I have been improving one of Undying Nephalim's older releases of Hyrule Total War - namely the 3.8 version released at the end of 2014 and the final version with all the old faction rosters. The mod will have custom strat-map cities/agents, custom battle-map settlements, new resources on the map, new factions such as Majora and the Oocca, new units for most older factions and the minor factions especially, new animations, new 2d-art. Majora will use unused reskins for the Zora, Kokiri, Gorons and Hylians made by the Undying Nephalim, while also using new re-skins made by Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord for the rest of the intended factions that Neph intended for Majora to use - and this submod aims to bring you the most finished Hyrule Total War yet - using the older models because i think some of them were better but not all.

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IrishRebelJedi says

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A legitimate classic from the original mod Hyrule Total War. It does carry a few bugs to be sure, yet this mod brings so much to what made the first mod so great. And it adds more. The fight of good vs evil and gods. Best of all, Hyrule Historia is all optional and not required for overall enjoyment, like DLC to a mod that you never had to pay for. For all who played HTW before, play this as well.


DoDoCat says

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nice mod but too easy crash


YugWerL0kI9s8 says

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I don't like the idea putting this into medieval. It don't fit. But 2 points for the work done


Joe021194 says

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Fantastic, but could use a little improvement.


daniboyS2 says

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thanks for everything, your work is inspiring


YoRHaNo2TypeB says

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Better then Epic geymes e3 10/10 amazing job.


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