Men of War: Assault Squad is the new title in the Men of War series. Assault Squad takes place across the globe during the height of World War II and features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and – for the first time ever in the Men of War series – Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility. The expansion pack will deliver fans and newcomers an intense new WW2 spectacle with almost limitless replayability.

Like previous games in the series, Men of War: Assault Squad includes the unique “direct control” feature which enables players to maneuver units using the directional keys, rather than pointing and clicking. PC Generals can get behind the controls of a tank to smash through obstacles, crush soldiers under its tracks and fire armor-piercing shells at enemy emplacements, or take control of individual soldiers as they fight.

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Attention Troopers! Section 3 has released more information about potential AO’s you will be deployed to during the WINTER CONTINGENCY.

ONI is still compiling lists of potential deployment zones and areas of interest, and the intel is, as always, subject to change!

Today’s Section 3 report will focus on the New Alexandria Concourse, part of the NA Interstellar Spaceport on Reach.

Welcome to New Alexandria, troopers. This city is the largest metropolitan center on Reach’s continent of Eposz.

0 screenshots 20160425041455 1

Clean, efficient, and wealthy, New Alexandria represents the pinnacle of human urban engineering. For its many residents, the city is a testament to the prosperity of a united human civilization.

0 screenshots 20160425042513 1

Of particular note is the New Alexandria Interstellar Spaceport (NAIS), one of the busiest hubs of inter-planetary travel in all of human space! NAIS facilitates nearly 27% of all travel between the inner-colonies and beyond.

0 screenshots 20160425041715 1

In 2401, the actual spaceport had to be moved into a massive facility several stories below. Today, the structure on the surface is the NAIS Concourse, where travelers gather, rest, and buy tickets.

The enormous indoor plaza is larger, and more luxurious, than the capital buildings of most outer-colonies!

0 screenshots 20160612230907 1

When you’re on leave, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the pretty buildings and celebrate human prosperity blah blah blah.

But as a UNSC soldier, your focus will be on the strategic value of the NAIS Concourse.

The UNSC has learned the hard way, that spaceports and concourses are favorite targets of insurrectionists and Covenant alike. Innies have crashed freighters full of explosives into terminals, or hijacked liners out of the gates. More recently, the Covenant have taken to bombarding spaceports after evacuations begin, murdering the thousands gathered there for evacuations.

0 screenshots 20160612230149 1

CENTCOM realized that such an attack on NAIS would be devastating, and so in secret, ONI contractors made strategic renovations to the NA Concourse. Today, the splendor of the concourse plaza conceals its more functional designs…

The outer walls of the plaza were reinforced with Titanium A battleplate, typically reserved for Navy cruisers- the concourse building is now protected against covenant artillery and even light naval bombardment.

0 screenshots 20160612230440 1

The interior furniture was also replaced, in secret, with new furnishings made from experimental polymers resistant to plasma- potential barricades against covenant small arms fire.

The New Alexandria police department was also ordered to increase patrols in and around the concourse building, and ID checks are made around the building’s three major entrances.

During a WINTER CONTINGENCY, the NA Concourse will be one of several evacuation zones. On site forces will be ordered to barricade the plaza using any and all means, and will hold the position until UNSC reinforcements arrive. The fortification of the upper terrace will be the priority.

0 screenshots 20160612230415 1

There are three choke points leading to the concourse: the entrance bridge, the courtyard side bridge, and the public landing pad bridge connected to the 3rd level. Use these to your advantage to bottleneck enemy forces into killing zones.

0 screenshots 20160612230517 1

If necessary, fall back to the concourse interior. The staircases provide high ground and an open field of fire against forces coming from the entrance ways. Have soldiers take cover in the balconies on either side of the stairs, they can flank enemies that try to advance.

0 screenshots 20160612230528 1

Watch your fire, as civilian groups will no doubt be also inbound to the evacuation sites below. Your duty will be to hold the concourse, but do whatever is necessary to save the population. With the Covenant wiping us out billions at a time, the value of human life increases every day.

0 screenshots 20160612230551 1

With any luck, there will be no invasion of Reach. But we won’t lie to you, that prospect becomes more remote with each passing day. Make no mistake, we must be ready.

This concludes your briefing on the New Alexandria Concourse

You can expect to see two versions of this map ingame, both pre-invasion, and during the Battle of Reach!

0 screenshots 20160615203739 1

0 screenshots 20160615204321 1

Thanks everyone for sticking with is! Even when we don't always update as often as we should.

We have a more concrete schedule of Section 3 updates figured out, so we're hoping to push them out at a better rate.

As always, please consult our FAQ and previous updates before asking a question. No, the demo is NOT coming tomorrow, lol we wish tho.

Special thanks to Buzztron, who helped do our scripting with the advertisement banners you see in the screenshots. They now actually switch ads every few seconds!

ALSO. Our friends over at SPV3 are releasing a HUGE update soon! See the awesomeness here:
SPV3 Summer Release Trailer
If you can't wait for WC, please do yourself a favor and download SPV3! Its seriously THE best halo mod you will find.

_____________________ ______________ _____________________________ __________________________ ___________ ___________________ ___________ __________ _________

Update 04/09/16

Update 04/09/16

Dawn of the Darkness 5 comments

Hey fans, update on the state of the mod, the new things we have worked on, and some ways you can help us if you have the ability.

Section 3 Update 4/7/16

Section 3 Update 4/7/16


Its finally here troopers, your next update, featuring the Insurrectionists and Colonial Militia.

Red rising mod for MOWAS1 !!!

Red rising mod for MOWAS1 !!!

News 36 comments

guys i finally got red rising on men of war AS1. Please follow steps carefully cause this can get very hard and complex, it does not need to code just...

Winter Contingency *2016 UPDATE*

Winter Contingency *2016 UPDATE*


We break character for a moment to bring you a state of the union for Winter Contingency!

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Comm RUS 150616

Comm RUS 150616

Commandos mod Full Version 0 comments

Русская версия от 150616. Миссии доступны для кооператива. При выборе компании теперь...

Comm ENG 150616

Comm ENG 150616

Commandos mod Full Version 0 comments

English version on 150616. Missions are available for co-op.

hill push MOD

hill push MOD

Collection of Maps Full Version 0 comments

Small mod to improve my knowledge of modification . Error: No fog because of the modders map. Credits: Map by agiantpotato.

Vietnam People Army Patch 1.4

Vietnam People Army Patch 1.4

Vietnamese Army Full Version 5 comments

Patch 1.4 Add new weapons from Call to Arms Change breed data Fix some guns and textures You can download the mission about Warfare 1979 in the addon

normandy MOD

normandy MOD

Collection of Maps Full Version 2 comments

Small mod to improve my knowledge of modification . Error: vehicles remain in the fog stuck and must be driven out by the player. Credits: Map by RealityProject...

Apocalypse rising part 4

Apocalypse rising part 4

Full Version 2 comments

Took a long time but now part 4 has been completed and text is back, I have no clue why part 3 text is broken and they still are but at least I got this...

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Hello friends could help me?
When I select a unit in the AS1 or give an order to a selected unit game freezes for 1 second and then returns to normal, it is repeated every time I return to select a drive. This had never happened before me, and not by the graphics I have put the maximum and the minimum and still the same. Sorry for my bad English Use google translator.

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Beach map in normandy:

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excuse you could give me the link of mod winter contingency

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Police mod

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I ain't clicking dat ****. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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ci sono italiani?

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Sì bruder, non sei da solo.

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si sono troppo felice

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Highest Rated (20 agree) 8/10

Assault Squad is essentially the shinier more visually appealing version of Men of War, I dont find that it adds a lot other than the skirmish mode, some new maps. some new units, and some new models replacing pre-existing ones. It's not exactly groundbreaking however, seeing as it pretty much builds off of the success of it's predecessor, I'm really not even sure why Assault squad was even made, my guess was targetting a streamlined Multiplayer platform, but the game is equally popular as a singleplayer…

Aug 8 2011 by Kastrenzo

Lowest Rated (16 agree) 3/10

Men of War is successful because each game naturally generates its own narrative. It is brilliant because it has character. It is great because (in campaign missions at least) you feel attached to your troops. Assault Squad is Men of War minus all of this, and is horrid. Its lone addition is the new Skirmish mode: a depressing, soulless grind against entrenched AI. Instead of wire-tight combat against a fellow human comes wave after wave of artificially buffed but simple-minded robots; in place…

May 9 2011 by Varsity

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