„And I was there among the guests, and there drank wine and mead. A wedding of those two people, closest to me, was the most extraordinary
of weddings which I’ve delighted by my presence.
There were so many old friends, known during our numerous adventures, many eminent personalities, whose mix gave a frightening results. I cannot summarize otherwise than by stating that those were the most intense three days of my life.”
- Dandelion, “Half a Century of Poetry”

“Farewell of The White Wolf” is an epilogue of the story presented in The Witcher series. Made with the engine of its second second part, it tells about a wedding of Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg, two people destined to each other, who finally found a little peace.

During three days (and even more than that) of adventures, you’re going to see the returns of Geralt's closest friends, unexpected guests, interesting stories and... more than just one romance.

Writing of the script began in July of 2015, the actual work started in January of 2016.

The modification is a full conversion of The Witcher 2.

We support multiple language versions:
CZ, EN, FR, IT, PL, pt-BR, RU

Make sure your game is updated to at least 3.4 version.
Please run the FotWW installer.exe and let it finish the setup. The Witcher 2 directory will be searched automatically.

Switching to The Witcher 2:
Please run the FotWW_Settings file located in The Witcher 2 directory, select the option to toggle to the base game.

Please run the FotWW_Settings file located in The Witcher 2 directory, select the option to uninstall the modification.

Alternative installation:
Alternatively, you can unpack the pack0.zip and put Witcher 2 folder inside your Documents, and paste CookedPC & bin into your Witcher 2 directory (make sure you have files backup).

Known issues:
The Witcher 2 tends to crash when having many save files, it's best to clean the gamesaves folder located in Documents\Witcher 2.

Konrad Chlasta
Kamil Leniart
Patryk Adamkiewicz

English - Justyna Rudnicka
Czech - Filip Ženíšek, Adam Hudec
French - Daneel53
Russian - Юлия (канал Любимые Адвенчуры и Квесты) [Julia Gneusheva]
Brazilian Portugese - Julia Barcelos, do Megascópio
Italian - Valentina Barbieri, aka Kitsune Blake


Fonopolis – music tracks from audiobooks "Wiedźmin" and "Narrenturm"
Wacław Wysocki – Cirilla’s design
tsongbrd – Painting of Eredin
Katarzyna Wojtaszczyk - additional English translations

Lina Groza (GreatQueenLina) - inspiration for Yen's dress


„I ja tam byłem, miód i wino piłem. Wesele tej dwójki najbliższych mi ludzi było najbardziej niezwykłym z wesel, które zaszczyciłem swoją obecnością. Było tam tak wielu naszych przyjaciół, poznanych w czasie licznych przygód, znamienite charaktery, których mieszanka dała wyraz i upust przeróżnym emocjom podczas tej uroczystości. Nie potrafię tego podsumować inaczej, niźli przez stwierdzenie, że były to najintensywniejsze trzy dni mojego życia”
- Jaskier, "Pół wieku poezji"

„Pożegnanie Białego Wilka” to przygoda, która jest epilogiem historii przedstawionej w serii Wiedźmin. Stworzona jest na silniku drugiej części, opowiada o weselu Geralta z Rivii i Yennefer z Vengerbergu, przeznaczonych sobie ludzi , którzy wreszcie odnaleźli spokój.

Podczas trzech dni (i nie tylko), które przedstawi nasza przygoda, zobaczycie powroty ich najbliższych przyjaciół, zaskakujących gości, ciekawe opowieści oraz… niejedną historię miłosną.

Pisanie scenariusza rozpoczęło się w lipcu 2015 roku, a faktyczne prace ruszyły w styczniu.

Mod powstał na silniku Wiedźmina 2 i jest jego zupełną konwersją.

Wspieramy wiele wersji językowych:
CZ, EN, FR, IT, PL, pt-BR, RU

Upewnij się, że twoja gra zaktualizowana jest minimum do wersji 3.4.
Uruchom plik FotWW installer.exe i przejdź przez proces instalacji. Foldery instalacji Wiedźmina 2 będą zlokalizowane automatycznie.

Powrót do Wiedźmina 2:
Uruchom plik FotWW_Settings w głównym katalogu Wiedźmina 2, wybierz opcję przywrócenia bazowej gry.

Uruchom plik FotWW_Settings w głównym katalogu Wiedźmina 2, wybierz opcję usunięcia modyfikacji.

Alternatywna instalacja:
Możesz wypakować pack0.zip i umieścić folder Witcher 2 wewnątrz Dokumentów, a CookedPC & bin wkleić do głównego folderu Wiedźmina 2 (upewniając się wcześniej, że posiadasz kopię plików).

Znane problemy:
Wiedźmin 2 ma nawyk crashowania przy dużej ilości wykonanych zapisów. Proszę wyczyścić folder gamesaves z Dokumenty\Witcher 2 przed rozpoczęciem rozgrywki.

Konrad Chlasta
Kamil Leniart
Patryk Adamkiewicz

Angielski - Justyna Rudnicka
Czeski - Filip Ženíšek, Adam Hudec
Francuski - Daneel53
Rosyjski - Юлия (канал Любимые Адвенчуры и Квесты) [Julia Gneusheva]
Portugalski (BR) - Julia Barcelos, do Megascópio
Włoski - Valentina Barbieri, aka Kitsune Blake



Fonopolis - utwóry ze słuchowisk "Wiedźmin" i "Narrenturm"
Wacław Wysocki – koncept Cirilli
tsongbrd – Obraz Eredina
Katarzyna Wojtaszczyk - wersja angielska

Lina Groza (GreatQueenLina) - inspiracja dla sukni Yen

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CDPR has hired several notable and hard-working modders from their community, proving once again that pursuing your passions is a solid way to break into the industry. To commend the move and congratulate CDPR’s active modding community, here’s five brilliant mods for their Witcher series of games to check out!

Rise of the White Wolf

By Rustine

Whilst Witcher 2 and 3 were a big step-up in terms of both visuals and gameplay, the original entry by CDPR is unfortunately the one big outlier in both departments. This mod, however, rectifies some of this disparity with vast graphical overhauls of practically every interface in the game, a new set of custom skyboxes to make environments that much more vibrant, and new textures for many, many characters. Witcher 1’s gameplay may still be a bit clumsy, but this graphical overhaul gives you a much more immersive look into the great story that started off the trilogy.

Farewell of the White Wolf

By Rustine

Thus far, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been the last entry in the series, and the Blood and Wine expansion is its most recent in its story. Whilst both do a good job at wrapping up many of the plot threads implied throughout the trilogy, Geralt’s romance options and the ultimate fate of his love life remains up in the air. This mod goes with Geralt’s broadly canonical love interest - Yennefer - and using Witcher 3 assets, creates an epilogue within Witcher 2’s engine. With the return of many iconic characters and new combat setpieces, this mod is a great send-off to Geralt’s character.

And a Curse, and Love, and Betrayal

By The Bards

screenshots from the adventure

A truly huge fan-made story, this mod’s content is rich with multiple story paths, multiple endings, over a hundred interactable NPCs, new music, and more. The new environments and story content are exceptionally creative, and coming from a mod released pre-Witcher 2, the expansion-level additions are remarkable. This mod holds up really well for anyone who wants to revisit the roots of the franchise, though unlike some of the other mods on this list, it doesn’t fit in quite so well with the later developed chronology of the games.

The Witcher 3 REDUX

By 1ndig0

Meditation (no menu)

The Witcher 3 is a critically acclaimed game, with a deep story, fantastic visuals, and reasonably solid gameplay. That being said, the latter is the sticking point for many people, who feel its gameplay still doesn’t quite match up to the rest on offer. This mod aims to revise the gameplay loop, beginning as a small personal retooling, and expanding into a total revamp. With new inventory systems, the removal of the EXP levelling system in favour of a skill-based level schema, and even new attacks that can be unlocked through practise, the mod brings a fresh take forwards on The Witcher 3’s gameplay.


By eLeR


Another quest expansion for the first Witcher game, Masquerade is also the most recently updated on this list, showing the Witcher’s modding communities are still very much alive and well. Putting you in the midst of a detective adventure, Geralt confronts familiar monsters and new characters in a quest pack that pays deliberate homage to film noir. Another solid addon to Witcher 1, and a good reason to play the roughest of the trilogy’s offerings.

Celebrating Passion

The creators of two essential modding tools for Cyberpunk 2077 - Wolvenkit and Redscript - and who have history in the Witcher modding scene, have just been hired by CD Projekt Red to work more closely on fixes for Cyberpunk 2077, as well as more in-depth content creation powered by their community. This comes not long after CDPR’s statement that they felt the game was at an acceptable level of stability in regards to bug fixes and glitches, though players are still awaiting further changes after some new cosmetics and a new car were added to the game.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone

The Witcher 3 is a game whose visuals were practically unmatched
for the time, and hold up remarkably well today.

Future Ambitions

Yigsoft - the name for the team of individuals responsible for both tools - will continue operating independently for the time being, though, it is assumed, with official support from CDPR on development of new tools for the wider community to make use of. In addition, with further patches planned to the game and free DLC content packs making their way into the release build, Yigsoft may play a part in bringing features to the main game, not just facilitating additions to the game by the modding community.


Given Geralt’s profession, monster hunting is abundant, and on harder
difficulties, careful preparation is necessary before any challenging encounter.

The Right Move At The Right Time

Cyberpunk 2077’s modding community was predicated on a difficult launch for the game. Whilst social media initially blew up regarding hilarious bugs and glitches, the novelty wore off, and many players were left disappointed in the released product. Since then, CDPR has been releasing regular and substantial patches to the game, aiming to fix issues regarding stability in the game to as great an extent as possible. This hire reaffirms their promises to the community to fix up Cyberpunk, and is a good move from a company whose modders have greatly improved their products over the years. Showing recognition to community creators is always a great thing, and confirms that a little bit of passion goes a long way.

On the horizon is another big update for Witcher 3 with content focused on the newly-released Netflix show, and meanwhile, CDPR has stated they’re still working on multiplayer support for Cyberpunk. How mods will factor in at this time is unknown, but it's safe to say some patching will be necessary.

RSS Files
Farewell of the White Wolf 1.2

Farewell of the White Wolf 1.2

Full Version 20 comments

Language versions: CZ, EN, FR, IT, PL, pt-BR, RU; “Farewell of The White Wolf” is an epilogue of the story presented in The Witcher series. Made with...

FotWW Installer Hotfix

FotWW Installer Hotfix

Patch 1 comment

For the bug with missing ls_generic.swf. Overwrite the old FotWW Installer from main package and run the Installation.

CZ Language Hotfix

CZ Language Hotfix


A hotfix for the Czech game version. Please paste it inside Documents\Witcher 2\UserContent\farewell_white_wolf\.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


To run this mod you need to have patch 3.4.1 installed (this is a little confusing, because official CD PROJECT RED website does not have any info abut patches beyond 3.3 Pl.cdprojektred.com [the site is in Polish because English site just doesn’t have any patches info]). Of course if you are using The Witcher 2 that was just downloaded from GOG or Steam then you don’t have to care about it. But if you wanted to use physical copy bought ten years ago, then you must make sure that you have the right updates installed. When using 3.3 version with this mod, game has different main menu background, but you can only access main story.

Here are some links to the new patches:

To install Farewell of the White Wolf you have to extract files from "fotww_install.zip" and then run “FotWW Installer.exe” (note that I had to do it with admin privileges, probably because The Witcher 2 was installed inside “Program Files (x86)”). Alternatively you can install it manually by extracting some folders from “pack0.zip”. “CookedPC” and “bin” folders go to where game is installed. “Witcher 2” folder goes to your Documents (that’s the place where saves are stored).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Blbost nejde nainstalovat ani spustit. Prosím udělejte podrobné video kde lze vidět jak to úspěšně nainstalovat a spustit.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

How can i install the mode after the downloading it (steam version)?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

does anyone has problem with spech sound is off??


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

How to remove it? I tryb reinstall game but allways is with FoTWW. Yes i removed All files and folders after unistall game. Something can be on registry? I have got gog version.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Good mod, but I am experiencing multiple crashes during the start of the "how to train your dragon" mission.

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