The most world-class game engine to date, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power to do more than ever before. Bring your creative visions to life directly in game without programmer assistance via the new Blueprint.

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With full access to the source code, a feature rich fully customizable toolset and its iterated systems, they have provided you the tools to create anything!

Posted by TKAzA on Mar 19th, 2014

Welcome to Unreal Engine 4
A professional suite of tools and technologies used for building high-quality games across a range of platforms.

Unreal Engine 4’s rendering architecture enables developers to achieve stunning visuals and also scale elegantly to lower-end systems.

Revolutionary new workflow features and a deep toolset empower developers to quickly iterate on ideas and see immediate results, while complete C++ source code access brings the experience to a whole new level.

Unreal Engine technology powers hundreds of games as well as real-time 3D films, training simulations, visualizations and more. Over the past 15 years, thousands of individuals and teams and have built careers and companies around skills developed using the engine.

When releasing a product using UE4, you're signing up to pay Epic along with a ($19p/m subscription) 5% of gross product revenue from users, regardless of what company collects the revenue. That means: If your game makes $10 on the App Store, Apple may pay you $7, but you'd pay Epic $0.50 (5% of $10).

What you get: Unreal Engine 4 features and tools Full C++ source code access via GitHub
Official documentation and tutorials Forums, AnswerHub and wiki access Ongoing, regular updates
You are free to cancel anytime.

Supplied with the release is a huge set of in depth tutorials! Directly from Epics technical team.

Learn the basics of the UE4 UI and how to customize it.
Learn how to build levels and implement basic features.
Learn how materials work in UE4 along with physically based lighting.
Check out the feature rich animation toolkit provided with UE4.
Learn the visual scripting tool "Blueprint" used in UE4
For more details or for answers to questions, check the official links below.
What will you create?

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TKAzA Author
TKAzA Mar 19 2014 says:

I think this subscription model is very respectable, They are asking for such a little amount of investment for such an impressive toolset.
And to give 5% back, investing in the engine your using to build your game, it just makes sense.

Unity may need to think twice on their 75$ a month license.

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medve Mar 20 2014 replied:

i though unity was totally free :o

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TKAzA Author
TKAzA Mar 20 2014 replied:

I was commenting on the basis they both cost money (unity pro 5 is the only real competition and they are targeting the same market audience)

Now to see what valve pulls out of its magic hat, Source 2 subscription based?

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natostanco Mar 20 2014 replied:

Nahh, I think valve is gonna stick with charging only commercial games...ohh gosh I'm so excited to see ue4 and source 2 in action *.*

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KINGOFCRAFT909 Mar 20 2014 replied:

Crap, i didn't mean to give bad karma!!! D:

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zacharyleviwall Mar 19 2014 says:

Good Lord...$19/month or the option to opt out and continue developing and publish with the engine? That's amazing. And the 5% royalty for your game is a pittance for the tools you get practically free. Good Guy Epic Games, imo.

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TheHappyFriar Mar 19 2014 replied:

Ballsy. :)

So you can pay $20 now, cancel the subscription, find out they did a nice big update in three months, ay $20, get the update, unsubscribe, etc.

Looking over the EULA the royalties do get a bit high... ti's 5% of everything you bring in when using the tech directly (ie not showing videos, but using someone using the engine): retail/ digital sales, kickstarter campaigns, in game transactions, subscriptions, in program advertising, advanced payments (IE given $100k by a publisher to make a game) & anything else that is related to using the engine.

However, you don't pay royalties if it's used in an arcade like setting. :)

The really bad part is no more free version. It's 100% pay-to-play now. I don't see UDK links on their site any more so I'm getting they're trying to eliminate the free SDK all together.

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Guest Mar 19 2014 replied:

I suppose it's sorta like a credit card. You either pay thousands up front for a quality engine, or you get it for free* and pay them a royalty. This is great for indie devs who can't afford expensive engines, but I can see how this would rack up royalties for Epic. It still boils down to a great deal.

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calimer Mar 19 2014 replied:

I was reading the post and was like wow great info. Then I realized I recognize that name :) PS LMS2 ;D

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MrMazure Mar 20 2014 replied:

I'm pretty sure that if you release a free game made with it, you don't have to pay anything (except your sub ofc). It wouldn't make sense considering the current objectives of Epic.

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SeriousToni Mar 20 2014 replied:

Too much in any case for in my eyes. If you're developing two years, then you'd pay 456$ only for the engine. If you'd choose to sell your game for 10$ and it sells 9120 times, you'd already lost 456$. This stuff was free ten years ago.

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Ark_ Mar 21 2014 replied:

Except you don't have to have the sub for the entire time you are developing, you can sub for a month and the continue to use that version of the engine. If they release an engine update that you want you can just sub get the update and then unsub again, they even say so on their forums.

Plus your math is off, if you sold that many games at that price you would have made $86,175 after full sub and royalties (not counting extras like distribution costs.)

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ironstrom Mar 21 2014 replied:

UDK4 is a powerful engine if you don't need something to push the boundaries you can settle for other things. The price is comparable to the amount you'd spent on one trip to pax. If your satisfied with what the kit provides and you make use of your time on it I see a great deal of value.

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Commander_M.Wittmann Mar 19 2014 says:

Anyone know where i can download the latest Unreal engine 3 UDK ? I go to a link to the website download and it keeps saying 404 Error.

Any help will be great, i require this for my Game Development Course.


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Commander_M.Wittmann Mar 19 2014 replied:

Never mind i got it.


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vfn4i83 Mar 20 2014 says:

I was one of those that preached that unity3d was the best solutio for indie, but now both epic and crytek, actually got something (licensing plans)that face Unity3D(wich still pretty solid for me).

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MrMazure Mar 20 2014 replied:

With the current licensing, UE4 is superior to Unity on every point. A 20$ investment to have a complete fully featured engine is not much compared to a heavily restricted free Unity version. Unity will have to come up with something extremely competitive very soon if they don't want to lose most of their user base. CryEngine is not much of a good alternative as it's really poorly documented.

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FioPro92 Mar 20 2014 says:

If you're looking for UDK February 2014 release, you won't find it on Epic's websites (at least I couldn't). However, I did subscribe to mailing list and got the download link in e-mail when it was released a month or so ago.

Here's UDK Februrary 2014 download link:

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Guest Mar 20 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

SinKing Mar 20 2014 says:

The best thing is - I bought a UDK 99$ license last year and for my support I now get free access to UE4, until December 31st, 2015. Massive thanks to EPIC for that!

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Guest Mar 24 2014 replied:

I bought a UDK 99$ too last year,how did you get free access to UE4?

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TheNodCommander Mar 20 2014 says:

So, wait. You can subscribe for just a month and then keep that version even if you cancel your subscription? Because thats really fair in that case. If it was 20$ every month to just use it it would be less fair for indie titles, especialy fan projects such as C&C Renegade X which is 100% free on every front.

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MrMazure Mar 20 2014 replied:


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Knights Mar 20 2014 says:

The main reason they are doing this is because of Unity.

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Orange_Tomato Mar 21 2014 says:

I find it hilarious that people still complain about this being "not modder friendly"... I guess it is possible to whine about everything...

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Kromatik-Works Mar 24 2014 says:

Yes ,it is great, but I still prefer Unity over this engine.
Unity documentation, vast plugins and community makes thins a lot more easier, same things goes with the scripting which in UDK its a pain!

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Deuce_Savage Mar 26 2014 says:

So does mean i could create a superior version - possibly Warhammer 40,000, EPIC LEGIONS!!! massive RTS & shooter? Bwa ha ha ha AWESOME NEWS!

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Foxtrop Aug 22 2014 says:

why people are so happy? no more free modding..

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