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Baryonyx Jul 11 2013, 5:50pm says:

Thanks for everything.
You fought with honour against the Shadow of Morgoth in all its forms.

Long live Epoch Games!

+24 votes   article: MERP status
Baryonyx Jun 22 2013, 3:45am says:

The sea of Opinions is far far too small.
Also where are the mountains of ********?

+1 vote   media: Online Communities
Baryonyx Jun 22 2013, 3:32am says:

Did the person who threw it get awarded a medal for one of the finest throws in history.

(What I like is that he's holding the other shoe in his hand: "And here's the other one!")

+9 votes   media: That Shoe Was Headed In... One Direction
Baryonyx Jun 20 2013, 12:52pm replied:

Yes... Indeed why, oh why?... why? why? why? The question we always ask ourselves is why?
... and the answer is... PHHRRRPP!

+16 votes   media: It's hard to keep focused...
Baryonyx May 22 2013, 5:58pm replied:

Its flat pack for easy shipping.
12 soldiers per box.

+6 votes   media: Fallen Heroes D-Day
Baryonyx May 20 2013, 8:06am replied:

If you call being corrected overwhelming then job done.

+1 vote   article: Tikkakoski Typewriter
Baryonyx Apr 9 2013, 10:26am replied:

It goes past the bridge, through the hillside, over the village and then looses a track under concentrated artillery and aerial bombardment.
Half the Wehrmacht get killed trying to help fix it.
But before all that it uses up all Germany's fuel.

+1 vote   media: P1000 Ratte Super Heavy Tank
Baryonyx Mar 25 2013, 12:36pm replied:

The MG sounds very good, except it has a slight sound like it was recorded in a concrete building and not in the open.

+2 votes   media: Normandy 1944
Baryonyx Mar 20 2013, 5:08pm says:

Does anyone know, if they're using GEM 2 or GEM 3 (or other) for this?

Edit: It does look more like GEM 2 when I look a little closer.

+3 votes   media: Call To Arms
Baryonyx Mar 15 2013, 6:00pm says:

What a lot of bottles of ****.

+2 votes   media: Anyone thirsty
Baryonyx Mar 7 2013, 6:25pm says:

Great unit,
Great name.

+3 votes   media: UEF Experimental Defense
Baryonyx Mar 5 2013, 7:34pm replied:

That might be true of the majority but the "three" individuals with an all expenses paid rehabilitation ego trip seem to be everywhere at the same time throwing the word noob around like free condoms during aids awareness week.

+22 votes   poll: I prefer my mods to be...
Baryonyx Feb 12 2013, 4:23pm replied:

I totally see your point and depending on the game I tend to sometimes feel the same way regarding real world realism.
But with SupCom though, it is a hugely stylised game and relies on the improbable all the way to the crazy impossible. It's somewhat its charm. I mean has anyone ever mentioned that the scale of the games huge mechs would collapse under their own weight or that using battleships that fire unguided artillery is obsolete? ;-D

+8 votes   media: UEF T2 Fighter
Baryonyx Dec 22 2012, 2:09pm replied:

The only winner of Monte Cassino was the Grim Reaper.

+2 votes   mod: Ace of Spades
Baryonyx Nov 24 2012, 12:02pm says:

That "watermark" is verging on acid etched.

+1 vote   media: SS
Baryonyx Nov 18 2012, 9:15am says:

That's outstanding.

+4 votes   media: Cybran Avalanche - Mark 2 finished
Baryonyx Nov 13 2012, 2:01pm says:

This game is about insane units with more guns, bigger guns than sense, so this fits perfectly I reckon.
No one questions practicality, its all about watching it fire.
So put it in.

+3 votes   media: Concept : Perhaps a little too much
Baryonyx Nov 11 2012, 2:18pm says:

All you need now is the young child the statue carving is stamping on and you've got a worldwide hit on your hands.

+5 votes   media: origins of Gangnam style
Baryonyx Nov 11 2012, 2:15pm says:

So upset he changed his suit

+21 votes   media: Mustache
Baryonyx Nov 7 2012, 5:17pm says:

It always seems to me that the stupid get it easy.
Its the semi-stupid that get a hard time.
The smart just find a "work-around",
and the hyper-intelligent struggle with the enormity of the universe they perceive.

+3 votes   media: Simple And True (John Wayne Quote)
Baryonyx Nov 4 2012, 1:04am says:

Just what the Aeon need. Looks really great.
Especially since I dislike the vanilla Galactic Colossus, which single handedly ruined the Aeon for me in the original game. This is much more like I'd imagine Aeon.

+3 votes   media: Battle Bot
Baryonyx Nov 2 2012, 1:19pm says:

Woopsy, missing an R :-)
Also arn't they just called just escort not escorter?

More importantly nice ship.

+2 votes   media: Tech 1 Cybran Escorter.
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:35pm says:

America the land of great plastic.

+1 vote   media: Made in USA you say...
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:33pm replied:

Iron man sounds like a brand of condoms.

+3 votes   media: This is why...
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:29pm says:

Who is joustin bibbler?

+1 vote   media: Seems legit
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:26pm says:

Come on this is all utter Pollux!

+1 vote   media: Planets and stars...
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:24pm replied:

Like the European Union.

+3 votes   media: farmin'
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:20pm replied:

Your telling me thats been Photoshopped?!!
I don't believe you.

+2 votes   media: Joe Biden during the VP debate.
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 8:15pm says:

Which one's king and which one's kong?

+1 vote   media: You will realize that you have a dirty mind
Baryonyx Oct 18 2012, 7:39pm says:

Looks like Ian Hislop with slightly more hair.

(That one's for people hailing from a number of odd little islands).

+1 vote   media: 4 AM
Baryonyx Oct 16 2012, 4:22pm says:

I always figured they would sleep like modern day birds and not mammals. Maybe with unihemispheric slow wave sleep to keep half the brain awake at any one time.

+6 votes   media: shhh ...
Baryonyx Oct 2 2012, 9:31am says:

Looks great. I'd fancy creating a mission someday.

+2 votes   media: finished
Baryonyx Sep 26 2012, 10:49pm replied:

Arguably it was the failure to "properly" march on Moscow that lead to the failure of the axis in the east.

+1 vote   media: Invade Russia only if your ....
Baryonyx Aug 1 2012, 5:38am says:

My word! Putin has an evil look in his eyes.

+1 vote   media: People from history vs. Celebrities
Baryonyx Jul 25 2012, 6:15am says:

Well under this logic, he can't move his arms, legs, eyes, face, think, talk... anything.
I'm sure its known as something.... ahhh yes, DEAD!
Therefore the logic argument deconstructs at the point at which the "imagined" character in the "imagined" universe is controlled by "imagined" fictional supernatural constructs of nature as definded by the creator.
That is to say, by accepting the conclusion that it is a fictional concept and that the characters ability to act in a fashion resembling the living is entirely ficticious, one can conclude that the suggested logic is no longer applicable within the said context.

p.s. There is no such thing as simple logic.
Just logic.

+2 votes   media: Simple logic=Epic Win!
Baryonyx Jul 4 2012, 4:10pm says:

Very nice. I like the detailed work and textures on the contoured terrain.

+1 vote   media: makin
Baryonyx Jun 30 2012, 1:20pm says:

Oh my! What the hell did they do to its hair!

+11 votes   media: Ouch!
Baryonyx Jun 29 2012, 11:42am says:

Looks like a classical painting.

+3 votes   media: Hmmm...
Baryonyx Jun 27 2012, 12:11pm says:

Thats a better review than most.

+13 votes   media: Knuckle Stun Gun Review
Baryonyx Jun 18 2012, 5:55pm says:

An RPG makes anything go.
Its the ultimate fashion accessory.

+10 votes   media: Would you tell him?
Baryonyx Jun 18 2012, 5:50pm says:

If your hit by this YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

+5 votes   media: Tactical cool gun
Baryonyx Jun 15 2012, 7:53pm replied:

Someone used Play-DOH!

+1 vote   media: Pizza Fail
Baryonyx Jun 10 2012, 9:53pm says:

"oh Crap! Guys, last night... you'll never guess where we pitched the tents."

+1 vote   media: Mega-dump of de-motivation
Baryonyx Jun 7 2012, 12:19pm replied:

I'll let my children's children finish it then.

+5 votes   article: Galaxial: Random Galaxy Generation
Baryonyx May 30 2012, 11:16pm replied:

A day after yesterday,.. but not today. What am I?

+4 votes   media: Mering stream
Baryonyx May 21 2012, 12:07pm replied:

Will it have a long recharge time for the main weapon (relatively speaking)?

+1 vote   media: Destroyer tank hunter
Baryonyx May 21 2012, 8:52am replied:

It shouldn't need any additional advantage, other than the fact it can probably engage from a greater range than most. So if its not in the line of sight of a unit or firing its weapon it will most likely be far back enough to stay hidden. I guess it will best be deployed in combined arms tactics (as with most units) so forward units can reveal targets for the Laser Distroyer to "snipe". Basicly the role of a typical tank hunter.

+2 votes   media: Destroyer tank hunter
Baryonyx May 17 2012, 1:28pm replied:

Yes true.

(I retract the note from my above post as it detracts from the tract as a joke. Ignore it or all humour hence forth shall be lost).

+3 votes   media: Grandma is that you?
Baryonyx May 17 2012, 1:01pm replied:

Belgium actually.

(people might notice, it's my official sarcastic humour day, coincidentally coinciding with spam spam spam day, and copiously verbose and bombasticly loquacious over enthusiasticly irritating day but others may just think... spooky picture)
And now I adjourn and wish you all a joyous picture viewing.

+4 votes   media: Grandma is that you?
Baryonyx May 7 2012, 7:55am says:

Makes you wonder if inside it's totally filled with ammunition.

+1 vote   media: stormhammer...
Baryonyx May 7 2012, 7:27am says:

What's that oversized swiss cheese doing in the background??

+1 vote   media: If repost delete, if not enjoy
Baryonyx May 6 2012, 12:13pm replied:

Sorry, but didn't the movie take it from this and then 'shopped in' the Uruks and Rohirrim??

Haha, Or was that just Elves?...

+1 vote   media: Hornburg (WIP)
Baryonyx May 3 2012, 7:48pm says:

I thought I'd bring to attention that due to the asymmetrical nature of the numeration on the gun barrel, the number 10 is reversed along the median plane.

+1 vote   media: Veteran Tiger?
Baryonyx May 1 2012, 4:31pm replied:

Löwe or Loewe but not Lowe.

+3 votes   media: Loewe
Baryonyx Apr 24 2012, 9:04am says:

I really like the look and style of the menus and infomation HUD graphics, they are really clean and elegant. It fits well with the look of the game.
I'm looking forward to this and its ongoing progress.

+2 votes   article: Galaxial: Resources and Items Management
Baryonyx Mar 26 2012, 4:39pm says:

I'm confident you chaps will do a better job than Peter Jackson's "Green domestos army" and his weak effort with the paths of the dead.
Following with interest (and hopefully fear). Lead the way.

0 votes   media: The Paths of the Dead WIP
Baryonyx Mar 1 2012, 11:57am says:

I like it.
In the ref picture the leg stance is a litte more spread with wider hips and hunkered down, gives it a little more of a stable muscular look.

+1 vote   media: Atlas wip Main model finished
Baryonyx Mar 1 2012, 11:46am replied:

Ahh right, well I'm glad its not a pokemon :-)

+1 vote   media: UEF Atlas wip
Baryonyx Feb 29 2012, 9:03pm says:

Looks like a pokemon.
What size is it likely to be? Because it looks to me to be a medium sized unit, once it gets some legs...?
It really has a UEF feel and I like what looks to be missile pods in the chest.
I think it needs short stubby yet stable legs.

+1 vote   media: UEF Atlas wip
Baryonyx Feb 26 2012, 9:53pm replied:

No luck. I have an issue with a map file error. Does it work for anyone else?

+1 vote   download: Reichstag-winter map BETA
Baryonyx Feb 26 2012, 9:31pm says:

So far I can't get it to work. It crashes on loading. I'll have a look to see if I can get it to work.

+1 vote   download: Reichstag-winter map BETA
Baryonyx Feb 21 2012, 3:17pm says:

Historically realistic colour palette and tone. Its easy to go too bright, so this is excellent.

+2 votes   media: Tiger I Optional camo
Baryonyx Feb 19 2012, 4:53pm says:

So no feathered "raptors" then?

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - Alpha Gameplay 3
Baryonyx Feb 2 2012, 3:25pm replied:

Unfortunatly I think a frigate already has that name from the original game (a Cybran frigate). Could get a bit confusing naming multiple ships from different factions the same.

+1 vote   media: New UEF ship
Baryonyx Feb 1 2012, 10:58am says:

I love good quality sounds. It's sometimes lacking in games, often treated as a secondary feature. I'm glad its being taken seriously.
Great sound is a good way to raise the immersion level, I somewhat prefer it to shiny graphics.

One question; will the game have 3d sound and interact with the environment?

+2 votes   article: The Sound of Explosions
Baryonyx Dec 12 2011, 3:49pm says:

Top quality, top design, huge improvement and very elvish. I do love these Mithlond Nobles. My favorite that I have seen thus far.
Great job.

+1 vote   media: High Elves Preview
Baryonyx Dec 11 2011, 10:16am says:

Name should be Kugelblitz as in ball or sphere and the word lightning.

+1 vote   media: Kubelblitz
Baryonyx Dec 1 2011, 3:34pm says:

Ive been waiting an age for the Sdkfz7. Finally I can use the Sd.kfz.251 where it belongs. This is the proper workhorse.... well except for all the actual horses they used.

+2 votes   media: Sdkfz7 and Sdkfz7/2
Baryonyx Oct 25 2011, 3:59pm says:

It's all very well saying this looks amazing. Which I can recognise and understand from an artistic and technological viewpoint. But with regards to 'realism' of the visuals this is far from accurate compared to 'real life' (despite peoples zealous fanatical reverence).

My point is about the game creators attempt to render an environment as close to reality as possible, an aim since the dawn of computer gaming. Yet the tendancy is to make 'stylistic' choices to hide differences or embellish visuals using certain graphical techniques.
In Battlefield 3 it seems they have gone overboard with high contrast and unnatural lighting (or atleast missed out important considerations).

There is a key difference between "photo realism" and "optical realism" its a massive mistake to follow "photo realism" in a computer game. Great for still images and dramatic movies but totally totally unrealistic for actual gameplay and at worst a hindrance (in a game like this).

No one seems to makes the distinction between the two and I note a great number of people are swept away by the strong contrasts in the lighting and I put forward that its due to the natural excitment to the dramatic effect it produces, just as a powerful highly contrasted black and white photo can be a strong and intense image. It should not be confused with the 'realism' of the average human eye, which adjusts to light conditions unlike battlefield 3 visuals.

Basicly in short, the lighting is a mess.

p.s. I have played the game.
It's not the only game to play this cheap gimmick trick , its dramatic, it looks like a movie, it probably sells.

+3 votes   media: In-game screens
Baryonyx Aug 18 2011, 8:18am says:

Just tested your mission.
I'll provide feedback and opinion.
Firstly if this is your first attempt at a men of war map and mission, I can say you got some basic things right and others quite a bit wrong.
Firstly the good points:
It didn't crash during my play through.
It included environment and lighting.
It included objectives (although incomplete/lacking detail and explenation)
Objectives as apparently designed seemed to function and were achievable.

Lack of map detail
Lack of script detail i.e. things like clustered unit movements.
Lack of story
It lacked the infomation for objectives to explain task without guessing.
Setting/battle seemed random and confusingly ahistorical (russians vs germans alongside usa??)
Units under player control did not have their movement set to 'hold' by default.
Most of the scenario was conducted by the AI (not always a bad thing aslong as the player isn't left out).
Overall effort seems a little rushed, thats despite taking into account your statement of being amateur (we mostly all are around here), I would expect a little more 'finished product' than this before posting it out into the community, including play testing or getting friends to give feedback beforehand.
If this is your first attempt and your looking for lessons on how to improve, I recommend reading the forums at DMS and looking at other maps others have made to get tips. One good map for a beginner to look at is Bonus mission 3 Battle of Vernon. Its simple enough to learn the basics of how things can be done and you can modify it and practice changing things (it wont overwrite your game just save it as something new)
Best way to learn is to look at whats been done before and trial and error. Sadly I rate this one as mostly error but dont take it badly, it just needs quite bit more work. Making a great mission takes a huge amount of effort.

+3 votes   download: The stopped advance V.1.002.
Baryonyx Jul 30 2011, 2:25pm says:

Im interested in the sky map and lighting settings, look really well done, lets hope the latest mow:as patch hasn't ruined the look, for me it messed up the contrast levels etc.

+1 vote   media: New map,Holland
Baryonyx Dec 23 2010, 5:10am says:

not gothic knights, Teutonic Knights

+2 votes   media: Bitta fun
Baryonyx Dec 7 2010, 8:08pm replied:

I think its done like this to leave enough room to fight within the flaged square area

+3 votes   media: Minas Tirith
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