I have been improving one of Undying Nephalim's older releases of Hyrule Total War - namely the 3.8 version released at the end of 2014 and the final version with all the old faction rosters. The mod will have custom strat-map cities/agents, custom battle-map settlements, new resources on the map, new factions such as Majora and the Oocca, new units for most older factions and the minor factions especially, new animations, new 2d-art. Majora will use unused reskins for the Zora, Kokiri, Gorons and Hylians made by the Undying Nephalim, while also using new re-skins made by Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord for the rest of the intended factions that Neph intended for Majora to use - and this submod aims to bring you the most finished Hyrule Total War yet - using the older models because i think some of them were better but not all, i am also oldschool!

hyrule total war box art 2 0

Features of the original 3.8 mod by Undying Nephalim:

1. All the old Hyrule faction rosters.

2. Mission 19-29 of the Hyrule Historia Missions plus the "Final Mission" against Majora in Majora Prime.

3. Custom Battles with all the old factions.

4. Free-form Campaign using all the old scripts.

Features of the submod:

1. All the vanilla Medieval 2 strat-map agents replaced with Hyrule ones made by Undying Nephalim.

2. Every strat-map vanilla settlement-model replaced by custom ones made by Undying Nephalim.

3. All the battle-map cities from vanilla Med2 replaced with custom ones made by Undying Nephalim.

4. All the older factions will spawn in the early game and be a challenge in the Free-form campaign, unlike before where some factions never spawned, and others did but never had an impact because they stood no chance against the vastly expanded factions.

5. New units for many factions - borrowed with permission from the recent version of Hyrule (such as mounts, minor faction units and the Oocca units) or from the demo of the Great Sea: Total War expansion project (New Hyrule units).

5. New factions in the Free-form campaign such as the Church of Majora and Oocca factions.

6. Majora will use never-before used or seen reskins for the Kokiri, Gorons, Hylians and the Zora - made by Undying Nephalim many years ago, but coded into the mod for the first time by me now. The Church of Majora will also use re-skins made by Codeman for the rest of the originally intended factions that Neph wanted Majora to use in their roster.

7. Most of the unused units of the old version will be used.

8. Scripts will be improved or finished.

9. New religions imported from the recent version - fixed UI problems for the Lizalfos and the Gerudo in the diplomacy screen.

10. New diplomacy and changed game-play - good factions are allied and evil factions are allied.

11. All the animations of the HTW 4.6 version and the Great Sea: Total War demo have been implemented - meaning we can use all their units and every attack.

12. All the 4.6 projectiles/missiles with their textures and model-files have been implemented - they will look like in 4.6.

13. Videos made by Undying Nephalim, the creator of Hyrule Total War - edited for the Freeform Campaign, as in cut to fit the win, defeat, death and intro categories - by me, and i did use as much story as possible to give the cinematics a proper use in the mod now that the Ancient pack and the Twili pack are not working in the recent Hyrule, and the working packs are no longer available.

The videos are available unchanged on Youtube so i downloaded them from there and made them fit the campaign instead.

I've re-worked all the mission videos of the Hyrule Historia from the Ancient Era to the Fallen Sage - ending with the beginning of the Labrynna tale after the victory of Hylia.

You will now have videos playing when you start the campaign, when you win, when you are defeated and when you or the AI kill off other factions as most factions have their own death-movies unique to them.

14. New resources on the map has been properly placed on the old map manually - replacing old models and vanilla models on the map. New resources include much superior models seen in HTW 4.6.

And additional changes later to be described.

So I've finally made an overview-video of my changes from March 2021, when I converted 86 battle-models into strat-map models for the mod Hyrule Total War: Clasic Ultimate between March 12th I believe and March 31st.

I found old pictures on my other computer from the development of new strat-map models for Hyrule: Total War - Classic Ultimate - which took place between March 13 and March 30th 2021.

I decided to use them for a video so that the history of the development could be preserved - rather than just delete them.

I have added music from the mod to this video and made it faction-specific for those factions with many pictures - such as the Gerudo, the Sheikah, the Wizzrobe, the Labrynna Regime, the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Lanayru/River Zora/Zora's Domain, the Gorons, the Church of Majora, the Ordona Province and the Fairies of Tarm.

So this video will show all the models except the Twilight General, as I had planned to finish all the strat-map models of those two Twilight factions before taking pictures of them.

You'll be able to see what was converted first and last - as well as what I focused the most time on.

While it doesn't show any modding it does show each model tried out in the game.

I didn't create/convert/rig the soldiers and most agents (Undying Nephalim did those) but I did convert the generals and the heroes - and I also did convert the Agents of the Church of Majora and the Fairies of Tarm - I did the Majora soldier though but not the diplomat. The Stalfos agents won't show-up in the game, and I only converted Lord Akazoo and Deadhand for them - the soldier, the general and the Necromancer were already made by Neph - however I had re-added the Necromancer to the game, but they bugged out after adding the fairies due to an issue with the traits.

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RSS Articles

Discord-link added with WIP-release at the discord.

Join the Discord at (new link): Discord.gg

M2TWEOP-TOOL and instructions on how to fix an issue with a small screen on Windows 10:


I tried it on Windows 7 - no issues, I tried it with the CD-version on Windows 10 - no issues - But according to the creators of the tool it is required to change some stuff for the Steam-version on Win 10 in order to prevent the screen from being too small.

You do need to right-click on the Medieavl2.exe/Kingdoms.exe and change some things in the compatibility mode. It will also need to be done with the tools .exe file.

- This is due to the scaling settings in windows 10.

"You need to open file properties-> compatibility-> change DPI settings-> check the box and select "application""

"This option also helps with med2 for some people (+20fps) (Set dpi scale to "controlled by application"


This tool has fixed the giants in Third Age DCI, Warcraft: Total War etc - even on windows 7 it might make battles more stable as certain battles do crash on 7 as well - but not due to the giants. However, I do believe that with the Win 7 version it's easier to start the mod as firewalls/security programs of Win 10 might treat the tool as a virus - as such you should de-activate your firewall/security programs or make an exception for the tool if it's treated as a virus by your security - which it is not.

It's a tool that modifies the games .EXE while the game is running. Such tools are often mistaken for viruses by modern windows security. With this tool you'd still need to install the mod like written in the installation-article - but now you'll also need to start the mod through the tool.

I have uploaded a video on how to do this, which is very easy - and this is the article about the latest release and the tool. To use the tool you just need to right-click the tools .exe with your mouse and run the tool as an administrator. Then the UI of the tool should be pretty self-explanatory. I would suggest not to use all the features of the tool due to the game becoming less stable the more features you are using. The features I'd use are the ones I think will be activated for you as well.

You can place ancillaries at 32 only if you wish to modify the mod and add more ancillaries to each character - the old limit was 8, you can place religions at 12 if you want more religions - the old number was 10 - otherwise I'd suggest not to use these as they might still affect the mod negatively as they are increasing the limits of the game. These options might be activated from the start so you could return them to 10 and 8 respectively if you want to. There is a button named "Click Me" - if you click on it you'll get information about the program, things you shouldn't do unless you want a crash and shortcuts to certain features like for example being able to zoom-out enormously on the map, highlighting all the troops and other stuff. You do need to place the anti-aliasing through the tools UI before starting up the mod - place it at 8 for the maximum quality. If you change this inside of the game using the tool the game is going to crash.

On the right-side of the tools UI are many options - I would only have a few activated - those are the "berserks-fix" which will enable the berserker ability from Rome: Total War to work on the units - you'll just have to hand out the "berserk"-attribute to the units you wish to go berserk in the Export_descr_units-file - in the vanilla Medieval 2 game and in mods not using the new M2TWEOP-tool this attribute would crash as soon as the units entered a battle on the battlefield - this feature will be useful in Viking-based mod and for the Uruk-Hai Berserkers in Third Age I am sure, then I would activate the "Unlock Console Command" feature of the tool - which will enable all the console command codes in the mod and finally I would activate the "creatures-fix" which will fix the skeleton of all the elephant-based units in the mod - such as Fi, Ghirahim, King Ganon, Demise, Majora himself etc - this is the main feature I wanted in this submod due to players reporting that units like Majora and Fi have crashed for them during battle immediately upon starting the battle. This fix will make it possible to play with all these units in both the campaign and in the custom battles. If you play custom you can have an army of Majora's versus an army of Ghirahim's or Demise's - the point is that giants will no longer crash to the desktop. I'm pretty sure that other reasons for CTD during battle will be fixed as well

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - COMPLETED EDITION! (Win 10) Released!

About the installation of the mod: Read the article on the following link, or you can watch the video below about installing both versions of the mod and using the M2TWEOP (Medieval 2 Total War Engine Overhaul Project)-tool:


Link to the Total War Center-page of the Tool where it can be downloaded for usage in other mods and projects:


- Credit for the tool should be given to Youneuoy and Jojo00182.

You still need to patch both .exe-files with the 4gb patch before starting up the mod or any battle will crash.

Installation: (Steam)

1. You need to go into the folder named "Medieval II Total War" and then copy the file named "medieval2.exe" - then rename the copied file to kingdoms.exe. This is needed or the mod won't launch with Steam.

2. You do need to patch the medieval2.exe and the kingdoms.exe with a program named "4gb patch" found at this link:


3. It's a program, extract it anywhere on your computer, then run it as an administrator - then browse to both .exe-files inside of the "Medieval II Total War"-folder and select one of them and click on "patch" - then repeat the process with the other one.

4. You need to have just one folder named "Hyrule" as in "Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\Hyrule - and then You'll start it by double-cllicking the M2TWEOP-file of the mod after which you'd click the "start Mod"-button and not "Start Vanilla" .

5. With the CD instead it would be "D:\Games\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\Hyrule - and you'll still start it by double-clicking on the M2TWEOP-file after which you'd click the "start Mod"-button and not "Start Vanilla".

Also, download the Medieval2.Preference-file that i did upload on here & place in the main Medieval II Total War folder - replacing the old file there. This will enable you to play defensive battles in hotseat, as well as prevent a bug causing CTD when clicking buildings on the campaign - it will also make FMV's work.

Features of the new updated version of "Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate" will be described below:

2023-04-19 - Fixing done to the mod!

- Young Rutela/General Rutela didn't have her own strat-map model on the map and instead spawned as Priestess Telara!

- This was because I had mistakenly deleted the entry for Young Rutela in the traits-file mistaking it for a copy of the ordinary Rutela model. I was surprised to see Telara spawn instead of Young Rutela. I'd guess mistakes can happen when you're out of slots and need to free up space.

Young/General Rutela Strat-Map Model fixed - I had mistakenly deleted the entry!

2023-05-25 - Fixing

1. Una the Brave/Great Fairy Una didn't get her proper model on the map and in battle as Prince Zant after Queen Midna had been killed.

- The reason was the coordinates of the spawn, I changed them back to how they were for another Una-spawn and she worked. A dude had reported her not working like back in March. I didn't listen because she worked in February after extensive testing. But I seem to have messed up her coordinates like in the final minutes before the release.

- Una the Brave/Great Fairy Una will spawn with her proper model both in battle and on the map one turn after Queen Midna has been killed - she'll spawn outside of Sand Crab Cove in Hyrule.

Fixed Una the Brave/Great Fairy Una Spawn for Zant!

2. Glitched Twili Portal when Playing as the Forces of the Twilight under Prince Zant under Multiplayer/Hotseat in single-player under this menu - (Multiplayer/Hotseat has faster end-turn times).

- The Twili Portals now work when playing as Prince Zant of the Forces of the Twilight, both in single-player under multiplayer/hotseat with the faster end-turn times and in under the normal single-player menu.

- It's important to never play both Midna and Zant in the same campaign using hotseat or the Twili Portal will be glitched and you won't be able to move troops from the Twilight Realm and into Hyrule - however the portal from Hyrule to the Twilight Realm will work even when playing as both - but not the portal in the Twilight Realm - it's not supported or intended to play both Midna and Zant at the same time as such.

- The fix is fixing the Twili Portal bug in single-player only - it's still present in multiplayer when playing both Twili factions - it's fine to play one Twili faction and all the other factions though.

- Beware also that the Sheikah have a unique script which will trigger for every new turn resulting in a lot of clicking "yes" or "no" to said script if you use them in hotseat with other factions - it will trigger for every faction that you play as in hotseat multiplayer as long as you play as the Sheikah - it's as such only recommended to play as the Sheikah in hotseat multiplayer if you have the patience to click yes or no multiple times.

3. Glitched Twili Portal when playing as Queen Midna, as the portal turns into a generic general which can't be used as a portal whenever Prince Zant's forces have been spared!

- Fixed - it's suggested to never play more than 26 out of 28 factions in hotseat - excluding the Sheikah and one of the Twilight factions - you can play as the Sheikah though if you don't care about clicking "yes" or "no" multiple times.

- Never play as both Midna or Zant or the "Twili Portal Glitch" will mess up the portal and you won't be able to move anyone from the Twilight Realm after Zant's forces have been spared - it's only fixed when you play one Twilight faction.

-In order to avoid multiple Link spawning in a multiplayer/hotseat campaign just select the Kingdom of Hyrule only and wait at least until turn 5 before you use the cheat console to use the "control faction" cheat in order to take control over the others - you can find the code-names of each faction in the descr_strat which you can open with notepad++ - generally most factions are named things like "Hylian", Gerudo" etc with a few exceptions - the Oocca are named the "papal_states", the Wild Animals are named "saxons" and the Ancient Hylians are named "herooftime".

Fixed Twili Portal as Queen Midna in Hotseat Single-Player!

4. The Stalfos Stalhounds light infantry unit couldn't attack in a prolonged melee and just stood there doing nothing - they could kill a few enemies in the charge but then ended up just getting cut down by the enemy without doing anything!

- I've fixed the issue by replacing the old model of the Stalhounds with a new Hyrule: Total War 4.6 model instead - the new model is a mount or heavy cavalry/beast unit - instead of having one model for the unit it has a mount-body and a rider-head - this new Stalhounds-unit is counted as heavy cavalry and is way more effective when charging at the enemy as it can take out almost an entire unit in its charge, and it will also be better in autoresolves due to being a heavy cav unit - it still has issues in a prolonged melee in this submod unlike in version 4.6 despite using the same animations and entries - it is not perfect but it can use it's head to kill enemies in a melee despite not doing it a lot.

- The new V.4.6 Stalhounds is a much more effective unit.

- I had to remove a mount in order to implement the new Stalhounds, as simply replacing the old Stalhounds weren't possible as they were infantry - I did remove the "Ordonian Horse" and gave them the "Epona Horse" in use by Malon and the Mounted Recruits of the Kingdom of Hyrule instead - I were out of free slots in the descr_mounts-file and had to remove a mount in order for the new Stalhounds to be implemented.

5. I've moved the leader of the Subrosian faction - Rosa the Harsh - to the mainland Hyrule from the start as the AI would never leave the Subrosian Underground, and would also never go there - in essence rendering Rosa an enemy of the player only when going to Subrosia - now instead she'll spawn in Hyrule for the AI and will partake in the battles there.

- Rosa the Harsh has a custom model both in battle and on the map - it was a waste for her not to be in Hyrule.

The old Stalhounds have been Replaced with the 4.6 mount! + Rosa moved to Hyrule

6. The Hylian Diplomat shared with Horon, the Zora Diplomat, the Ordonian Diplomat, the Fairy Diplomat and the fairy Mad Mystics Merchant all have the princess-animation now - which is an alternate animation for the diplomats making them walk like ladies and speak to people like ladies - it was previously in use only by the Gerudo Diplomat.

- I simply thought it fit these diplomats better.

6. The Tokay Diplomat is back on the map, and instead the Stalfos Priest, which was only available from Kakariko anyway - a region the Stalfos would never take as the AI - have been removed instead.

7. The Subrosian, Huskus and Zuna factions all have diplomats now - the Subrosian share the Goron Diplomat, the Huskus Remnants share the Kokiri Korok Diplomat and the Zuna shares the Darknut Legion Diplomat - all the minor factions needed diplomats because they do have a unique script allowing the player to get all their regions, heroes and troops on the map + plus gaining the ability to recruit their troops from any region that they hold at the time of the "assimilation" if they ally the player and stay allied for 10 turns.

- Sending a diplomat to the minor factions and asking for an alliance would often get ignored or declined - it's mucj easier if the AI is the one sending a diplomat to you as that happened to me with the Zuna in an older release back when they had Zuna Diplomats - an agent removed due to me reaching an hardcoded limit of strat-models that the file descr_model_strats can have - by handing diplomats to all the minor factions they will now be able to ask the player for an alliance instead which allows the player to simply accept or decline.

New Princess-animations/more diplomats/removed River Zora Diplomats!

9. Glitched generals for the "Rebels" or the "Slave faction" - they used the "Wild Life" Aracha animation causing all the humanoid rebel generals to look horrendously glitched - a player mentioned how the Keaton Baron Halthor had a T-pose..

- Fixed - I've replaced the "saxons"-line with the "slave"line so now these rebel generals on the map will use the Hylian Human skeleton as their skeleton and not the aracha. Halthor, Wazkora, Mahxhai, Hylian/Sheikah Rebel Generals etc have all been fixed and will look fine in battle now.

10. Imp-Midna couldn't recruit any diplomats in her campaign!

- This has been fixed, and I've also removed an obsolete recruitment-line for Zant's diplomats based on an older script that is no longer present in the mod.

- Imp-Midna will now be able to recruit/hire Diplomats from an Embassy like most other factions.

- In order to play as Imp-Midna you'd need to lose against Prince Zant in the Civil War and then accept his "surrender terms" - King Zant will get all her regions, heroes and troops - but he will spare her transforming her into a foul Imp and sending her to Hyrule - where she will spawn immediately upon clicking "yes" to the surrender together with two units of Repentants next to Arbiter Grounds - Link will spawn one or two turns later and they'll have access to 9k rupees for which they can hire mercenaries or recruit troops if they conquer areas.

11. Deku Scrub Heavy Cavalry Elephants - the "Plowers" had extremely few numbers after being nerfed too much back in the spring of 2019 - they could hardly defeat one unit of the Gerudo's weakest troops!

- This has been fixed - they're back at having 25 mounts/elephants in a unit instead of their old 11 - and they do have 150 riders instead of their old 10 or so - expect the unit to be a powerful unit in the Deku Scrubs roster.

- The Plowers can plow through enemies and can easily cut down 150 infantry of the enemy in comparison to their own number of 50 losses when the unit is down.

Glitched Rebel Generals in battle fixed,  Diplomats for Imp Midna + OP Plowers

12. Forgotten Changes of the previous February 25th 2023 release!

- The Order of the Wizzrobe did get access to the Ancient Trebuchets, a unit that used to be available to the Kingdom of Hyrule from Vigjaro - the Wizzrobe Capital but that is now unique to the Order - the order of the Wizzrobe as such have two siege engines like most other actions.

- Loftwing Cavaliers - Light Cavalry of Hylian Mages riding the extingt bird-mount called the Loftwing - it didn't make sense to not use the unit just because it's extinct in Neph's lore - it's far too cool a unit for that - plus the Order of the Wizzrobe did lack cavalry.

- Together with the "Wizzrobe Hylian Knights" this means that the Order of the Wizzrobe now has 2 Siege Engines, Heavy Cavalry and a heavy Infantry unit - in older releases they only had one Siege Engine and they completely lacked in cavalry and in heavy infantry.

- The Kingdom of Hyrule can recruit the "Windtribe Soldiers" as a bonus from the Fairy Capital if they ever go there and take it - this were also in the February 25th update without being mentioned.

Ancient Trebuchets & Loftwing Cavaliers to the Wizzrobes!

13. Slow replenishment-time of 10 turns for the "area-of-recruitment-units" of the Sky City/Seshei, Korkuloki (Volvagian capital), Picoroue Ruins (Minish Capital), Vigjaro (Hyrule regional Hylian Wizzrobe units) and Kakariko (Sheikah regional Units for Hyrule)!

- Sky City/Seshei Units will now take 5 turns until a unit is available for recruitment again - this is for other factions than the Oocca - the Replenishment-time is down to 5 from 10 turns, besides this I've done the same to any regional area-of-recruitment-unit - like the Volvagian Clutch Queens available from Korkuloki, the Minish Armos available from Picoroue Ruins etc, and I've done it to any unit that had 10 turns in-between recruitment availability except for the mercenaries..

- Ancient Mages, Loftwing cavaliers and Armoured Acolytes for the Kingdom of Hyrule have also had their replenishment-time lowered to 5 from 10 - at least any unit out of these that had 10 has been lowered. They're only available after you take the area from the Order of the Wizzrobe - you won't get them if you haven't first fought and defeated the Order - in the Hyrule Histoia campaign this means that they won't be available even if you hold Vigjaro until after the Wizzrobes have spawned.

- Sheikah regional Recruitment units for Hyrule have also had their replenishment-time lowered from 10 turns to 5 turns.

- Sheikah Elite units - the Blood Knights and the Devoured - available only when playing the Battle Stance and recruitable from Kakariko Village - has had their replenishment-time lowered from 10 to 5 turns as well.

14. Increased Replenishment-time for the static Defensive units of the Zora, the Gorons and the Fairies - the Zora Spire, the Goron Bomb Platforms and the Perception Ward of the Fairies of Tarm!!

- The Kokiri Barricades and the Labrynna Gunner Posts had previously been nerfed by increasing their replenishment-time from 5 turns to 10 turns, for some reason I had forgotten to hand out the same changes tot he Goron Bomb Platforms - hence why they're so common up until this release - the Zora Spire and the Fairy Perception Ward were re-implemented in the latest February 25th 2023 release of the mod and as such I'd forgotten to add the same nerf to them - in the new release of today I've increased the replenishment-time to 10 turns for all three of these really powerful defensive and static units - they'll be way less common in the campaign.

- The Gohma, the River Zora and the OOcca do not have diplomats - The Gohma wants to kill everybody, the River Zora wants to kill everybody and the Oocca doesn't want to speak to anyone in Hyrule due to thinking themselves superior being the gods of Hyrule.

- The Gohma have an alliance witht he Undead Stalfos because the girl Agitha made a temporary alliance with their leader Lord Akazoo - who raised her as a child after her parents died int he Gerudo Wars - and the River Zora are allied with King Zant/Prince Zant due to their secret leaders having a relationship with Zant and helping to construct the Twili Portals.

2023-07-18 - Patch released for the mod!

Changes? There are quite a few changes done.

1. General/Alive/Human Akazoo is playable as the player only in both of the Hyrule Historia-campaigns as the Kingdom of Hyrule. He is removed in the late-game when Lord (undead) Akazoo spawns for the AI. He is a custom hero with a unique custom battle-model. No custom strat-model - Due to the Kingdom of Hyrule being at the hardcoded limit on strat-map models that each faction can have. He is replacing Ikana-Link - Because Link was glitched in battle - The Ikanian generals had a taller skeleton.

2. I also hopefully fixed an issue where Una the Brave/Great Fairy Una spawned for both Zant and Midna in the same campaign.

General/Alive/Human Akazoo is playable as the player only!

3. The Hyrule Historia campaigns will see some changes to the heroes - Princess Zelda 5 is using the 4.6 model in both Hyrule Historia-campaigns - I've replaced the old Zelda V with 4.6 Zelda 5 there, Link has changed in battle in all the campaigns for two factions - 4.6 Adult Link/Young Link is used for the Wizzrobe in battle - The old green Link is unique to the Ordona Province - 4.6 Older Link with a beard is used by the Kingdom of Hyrule in battle, Impa is using the 4.6 model in the service of the Kingdom of Hyrule as the player only in all the campaigns - as Hyrule doesn't use her strat-model unlike the Sheikah,

4. Lana/Cia have a new bodyguard - Cia used the Illusionists in the past who are infantry, Lana used the "Armored Acolytes" - a mix between a weaker mage and medium infantry - The Hero Carock already used the Illusionists as his bodyguard, and the hero Link used the Armored Acolytes since the 2023 release of February 25th - as such I felt that neither Cia nor Lana should use these same bodyguards - Cia is Lana at a later stage in the story, and Lana is a younger version of Cia - as I didn't want one to be over powered compared to the other I had no choice but to give the same bodyguard to both, and Lana had a bodyguard of "Hylian Wizards" in v.4.6 of Hyrule: Total War - I've added the older iteration of this same unit to both of these heroes! So they're actal mages now - wizards who can fire deadly beams at enemies - Lana is only in the Hyrule Historia-Campaigns and Cia only in the FreeForm Campaigns.

4.6 versions of Hylian heroes added to the Hyrule Historia Campaigns!

5. Venus and Morsheen (4.6 Veran who looks very different from the old Veran and looked a bit more like Morsheen) aren't real generals due to having unique custom animations that would cause them to glitch out as generals. I had at first added Morsheen as a real general.. Due to said glitch I changed her to an officer but I didn't like how she would die if the generic general died.. In the end I decided to add her and Venus as normal units similar to the Maku Tree of Horon. No traits and no hero abilities. But They're custom officers. This means that they're unique units. Venus the Mad is the Queen of the Mad Mystics - An elite female Fairy unit in the roster of the Fairies of Tarm - A really hot model too - Neph did an awesome job - None of them have strat-map models as they're not true generals - They do have command - Units near them will get increased morale - They do also scare infantry and cavalry - They can escape from battles - They can fly over rivers, At least Venus can - So Morsheen is the third Great Fairy of the Twilight Realm - She was added to QUEEN Midna, who now starts out with Queen Midna herself, Una the Brave and Morsheen - While Veran is in Labrynna or the Fairies of Tarm depending on the faction played - Morsheen is pretty much the 4.6 version of Veran, as We didn't have a Morsheen model, but she looks very different - If Queen Midna surrenders to Prince Zant then Morsheen will join with Prince Zant - and if Imp Midna is ever restored to the throne and forces King Zant's surrender then she'll join the restored Queen Midna - as long as the unit still exists of course - I've added the unit for both Zant and Midna, but she won't join Prince Zant unless Queen Midna surrenders and only if the unit is still alive - due to her being a unit instead of a general (with the hero being an officer - no script was needed for this, and all I needed to do was add the unit for both factions - I decided on this option when I realized how much easier it would be to implement.

Venus, Queen of the Mad - a New Hero of the Fairies of Tarm!Morsheen, 3rd Great Fairy of the Twilight and Majora Priestess!

6. The Forces of the Twilight can recruit Wraths of Majora (The Majora female officer unit) from the Majora Church of Uzu. In the Hyrule Historia Majora aided Veran and Morsheen with all five spawns of Majora. I decided only on one unit - Because it's the chosen bodyguard of Morsheen, Morsheen isn't a giant like old Veran - She is twice as tall as a normal human, but counts as a normal unit- Not a single-entity unit.

7. All religious pre-requisites for the Church of Majora to recruit Majora Spawns/Demons are gone, It was unfair as the Oocca has priests that are maxed-out - And there were a bug causing the Majora Priest-unit to increase the wrong faith in any region which was entirely unintended - I just decided to remove the religious prerequisites altogether. The Church of Majora underperformed anyway - Players wrote to me stating that they can't recruit the demons because the faith decreases until it's gone entirely. Now instead they will always be available after you construct the Majora Churches as the Church of Majora. The Twilight factions only got one Majora-demon unit.

8. I had to remove one unit - the Ampilus Crabs in use by the Wild Animals - a faction with only like four garrisons on the map and two of these were the Ampilus Crabs in Mothulus or the Sunken City - these places now have Zora Infantry instead - as I had to remove the unit in order to re-implement the old entry for the Fairy Queen Hero of the Fairies of Tarm - she had been horrendously glitched as a general due to being too small for the Fairy General's generic animation and skeleton - by re-implementing the old EDU-entry from HTW 3.6 released in 2014 I did manage to solve her issue and she is now looking great again - but she isn't the general - she is an officer while the real general is the generic one in the unit - if the generic one dies the unit will also die - and the Fairy Queen can as such die without the unit dying as she isn't the de-facto general in battle. It was the only way to not have her T-posing.

9. Speaking of removing units, I also had to remove two units - the Wild Aruroda and the Wild Aracha - from the Wild Animals because I needed those slots for the previously mentioned heroes Morsheen of the Twilight Realm and Venus of the Fairies. I did also remove the giant Moldarach at the same time - a cavalry unit - as I simply thought these units - while cool - where a waste as the Wild Animals can't recruit in the game, cannot act, they will only ever stay passive wherever they are and they only had one army with the Moldarach giant scorpion leading it while the rest being made up of smaller Wild Arachas and Arurodas - while the battle was fun (I played it back in January when I playtested as the Lanayru Privince) they're only seen once and then theyä're gone from the game -I felt that two of the slots were better used for the heroes who needed slots in the EDU-file or they'd also bug out as the general in battle due to having custom skeletons or custom animations that didn't fit with the factions generic general - as for the Moldarach I instead wanted to add a new cavalry unit to the game for one of the playable factions. It didn't make sense to add them to the Gohma, the Lanayru or the River Zora - even though I had almost added them to the River Zora back in February until I changed my mind due to these creatures being too wild and ferocious. And the Moldarach was said to be one single creature.

Wrath Entities (of Majora) recruitable from the Church of Uzu!

10. The Sheikah now have their first cavalry-unit-the Devoured Bongo - basically many smaller versions of the monstrosity known as Bongo-Bongo - it's a Heavy Cavalry unit and it lost against the Stallhounds of the Stalfos Undead - however I do believe that these units are more effective against enemy infantry where they do steamroll the enemy - but they're not that good against other cavalry! The new unit is also available to the Church of Majora should they ever conquer Kakariko and construct the right building - it might even be available from other "Sheikah"-areas like Naldoriko, Sorkariko, and Malkariko.

11. Lastly I've replaced a bunch of really small Unit_Info cards of factions such as the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Ordona Province, the Sheikah Cadre, the Zora, the Gerudo, the Zuna, the Lizalfos and the Darknuts - so in the oldest versions of Hyrule Total War - essentially version 2.0 - there were Agent Cards for some of the older agents that were in the same resolution and size as the unit_info cards for the units of all the factions - these cards were simply too big for the ramification - but in HTW 4.6 there were slightly adjusted and smaller agent pictures of the more recent models from the year 2015 and onwards by Neph, in the old 3.6 version and probably since 3.3 the unit_info cards had also been made smaller than in 2.0 but they're simply too small - I've re-added the 2.0 cards and given them the same size as for the 4.6 cards - unfortunately there were a few agents that never got the huge cards so they're unchanged still.

2023-07-22 - Patch/Update released!

1. Changes to the Crusades/Cleansings -
All the Sages moved to the upper-left corner of the map, Demoko, The First Sage of Time/the Pope moved there as well with his battle-model as he is immortal unless killed in battle, the Council of Sages divided up between the Crusading/Cleansing factions.

Changes to the Crusades/Cleansings!

2. Four (4) New Crusading/Cleansing Catholic/Goddess Worshipping factions - the Kokiri, the Gorons, the Zora and the Lanayru Province - they're joining the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Sheikah, the Ordona Province, the Gerudo, the Huskus Remnants and the Oocca.

Four (4) New Crusading/Cleansing Catholic/Goddess Worshipping factions

I've specifically handpicked 10 settlements for the Cleansings (Crusades in this mod are called Cleansings) by handing out the "Crusade" Hidden resource to the regions in the descr_regions-file. Without doing this the game would randomly pick 10 settlements instead which may cause the AI to pick regions in the Twilight Realm that can't be invaded by the AI anyway.

I've picked 10 regions based on Neph's Hyrule Historia videos and overall lore. Some were chosen if they're deemed a threat to the Goddess Worshipping factions such as the Labrynna Regime, the Deku Tribes or the Darknut legion!

The settlements at the top are the most prioritized and then the AI would pick the ones below. If a settlement is held by one of their 10 factions it won't be crusaded/cleansed against because it's already under their occupation/influence - the point of the Cleansings is to take over said settlements and have them ruled by a faction of the right fate.

At the top of the priority-list is the Capital of the Church of Majora, then the Capital of Ikana, then the Arbiter Grounds settlement which holds the portal to the Twilight Realm and is the seat of Queen Midna in Hyrule, Sorkariko which is the new Capital of the Undead Stalfos, Demise - the Capital of the Moblins and so on, if these areas are held by friendly troops they're seen as non-targets for the Cleansings.

Following Demise on place 6 is Lynna City - the Capital of the Labrynna Regime that may pose a threat to the Kingdom of Hyrule and others in the late-game, then the Grand Central Hive - the Capital of the Gohma Spiders - the seat of Sulkaris, the Fallen Sage who is behind the Infestations (Jihads in this mod are called infestations) against the factions loyal to the Goddesses, then we have Ontheon - the Capital of the powerful Darknut legion - a faction that may pose a serious threat to any other faction in the late game, then Tarm Ruins - the Capital of the Fairies of Tarm - another dangerous faction in the late-game and finally we have Deku Prime - Capital of the Deku Scrubs - they may be small but they shouldn't be underestimated - they too may pose a severe threat in the late-game due to their numbers.

Crusading/Cleansing targets specifically chosen!Crusading/Cleansing targets specifically chosen!

3. Jihads/Infestations properly implemented for the first time in this mod, as in older versions of my submod the Infestations were in the files to some degree but couldn't be called as the Gohma Amplifiers/Priests lacked the Piety levels to call an Infestation - they need 4-5 Piety to call an Infestation but only had 0 Piety - I've added 7 Gohma Grand Amplifiers to the lower-right corner with 5 Piety - enough to call an Infestation.

The Islam religion is the "Will of the Gohma"-religion in this mod, and the Gohma were allies of Lord Akazoo of the undead Stalfos - I've added the Islamic/"Will of the Gohma"-religion to the Stalfos replacing the "Atheism"-religion previously used by them and Labrynna - instead they will now be able to cooperate with the Gohma in the Infestations. Seven Stalfos Grand Necromancers have been moved to the lower-right corner of the map - they can also call Infestations.

If you as the Player is playing as the Gohma then you can select one of your Gohma Grand Amplifiers and then select their "Call Infestation"-button - which will take you to a screen where you get to pick 10 capitals to call an Infestation upon - these are random unless you hand out the "jihad"-trait to 10 specific regions/settlements - that's what I have done, and as such all the settlements available are accurate to Hyrule Historia lore. After calling an Infestation the Stalfos AI will also join it - meaning you get to direct their armies through the Infestations.

If you play as the Stalfos you can instead do the same thing using the Grand Necromancers - allowing you to direct the Gohma invasions through the Infestation-feature.

Of course the AI can also randomly invoke an Infestation, and they usually do it post-turn 50 after a Cleansing/Crusade has already commenced and when it is about to end.

So there are 10 Cleansing factions, and 2 Infestation factions.

Jihads/Infestations properly implemented for the first time in this mod!90% of the stats in the mod have been returned to those of the 3.7 release!2023-08-03 - Fixing done to the mod + Gameplay Changes!Issues with Religions and priests/religious buildings fixed!

Jihad/Infestation Settlements/Targets specifically chosen, so the Infestation factions are the Gohma (Spiders) and the Stalfos (Undead) - their level 2 Priests in the lower-right corner can call Infestations against 10 specifically chosen targets on the map. The targets are picked by handing out the "Jihad" Hidden Resource to the settlements/regions in question in the descr_regions-file - if this isn't done the AI/game/mod will randomly pick 10 settlements instead.

I've picked the most suitable settlements based on Neph's Hyrule Historia Videos or who they are likely to face in the mod. The settlement at the top of the list is the most prioritized, followed by the one below it etc.

The most prioritized settlement for the Infestations is of course Deku Tree's Grove - the Capital of the Kokiri - the Children of the Forest - and the main enemy of the Gohma in the mod. Then we have Hyrule Prime - the Capital of the Kingdom of Hyrule and the seat of Princess Zelda, then we have Vigjaro - the Capital of the Order of the Wizzrobe - it was invaded by the Gohma in the Hyrule Historia videos - it's the seat of Hylia, the False Goddess and her army of mages, Following Vigjaro is Palagard's Sanctuary - the Capital of the Huskus Remnants - a faction with which the Gohma has a long-standing beef, Ontheon - the capital of the Darknut Legion - it's been replaced by the Goron Fire Temple - Death Mountain Crater.

Following the Goron Fire Temple - Death Mountain Crater - the Seat of Maphaeus - the First Sage of Fire & the Goddess of the Gorons, is Greshou (the Greshou Library) that the Gohma also did invade in Neph's videos - it's now a Lanayru Province settlement from the start - it's a Zora area, it's followed by the Sacred Forest Meadow - the Forest Temple - a settlement Sulkaris (the leader of the Gohma) will need to take if she wants her younger body back - but Saria needs to be killed as well, it's followed by Kakariko - the Capital of the Sheikah Cadre and the secret location of the Shadow Temple & its Goddess Evaleen, the First Sage of Shadows - it's replacing the Capital of the Lanayru Airu as a target - Airu is attacked by the Gohma anyway- the Stalfos get unique units here, followed by "Seshei" which is the "City in the Sky" using an old name because I couldn't change the names of regions in the mod without issues - it's the capital of the Oocca (the Pope Faction) which they also did invade in the videos and finally we have Malkariko that the Gohma also invaded in said videos - a Hylian castle and town - the Undead Stalfos are more than willing to aid in the killing so that they can get fresh corpses after the battle.

Jihad/Infestation targets specifically chosen!Jihad/Infestation targets specifically chosen!

4. I've added Hero Abilities to quite a few heroes that I had missed out on previously - such as the AI-controlled versions of certain heroes, to the Minor Faction Heroes that I had ignored (they only get Hero Abilities as the AI, or if you play as their factions, but not if they assimilate into your faction).

5. I've fixed some bugs relating to the Pope/First Sage of Time, to the Order of the Wizzrobe in the Hyrule Historia Campaign and elsewhere.

6. I've re-implemented strat-models like the Stalfos Priest by removing the Lanayru Priestess which used a separate model from the Zora Priestess - and instead I've added that Priestess as a 2nd texture, the River Zora Diplomats are back, the Oocca has Liyer as their only Diplomat using a Sheikah Merchant strat-map model and Agitha is now also a Diplomat for the Gohma - their only Diplomat in the mod - of course she is both a general and a diplomat.

7. Ordona Province starts out with Timberfell and its garrison.

8. Queen Midna's army when she spawns after winning the civil war has been altered - she now has a Repentants bodyguard instead of the generic "Twili Infantry", and she has "Avatars of Majora"-Heavy Cavalry replacing three units of Twili-Armos, and has additional Spider Swarm-Cavalry.

Una the Brave/Great Fairy Una now also has a giant army when she spawns - made up of infantry including the deadly Twili-Armos.

I thought that Midna's spawn was too weak previously.

9. Venus, Queen of the Mad of the Fairies of Tarm, and Morsheen, Great Fairy Priest of the Twilight Realm - now have an increased Health Point number (hits they can take before dying) and they also have the "Very Hardy"-attribute added.

10. Mercenary Malon is a proper general instead of an officer - the model of Malon is the general now. She can be hired near Lon Lon Ranch by the Kingdom of Hyrule or the Ordona Province - only Ordona has her strat-map model on the map.

11. I've fixed certain bodyguards of characters and replaced the former ones.

I've re-implemented strat-models like the Stalfos Priest!

12. I've made the Daira Marauders more common to recruit as Mercs for the Gerudo.

Oh, and all the Jihad-texts have been updated to fit this mod - I had to replace quite a few lines of text from Muslims and Jihad to Gohma, Infestations and Undead and their will to kill the living or consume them!

2023-07-26 - Fixing done to the mod!

1. A glitch with Princess Zelda V in the Hyrule Historia Campaigns has been corrected, and it was very weird because I had made sure she looked fine on my other computer previously - all I can think of is that somehow the BMMDB-file got reverted so that she ended up using her 4.6 model with the 3.7 textures - this caused her to look horrible in battle - this has been fixed. I've also given her an Ironclad Elites Bodyguard (dismounted) because I didn't like how her cape looked on a horse.

2. All the new Unit_Info-cards of the New Agents (Priests, Assassins, Spies, Diplomats and Merchants) for the Church of Majora, the Oocca, the Fairies of Tarm, the Kingdom of Ikana and the two Forces of the Twilight factions - Midna and Zant -have been adjusted to the mods UI and are no longer too large to fit the UI of the mod.

Princess Zelda V texture-glitch fixed! Dismounted Bodyguard!

3. The Diplomats of the Minor Factions (Subrosian, Huskus Remnants, Zuna and the Horonians) except the Tokay have been replaced in order for them to be using the soldiers/generals of their own factions instead of the most suitable patron like previously. These factions didn't have diplomats of their own and as such I had given the Subrosian faction a Goron-diplomat, the Huskus a Korok, the Zuna a Darknut and the Horonians a Hylian - only the Tokay had a real Tokay Diplomat! But later I ended up using Agitha as the Gohma diplomat despite her being a general using the animations of a general - this worked very well despite her not using the animations of a Diplomat or Princess - as such I got the idea to replace the diplomats with the soldiers/generals of their own factions. This means that there will be Zuna, Subrosian, Huskus and Horon Diplomats now who are from their actual race.

4. 90% of the stats in the mod have been returned to those of the 3.7 release of Hyrule: Total War - a version released in December 2014. I had managed to get a hold of it a few weeks back and got the idea to compare it with my build. The stats were quite different there for a bunch of units - expect all the crews to be fewer, the giants will have lower defence values (even though they'll still keep their projectiles and high attack-damage against walls), many units are weaker, some are stronger, a few have locked morale and others have lost theirs - the stats are like in Neph's original mod except in specific cases where I had improved on a unit specifically for gameplay reasons. The giants were too over powered and I felt they needed to be nerfed back to their old stats. It's true that they won't be bosses in the same way but they're still alright just easily killed by enemy ranged units - making it more important to protect them from archers, javeliners or crossbowmen.You'll find out which units have been nerfed and which ones are stronger.

5. The old stats will make sure that the Hyrule Historia Missions won't be impossible to beat. The bosses might be stronger due to their projectiles but they're now killable at least without mages or siege. They could be killed by arrows in the older version too but it required too many arrows - the giants might even be killable in melee now which is good for the Missions.

2023-07-27 - Fixing done to the mod!

- I had made a mistake, the first mistake was re-adding the old stats for the Twili Spiders as that made the unit into two (2) spiders again - I didn't know that this was a vanilla bug - the second issue was when I replaced the boring Twili Infantry bodyguard with the Repentants for Queen Midna- due to her having Spider Swarm cavalry in her army these spiders ended up stealing the bodyguard-slot from the Repentants - Queen Midna was invisible in battle as a result..

Needless to say I had to fix both issues and re-upload the mod again!

2023-08-03 - Fixing done to the mod + Game-play Changes!

1. The unit named as the "Kokiri Detatchment" no longer is using the civilian animation making the individual units walk around on their own when standing still - instead the unit is using the normal sword & shield animation it had previously. I had missed out on this unit when I were removing the civilian animation from a bunch of militia units in 2022, the reason being that the Kokiri Civilian Animation had a unique name.

2. All the regions in the descr_regions-file have been updated with the latest changes to the religions in the game and all the regions will now have the correct religion in them from the start.

3. The Labrynna Regime had a building which could train their priests named "Scholars" but these Scholars did spread no religion and the building wasn't connected to their religion "Paganism/Atheism" which caused this issue. I've added "Paganism" to their religious building including the religious bonuses given to the most advanced of religious buildings for other factions - this means that their building that can train Scholars/priests of Labrynna will now give religious bonuses in Atheism, and it's priests will be able to spread Atheism.

4. A bunch of factions had issues with their religions and their priests - the Goddess Worshipping factions of the Gerudo, Huskus, Gorons, Kokiri, the Zora and the Lanayru had a Goddess Statue or similar building that could be upgraded into a church, but the issue with this building was that I had added more than one religion to it - Orthodox/Patron Deity Worship, Catholic/Goddess Worship and I believe Lesser/Lesser Deity Worship - it would seem that only the first one worked, only one religion per building worked - so the priests of these factions were spreading the wrong Patron Deity-religion while their religious buildings were giving Patron Deity Worship - I've solved this by removing "orthodox" and "Lesser" so that the building will now only produce the Goddess Worship-religion - and its priests will spread the same, - then we also had a similar issue with the Darknuts/Zuna/Tokay/Subrosian and their religion Idolatry - which was wrongly using "Lesser Deity Worship" because the "Lesser"-religion shared the same building with the "Idolatry"-religion and was placed first in the line - I've moved these factions and their religion to their own buildings making it the only religion in use by the Darknut Buildings - this should have resolved the issue, the same issue was true for the Lizalfos who used the "Pantheon of Gods"-religion but got "Lesser Deity Worship" for the same reason - their priests and their religion has been moved to the building named "UniqueLizal" solving the issue with their buildings and priests giving and spreading the wrong religion, and finally the same issue was true for the Fairies and the Horonians, their buildings also giving out "Lesser Deity Worship" while the Fairy Priests spread "Lesser Worship" instead of Nature Worship - it's been fixed by moving their religion "Nature" and their priests to their own unique buildings that only produce their own religion.

5. The Huskus Remnants is one of the Goddess Worshipping factions that can join crusades or Cleansings in this mod - but they couldn't recruit any priests in the mod.. I've added the ability for the Huskus to recruit Priests from the same buildings as the Gorons, the Zora, the Lanayru and the Kokiri - I've also replaced the Hylian Priestess used by them in the files with their Priestess Caste General-model also used as their Diplomat - this means that the Huskus will now have a Priestess to recruit on the map.

6. I've let the Gohma faction start the game with all the Gohma territory now including the two settlements of Moruge and Midoro, as it didn't make any sense for the Gohma to have rebel Gohma on the map - handing the Gohma these two areas from the start will improve their faction with not just the two additional regions but also their garrisons - allowing their monster units like the giant spider Matriarch or Sulkaris, the Fallen Sage - to attack an actual enemy like the Lanayru Zora or the Hylian Rebels at the start - expect the Gohma to be stronger.

7. Speaking of the Gohma - I've done some changes or alterations to their Infestation Targets - Ontheon - the Capital of the Darknut Legion has been replaced as an Infestation Target by the Fire Temple (Death Mountain Crater) which is the Goron Temple that actually was invaded by Sulkaris in the videos - where she killed their Goddess Maphaeus the first sage of fire, I've also removed Airu - the Capital of the Lanayru Province/Zora from the target list - as this settlement is always attacked anyway - instad I've added Kakariko which holds the Shadow Temple to the list of targets for Infestations - Sulkaris wanted to kill all the Sages including the Sage of the Shadow Temple Evaleen the First Sage of Shadows - also, the Stalfos should take this area for sure - they get unique units there that are OP.

So you could say I switched out two targets.

The Huskus Remnants can recruit Priests/Gohma has 5 starting areas!

8. I've also handed the Lanayru Province the Greshou-settlement from the start, removed its Zora garrison and added a Lanayru garrison instead - this garrison also includes the Lanayru Mages - Zora Dominion Mages who wear Lanayru Aquamarine armor and who fights for the Province - previously they were only available after Queen Laruto spawns late-game but now I changed my mind and removed this condition, as I thought that Zora Domain Mages do exist and if they came to protect the Water Temple at Greshou and their Goddess Malkorbagia, The First Sage of Water - then they would most likely be given Lanayru Armor - the Lanayru Mages are Zora Mages with better armor than the Zora Mages - the armor is the only difference besides the name - you can only recruit them as the Lanayru Province and only from Zora's Domain territory including Greshou.

As such the Lanayru has mages from Greshou available at the start, and they now have 4 settlements instead of 3 at the start of the game - add to this half a roster defending the place.

The Lanayru starts with Greshou - has Lanayru Mages!

9. The Daira Marauders Mercenary Unit - I had failed at making them more common for the Gerudo in the previous release, as they ended up recruitable by everybody including the Gohma which was unintended. I've removed the line in the descr_mercenaries-file which caused this to happen, and instead added the unit as a regional-recruitment-unit from Aidaidorf and Moruge only - but only the Gerudo, the Lizalfos or the Minor factions can recruit it - the Darknut Legion also has access to it by other means since before.

The Daira Marauders as such is more common as a unit for the Gerudo now but won't be available to everybody else.

Twinrova has also gotten new ancillaries on this picture - both of which were added in the latest patch from version 4.6 of HTW!

The Daira Marauders a new regional recruitment unit for the Gerudo!

10. I've implemented a new Camhack Mod enabling unlimited zoom-out and zoom-in in the battles, and it's 100% stable and integrated into the files of the mod.

In order for this to function you do need to go into your "Game Settings" and place the Camera in "Total War Camera"-mode - otherwise it won't work - after this you just click on the "?"-mark in the deployment-phase or after clicking "ESC" in battle (Escape), then on the advisor, then on "Back Space" when you are in the deployment-phase or in the battle-phase after selecting a unit - this will cause the camera to zoom-out a lot - after this you do click on the "End"-button and it will zoom-in on the selected unit after which the camera can be moved freely in any direction without limits - you'll be able to enjoy battles out-zoomed or in-zoomed - it's epic.

Credit to p8q for the Camhack Mod, to Bitterhowl for the files that got it to work in this mod - and to Larmir who had the original idea.

I've implemented a new Camhack Mod enabling unlimited zoom-out and zoom-in!

2023-08-07 - Patch/Update!

1. 45-46 NEW Ancillaries added/implemented from HTW v.4.6 - plus the Shadow Medallion for Impa hadn't been put to use - it's older.

2. Mahxai-hero had a bugged name and was named "Mahxa" - it's been fixed.

3. A spelling-error in the "Successful Infestation"-message has been fixed - I've also replaced Florins with "Rupees".

4. I've deleted unnecessary "move_character off_map"-entries in the campaign_scripts as those could cause random CTD whenever the character doesn't exist on the map and is supposed to be removed.

5. I've fixed an issue in the campaign_scripts-file causing certain ancillaries not to show in the game.

6. I did manage to get the Minish_Crown to work for Vaati, as well as Veran's Hood for Fairy Veran - and the Lanayru Armor/Weapon for General Rutela - something was off but by copy/pasting two working lines and renaming them it started to work - as opposed to manually writing the lines, then it didn't work for these three.

- The three heroes of General Rutela (Zora), Vaati (Darknuts) & Fairy Veran (Fairies) now have working ancillaries, otherwise the same. (I had released an earlier patch on the Discord with all the above content except the nr 6 change.)

Patch/Fix/Update - 45 NEW Ancillaries Implemented from HTW V.4.6.

2023-08-14 - Update/Patch!

It has added stat-changes to many units that weren't original units of the 2014-release so they needed to be adjusted or nerfed, it has added Link to the Kingdom of Ikana, the Gorons and the Kokiri if the Player is playing as them only.

Knight of the Deku Tree, Link - Former Child of the Kokiri!Liberator of the Gorons, Link - Destined to Slay Volvagian Tyrant Dakkon!

It has added the Sheikah Monks as a new bodyguard for Azrily in both the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Sheikah, Hyrule can recruit Sheikah Monks and Interrogators from Kakariko.

New Sheikah Monks Bodyguard for Azrily in the Sheikah!Azrily has a new Sheikah Monks Bodyguard in the Kingdom of Hyrule!

The Stalfos spawns outside of the Shadow Temple/Kakariko in the campaigns if the Player is playing as them, they have different units spawning there based on the Hyrule Historia Mission "Unearthing the Shadows", since before the Stalfos will get Dethl and Deadhand one turn after they take Kakariko- now they'll get ReHorror as well - a proper general that is static and should only be placed in the Shadow Temple fort and never move outside for the best immersion - he does only spawn for the player, the Stalfos will get 5 Devourers (a Sheikah unit) as the units of Dethl when he spawns just like in the Mission but they aren't recruitable.

This is the first picture with all the Stalfos strat-map models at one location.

New Stalfos Strat-map models:

Soldier - Old Skeleton by Undying nephalim/IceCreamMan.

General - Scythe Lord by Undying Nephalim/IceCreamMan

Necromancer (works as a unique general type in the mod with the unique ability to raise the dead after victorious battles) - Unique General by IceCreamMan re-implemented into the mod by me as the model wasn't in use by the mod.


Lord Akazoo the Harsh - the Leader of the Undead Stalfos and a former general of the Kingdom of Hyrule under Princess Zelda 3 - the killer of Princess Zelda IV.

Deadhand - A monstrosity from the Shadow Temple, and the creator of the Deadarms and the Deadhands. He was also the boss of the Shadow Temple in the game Ocarina of Time.

General Onox - Undead Dark Onox who was a general under Prince Zant of the Forces of the Twilight.

Dethl the Mauler - Is using the strat-model of Bongo-Bongo.

ReHorror - the leader of the ReHorrors inside of the Shadow Temple, is also a hero that will only spawn for the Stalfos if played by the player - the model is static and is best placed inside the fort which is using the Shadow Temple Custom Settlement - is not intended to be used outside of the fort as he can't move.

Stallord - Not present.

Malmord - Undead Azrily

Agents - Priest, Diplomat & Merchant.

ReHorror a new Hero for the Stalfos for the Player!ReHorror a new Hero for the Stalfos for the Player!

The Wild Animals will get their units back in the custom battles - Wild Arachas, Wild Arurodas and the giant Moldarach scorpion units - plus the Ampilus Crabs - all of these units are now recruitable for the Lanayru Province as they do have a "Scorpion Building" and a "Crab Building" - it made sense as they would be wasted unit slots if they aren't available for at least one of the main factions - the Wild Animals is a faction that hardly plays a role in the game outside of custom battle - but they do have their script back where the Moldarach and the other scorpions will spawn next to Rutolan, the old original Lanayru Aquamarines are back for the Lanayru Province and consist of only Lanayru troops- the mixed-race variant is now the Great Sea unit it was supposed to be - Aquamarine Escorts -they're available for the Zora, the Lanayru and the Kingdom of Hyrule but only after Zelda V spawns on turn 153, only Lanayru can recruit them everywhere and Hyrule and the Zora only from Lanayru lands, General Rutela, Fairy Veran, General Kazakk and General Akazoo has been removed from the custom battles in order to be able to add 4 new units, I've also fixed the glitched/bugged general Mahgzai of the Storm Zora who starts out in the service of the River Zora in the campaign - he needed a unit-slot and to be an officer or he would be bugged due to being smaller than the River Knight generals of the River Zora, 6 new unit entries - I had to remove the Shadow Doors from the mission in the Shadow Temple to achieve this.

The Wild Arachas, Arurodas & the Moldarach are back on the map!Wild Arachas, Ampilus Crabs & the Moldarach are now recruitable by the Lanayru!Wild Arachas, Ampilus Crabs & the Moldarach are now recruitable by the Lanayru!Wild Arachas, Ampilus Crabs & the Moldarach are now recruitable by the Lanayru!Wild Arachas, Ampilus Crabs & the Moldarach are now recruitable by the Lanayru!

I've also added the "General Rank"-ancillary to every single general that lacked it in the 4 campaign_script-files - so all have much better stats now or command-points. The Shadow Door was a mount so that allowed me to re-implement the Moldarach giant scorpion, there were two doors in the EDU-file so it allowed me to add one mount and two units.

Any agents of the Minor Factions have unit/unit_info cards now as opposed to vanilla medieval 2 cards.

Wild Life is using the Question-mark general.

I've also updated the Faction Selection-screen with up-to-date-info and the entire expanded.txt-file has been updated for all the heroes with info, for example "Princess Sokuuf" & "Princess Sokuuf" is now "Princess Sokuuf" as the name on the map - while the description has changed to "Leader of the River Zora" - so you won't have the name in two places anymore. This was done to every hero that didn't have a description.

Some heroes got suitable ancillaries like the River Zora Royalty got the Zora Crown and Archduke Neighleth got the Ambassador Robe and other gear from Zaleen.

2023-08-28 - Final Update?

1. New River Zora strat-models for the 4 missing Agent types - the Spy, Priest, Merchant and the Assasssin.

- The River Zora only had a diplomat in earlier releases and I've actually made room for their four final strat-map models and added these to the game. I did make the Oocca Spy and Merchant use the same entry as the Ooca Soldier, and the Oocca Priest and Inquisitor use the same entry as the Oocca general - this means that the Oocca Spy, Merchant, Priest and Inquisitor no longer are using unique animations or entries - the models are still the same but the animations are now wrong for the agent type. This is because I'm out of open strat-model slots in the mod and the game will crash if adding more - by letting these agents share entries with the soldier/general I did manage to open up 4 slots without needing to remove any strat-model from the game.

The River Zora as such now has a Cannibal Priest, a Raider Merchant, an Octozora Spy and a Swampman Assassin - in addition to the reskin of the Zora Diplomat.

NEW River Zora Agents, Changed Recruitment & stats!

2. The Oocca-units have changed stats to be more like in HTW 4.6.

3. Unit/Unit_Info Cards have been properly resized for a bunch of Agents, and the Wizzrobe Diplomat now has the correct portrait.

4. Big changes to the recruitment has been made - I wanted elite OverPowered units of most of the factions to be late-game units so I've added the prerequisites that the player will need the later settlement-levels before they get to recruit certain units. As an example the Gunner Posts, Hand Cannoneers, Zora Spire, Fairy Perception Ward, Kokiri Barricades, Goron Bomb Platforms etc will now require the latest levels of a settlement before you can recruit these units - delaying their arrival to the late-game or mid-game.

Settlements in this mod can't be upgraded the normal way, but there are unique buildings that can be upgraded that count as "settlement levels" - as such it was more complicated to add this change than simply moving units to later settlement upgrades, as doing this the vanilla way wouldn't work due to settlements never upgrading from village to town and so on - in this mod you build buildings that you can upgrade and they count as settlement-upgrades even though your cities aren't changed.

The same has been done to most regional area-of-recruitment troops like the Volvagians at Korkuloki, the Storm Zora at "Fort of Wings", the Gorons of Rolling Ridge at Crown Ridge and any of the Golems or Oocca/Goddess units from the Sky City - you'll need level 4 or later to recruit these units. Most factions have settlement-levels up to level 7 but the Gorons, the Darknuts and maybe one other faction has a level 8 settlement as well. Many units have been moved to the later levels to make the game more fair for the weaker factions in the early game. No more steamrolling with OverPowered early-game regionals against basic factional rosters of other factions - and the AI won't be able to just spam elite troops whenever they've taken an area with OP regional-units - they also need the later settlement-levels so unless it's the late-game they won't get them in a while.

- In the late-game most factions can handle elites, but in the early game it wasn't fair to the weaker starting armies of some factions. I steamrolled Labrynna with the Storm Zora Vipers, a Heavy Infantry-unit that is OP in the early game - it's now moved to the late-game as are others like it.

5. The Octozora-unit of the River Zora weren't in the actual recruitment or Spawning Pools of the campaign_script file - You only got them when Archduke Neighleth spawned (1 unit plus the bodyguard) and then you'd get no more of them - I've added this unit to the 5th Spawning Pool in every area on the map.

There might be some other changes done as well.

IMPORTANT - I can't help you if the download is interrupted or has a timeout as this is beyond my ability to do anything about it. I'm going to upload a smaller file without the Hyrule Historia-videos and hopefully that will be downloadable for those of you with slow internet - The mod is downloadable on this link and timeouts happen if the internet is too slow. So a smaller file might solve that issue.

Classic Ultimate has been properly polished and finished, the goal of this project was to make the Ultimate Hyrule: Total War Campaign on the Classic build of the mod - utilizing all the unused assets I could use, all the Great Sea Demo assets for land-battles & the HTW V.4.6 assets wherever they did fit - as in mercenaries, Minor faction-units, Regional-Recruitment-units and what-not - all of this at the expense of the Custom battles and the Hyrule Historia.

I had no choice but to remove most of the heroes from the Custom battles in order for many of the new units to be implemented for the campaign, as there is a 500 limit on units in Medieval 2 and it was the heroes or the units. As I wrote my goal was the ultimate campaign, and as such I've sacrificed on the other areas of the mod - this means that the Custom Battles could be better, and the Hyrule Historia UI could look better - the Missions (except the Twili) are still perfectly playable but there are like missing heroes (only 1 per army) due to the removal of the heroes from the custom battles or most of them.

I'm going to release a possible Classic-release in the future which will aim to balance the three areas better - custom battle, Hyrule Historia and the campaign - the cost will be in units, and the benefit will be a more beautiful product to look at where all the Heroes will return to the custom battles, all the pictures and heroes will be in the Hyrule Historia Missions plus additional ones like Majora-Cultist Zelda - and the campaign will still be very much improved from the 2014-release but will aim to be like Undying nephalim had intended it with the units, as in hardly any units from 4.6 except for the minor factions - regionals and additional units for the main factions will be removed mostly, it will also try to have more balanced factions and OverPowered factions like the Oocca will either be severely nerfed or removed, OP units will be removed - it will look, play and feel like the December 2014 release but with all the bug fixes and improvements done to the mod - just not a lot of new units.

Credits for the mod:

April 2023-August 28th 2023 - Mr_Nygren - did every single fix, patch or update of the mod.

Camhack-mod - Credit to p8q for the Camhack Mod, to Bitterhowl for the files that got it to work in this mod - and to Larmir who had the original idea.

Credits for the MOD:

2023 Release:

- New Scripts, New Gameplay, 79 New Strat-Map Models, New Features - Mr_Nygren.

- New Twinrova skin, New skins for Link, new skin for the Bonemold Monks of the Forces of the Twilight - Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord!

- Prince Zant & Princess Zelda III (Order of the Wizzrobe) strat-map models - Luis Lux - I had forgotten how to do strat-mpam models so I ended up asking for help and Luis Lux aided me by doing Prince Zant - this was before I had done most of the new strat-map models. Later I got his help to finish off Zelda 3 for the Order because she was more difficult than other models due to being high-poly. I would have been able to do Zant but Zelda required rigging which I haven't done since 2021.

- I do convert the models from battle-models into strat-map models - I do not create them from scratch.

- All the original assets in the mod - Undying Nephalim/Icecream man - the models in battle are all made by him, and all the assets pretty much except the ones made by the sub mod - and most new assets in the sub mod aren't made by the sub mod - but are unused assets utilized by the sub mod and still created by the original creator of the mod.

- The mod was a ot less playable, and a lot less polished back in December 2014 - anyone who wants to know the difference between that version and the submod should join the Discord and download it there as all the old versions are available there from an old site - so while the assets existed the mod is very different now, even though very similar as well - it's more finished or polished for sure as I've spent a lot of time since November 2018 improving the mod. I actually started this project already in November 2016 - but I were busy with other projects most of the time until November 2018.

Older Credits:

- Creation of 86 new strat-models on the campaign map, fixed Unit_info-cards, changed Bongo-Bongo-spawn script and some stat-changes - Mr_Nygren.

- Creation of the Battle-models I did convert into strat-models - Undying Nephalim/Nephyy/Neph - the original creator of Hyrule: Total War, and the creator of most assets inside of the mod.

Earlier Credits:

Credits for the october 19 and November 3 releases:

1. Mr_Nygren (me) did all the fixing on the october 19 release.

2. M2TWEOP (Medieval 2 Engine Overhaul Project) Tool created by youneuoy and Jojo00182 as written above - I've integrated it to Hyrule: Total War - Classic Ultimate..

Credits for the mod:

Hyrule Total War - from the first version, and up to Hyrule Total War Version 4.6 - Undying Nephalim (Nephy/Neph) - the sole creator of the mod and all of it's original assets.

SirLion and Tedster1995 - The community Patches and fixes of 2014 that are all included in this sub-mod - fixed many issues in the mod back then.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate Sub-Mod - Mr_Nygren, been working on improving the dec 2014 HTW 3.8 version alone, after permission from Neph!

Re-skins of most of the Majora regional rosters - Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord helped me with them, and their banners.

Link-crash and Ooccoo-hero - Warcraft TW modeler Bantu Chieftain helped me fix the Link crash, by moving the sword from the left hand to the right - then he also helped me with removing the Oocca Commandant helmet without it causing the muscles connecting the arms to disappear - so he helped with these two models.

- He did also make an Oocca strat-model out of the Neph battle-model of the Oocca Commandants but unfortunately it crashed and wasn't included, but it is in the files of the mod.

Sky City creation - Undying Nephalim.

Making the Sky City custom settlement playable - Makayane.

Sky City Strat-model creation - Makayane.

Oocca strat-model - Model Creator Undying Nephalim, rigging it from battle model to strat model - Bantu Chieftain, Re-rigging the model, reducing the size of the model and it's textures- Makayane and lastly fixing the hands/arms - Gigantus.

Oh, and i do have Undying Nephalim's permission.

Undying Nephalim's original project were based on the "Legend of Zelda" owned by Nintendo. Of course i have been working on an older version that has been out for years - utilizing the resources from all the three different versions of HTW. I know that Nintendo hasn't cared about the mod in the past - and my project is basically finished now. Of course all the rights are Nintendo's for their trademarks and characters,

I haven't earned money on this project, it's a free fan-made project based on the idea to make another fan-made project more complete.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - (Strat-Model Overhaul 100% Done) 2nd Release Article!

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - (Strat-Model Overhaul 100% Done) 2nd Release Article!


Hello, so on February 25th 2023 I did release the final big release of this mod - Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - anything released in the future...

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - New Scripts and Gameplay Features!

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - New Scripts and Gameplay Features!


Hello, so on February 25th 2023 I did release the final big release of this mod - Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - anything released in the future...

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Strat-Model Overhaul ½ RELEASED!

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Strat-Model Overhaul ½ RELEASED!

News 2 comments

This is Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate with 17 out of 28 factions having all their strat-models updated - we have new generals and heroes on the map...

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate (Win 10) RELEASED! (M2TWEOP Tool Integrated)

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate (Win 10) RELEASED! (M2TWEOP Tool Integrated)


I've released a version of the october 19 2020 HTW release intended for Windows 10 users! Unlike the other version it has a fix for the giant/single-entity...

RSS Files
Horon Turn 4 CTD FIX - For HTW: CU Dec 7th 2023 Release

Horon Turn 4 CTD FIX - For HTW: CU Dec 7th 2023 Release

Patch 11 comments

This patch will fix the crash to desktop (CTD) that happens when the player is playing as Horon on turn 4, it's when Link spawns - the reason for the...

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - No Hyrule Historia Videos Included!

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - No Hyrule Historia Videos Included!

Full Version

Updated 2023-12-07! The mod Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate is finally done! The only thing remaining would be fixing any bugs/issues found while playing...

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Includes Hyrule Historia Missions & Videos

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Includes Hyrule Historia Missions & Videos

Full Version 71 comments

Updated 2023-12-07! The mod Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate is finally done! The only thing remaining would be fixing any bugs/issues found while playing...

Great Sea: Total War

Great Sea: Total War

Demo 2 comments

Great Sea: Total War was/is an expansion of Hyrule: Total War set a few years later and following Tetra(lyna Nohansen Zelda V, Link, Captain Linbeck...

Hyrule Historia Mission Videos!

Hyrule Historia Mission Videos!


This upload/download is for those of you who downloaded the 4.22gb upload of Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - a version which didn't include the Hyrule...

Hyrule:TW: All Versions Cinematic MAJORA Package

Hyrule:TW: All Versions Cinematic MAJORA Package

Movie 2 comments

A new INTRO-VIDEO has been edited and cut together using the video files by Undying Nephalim/IceCreamman - I'm using the original .BIK-videos used by...

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Guest - - 698,717 comments

Hey, so I am playing the latest patch for this mod as the stalfos. I am attacking the zora domain in the north and after winning the siege battle the game crashes. I have video footage of this happening three times. I install the 4gb patch and installed the mod following instructions and outside of crashing with starting the game sometimes, it always crashes after siege. Normal field battles work fine so far.

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Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

You're saying that all the city-battles crash?

This is not the case for others.

On a MAC this would be the case because the MACintosh computers can't handle the custom cities/settlements in battle.

If you are using a MAC that would explain it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

The game can crash at some locations, I believe that the Goron settlement near Domain Prime will always crash if playing it in real-time, at least it did in my playtest as the Zora. It didn't as Labrynna though.

I think in these situations using the console command and autowin cheat is the solution.

It's a case of 99% of all battles working, at least when trying the battle a 2nd time after loading up the save again after restarting the mod.

But in this case, and against a particular Lizalfos general- the game crashed again and again and so I had to cheat my way out of that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,717 comments

The mod is not starting and I get the "sorry pal" error I don't know what's wrong

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

That's completely on you for not following the installation instructions, as the mod works fine for most people.

1. Read the top of the article.

2. Patch the medieval2.exe and the kingdoms.exe with the 4gb patch following with the mod.

3. Use the M2TWEOP.exe to launch the game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
InfanteDHenrique - - 210 comments

Greetings. I would like someone to help me with a problem I have been having with some mods for Medieval 2. It's about editing basic files like the export_descr_unit and export_descr_buildings etc. I don't know if there is something that is missing me or if my modding knowledge is not as good as I thought. With this being said, I require assistance of someone with some level of modding expertise. I could, virtually, asked this question in any other mod forum, but I decided to ask on this one since it's one of the mods that I am having problems with. And the question is this: What, in God's name, do I have to do in order to edit files without starting a new campaign? For instance: I change a tiny, basic and, apparently, simple thing, like the missile attack number of a random unit in the export_descr_unit. And for some obscure, mysterious and weird reason when I load a campaign the game crashes eveytime on the loading screen. This happens with some mods, but with others (Broken Crescent Buff and Shine for instance) I can change or edit basic things like the ones that I mentioned above and the mod loads the campaign with the changes applied. I also know that, for instance, in Rome Total War one can edit and change such files without having to start a new campaign. I am not going to lie. I am in deep despair since I, pretty much, tried everything I know. Is anyone able to, kindly, provide aid in solving this matter. I apologize for the wordiness of my question, but I wanted to be as clear and unambiguous as possible. Thank you in advance. Godspeed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

Hello, unfortunately most changes do cause any existing save to not function anymore- in essence it's normal for most mods to not be compatible with any changes to the units, stats etc.

What you say about it working in RTW or in some mods sounds strange, but I do know that editing the EDU may work if you edit the right areas or numbers.

But I don't believe that you can change certain things there without the mod crashing when loading saves. The general rule is that if you edit something that will screw the campaign, hence why i have re-started my campaigns over and over after the slightest changes or improvements.

I'm not sure why some mods would work if you edit the same areas there.. But Hyrule for instance as in "Classic Ultimate" is based on a lot of scripts for its gameplay, and so maybe it can't handle the same edits as a mod with less scripts - this is just speculation though.

Because as I wrote most of the time any change means you'll have to restart the campaign.

The exception would be name-changes maybe and UI-changes, you can change traits and ancillaries too - but not things like unit stats no.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
InfanteDHenrique - - 210 comments

Thank you for the quick and clear answer.
For instance, one of the mods in which I can, sucessfully, edit or change normal stuff in the export_descr_unit and export_descr_building is the Last Kingdom mod.I believe you were one of the creators of such mod. Therefore, you must know what I mean. Now, if in, at least, two mods (that I know of), one can edit those files, there must be a way to do the same in every other Medieval 2 mod. Right? This matter is driving me crazy. If in Rome Total War (which is older than Medieval 2) one can do that without having to start, everytime, a new campaign, how come that in Medieval 2 (which was released after Rome Total War) the same process is impossible to execute? Something is wrong here. Don't you think so? Let me know what you think.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

No, I did the submod "Wrath of the Norsemen" - not the main mod. And I did always have to restart any campaign after editing those files, or at least I always did so anyway- so i don't know what lines you changed in those files.

But I've never been able to change recruitment and then load the mod's saves, it always required a new campaign in my experience.

As for the EDU I do believe that it might be possible to change some stuff there, but not sure exactly what is possible and what isn't - as I always restart my campaigns after any change.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
InfanteDHenrique - - 210 comments

I apologize for the very, very, late reply. All I want do do (and I did this in some mods for Medieval II, like: Divide and Conquer, Last Kingdom, Broken Crescent e.t.c) is, for instance, to edit or change the missile damage that a archer unit does from 5 to 10 or 13 for instance. A very basic and simple change. I did that, sucessfully, with the above mentioned mods. But with others like Tsardoms or Eras Total War the game prevents to load my current campaings. Which sucks because I do not want to start all over again if the necessity to modify something in a mod to my liking arises. Do you understand what I mean? I think there might be a solution for this issue, but, alas, I do not know it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

No, there is no solution to that issue, and I have no idea at all why it works with some mods, while it doesn't on others.

As i told you, the rule is to always restart after any change- if that isn't required on the other mods then maybe they're made differently.

Is Tsardoms and Eras using the M2TWEOP.exe to run the mod? It could be that tool as well.

But if not, maybe the mods are made differently - i do know that Hyrule is made very differently from any other mod with most of the mod being set-up in the descr_scripts file instead of in the descr_strat-file - this is for the Classic Ultimate version and any version older than 4.0 of the Official mod.

So if I wasn't clear enough, I can't help you with your issue - as I don't have any idea why it works in the other mods and not in this one.

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