Red Eclipse is a fun-filled new take on the first person arena shooter, featuring parkour, impulse boosts, and other tricks.

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Fun. Blade, flamer, grenade, rifle all collective weapons hmm. Graphics smoother than Blood Frontier.

Recommend to all Sauerbraten players and any FPSers with bad network.

Red Eclipse is a futuristic FPS game which focuses on agile gameplay.
Unlike in other FPSes were you constantly need to search for health, armor or ammo items;
in Red Eclipse you get health regeneration & no armor by defaullt. This fosters a fast and
to-the-point type of gameplay, were you concentrate on what matters: FRAGGING!

You can carry up to a max of 3 weapons from a total of 9 unique available weapons:
- Melee (ground punches & aerial kicks).
- Sword,
- Pistol,
- Shotgun,
- SMG,
- Flamer,
- Plasma,
- Rifle,
- Rocket and
- Grenades.
All weapons (except the Rocket & Grenades) have unlimited ammo.

The gameplay brings us some innovative and unique moves such as:
- Impulse dash,
- Wall run,
- Wall kick,
- Power jump and
- Power slide moves.

With a wide range of game modes to choose from:
- Campaign,
- Capture the Flag with sub-modes:
* Return,
* Defend,
* Protect.
- Defend the Flag with sub-modes:
* Quick
* Conquer
- Bomber Ball with sub-modes:
* Basket
* Hold
- Time Trial (a Parkour mode).

Along with a whole lot of mutators for the modes:
- Instagib,
- Arena,
- Medieval,
- Hover,
- Duel,
- Survivor,
- Onslaught,
- Ballistic,
- Vampire,
- Expert,
- Resize and
- League (currently in development)

As for environments, it has a total of 37 unique maps.

All this points put together give this game a Highly Balanced Gameplay.
If _FRAGGING_ is your business, this game won't dissapoint you. Get it!
Based on the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine, this is definitely the best Mod ever created for it.

Nice game, although it lacks graphics but overall good

The Good:
- Fun
- Easy to learn and start with
- Cool parkour-style movement
- Big amount of mutators to fine-tune the match just how you want it
- Co-op edit mode allows you to create a map together with other players on the server or run around and fight on a map that other players are working on that very moment

The Bad:
- Rifle is relatively underpowered and hard to use compared to other weapons

The Meh:
- Server browsing allows you to see how much percent of the server variables are modified, but not which. You can have a guess at what has been changed, but you can't be sure until you join the server.

Final rating:
9/10 - A few things can be improved but the game is near-perfect.

I'm not that big of a FPS gamer but this game is actually quite fun to play with that satisfying ping when you hit your target and instagib for the win :D

A single player campaign or story would seriously do this game justice.

now we just got to fill the servers :P

I love this game; it's always fun to play. The weapon balance is good, the maps are really creative, and the mutators give the game virtually endless possibilities. The unlimited ammo and health regeneration is a great move; it's a lot more fun this way.

One of my favourite things about this game is the parkour, where you can run across a wall or kick off it to reach higher places. This is no gimmick, either: I find it to be invaluable in a number of situations.

Great game; 10/10

Really awesome, free and open source. No bugs or flaws that I have found... Good job, Red Eclipse Team! Perfect game... just wish there were a lot more players

Played it for a few days and it already entered into one of my favorite arena shooters as of recently. The movement system is smooth, the gameplay is fast paced, the community is good, albeit small for now, and I've encountered virtually no bugs. And it runs very well on Linux, so that's always a plus.

This game does everything an arena shooter lover would want in a game and it does it right! It has an enormous amount of maps, has awesome and unique game modes (example: gauntlet), and never fails to keep you playing. Plus with wall running, boots, impulse slides and more, whats not to love? 10/10 it deserves such rating!

I have been playing the game for a year now, and have been a highly active player. I use and check out the SVN versions of this game, it's just too much fun to be free. If life wasn't a thing, I would gladly spend 95% of my time on this game (5% is for eating, because I like eating, OK?).

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