ABR COP MOD is a global (audio\video\gameplay) survival overhaul with vanilla story and quests. More enemies, less freebies, not sellable looted weapons. Most of the used mods were reassambled to create a seamless experience.


This mod provided to community totally free as it is. The authors are not responsible if this mod does not meet your personal expectations. This mod will not be taken apart or changed until authors will decided it should be.

If you unpack the mod and make your own tweaks, you will not receive any support, we will not fix your bugs, if you want to mod this mod, mod it yourself alone.





•This is a Global Survival Overhaul.
•Story dificulty is not a joke, it's a good starting point.
•If mission says ASAP, it means ASAP to avoid possible vanilla bugs.
•Make hard saves via ~ save [name of save without brackets] enter.
•Hard saves will help, when saves get corrupted (rarely) and you will have to replay.
•Last Evac mission in Pripyat should be played without quicksaves.
•You can't sell looted weapons (only reward or stashed ones).
•Stashes are greately reduced, all of them are given as a reward.
•Reload found guns, collect ammo, consumables, addons, mutant parts and artifacts.
•NPC's give more money only for ammo, less for everything else.
•You start with a few consumables, hunting shotgun and without outfit with 2500.
•An upgraded coat and gasmask can be found on Zaton.
•You can get free echo detector for the quest.
•Hard lock on Zaton until you invistigate all three helicopters.
•Helicopters are guarded. You need to plan your actions and equipment.
•Use covers against psy mutants, use high rocks against other mutants.
•Use covers when you encounter armed enemies. NPC's shooting as good as you.
•There are much more mutants and monolith forces are present on Zaton and Jupiter.
•Use grenade launchers against dangerous or big mutants (Nimble's .338LM sniper rifles).
•Zaton is area of light armour and low tier weapons.
•You can order unique hi-end weapons and armours (a quest one too) from Nimble on Zaton.
•Jupiter Underground mission to get to Pripyat will unlock all Zaton trader stock.
•Jupiter trader stock updates if you help Duty or Freedom.
•Help both Duty and Freedom twice to unlock almost all Jupiter Trader stock.
•Jupiter Underground mission will unlock heavy equipment for Jupiter Trader.
•If suddenly you can't move, don't forget you have weight limitations.
•Message from guider in Pripyat is your last chance to visit Zaton and avoid some bugs.
•Some weapons and outfits skins are added to add a variety.
•Weapons can't be rechambered, outfits have no healing upgrades.


•Extended ambient soundtrack with best tracks from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
•Cinematic weapon sounds.


•Each location has its new weather cycle and autumn nature type.
•More NPC's model skins.


ABR - mods merging, audio\video\gameplay conception, tester
PYP - weapon modelling and animation tweaks, engine tweaks, tester
SAM - gameplay conception advisor, tester

Used Mods:

•UNOFFICIAL PATCH 2.0 by Yurok and many others
•NanoCell Inventory by CrommCruac (ABR version)
•AtmosFear 3 by CrommCruac (ABR lite version) (Thanks to Overfist for emission fix)
•Absolute Nature 4.04 by CrommCruac (Unofficial lite version)
•Absolute Nature 2 by CrommCruac
•MSO v1.0.1 by Alundaio and Trojanuch (ABR version)
•Heavy Iron Hud by Mortalheaven (ABR version)
•Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod (PHARM) by FantomICW
•Variation Mod 1.41 by Darkenneko (ABR version)
•CoP HUD Reworked 2.0 by Smurth, Rulix and many others (ABR version)
•Face hero retextures by Sec (Removed scars)
•NPC and monster textures overhaul by ABR
•Corrected structure textures by ABR
•Anomaly Sound Replacement by Sclera
•Better nightvision for COC by TGP96 (ABR version)
•Absolute Structures Texture Pack by CrommCruac, Ceano, NeilMC
•BloodyMess mod v1.1 by Detroit_Vigilanty, pseudoant, Hades, Neod
•MK2 Artefact Detector Icons for CoC 1.4.22 and 1.5 R6
•STALKER Simple Upgrade Icons by Picisarkany (ABR version)
•STCOP 2.8\3.2\3.3 by Ga2z & M0rtan and many others
•Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 by E.Nigma42 and many others
•OWR3 by r_populik and many others
•30,45 and 60rnd mags for AK74(5.45x39) by Paul Yakushev
•PGO7V scope model by Paul Yakushev, textures by Gunslinger mod
•HK G36 model by Mr. Brightside, Noodum, textures Domcha
•Add_Fix_SGM_2_2 by makdm
•Advanced Detectors by ExtremeAlpaca (ABR version)
•Weapon condition depending on the fraction by WinCap from AMK-Forum 09.04.17
•Butcher mod by Singapur22, alex5773
•Nobody will die by Asfagan a.k.a. StalkerVolkodav (fixed by makdm)
•Ezio_Auditore900 - deleted stashes (ABR version)
•ShWM v2.1 by Shoker Team (sweater model, helmet variations made by PYP)
•Sweater texture by LafuGix
•Freedom exo sleeves from Outfit Addon 1.4.7 by VodkaChicken
•Re-skinned Gloves for COP by AdayDr1en and HeNe (Used as overlay for sharpness)
•Widescreen Scope Fix by DoctorX from EpicStalkerForum
•Shocker HQ geometry by Shoker team (Ported by PYP)
•Foggy sky textures by Cromm Cruac from Autumn Aurora 2.1 by Autumn Wanderers
•SWTC COP (few sun presets) by Vincent Vega
•Cut X-Ray pack 1 for CoP 1.6.02 (first person death) by SkyLoader
•Music from Shadow of Chernobyl by Mooze and Clear Sky by Alexey Omelchuk

Engine tweaks ported by PYP from:

CoC-Xray Team , OpenXRay Team , xrOxygen Team, OGSR Team & Their Contributors - consisting of, but not limited to: Abramcumner, alpet, Alundaio/revolucas, andrew-boyarshin, Avoitishin, awdavies, AxelDominatoR, CasualDev242, Charsi82, CrossVR, ForserX, FreeZoneMods, Giperion, Gunslinger/gunslingermod, intorr, invokr, Kaffeine, KD, KRodinn, Kolmogor, LtPetrov, Mortan, mrmnwar, Nitrocaster, RainbowZerg, RayTwitty, Rietmon, Roman-n, RvP, Shoker/ShokerStlk, Sin!, SkyLoader, Swartz, tamlin-mike, Tron, vamit611, qweasdd136963, Xottab-DUTY, xWolfx, Полтергейст(Poltergeist), Dx74rghs

Thanks to:

Joe Donnelly from PCGamer for featuring ABR MOD, this inspired me to make 2.0 version
PYP for making 2.0 possible
SAMmy for advices and testing

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ABR MOD 2.1.1


This mod provided to community totally free as it is. The authors are not responsible if this mod does not meet your personal expectations. This mod will not be taken apart or changed until authors will decided it should be.

If you unpack the mod and make your own tweaks, you will not receive any support, we will not fix your bugs, if you want to mod this mod, mod it yourself alone.


This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with ANY other mod or file besides clean vanilla game.

01. Fresh installation of the game is needed.
02. To avoid any coflicts, delete or rename your old appdata* folder from other mods.
03. Install required components.

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

Visual Studio 2008 (VC++ 9.0) SP1 (no longer supported)

Install both vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe


*If appdata is not in the game directory. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, first line $app_data_root$ will show the way to it. Delete or rename this folder. This is the storage of your saves, logs and user.ltx file.


00. For Steam users: RMB click on game -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse
01. Make a backup of BIN and PATCHES folders.
02. Merge BIN and PATCHES folders of the mod with game ones.


01. Delete your BIN and PATCHES folders.
02. Restore backups of your vanilla BIN and PATCHES folders.
03. Delete mod appdata folder.

Mod addons:

01. To install mod addons, merge addon PATCHES folder with game one.
02. To remove mod addons, delete its db file from PATCHES folder.
03. If some db file were replaced with mod addon, replace it with original mod one.


01. The highest difficulty in vanilla game is a laughstock. Try story difficulty here first to not cry later, if you are not ready to adapt and survive.
02. Make hard saves every now and then by ~save [name of the save file without brackets].
03. DX9 (recommended) is recommended for max settings and best experience. NO DISCUSSIONS.
04. For more graphical options use "more expert options" addon.
05. To turn off weapon inertion: ~ g_use_aim_inertion 0 - off, 1 - on.
06. If the crash is not repeatable, this is not a crash.

Hidden controls:

"Shift" to take everything from the box or a backpack.
Hold "Ctrl" to move all stacked items.

Possible bugs:

01. If picture is overbrighten and without shadows, click "Fix Lighting" in the main menu.
02. Text hangs on the screen - take off and on the helmet.
03. Out of memory crash - load last save.
04. Stack Trace: - load last save.
05. Any NPC headshot crash - load last save.
06. Any unrepeatable random crash - load last save.
07. After taking anabiotic you hear the rumble - save game and load it, use anabiotic
right after message about the Emission to avoid this glitch.
08. A very strong fps drop can occur between Eastern Tunnel and Jupiter Plant - save
game and load it.
09. You die in Jupiter underground from the emission - load the save before entering
the tunnel, probably emission will start in 1-2 minutes, wait for the end.
10. Sokolov or a military guy don’t go to evacuation point - just leave them behind, it
doesn’t effect ending anyhow.
11. During the Evacuation Mission squad stops and not moving - replay from the last
hardsave. Make hardsaves during the evac mission, when squad is on the move. It
is possible that this mission can have glitches if replayed from quicksaves.
12. During the Evacuation Mission crash on loading save - load that save again, try to
find a safe place and make another hard save.
13. If you have troubles or crashes with Evacuation mission, chose Story difficulty and
finish it at once without intermediate saves.
14. If you have crashes moving towards the mission marker on second visit to Pripyat
(Unknown, Radio interference), try to replay from autosave, or load save before
autosave, if you have one.
15. Exe file is modified, so antivirus might check it.
16. If you can't change resolution after you already selected one, go to user.ltx and change vid_mode ----x---- to your height and width resolution. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, the first line will show where is user data folder. Open user.ltx as a txt file.

How to get a crash log:

01. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, first line $app_data_root$ will show the way to it.
02. Open logs folder, open the log.ltx as a txt file, scroll to the bottom.
03. Copy everything after FATAL ERROR in the end of the file.
Alternative: Press Ctrl+V right after the crash to paste the needed log part in text field.

Mod addons:

01. Language text forced switchers to change lang independently from your game localization
02. Low spec options include
02.1 [experimental] longer weather distance (only for minimal settings and DX8)
02.2 low spec levels for any settings (best for minimal settings and DX8)
02.3 twice smaller weapon textures (spares 500mb) (best for minimal settings)
03. Bigger inventory cells
04. Green scope reticles
05. Head bobbing
06. More expert options
07. No helmet overlay and weapon holster
08. No rain

ABR MOD 2.0 is released

ABR MOD 2.0 is released

News 22 comments

ABR MOD 2.0 is a global (audio\video\gameplay) survival overhaul with vanilla story and quests. More enemies, less freebies, not sellable looted weapons...

This Week In Mods: March 16 2018

This Week In Mods: March 16 2018

Feature 4 comments

The biggest mod stories for the week of March 16 2018.

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Full Version 181 comments

ABR COP MOD is a global (audio\video\gameplay) survival overhaul with vanilla story and quests. More enemies, less freebies, not sellable looted weapons.

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Great mod. Breathed new life into CoP for me. Am replaying for the first time in many years.

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alanberserkrose Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

my game crashes everytime i load a new game and it gave me this:
[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CInifile::r_string
[error]File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 513
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Can't find variable night_vision in [device_torch]

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alanberserkrose Creator

Wrong installation or other mods used.

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I'm once more playing cop with this gem. I'm always persuaded to play cop again by this mod. I'll suggest it to all of my stalker friends. You should definitely play CS ABR because it resolves all of the major problems with Clear Sky and the faction war. Only awaiting soc abr. I'm hoping it comes out soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Thank you for kind words. ABR SOC is only in the plans.

Now the final version of ABR COP is in development. Outfit and weapon upgrades have been changed. Outfit protection were re-calculated to the new more dangerous anomalies. Now the upgrades are linear so you don't have to choose between two useful or two useless upgrades like it was in vanilla COP.

Weapon upgrades are changed completely and re-calculated. Flatness upgrades are deleted, weapon have their real bullet speeds. RPM upgrades are deleted, automatic weapons will have their real rpm values.

Hip-fire\handling upgrades are deleted too, same as weight reduction, these two are merged with accuracy. I'll write about this more detailed. Accuracy stat shows fire_dispersion_base value, it is how a bullet moves from the dead center when you shoot not zooming. Handling stat shows crosshair_inertion value, the speed of crosshair getting narrow after walking\running. Now crosshair speed is fast for everything, so sniper rifle will not restore crosshair for two hours. That's why handling\hip-fire stat is removed.

But funny thing is weight reduction and handilng upgrades tweaked PDM_disp_base, PDM_disp_vel_factor, PDM_disp_accel_factor. This is how wide crosshair is in static position, actualy these parameters are about accuracy too. So, in vanilla you could upgrade handling and weapon could be same accurate (even if not greater), than after upgrading accuracy. But the accuracy weapon stat shows only accuracy upgrade stat, not handling's. So there is 3 split accuracy upgrades in vanilla, why? I don't know. Now you get what you upgrade. Accuracy, Durability, Recoil and RPM for semi-automatic weapons are meaning what they mean, without hidden stats you don't know about.

You can have all upgrades with 2 toolsets. The third toolset now is needed only for exo running and 3rd gen NV. Since Pripyat is 2 hours of gameplay near the end.

So overall the mod finds its balance in damage and protection terms.

Also, I plan to remake weapon\ammo\outfit descriptions. So it will be more informative and will describe some config stats you don't see, like bullet speed, effective firing range, maybe even a recoil comparison with the same caliber weapons. To help you choose weapons beside accuracy, rpm and damage.

Some Nimble weapons will return to the world to be found or bought.

Soundtrack is reassambled, some tracks are added to night music. There will be option to switch day and night music for replayability. My music from CS to COP and a darker Jupiter (with nature and weather like Pripyat has) options are planned too.

Anabiotic is probably gonna be cut. I used it on the last walkthrough and catched infinite rain bug, which never happened to me when I didn't used it. And after all, COP is the only game with working emission, sleeping it over is a crime, hehe.

Then I have CS. I almost remade UI in COP style myself, new hud is very slim and transparent. I plan to remove infinite weight and sellable guns. Instead there will be lootbale money from stalkers (thanks for Decane1 for this option for CS SRP). In terms of economy it's the same as guns. But without the need to collect them and drag to trader. A great thanks to Decane1 for helping me adapt butcher mod for CS SRP, now you can cut off mutant parts like in COP. Garbage should have darker weather and nature, now it's too cheerful. I already added additional mutants and cut mutants (civil zombie, chimera, cat, burer, izlom) from basix monstrocity. So more meat to shoot at. May be I'll touch upgrades in CS too.

So, there are tons of plans, and too little of time. May be I'll just make something for ABR SOC inbetween, may be I'll make something after all that work. ABR SOC will be a tiny mod anyways, it will have vanilla engine, OWR mod, may be NPC skins, expanded soundtrack and some balance tweaks (butcher mod is working already, unsellable weapons, lootbale money from stalkers). I already added working artefact detector from AA.

I spent year on OGSR build and it was trashed, when I found out that it has soundtrack bug, it starts over after the save - breaks the immersion completely. And it doesn't support vanilla SOC shaders, SOC has beautiful shaders (still in terms of gameplay the SOC is worse for me, I have right to have my opinion, I like CS and COP more with ABR mods ofc.

I understand there are some people, true unbiased gamers, who is open minded and ready to some different point of view on the Zone, who waits our ABR mods. But, we have our lives to live and IRL things to do. It's sad to admit but we grew up since 2018 and don't have too much time on modding like it was before. May be it;s just not that much interesting anymore too.

I'll do my best to finish all the plans, I'm not gonna quit, but there are tons of good games you can try while waiting our stalker mods.

Welp, this is how things are going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Wow wow amazing additions and tweaks you had been adding to your mod I am hyped for em. I hope you guys are able to release it soon I know you blokes have Irl problems but hope you guys are able to overcome them soon. I really liked the cs additions especially the ones that modifies garbage weather and add new mutants to it thus adding a whole new charm to garbage I will love if you guys could also add some additions to faction wars as well because sometimes they are just literally boring af. I mean if you can. Anyways i will be waiting for the update good luck bro.

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alanberserkrose Creator

Nah, the faction war is at the best as it could ever be, while being stable in the same time. It wasn't perfect from the start anyways. Atleast now it's faster and it's finishable. It's really optional money grind, so you can choose this or just go thru the story. I'll try to keep the balance as it is now. Faction war will allow you to gain cash faster, but without it you still will be able to afford good gear but a bit later.

Also, I forgot to mention, all reload animations will be speed up a bit. Weapon draw and holster animations too. So you will be able to switch between weapons 2 times faster.

Good luck to you too.

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**** talking about cs abr makes me want to play it again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alanberserkrose Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

Wow reloading animations have been speeded up another a magnificent addition now it will be much more fun shooting the **** out of people in stalker clear sky. Man i just cant wait for it release i am just really hyped lol. I really love yourv mods and especially the weapon pack as well. Talking about the faction war i guess your opinion is right most of the people participate in it for money. Anyways good luck on your modding adventure and as always i will be waiting for thec release

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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