This mod works with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS only. It changes the following elements of Galactic War:

  • Restore faction personalities:
    • Legonis Machina: tank
    • Foundation: air/naval
    • Synchronous: bot
    • Revenants: orbital
  • Customise each enemy/Sub Commander:
    • Unique model
    • Unique personality
    • Unique colour
    • Fight according to their faction's preferred style
  • Nine new difficulties suitable for anyone from a new player to a veteran of the game
  • Reduced Sub Commander effectiveness
  • Adds the possibility of multiple factions in a system and an FFA occurring
  • Adds support for shared army enemies
  • Bosses are distinctly more difficult than the surrounding systems
  • Added planetary intelligence to allow you to make meaningful decisions on the galactic map
  • Randomised spawn assignments so maps remain fresh on replay
  • Uses all game modes:
    • Bounty mode
    • Land anywhere
    • Sudden death
  • Option to give yourself more starting neutral systems
  • The AI uses tech card buffs
  • Guaranteed loadout to unlock every war
  • 13 new loadouts
  • Unlocks Galactic War's biggest planetary systems
  • Adds the classic Galactic War systems in addition to the TITANS systems
  • Adds a new faction
  • Fixes all the errors in the tech cards
  • Over 100 new tech cards
  • Multiple AI opponents to choose from

Be sure to check out my guide on adding more maps to Galactic War to enhance the experience further.


You should download and install this mod via the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS in-game Community Mods.

If you are using PAMM you will need to download the mod from GitHub.


Join the Planetary Annihilation official Discord.

In Action


Sub Commanders are not impacted by difficulty. At any difficulty level, you can choose to enable Easier Start which provides you with more neutral planets with free tech.

Beginner: you've completed the tutorial and are new to the game.

Casual: you've some PA experience under your belt.

Iron: you've overcome your turtle instincts.

Bronze: you've beaten vanilla Galactic War.

Silver: you've beaten the skirmish AI.

Gold: you've beaten the Queller AI.

Platinum: one enemy Commander is no longer a worthy challenge.

Diamond: your loadouts are too powerful.

Uber: you're a Galactic War master ready for the ultimate challenge.

Custom: you want to create your own challenge.

Difficulty Options

  • Faction Scaling: the number of factions put into the galaxy depends on its size.
  • System Scaling: system size depends on how far into the galaxy you are.
  • Easier Start: choose to have four neutral systems to plunder at the start instead of the usual two.

Planetary Intelligence

Each system will display the following information:

  • System Area: the total surface size of all planets, excluding gas giants.
  • Threat Level: based on the total eco score of all enemies.
  • Bounties: gain an eco bonus for each army destroyed. Enemies gain these too.
  • Land Anywhere: you can land anywhere on any starting planet.
  • Sudden Death: the defeat of a single army on a team leads to the defeat of the entire team. This includes Sub Commanders.
  • Threat: the eco threat of that Commander. This increases the deeper you proceed into the galaxy.
  • Personality: the playstyle adopted by the Commander. Some are better than others and it's up to you to figure out which.
  • Additional Factions: the system is a FFA and these factions will fight against you, each other, and the primary faction.

AI Buffs

  • Build: AI has Improved Build Arms.
  • Combat: AI has Combat Tech.
  • Cost: AI has Fabrication Tech.
  • Damage: AI has Ammunition Tech.
  • Health: AI has Armour Tech.
  • Speed: AI has Engine Tech.

These buffs are applied to commanders on a per-faction basis:

  • Legonis Machina: vehicle units and factories
  • Foundation: air and naval units and factories
  • Synchronous: bot units and factories
  • Revenants: orbital units, orbital and superweapon structures
  • Cluster: all structures

Compatible Loadouts & Tech Cards

To create a GWO compatible loadout or tech card, please see the New GW Cards repository.


Why am I not seeing the latest changes in my war?
Many changes will only apply to new wars.

Why am I seeing multiple Commanders for a single enemy army?
Both bosses and FFA factions will use Shared Armies to allow for multiple Commanders within a single army. This provides them with more additional build power and more lives. It allows them to very quickly connect multiple planets.

Why aren't awarded bounties showing on the player list?
Galactic War hides eco modifiers from the player list. The bounties are still being awarded. If you gain one it will show below your eco bar.

Report a Bug

Open a new issue on the GitHub repository.

Known issues

  • Some users have reported sometimes in a battle the sim can freeze while the UI continues to respond. This is being tracked through issue 79, with the current common factors appearing to be the player using bots and the enemy featuring a Cluster Security commander.

Recommended mods

  • Shared Systems for galactic war

Incompatible mods

  • Aurora Artillery
  • Challenge Levels for galactic war
  • Enemy ramp for galactic war
  • Galactic War Unique Loadouts
  • More Pew Pew
  • Section of Foreign Intelligence for galactic war
  • Selection and combat grouping mods e.g. Air Scout Select

Thanks to

  • wondible, who continues to be amazing with his JavaScript support and for his mod Section of Foreign Intelligence for Galactic War, a modified version of which is included within this mod
  • PA Inc, for including official translations for the mod and assistance in integrating AI modifications
  • nemuneko, whose Unique Commander Loadouts for Galactic War are included in this mod
  • WPMarshall, for the Cluster faction logo and home system
  • trialq, whose discontinued Galactic War Loadouts mod has been partially included in this mod
  • Tristan, who created the casual, iron, and diamond icons
  • tatapstar for the mod's icon
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Version 5.54.0 released



  • Warp Commander loadout
  • Terminal Commander loadout


  • Astraeus Upgrade Tech now also increases carry capacity
  • Update Queller AI to v5.25.0
  • The "add" and "multiply" ops can now create attributes that didn't exist before
Version 5.53.0 released

Version 5.53.0 released


New loadout, new tech card, and a number of fixes for bugs

Version 5.52.0 released

Version 5.52.0 released


UI improvements and bugfixes for cards and enemy AIs

Version 5.50.2 released

Version 5.50.2 released


Due to minimum word count requirements on moddb, several releases have not been posted. This brings you up-to-date.

Version 5.48.0 released

Version 5.48.0 released


Adjustments to Intelligence Fabrication Tech and the Nomad loadout

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