A child growing up to become a man|
Runs into battle, always a plan|
And he feels he's losing his mind|
Every fight demands another, gear to grind|
It all seems insane, a blitz of a fight|
As an enemy is conquered, he proves his might
He lays upon a hill of those shot and killed|
Some pass it off, some say he is skilled|
He wipes the sweat off his brow, the blood off his blade|
Time has passed and its been another day|
As he feels he is stronger, the journey is not at end|
He loads a gun and rushes in, patience low with wounds to mend|
As dusk turns to dawn he stops to rest|
Yet always more to do, to win, to beat and best|
His rest is short and his return is swift|
A guardian back to squander his gifts|

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WCCC Creator
WCCC - - 253 comments

2027 Cheats, taken from a decompile of the Deus Ex 2027 mod:

(To use cheats you must first modify the .ini file at your C:\DeusEx\2027\System, find 2027User.ini and add T=talk at both locations in notepad, you should notice that you don't have to erase "say" every time you use console)

Skulgun or Thingamabob: Enable cheats, should hear a PING
Deus: God mode
Chronos (optional number): Slomo
Submarine: Unlimited underwater time
Conspiracy: Kind of like legend menu
GiveItems: Betatesting gear
Fly, Ghost, Walk, Summon, Spawnmass: All same as before, but you'll need to add DeusEx. in front to summon classic items
Ammunition: AllAmmo
Camo: Toggle invisibility
ThirdView: Toggle behindview
DieWorld: kill all living things
AllPower: AllEnergy
Alldata: Images
AllPerks: All perks, lol.
AllSkillPoints: lots of perks and skills to spend

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NIKI87 - - 490 comments

DeusEx.Spawnmass does nothing.

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WCCC Creator
WCCC - - 253 comments

It says to "summon" classic items. For maximum clarity on this, spawnmass does not work for anything outside of 2027. Spawnmass does not support package prefixes in any mod I'm aware of, and there's technical reasons as to why.

Technicals as to why:
Summon cheat is rigged to read package prefixes like "DeusEx." and so forth, but spawnmass uses a "name" type variable instead of a "string" type variable (string doesnt support successive command info unless it's parsed, but name does, so the devs used this for an easy way for you to specify quantity after item name, in case you didn't know you could do "spawnmass rocket 25" or whatever) which does not support spaces, periods, and so forth. Simply A-Z 0-9... so package prefixes are not compatible with spawnmass. For a mod to make spawnmass compatible with package prefixes, they would also need to rename the command to something else, or else the code compiler would whine about "spawnmass definition varies from original"... so it's pretty conclusive, except possibly for mods that change the DeusEx.u file.

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