
This story isn’t yours to take; you had no part in this,
The poems here, I doubt you make, is made by only Chris.
The story overall I’ll say was made, itself, in tandem
But to claim you had a part, nay, I see no memorandum
I am quite sure and steady that you cannot infer
Who is Richard, who is Eddie, who is Martin, sir?
Or better yet, the Hatman’s guise; what does he hide from us?
How is it that he is so wise? Tell me, please, discuss.
There is an answer, to be sure; not in the mod you see.
This theory’s one I can assure, is only known to me.
So tell me now the structure, why are things as they are?
Set up and pay off juncture, so things are up to par.
Intention or of fortune, reversal is the key.
Despite all circumspection, there might be two or three.
So what I’m trying to insist is you don’t have a clue.
I really think you should desist the nonsense that you spew.

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FoxfyreRecluse Jan 3 2014, 3:27am says:

There is a consistent crash when changing from the Main Mansion map to the Cellar, the part where you fall down the hole. I've seen other comments here that say it happens sometimes and not other, but I've tried about 10 times and it crashes on me every single time.

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