Men of War: Assault Squad features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and, for the first time ever in the Men of War series, Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility.

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Assault Squad is essentially the shinier more visually appealing version of Men of War, I dont find that it adds a lot other than the skirmish mode, some new maps. some new units, and some new models replacing pre-existing ones.

It's not exactly groundbreaking however, seeing as it pretty much builds off of the success of it's predecessor, I'm really not even sure why Assault squad was even made, my guess was targetting a streamlined Multiplayer platform, but the game is equally popular as a singleplayer game.

Since I first purchased the first Men of war, to be honest 90% of my time has been in the editor, making my own battles, maps, etc, and playing with it. Very entertaining, it's like a virtual toybox. this coming from someone who had massive lego wars in his basement as a kid.

My issue is that Digitalmindsoft doesnt seem to want to fix the important issues, and churns out other stuff like DLC to make money off of when they should be focused on things such as engine bugs,

not to mention the priority issues, they chose to give high quality infantry weapon models first, instead of upgrading the infantry models that have been around since faces of war. realistically the level of detail put into most of the small arms isnt even necessary as most people wont be zoomed in that far.

in contrast, some of the new vehicle models are nice, but the Russian and Japanese factions have been barley touched, and essentially every faction has a few old dinosaurs that need to be replaced, the Panzer IVs, Tiger IIs, T-34s, all very staple and/or popular vehicles, and they dont even look like they're from the same game compared to things such as the M4A4 or the new Panther.

One of the Best RTS games I know. The skirmish could use a bit more narrative and action (like a jeep with an officer coming to the from, etc.) but never the less, it is good.

Indeed a great game, very realistic and fun to play with friends! The downside with the game are some smaller bugs, and there is a lack of units in the coop missions, but I will definitely give this game a nine :D

A marked improvement in terms of online competitive play and ease of use over Men of War. As a package, on the whole a great game; there are however areas in need of improvement although lets hope AS2 can fix these issues on release.



Great game specially in LAN
and graphics are great

Men of War Assault Squad community is great, great modding community partially due to the fact the game is so mod friendly, engine is quite powerful as far as what can be done with just a mod. Game itself offers so many possibilities that no other RTS can even touch.

fun to play with all the new weapons tanks etc but it is not challenging at all wish it had a story like the first men of war.


great for lan party's

Not a bad game, features 90% of the content of MoW the original game.

Same game play to the entire series (i came from SHOWW2, and got right into this one easily).
Way less micromanagement (although the ability to micromanage is still there so if desired single man sneak rambo missions are still possible).
Ammo sharing (again, fixes one annoyance in the previous games).
Massive and i mean massive modding potential (community maps are the sole reason i still play singleplayer).

Terrible stock maps (no variety, rather limited replay-ability, too few options for units, every mission in one faction features exact same setup, ect).
DLC is rather poor (MP dlc only splits the community for no reason, and adds maps that are pointless given the sheer abundance of modded maps, Singleplayer DLC is rather poor, custom maps are hundreds of times better made and more fun).
A few bugs (AI refusing to fire on their own, Tiger turret absurd traverse rate, pathfinding issues especially in MP like the map with goalposts tanks always end up stuck in, ect).

Honestly 8/10, could use major improvements at least in terms of missions (i wouldnt mind if they made a few more with actual variety and not just same mission on a different landscape). A few bugs exist, some more rage inducing then others. But overall id say its an improvement over the 1st game, so we lost a few units (most of them pointless anyways like the absurd amount of 75mm armed tommy cookers that all have same armor/performance but minor 3D changes), gained a few (wespe, heroes), got a few 3D upgrades (Murican lineup, tiger, ect), and had a few upgrades in terms of balance/performance. In comparison to MoW the 1st one its better, visually much better, and it just feels more natural to play, and ofc they added a much better MP mode, which is good. Great game, if only they didnt forget about single player and actually made a half decent campaign that wast just the same skirmish every time.

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