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CyberneticFox - - 1 comments

I'm planning on making a Star Fox mod for Rise of nations and I was wondering if I could have permission to use your designs from Star Event Horizon to base my models on for my Rise of nations mod. I also wanted to know if I could use your names for canon Star Fox vehicles.

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DinarMayor - - 73 comments

Greetings! I wanted to ask if I could take some ships from your mod In return, I can write scripts for your mod.They told me that you made the ships.
Ships are needed for this mod

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titan0079 - - 11 comments

Hey i wonder if youre maybe interested innvoice actibg for atar fox event horizon? My voice is pretty good as a slippy voice so yeah just asking.

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Orfey - - 1 comments

Do you plan to some day make another version of your Hyrule Total War game, using one of the newer Total War engines/games as a base (like one of Warhammer Total Wars for exmaple)? I'm aware it would be a monumental task and you are occupied with Hyrule Conquest right now. Total War gameplay and RTS gameplay differs greatly, so the Conquest really is a totally different game. Would you consider to one day, go back to the roots and give it a try?

Thank you for all the hard work - Hyrule Total War is probably the most ambitious and well made mod I ever seen. Also model and animation quality and cutscenes are just creamy! Finally - Hail Queen Ambi! (I'm still amazed, you actually added Labrynna as a playable faction)

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The_Undying_Nephalim Creator
The_Undying_Nephalim - - 573 comments

I don't have any plans on revisiting Total War. I attempted to play Warhammer II and I just don't think the total war style of play is for me. I much prefer base building RTS games with gathering resources.

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Guest - - 692,327 comments

I’ve noticed that Vaati is unable to do damage to Iemanis. Is there an in-game reason for this, or is this a bug?

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The_Undying_Nephalim Creator
The_Undying_Nephalim - - 573 comments

It's a bug.

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Gondor77 - - 23 comments

Hey mate so sorry to bug you but in the old cinimac in HTW where the king dies fighting gannon what is the name of the song where he makes his last speech totally roasting gannon

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CraniusHarbin - - 6 comments

Excuse me, but as a request for Hyrule Conquest could you allow that workers be recruited from houses, to allow for militias to be trained from the town center uninterrupted.At a slower time rate, like the vanilla game. This also takes into consideration the time it takes to build a new town center. Thank you.

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