I originally worked on and off the Star Trek Doom Project from 1997 to 2012. I resumed the project in 2016 and have totally redesigned & remastered it for GZDoom. All aspects of Doom II have been completely modified. New Textures, enemies, weapons, music and sounds. The Enterprise-D is in its seventh year of service (Between Season 7 & Generations Film), you play a young junior Lieutenant sent out to test upgrades on a shuttlecraft when a futuristic Borg cube emerges from a temporal portal launching a devastating attack on the Enterprise. After seeing the Borg Cube destroyed by Species 8472 emerging from the same time portal you decide to return to the Enterprise to try and help take back the ship.

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Hey everyone! If you're interested to know more about the weapons in Star Trek Doom but don't have time to download and try my demo or watch my videos then this is the post for you!

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Hey everyone! If you're interested to know more about the weapons in Star Trek Doom but don't have time to download and try my demo or watch my videos then this is the post for you!

This is a full breakdown of all the weapons currently available in my latest demo. I've also done a similar post for my Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen Project.

(Note: The first image is the animating sprite used in my STDoom mod and the second image is a reference shot from the original TV show & films)

Your Weapons

Type I Phaser Pistol

Weapon01A Weapon01B

Your starting weapon is the small and basic personal Type I phaser. This relatively weak weapon is typically carried by Starfleet personnel as a backup weapon or as a concealed weapon in peace time and sensitive diplomatic missions.

Overloaded Plasma Torch

Weapon02A Weapon02B

An overloaded plasma torch can be quite deadly in close range combat! The terrorists at Arkaria Base certainly seemed to think so. Use it when caught in a tight space or when your other weapons are low on energy.
(Note: Yeah we all know it's a lightsabre but I'm trying to keep this in canon okay? ;) I’m open to alternative suggestions if purists really hate this but I needed a trek chainsaw replacement. Bat'leth seems to be the most popular suggestion however that's less likely to be sitting in the transporter room than a plasma torch lol!)

Dual Wielding Type I Phaser Pistols


Because one is never enough. ;) Once multiplied this weapon becomes quite powerful as you can rapid fire them both at your enemies. However be warned that this will very quickly drain your Type I energy reserves.

Type II Phaser Pistol


This is the typical directed energy phaser weapon used by Starfleet personnel across the Federation. It is usually the side arm of choice during war time or defensive operations. It is more power than the Type I and is capable of wide beam dispersion to hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Dual Wielding Type II Phaser Pistols

Weapon05A Weapon04B

If you're going to double the Type I, you may as well double the Type II! Armed with two Type II phasers set to wide beam you can easily bring down entire groups of enemies or one very strong one!

Type III Phaser Rifle (Mark II)

Weapon06A Weapon06B

Put away the old ugly Mark Is, these new babies were just shipped in from Head Quarters. More powerful, enhanced scope, multiple grips and rapid pulse fire are just some of the reasons why this is a Starfleet security officers primary weapon of choice in hostile situations. On maximum setting you can vaporise entire squadrons of enemies with this beauty!

Mobile Photon Torpedo Launcher


This experimental Starfleet weapon is a miniaturized (therefore weakened version) of the Photon Torpedo launchers used on Federation starships. The matter-antimatter explosions will damage a very wide area & should never be used in close range combat.
(Note: Yes I am aware of the 'Worfzooka is either a Isomagnetic Disintegrator or a Tetryon Pulse Launcher' arguments on the net. An Isomagnetic Disintegrator is a horrible name and if it was known for sure then no one would be arguing lol, so I decided to go in my own direction.)

Tetryon Pulse Launcher

Weapon08A Weapon08B

Normally Mounted on Federation surface vehicles this large, heavy and extremely powerful area effect weapon cannot be carried around unless you're either a badass Klingon security officer or a human in a combat mech suit from the future. ;)
(Note: Like the above yes I'm aware of the debates and that no one really knows for sure what weapon Worf was using on the back of the Argo in Nemesis either so I decided to call this a Tetryon Pulse Launcher instead!)

To see all these babies in action check out my video series below:


Finally, now we can use Worf's Purple Space Bazooka!

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Blake00 Author

Yup, enjoy your free Worfzooka lol! Although that reminds me I still need to change the default doom missiles into purple energy bolts!

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