Dead Air is a full-scale S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modification based on Call of Chernobyl. It changes all aspects of the game, from graphics, audio, and special effects to various gameplay and AI features. The modification evolves from the ideas started in Call of Misery, a previous project from the mod’s author. Major inspirations for Dead Air have been projects such as NLC, MISERY, Autumn Aurora, and OGSE. Dead Air prioritizes the development of the game platform’s potential, gameplay complexity, and attention to detail, along with addressing both the quality and quantity of all content.

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Dead Air F.A.Q.

News 9 comments

1. Why is my health constantly decreasing?

Option 1. It is most likely that your character is irradiated. You can measure radiation level with your Geiger counter (dosimeter). In case you don’t have enough money to buy one, it is recommended to drink alcohol-containing fluid, which will lead to fall of radiation level, and then watch if health still goes down. There are no on-screen radiation indicators, you will hear crackling only if you have Geiger counter in inventory.

Option 2. Your character is hungry. Satiety bar is marked by green color and is situated in your inventory underneath the health bar. Your health will start to drop only if your satiety bar equals zero.

Option 3. Bleeding. Bleeding is easy to track with blinking blood effect on screen and blood stains on the ground around you.

2. Too much/little fauna in game Recommended spawn parameters. How do I change it?

Change the spawn factor in game options, restart the game and re-enter the location. Recommended coefficients for NPC and mutants is 1.

3. I can’t choose faction before I start the game. Can I join factions in game?

No. You start as a Loner and stay Loner for the entire game. However, you can befriend most of the factions.

4. What is the difference between old and regular ammo?

Regular ammo is rare, expensive and doesn’t affect your weapons condition too much. Old ammo is easy to find, is cheaper, is bad for your weapon condition, has worse ballistics and deals less damage.

5. What protection do you need to be safe within radioactive and anomalous fields which have a “damage over time” effect?

To protect yourself from anomalous fields (chemical, thermal, psi) you’re going to need at least 30% protection overall (20% suit, 10% helmet for example). If you want to defend yourself from radiation in southern locations you will need 30% protection, on Central locations – 60% and on Northern locations – 90%.

6. How to use and carry artifacts?

When artifact is in your backpack it irradiates your character and because of that you need to carry them in lead containers (lead container removes any radiation level but you can’t put them on your belt) or artifact modules. There are three types of modules in game: self-made, basic, scientific. They vary in weight and radiation blocking parameters. If the artifact is in the module you can put it on your belt. To put artefacts inside the container or module drag in onto container icon. For extraction press RMB on container and choose “extract”.

7. How to use the Universal charging device?

Its condition shows you the current energy reserve, which can be used by some equipment. Use batteries to rise energy level.

8. PDA is not working in the “last survivor” mode. Is there a storyline?

Your character has no PDA. This mode was not conceived as story-driven.

9. What exact bonuses are perks giving you?

If you hover your cursor over the perk (open PDA -> statistics) you can learn more about it.

Here's a rundown on what they do:

  • Authority - number of companions is increased, interrogations are more effective, reputation is gained faster, some additional dialogue lines
  • Butcher - you skin mutants faster and more effectivly
  • Craftsman - increased number of items you can craft
  • Geologist - higher chance of finding artefacts
  • Knife master - quick knife attack is significantly increased
  • Lead backpack - reduced radiation from artefacts in your backpack
  • Steady hands - recoil on small firearms is reduced
  • Strong stomach - less damage when consuming unhealthy food
  • Attentive - higher chance of finding additional items in stashes

10. Where you can sell used guns?

Nimble (Cordon) takes your used weapons in exchange for fuel and Forester (Red forest) takes them in exchange for the repair kits.

11. Running speed and stamina

Running speed is affected by the gun in your hands and its weight. If you are wearing a helmet that also significantly accelerates the decrease in endurance. It is also affected by satiety (it is recommended to drink regularly). The higher the maximum weight, the slower the endurance is spent. The indicator "Convenience" in the description of costumes tells you about stamina.

12. Where can I find an exoskeleton?

The exoskeleton can only be found in Pripyat.

13. Is there a fast travel? Are there guides? Is there 3rd person view? Is it possible to disassemble guns and armored suits? Is it possible to turn off the animation of using items? Can I turn off the "degradation" of artifacts?


14. Could my stashes be looted?

Yes, if they are on the path where the NPCs go and they notice it.

15. My vision is blurred and doubled. The character dies in sleep

It is necessary to sleep or to remove toxins from the body by using activated carbon. To sleep, you need a sleeping bag or bedspread (works near a burning fire). By the way, the need for sleep can be turned off in the game settings. Before going to bed, remove radiation from the body, eat nourishing. It is not recommended to sleep for a long time at once, to monitor the satiety index (green bar in inventory).

16. At what dose of radiation does the character begin to lose health? Does radiation exposure fall by itself? Does the radioactive food affect you (parts of the bodies of various mutants), while in a backpack?

Starting from 10 mSv. Irradiation will not decrease by itself. Irradiated parts of the bodies of various mutants harm only after eating them.

17. Suit very quickly "dies" when entering an anomalous field, what should I do?

To reduce the damage to your equipment, you need to increase the protection and durability of your outfit/helmet as much as possible. For instance, the character wears freshly bought bulletproof vest CS-1 and the usual gas mask. When entering the chemical field, the equipment very quickly deteriorates and becomes unusable and the character dies. To avoid this, it is necessary to upgrade the costume and gas mask for chemical protection as much as possible — this will increase not only the protection from chemical damage, but also the resistance of the equipment itself to this type of damage (this is described in the description of improvements in dialog with technician). If you do not have the opportunity to improve equipment, you can drink an antidote (capsule temporarily giving + 10% chemical protection) and wear as many chemical protection artefacts as possible on the belt, such as "Slime" - this will also increase the durability of the outfit, albeit not so effectively as upgrades. In the absence of one item of equipment, the damage from the anomalous field increases drastically.

18. How to "peacefully" get to the base of mercenaries, military or bandits?

Obtain a pass from the informer in Bar. To get to the bandits base it is enough not to get into conflict with them at the beginning of the game.

19. How often is the trader’s assortment renewed?

Every 5 days. When delivering provisions, goods will not necessarily be the same as in the previous delivery.

20. What causes damage in Wild Territory and in laboratories?

Gas. To pass, you need proper protection in the form of a suit with a closed breathing system or the presence of oxygen tanks in the backpack slot.

21. Does the misfire occur at the NPC's weapons when firing?

Only if these weapons were in poor condition when NPC picked them up, their native weapons will always shoot without misfires.

22. What determines the sway of weapons?

Swaying of weapon depends on endurance, psi-health and player's stance.

23. Why are the Duty fighters located at the checkpoint of the transition from the Garbage to the Bar shooting at me ?

For the transition, it is required to pay 5000 RU to the main guard. If you pass through the gate without paying, the Dutiers at the checkpoint become forever hostile to the character.

24. I can’t use my map, my nightvision and flashlight have malfunctions while I am in the Red Forest or Generators

“Dead Zone” - a rare anomaly, which appears closer to the center of the Zone.

25. How do I reload my weapon, how to turn on the flashlight, how to wipe gas mask’s glass?

Weapon reloading is possible if the belt has a pack of cartridges. Reloading without the use of a belt is possible by dragging cartridges from inventory to the weapon icon in the slot. This method takes longer. Initially, the headlamp is missing (buy / find), for the work of the hand-held flashlight, it must be transferred to the corresponding inventory slot. You can clean the mask’s glass by holding the reload key.

26. I can’t reload my weapon or change fire mode.

The weapon has malfunctions, see its description.

27. The task of destroying the lair of mutants is not marked as done, although it is cleaned.

Most likely, one of the mutants escaped from the point, it will be marked on the map as "Unknown enemy". Usually tushkanos do that.

28. The mission fails if the employer dies. Also, the task fails if the target is eliminated by other NPCs.

It's conceived that way. It is recommended to start the task as soon as possible after it is taken, so the chance of successful execution would be higher.

29. Important NPCs do not give new missions.

New tasks will appear in a few days.

30. Can’t finish object search quest.

NPCs take only items with a full number of uses. In the case of weapons quests, read carefully, the NPC asks for exactly the weapons that are written about (the "worn out" and "modernized" states are considered another weapon). Nimble and Trapper requests weapons in a perfect condition.

31. Why you can’t see the effects of the controller/psi-field /radiation when the NV is on?

The game mechanics do not allow displaying several effects at the same time.

32. When trying to upgrade armor and weapons, the inscription appears: "The technician needs more information"

Take the quest and bring the tools to the technician.

33. Why there are only few stalkers in northern locations? Why do Hawaiian and Beard have such a poor assortment?

You need to disable psi-installations in laboratories X-10 and X-16.

34. How to interrogate the wounded?

With some probability, the wounded man will kneel and lay his hands behind his head, then you can talk to him. The wounded fanatics explode in the glory of their idol, you can’t interrogate them.

35. My stash disappeared.

It fell through the floor, it is not recommended to place stashes on roofs.

36. Where to look for the Swamp Doctor?

In the base of the "Clear Sky", not far from the tower on the north-west of the base or in the cave under the destroyed bridge in the north-west of Swamps, sometimes he just walks around the outskirts of Swamps.

37. How does the psi helmet work?

With a helmet, phantoms-clones from living mutants disappear. Also, the helmet protects from psi exposure in the laboratories. Works while in the inventory.

38. It is impossible to invite stalkers to join the squad.

It is necessary to have "Friend" attitude to them. Complete secondary tasks, help the wounded, raise your reputation in general.

39. Where is the stash gone, if it is not in place, marked in the PDA?

Most likely the stash is in the underground location.

40. Is the base capture and fortifying system implemented here, like it was in Clear Sky?

In the form like it was in factions war in CS - No. However, there is an active off-line A-life, capable of making independent attacks and interception of key points. By completing some tasks, the player is able to strengthen the influence of the employer's faction. The most obvious of them is "Capture of territory".There are also scripted events that radically change the distribution of forces in some factions.

41. How to enable the spawner?

In the properties of the game's shortcut, add -dbg to the path. Example: "D: \Games\Dead Air\xrEngine.exe" -dbg, after loading your save, go to the main menu and press the "S" key.

42. What does the "Letterbox" option in the game settings answer for?

The strips appear on the top and bottom of the screen. These strips are drawn and are part of the image.

43. Where can I find the folders with the save and screenshots?

In appdata\savedgames and appdata\screenshots respectively.

44. "You cannot start the program, because MSVCR120.dll is not on the computer. Try reinstalling the program."

MSVCR120.dll is part of the Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2012, if it is already installed, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, uninstall it, install the redistributable package Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2015.

45. There is no surround sound in some rooms or no sound at all

Install OpenAL or try to replace the xrSound file.dll in the root folder by downloading it from Call of Misery or Call of Chernobyl.

46. Often crashes at the maximum settings of the render type Dx10 (R3), although the PC specs allow me to play it on max

Go to the render type below - Dx9 (R2.5), it differs only in the absence of wet surfaces during the rain in the game.

47. Crash with error "... Out of memory" or error "stack trace:"

Reload austosave after going to another location, if it did not help, lower the graphics settings, close the background applications, remove the update from KB2670838 in Windows.

48. Error 0xc000007b

Methods for solving the problem:
1. Update the video card drivers, especially if it is NVidia or reinstall them.
2. Try to start the game as administrator.
3. Install / update DirectX, Visual C ++, .Net Framework. Download all files only from the official Microsoft website.
Attention: when installing DirectX, be sure to go to the system folder SysWOW64 or System32 (depending on the OS version) and delete the files starting from d3dx9_24.dll and ending with d3dx9_43.dll. After that, install DirectX.
4. Apply the Win + R shortcut and write “ sfc /scannow “. With this command, your PC will scan the system files and fix some errors.
5. Restore the system to an earlier state when error 0xc000007b did not appear.

49. Crash when loading the save "Arguments: Not enough storage is available to process this"

Apply the combination of keys Win + R and write "regedit", the registry editor will open. Go to the address:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Create "PagedPoolSize" or "PoolUsageMaximum", if they are missing.
Set the maximum pool size to 4 GB: "PagedPoolSize"=dword:ffffffff
Trim the memory when the pool is full by 40%: "PoolUsageMaximum"=dword:00000028
Reboot the system. It is also recommended:
- In the video settings set to minimum the quality of shadows, the density of grass, half the range of visibility.
- Switch to the static lighting.
- Disable all extraneous processes.
- Increase the size of paging file.
- Defragment the section (-s if the game is not installed on drive C: \).
- After the file name in the shortcut properties of the game, put a space and write -noprefetch

50. On which version of the CoC engine OpenXRay is Dead Air based?

On its own modification, but many changes from the latest versions of Call of Chernobyl have been ported here.

51. How do faction relations work?

Completing/failing the task and killing NPCs will affect player's reputation with several factions. For example, killing soldiers in the southern military checkpoint in Cordon will lead to a decrease in the reputation not only with Army, but also of Ecologists. Military will also begin an operation to clean up some of the nearest territories.

52. CTD after pressing "Apply" button in the settings.

Run the game as administrator.

How To Install Dead Air

How To Install Dead Air

News 32 comments

To install Dead Air, download and install these in order:

Dead Air

Dead Air

News 28 comments

Over 80 videos have been published on the official Russian VK page, showing different features and revealing information regarding Dead Air, previously...

This Week In Mods: June 22 2018

This Week In Mods: June 22 2018


The biggest mod stories for the week of June 22 2018.

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Dead Air — English translation [0.3]

Dead Air — English translation [0.3]

Patch 168 comments

Translates Dead Air into English.

Cowardly Dogs

Cowardly Dogs

Animal Model 15 comments

Makes dogs more like vanilla stalker. They will run away if they get hurt. Edited panic threshold and morale despondency thresholds.

DA Random Name Generator

DA Random Name Generator

Prefabs 1 comment

Returns the ability to randomize the player's name to the character creation menu. Just a small addon made as a practice run for UI modifications.

Less Smudgy Loading Screen

Less Smudgy Loading Screen

GUIs 4 comments

Just a very small addon that makes the loading screen texture look a bit nicer

New UI Indicators and Ammo Info Addon

New UI Indicators and Ammo Info Addon

HUDs 9 comments

5 Variations to choose from.. Look at the preview picture and see which option would you like

No shared rep between military duty ecologists

No shared rep between military duty ecologists

Prefabs 10 comments

This mod stops negative faction reputation for duty and ecologists when killing military.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,085)

The effin enemies are driving me crazy. I can't see them through bushes, I can't hear them even when they are sprinting. A.I. advantage much? How did that pass QA? And how come this ****** sound mixing wasn't fixed first thing by the modders over so many years? I mean it's such a massive advantage to the enemy. And they already have massive advantages by wallhacking, not being affected by radiation or weapon malfunctions.

You can hear all kind of ambiant noises in STALKER. Oh, but enemy footstep sounds? Who needs that? Git Gud scrub.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The mod isn't 1.0, it's not officially out yet. We are the QA technically.

It could also be much worse than it is. They wouldn't have even released the beta without some degree of their own testing.

I agree there's a lot of things wrong (footstep sounds, mutant fixation on the player, weapon defects being too expensive to fix and causing jamming even at 99%, etc.) but let's cut them a little bit of slack here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

"How did that pass QA?" Welcome to the beta version of the mod. You're the QA придурок. And if it's so easy to get right why haven't you done it yet?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

One of the things i like about STALKER is that you're not much different from the AI, but here AI has perfect weapons, radiation inmunity and wallhack.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Soo i started a new game as a dutyer and i was wondering if you can still do the quests given by Doc?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

You should be able to, but i'm guessing you're using the faction choosing addon and you should know that DA isn't exactly meant to be played like that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

@[HardenedSerpent](members:ooberurl:2467686) Oh soo you saying i should play DA how it was programmed?! I know im not the only person who wanted the faction choosing addon!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

As fun as it seems it would be to select a faction in Dead're not really supposed to. It kind of ruins some core aspects of the game and its progression. Some factions get culled by the Military after a while, and there are items handplaced by the devs in certain areas that you are expected to reach at certain points during your playthrough. Starting in a different area of the Zone with a different faction will mess with the way they crafted the experience.

Dead Air is not so much a definitive freeplay experience as it is a definitive LONER experience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This. Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Started to CTD every time on loading a new area

Now it crashes EVERY SINGLE time on quickload with the same message.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I remember when I used to use tinypic.

Does it still crash on multiple different saveloads? Try to see how far back you can go without it crashing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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