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The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 (Full Version)

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Basic developers:

- LoRdNazgu1
- DaedraWarrior

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The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 - new mercenary armies

That is the time when we finally completed work on all mercenary armies for version 2.0. In this article, we will tell (and most importantly, show) all new mercenary armies in the upcoming final version of The Elder Scrolls: Total War.

In order not to waste your time, let's get straight to the point.

The first new mercenary army is well known to every TES fan who played Skyrim. This is not an army in the literal sense of the word, but an entire people - Reachmen.

Reachmen live on the territory of eastern High Rock and southwestern Skyrim, called the Reach. They have their leaders and kings, but there is no single state, although their ancestors once even ruled the Cyrodiil Empire. They live in small clans, and their neighbors consider them barbarians, witchers and cannibals, which is often not far from the truth. Nevertheless, their leaders are smart and insidious, and also greedy for gold. The Reachmen will not challenge the invincible adversary, they will become part of such a powerful force for a reasonable fee.

Leader of the Reachmen - King Bran of the Winterborn (3E) \ Madanach The King in Rags (4E)


King Bran is a fictional character, a native of the famous Winterborn clan. His ancestors participated in the Siege of Orsinium. Bran - a cunning leader, one of the many desperate brave souls who tried to unite under their command all the tribes of Reachmen. Many leaders fear and respect him, and his word means a lot in the whole Reach. If Bran goes to the service of a worthy and powerful ally, many will follow him.

Madanach is the famous ruler of the Reachmen, the leader of the Forsworn who once captured Markarth and considered himself his legal rulers. Later, Markarth was repulsed by the son of Windhelm’s jarl - Ulfric Stormcloak, the Forsworn were expelled from there, and Madanach himself was imprisoned in the Sidna mine. Any king, whether he is a Nord, Orsimer or Breton, owning Markarth and Reach, can free Madanach from imprisonment if he wants the Reachmen to serve him, but such a move will forever ruin his relationship with Ulfric Stormcloak.



The army of Reachmen consists of a huddle of desperate warriors, wrapped in skins, but not wearing armor. Their home-made swords and axes leave terrible wounds on the bodies of their opponents. The backbone of this wild army is light infantry.

Horse riders

In addition to the foot soldiers in this barbarian army there is a cavalry. The riders of the Reach are light cavalry, which is convenient to use for quick and sudden attacks, but in battles with knights these warriors in tatters have no chance. Also, their cavalry can be a good help for the armies of orcs and nords, which are not famous for their cavalry.

Briar Hearts

The few warriors of the Reachmen who survive the bloody rituals of the hagravens become Briar Hearts - berserkers, they do not know fear, pain and fatigue. With a wild battle cry, they rush at opponents and always fight to the death.


And finally, the Reachmen are one of the few who knows the special secret of taming mammoths. These formidable creatures living in Skyrim and, in part, in High Rock, will bring down the morale of any troops not prepared for such a meeting, but the ruler, who is served by the Reachmen, will give a valuable trump card in any fight.

In order to hire troops of Reachmen, the player will have to fulfill the following conditions:

- Play for one of the following factions: the Kingdom of Skyrim, the Kingdom of Daggerfall, the Kingdom of Wayrest, the Kingdom of Orsinium (adding this army to the Clans of the Forebears and the Crowns is still under discussion).

- To occupy the following territories: Evermore, Raven Spring, Cloud Spring (in the campaign of the Fourth Era, you must also have Markarth)

- Accept the offer of Bran Widnaborn or release Madanach from the Sidna mine.

After that, the player will be available to build Reachmen’s Camp in which he will be able to hire, train and retrain their troops.

The second mercenary army is an old dream of many who play our mod, realized in a slightly different form. Let's say that you asked us to do this faction a long time ago, we realized this dream of yours a little differently ...

The city of Rimmen in Elsweyr was founded by the remaining Akaviri persecuted after the First Akaviri Invasion in Tamriel. They went to the mountains and built this mysterious city there, where they lived for a long time in a retreat. For a time, Rimmen was independent, then long passed from hand to hand. At the end of the Third Era, it was subjugated to the gangs of the Khajiit, who use the city as an artery for the illegal trade of moon sugar. The Tsaesci are ready to swear to anyone who will help them drive the cats out of the city. The army of mysterious serpent men from Akavir, famous for their unique fighting skills, is the key to dominance for any ruler.

Tsaesci are immortal and hone their skills not just for years, but for centuries. Dinieras-Ves is considered to be the greatest master among the living Akiviri of Rimmen and the founder of the fighters guild. He announced that he would give his sword and live to the one who would help the Akaviri drive out the gangsters from Rimmen and restore Tonenaka, the ancient sanctuary of a thousand statues.

The leader of the army is Dinieras-Ves.


Tsaesci warriors call themselves "Syffim." They do not wear shields, are dressed in elaborately made armor with awesome masks, and in martial art they have no equal in all of Tamriel.

Nodachi Syffim

Nodachi is a two-handed sword of the Akaviri, called Daikatana in Tamriel. In the Akavir tradition, the katana is more often a ceremonial weapon, and the nodachi is a combat weapon. Nodachi Syffim are the main offensive force of the Tsaesci army and can easily defeat any enemy unit in one on one combat.

Naginata Syffim

Another unique Akavir weapon is naginata. It allows Syffim equally well to keep opponents at a distance and fight them in melee. Naginata also performed well in battle with the cavalry of the Tamriel invaders during the invasion of Uriel V, which led to an increase in its popularity both in Akavir and in Rimmen.

Syffim Yumi-Tohi

Each soldier is obliged to be able to use the sword in the empire of the Tsaesci, but the skill of archery is considered the highest art. Yumi-tohi (NB - in general, in Japan it is called yumi-tory, but it is assumed that the sound “r” is not very common in the Tsaesci language) is the name of Syffim, who are equally good at nodachi and yumi. Yumi-tohi - pearl of the Akavir military art.

To hire Tsaesci troops, the player must fulfill the following conditions:

- play for one of the following factions: Cyrodiil Empire, Clans of Blackmarsh, Aldmeri Dominion, Kingdom of Pellitine, Kingdom of Anequina

- capture Rimmen

- rebuild the sanctuary of Tonenaka in Rimmen

- accept the offer of Dinieras-Ves.

After that, the player will be able to hire all of the Tsaesci troops in any fighters guild quarters.

Well, while you have not yet recovered from the Tsaesci presentation, we’ll go to the third and last army. We have already mentioned in passing about her appearance, now finally we are telling in detail.

Clockwork City is in danger.

At the end of the Third Era, Dagoth Ur have finally found Sotha Sil’s most valuable creation.. Having managed to penetrate into the dimension where the city is located, Sharmat wants to get the secrets of it’s creator and, perhaps, finally find a way to leave the Red Mountain’s Ghostfence and bring his power to Morrowind. To counter it, Sotha Sil raises his army of factotums - the mechanical inhabitants of the Clockwork City. But he alone will not be able to withstand this threat, so the god of the Tribunal is seeking to ally itself the most experienced of the Dunmer commanders to help him cope with the hordes of ashspawns. And what could be more useful than a grateful god?

After the death of Sotha Sil from Almalexia’s hand, Clockwork City was in a precarious position. Galyn, the leader of the Apostles, is observing the creation of Lord Seht, desperately hoping that he will find a way to rise from the dead and return to the world of the living to rule again the Dunmer and the Clockwork City. In the meantime, the former disciple of Sotha Sil, Mecinar wants to claim the City for himself. Having subjugated some of the factotums, he wants to use the once created by Sotha Sil copy of the Heart of Lorkhan, which will give him unprecedented power. Galyn's strength is not enough to resist Mecinar, so he seeks help from those of the Dunmer who have not yet strayed from the path and are ready to fight for the legacy of his god.

Depending on the faction and campaign chosen by the player, there can be three different commanders of Clockwork City Army — the Apostle Galyn, Sotha Sil himself and Dagoth Ur.


The Clokwork City is protected by factotums - mechanisms created by Sotha Sil and inhabiting his creation. They have their own soul and consciousness, but they are much more durable and reliable than soldiers of living flesh.

Factotum Conduits

Factotums, dressed in long white robes. They are sensitive to the magic of destruction and bring down electrical discharges on the enemy in battle.

Factotum Adjudicators

Armed with swords, hammers and axes, the Adjudicators keep order in the Clockwork City. In battle, they hide behind round shields, as strong as the material from which their bodies are made.

Factotum Arbalests

These factotums are armed with crossbows. Their bolts are much more lethal than ordinary wooden shells, and their inherent stability and accuracy allows them to shoot much more accurately than any ordinary mortal.


The first creations of Sotha Sil, in which God subsequently became disappointed. To prove their“perfection” to him, these factotums are ready to fight with any creature, no matter how powerful it is. And although Lord Seht himself considers them nothing more than brute force, these giants can become the most valuable acquisition in the army for someone who deserves the gratitude of the leader of the Clockwork City.

To get his hands on an army of combat machines, a player must:

- Play for one of the five Great Houses of Morrowind, complete a number of tasks of Sotha Sil\Galyn and fight in a battle against the army of Dagoth Ur\Mecinar.

- after that, he will be able to hire factotums in any settlement where he will build a portal to Clockwork City


- Play as the Great House of Dagoth, complete a series of tasks in order to find a passage to the Clockwork City and fight against Sotha Sil to subdue his creation

- after that, he will be able to hire factotums in any settlement where he will build a portal to Clockwork City

We will tell about the tasks that the player will need to perform to get into the Clockwork City later. At the end of the article about mercenaries, we want to say that in the Fourth Era campaign we will also have Roscrea Island on map, and in its territory the player will be able to hire troops of this severe island as mercenaries. Here’s how they look:

Stay with us!

LoRdNazguL and DaedraWarrior

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 RELEASED!

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 RELEASED!

News 1 comment

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 has finally been released.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 - trailer with release date announcement

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 - trailer with release date announcement

News 10 comments

Watch our new trailer of upcoming 1.6 version to see release date.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 RELEASED!

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 RELEASED!

News 16 comments

The Elder Scrolls Total War 1.5 has been released!!!

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 - official release date announcement

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 - official release date announcement

News 13 comments

TESTW 1.5 release date, new versions and a little surprise.

RSS Files
TESTW 1.6 - Tree Fix

TESTW 1.6 - Tree Fix

Patch 5 comments

If you missing forests on campaign map, this fix should help you to solve this problem. Just drag "The_Elder_Scrolls_1.6" folder from archive into you...

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 (Full Version)

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 (Full Version)

Full Version 31 comments

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 full version release. Installation instruction and changelog in description.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 (Full Version)

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.5 (Full Version)

Full Version 12 comments

Full version of 1.5, finally uploaded directly to ModDB

TESTW v1.4.1 (Obsolete)

TESTW v1.4.1 (Obsolete)

Patch 30 comments

New patch for 1.4. Hotfix is already included in this version.

TESTW v1 4 Hotfix (OBSOLETE)

TESTW v1 4 Hotfix (OBSOLETE)

Patch 23 comments

This hotfix fixes some bugs. Not all issues of v 1.4 has been fixed.

TES TW V1.4 Full (Obsolete)

TES TW V1.4 Full (Obsolete)

Full Version 94 comments

Full version of The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.4 in rar archive.

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Got a question from the Elder Scrolls Total War modding team. When do the Oblivion gates open? Like I waited 100 turns like it said and they haven't popped up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DaedraWarrior Creator

in 120-130 turns

Reply Good karma+2 votes
LoRdNazgu1 Creator


Reply Good karma+8 votes

Idk if you guys have discord or something but I have recommendations for this or ideas.

Random ideas for your mod idk how to mod but trying to help
by throwing out ideas also I know you guys are probably full already with work
but here is my brainstorm.

Random events

Dragon random attack event- You know how natural disasters happen in game why not at like fire effect on a city in Skyrim; like random event as a dragon attack with damaged city building like sorta the base game.

Knights of the Nine- Like Mannimarco you guys set up, a event that triggers Knights of the Nine with the Ayleids and The holy crusader emerging with a army of Knights of the Nine units.

Sheogoraths unknown portal- Could set up as a settlement and make special units
like, Golden Saints and Dark Seducers if you conquer it.

Slave uprising- In lore there is slavery as Argonians are majorly inslaved so a random event in Morrowind as slave uprisings I imagine would happen once in awhile. Slave/Prisoner uprising in Skyrim in Imperial controlled Skyrim city areas like Talos worshippers that have been captured by Imperials and a uprising in Markarth prison?


Vigilants of Stendarr maybe add in churches or guilds.

Blades secret hideout-In a city or town like in Riverwood sorta
like Delphine made; like a guild acceptance thing with special unites.

Dark Brotherhood-Special units with a berserk mode with two handed swords? Dark Brotherhood Archers snipers: could use like the same animation as like you with the magic units.
Black Hand-Magic casters

The Companions-In Whiterun as a special unit.

Thieves guild Unites-infantry with Shorts swords. and a unite missile unite that throws daggers that could use the same animation as magic units but without explosions.

Arena- Able to recruit special Gladiator units.


Rebels: rebels would be a good like extra faction to add more units or groups from lore.

Blades outcasts- Outcast Blades as apart of the rebel faction, in lore there was several secret temples or not secret ones in areas the Empire or Dominion couldn't attack at.

Silver hand- As in random castles or forts around Skyrim map for against the companions or hire as mercenaries.

Bandits-Same like Silver hand set up around the map maybe recruit as mercenaries as well.

Slaves Units

Argonian slave warriors

Nord Slaves/Prisoners Talos Worshipers

Unites Ideas

Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood Archers-Heavy Missile
Dark Brotherhood Berserker-Heavy Infantry
Black Hand- Missile Magic casters

Blades Masters-Special Very Heavy infantry: fit with big Katanas, Blades armor and their normal attire or robes.
Blade Infiltrator-Special Very Heavy Infantry Unite: fit with short Katanas these men helped changed history of countries.
Blade Sharpshooter-Very Heavy Missile Archer Unit.
Blade Outcasts-Heavy Infantry: Poorly equipped Blades that are veterans that have lost their techniques from old age or being on the run.
Blades Infantry- Very Heavy Infantry Blades that are fully Blade Equipment and strong.

Silver Hand
Silver Hand Veteran Hunters-Very Heavy infantry: fit with two handed silver great sword.
Silver hand Infantry-Heavy Infantry: fit with silver swords and shields.

Bandit infantry-Light Infantry
Bandit chief- Heavy Infantry
Bandit archers-Light Archers

Knights of the Nine
Holy Crusader General, with Sir Knight Cavalry-Special Very Heavy Cavalry
KOTN Order Monk Crusaders-Special Very Heavy Infantry: made up of Adventures or warrior priests who have traveled around Tamriel and to offer their service to the Holy Crusader.
KOTN Order Pilgrim Archers- Very Heavy Archers.
KOTN Order Pilgrim Cavalry- Very Heavy cavalry.
KOTN Order Pilgrim Spearmen- Very Heavy infantry.
KOTN Order Monk Cavalry- Special Very Heavy cavalry: made up of Veteran Adventures and Warrior Priests.

Aylied Faction
Aylied Infantry-Very Heavy infantry: fit with battle axes
Aylied sorcerers-Very Heavy Missile Magic casters
Alyied Warriors- Special Very Heavy infantry: fit with two handed weapons.

Argonian slaves- Very Heavy Infantry: fit withe equipment they can find.
Nord prisoners/slaves- Very Heavy Infantry: fit with prisoner tunics and daggers or axes and willing to fight for freedom.

Death Hounds with vampires- Heavy unit
Vigilants of Stendar- Very Heavy infantry: priest recruited via guild or church.

Sheogorath Settlement Units
Dark Seducers archers-Heavy Special Missile.
Golden Saint Infantry-Very Heavy Infantry.
Rogues of Madness-medium infantry: people who have gone made by Shivering Isles.
Knights of Madness- Special Heavy infantry: fit with Madness armor.

Thieves guild
Veteran Thief-Special Heavy infantry: fit with hoods and short swords.
Shadow Thief- Special Heavy Missile unites: that throw daggers and have specialized in running and fighting.

Champion Infantry-Special Very Heavy infantry.
Gladiator fighter-Very Heavy infantry.
Gladiator archers- Very Heavy missile units.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Thane Units as mercenaries

Also if I made any bad grammar sorry about that it's like 11:37 I made this paragraph. I love what you guys are doing though this project Elder Scrolls and Total War I both game franchises I love. Though no matter how much time you guys take to make this mod the whole idea is perfect the patience and then finished masterpiece is worth the wait. Take your time; ppl just need to realize you can't rush art.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hello i have install the mod and launch it , everything works correctly , but when i launch a Campaign i have a lot of white squares everywhere (in options , on citys and on units) so its impossible for me to play. if you know an issue or know how can i fix it, i will be thankfull ! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

If you have problems with HUD, delete files battle.sd, shared.sd and strategy.sd from The_Elder_Scrolls_1.6\Data\UI

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Got it to work, Loving it now. But one little thing whats with no path at high pass ruins and Skyrim keeps starting wars on me and house readon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have a request, castle volkihar gives the faction who captures it new troops, but since it lays on an island the AI Factions never take it, so could you add a bridge to the island ? or one of those green arrows that allow troops to pass without ships ? i know that wouldnt be lorefriendly(<.<) but for the sake of gameplay.

And another problem arise from this, if you decline Manimarco (i dont know exactly how that skript works) he takes a city and starts his own faction, for me it was Volkihar, he had large armies there but since the wasnt a bridge he didnt attack anything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No need for bridge. Just make AI prefer naval invasion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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