SOON. ABR MOD 2.0 will be released.

Current version works only on DX9.

Review from PCGAMER (Eng)

ABR MOD is a new overhaul mod. You can consider this mod just like a pack with merged mods, but it was made as one solid overhaul with its own balance, graphics and audio. However, this mod doesn't change game drastically. The main goal is to make COP up to date and give good experience for a couple of game sessions with original atmosphere. So, it's just a good renewal and a reason to go back to the Zone for one more time.

Works on COP v1.2. Based on GOG version. Tested on GOG version and an old disc. Tested on steam-rip (delete gamedata directory, if it presents). Mod has russian and english text. English is default.

This mod is not compatible with any other mods. I'm not planning to make any further development of this mod. I'll try to release patches, if some critical issues will be found.

ABR MOD Features


New weather and nature style for each location


New textures of buildings


New variable visuals of NPC's


New minimalistic and informative HUD


New artefact models and particles


Inventory revewal

Cells are smaller, texture is lighter due to new weapon icons, new icon of major, retexture of his face, new icons for exo and bandit coat, darker cursor.


Original weapon replacer


Dynamic gasmask HUD with breathing sounds

Brand new degradation progressions of helmets based on Autumn Aurora and Dynamic HUD 2.0 textures.

New nightvision

Based on Stalker Two-K's addon pack by paranoiia8

New loading screens

Simple upgrade icons

New menu with new music


Minimal hud (optional)


  • More background ambient: ~15 minutes day mix, ~10 minutes night mix for each location.
  • New anomaly sounds.
  • New weapon sounds.
  • NPC's run breathing and waiting sounds are been removed.
  • Partly sound folder was taken from Misery 2.1.
  • Action music on the way to Pripyat.
  • New music in intro.
  • Russian voices.
  • Proper ogg comments and removal of loud clicks.


  • FOV 75. Good view - almost no fish eye effect.
  • New simulation makes life in the Zone more active and realistic.
  • Weapons are deadlier. Works both ways.
  • Actor can cut off trophies from mutants and sell them to local barmen.
  • Medics don't heal.
  • Medkits are healing slowly.
  • When actor uses medkits or consumables weapon hides.
  • You can carry 70kg.
  • Outfit and helmets are less durable to damage.
  • Weapons on dead bodies will be mostly in middle shape but not sellable. Collect ammo.
  • Nimble sells new 8 unique weapons.
  • Nimble sells weapons and armour. No need to wait 24 hours.
  • Artefacts are rebalanced. Shock resistance and additional weight artefacts are more useful. Others are less effective but balanced.
  • Lost sentry in Pripyat will be more "controlled" now.
  • Evacuation mission is a point of no return.
  • Bloodsuckers are very fast now.
  • Kuvalda will ask money for detector.
  • Trapper will give you money instead of weapon.
  • Trapper will give your reward for killing Zaton's chimere.
  • You start game with bandit coat, saw-off, pb and few supplies.
  • Now military squad in Pripyat will not die, if you will go to kill monolith in next building as it was scripted before.
  • Fixed text and dialogs.
  • Merchants buy gear in condition not less than 80%.
  • Merchants sell all weapons, ammo and addons. New outfits appear as in original.
  • Economy is like in the original. But you can't sell weapons from dead bodies anymore.
  • Rebalanced difficulties. Low difficulties don't have invincibility as before and now are enjoyable.
  • Ultraviolence difficulty is recommended.
  • Easier difficulties give you more ammo and supplies on dead bodies.
  • There are less medkits, bandages and food to loot.
  • Quest NPC's are immortal. (Due to friendly fire)
  • New emission.
  • Actor taking off helmet when using food or pills.
  • You don't need upgrades to use addons to with any weapon.
  • Steel box has real treasures now.
  • First person death.
  • Dot crosshair.
  • There is no dynamic zoom pso and susat anymore (due to bugs), replaced with detector ones (like bino) - and they're cheaper.
  • Seva and exo outfits, respirator and protective helmets have 1st generation nightvision.
  • Scopes has changed prices.
  • Svarog and Veles has better artefact dot.
  • All the detectors able to detect any artefact. Better detectors make it easier to search.
  • Gauss and Strelok's Rifle has dynamic zoom scopes.


  • Major wears his helmets in cutscenes.
  • Now subtitles in outro video is white, not gray.
  • Real weapon names.
  • Different scope reticles.
  • Scopes has simple and clear names.
  • Members of suicide squad are wearing helmets during the scene.
  • Mission marked as ASAP if they can be failed after some time.
  • When you press "quit game" - you quit it without pop-up messages.
  • Subtitles.


  1. Russian text
  2. Minimal hud (stamina & fire modes)
  3. Rain options
  4. Enable emission (has bug with sun) - NG
  5. Classic crosshair
  6. Transparent gas mask overlay
  7. MISERY & AA gas masks
  8. No breath sounds
  9. All stashes from the start - NG
  10. Weight options
  11. Weight options with classic crosshair
  12. Open Scopes (+ adaptation for squarish monitors)
  13. Vanilla a-life (more performance, I hope)

Installation, general info & tips



  1. Сopy contents of ABR Mod to your game directory and replace existing files. Bin file has prepatched engine file for using 4GB RAM and first person death. Also there are user file and cache for shaders.
  2. Сopy contents of Patch for NOT 16x9, If you encounter minimap out of the screen or oval scopes. This will help. I hope.
  3. Options Check INFO files. NG means option needs new game to work or work properly.
  4. Install OpenAL This will give you better 3D sound in game.
  5. Launch game, select your resolution. Mod is tested on DX9 ONLY. DX10 DOESN'T WORK. DX11 needs this scope fix.
  6. If game is not launching because of "weak gpu" - delete user.ltx.
  7. Your saves, screenshots, logs will be stored in game's directory folder "abr".
  8. If you have very many old saves - move them to Oldsaves folder in Saves directory, or just delete them. Too many saves can affect game's fps.
  9. Jupiter is a bit laggy since vanilla.
  10. If you have started a game and fps is too low: use option 13 - Vanilla a-life (more performance) and start game again. This mod is playable on static lighning.

Crash report

If you encounter crash, create .txt file, open it and press CTRL+V. Then send me info you've copied, so I could see what happened. PM me on MODDB:

Known and possible issues

  • If cursor stops in main menu after some time (sometimes you see graphical glitches) - press ALT+TAB and return to game.
  • If you enable emission there will be a bug with fast moving sun in weather transitions.
  • If you have encountered crash and copied text has shown you "stack trace:" - just load last save.
  • If you attach scope or grenade launcher on your weapon and its visual is missing - reattach it.
  • NPC's have strange animations - incurable.
  • Text messages are remaining on the screen - put off/on your helmet.
  • Grouse's body is missing sometimes.
  • Military guy's body with bomb charge on Pripyat can be missing. I've marked this mission as ASAP, so you get there asap to find body before it dissapears.
  • If you shoot something in the building, after returning from lab8x and have a crash, just go out without shooting anything there.
  • Some icons of stalkers can be missing.
  • I've stabilized MSO mod as I could. But AI chaos can happen - it's when you go thru quest and some shoot out happens.

Stability & performance

Stability of mod is 98%. I've fixed every bug that occured after 15 days and 300 downloads. But there is always possibility that something can go wrong - make more hard saves with ~ save nameofsave. Quicksaves are working perfectly. No saves corruption.

ABR MOD contains, full or partly, these mods by their authors:

  • Thanks to: AP-PRO.RU and to: PROforum, denis2000, Ferveks, _S_k_i_F_, Khyzyr, makdm, NEO, Jargon, buffy, Overfirst, Jeka81.
  • Thanks to: Shoker for God Of Zone v1.0 mod.
  • Thanks to: LostAlphaRus for XrCompressor.
  • Thanks to: Kontro-zzz for db_packer_unpkr_3.1
  • Thanks to: MODDB.COM and to: Marek33 for hud tips, Armcoon and MercScar- for great support, FanofCrommsWorks for addon suggestions, -HUN-Riot_Gin for tip on seva gloves issue.
  • Thanks to: WinCap (AMK Forum) for death_manager.script edits.
  • Thanks to: mestereo2110 for consulting and saying that it's ok.
  • Thanks to: GSC Game World for creating S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
  • Thanks to the best mod team: Autumn Wanderers for inspiration.
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Hi there!

New Year has come, hope all of you are alright and ready to go thru 2019.

I wrote about my Variation Mod edits a few times, but now I can show some results. I finished icons for those approximately 380 visuals. Some people were complaining about very bad fps on stalker bases and crashes, I'll make a simple option which will reduce the variety of NPC visuals loading in the game via configs. Actually, there are about 430 visuals, since I've added Zombies in gasmasks, full exos, sevas. I still remember that moment on the Radar in SHOC, when zombie in exo with SPAS12 were going towards me, that was cool, why zombies are without helmets anyway? Helmets disturbs them? I dunno.

NPC icons file

Right mouse button on picture -> open image in the new tab <- to enlarge

ui actor portrets 1

In the end of the file you can see fraction icons. I've thought about making universal icons to spare my time. But, I still can't be lazy about 2.0, and checking every visual helped me to find some bugs and to make all these icons. I've made them on Zaton, but I really like Zaton's weather and that Cromm Cruac's Autumn Aurora style. I think that's like the heart of ABR MOD, Yanov is really looks like my city in November of 2017. That year had very good autumn, vivid colours. I wanted to show that in Yanov, I wish it was less buggy though, may be it's too much like my city after all. Heh. In november also we had that deep fog, that was awesome. The point I'm writing you that is that I've tried to recreate all those my life moments in ABR MOD, back then I didn't know how to edit weather but decided to try. And tuned each weather to particular nature style I chose for the locations.

That was a little flashback, now about the present. I'll show 12 icon collages for each community and will share some my thoughts, decisions, what have been changed.


I wanted to show bandits like violent community that's why some of bala bearers have bruises. I've used zombie models, changed them via AXR toolset (God Bless Alundaio) and created hoodless bandits in jackets. Same to loners in dawns, duty, freedom. Face masks of bandits has a darker leather, it's small detail, but since I've had separate textures for them, why not add some stuff, right? Since vanilla bandits had painted faces, I've kept that idea. Also, I've created new variations for coat bearers with new eye colours. So you can see the first and the third one in the second row - blue and brown eyes. Vanilla had only one eye colour - grey. Now there are grey, blue, brown, green colours. Those are small details but they make NPC's less looking like clones.


Loners, there are about 90 visuals for them. Since I want to add new models not just to random NPC's but for story NPC's too. Check the second row the 2nd and the 3rd icons, small details like lips and skin colour make those faces looking not very the same. In vanilla Variation Mod (later as Vmod) evry bala user was the same, I've made about 400+ textures, different variants of faces for different communities. Same goes to hair colours, I've used face textures from previous games and mixed them up for something new. Now you can encounter blond\grey stalkers in all communities. GP5 gasmask (2nd row, 1st icon), I don't really liked it, vanilla Vmod texture was looking too alien. I've tweaked the colour and made steel parts less shiny, bandits and monolith have brown GP5 gasmask, stalkers have the grey one. I didn't change outfits, since they are cool already.


Duty, I've edited their new outfits. Vmod had too pinky colours and too dark main colour for new outfits (just my IMHO). Duty, same as Loners, have nooded/unhooded dawn bearers. Duty's face masks are black with red plastic parts like their outfit style. Faces are the same with Loners and Freedom, but each fraction has it's own colours for face masks and outfits - in sum, pretty different appearance. Mask bearers (2nd row, 3rd and 4th icon) have different texture mappping compared to visuals with face masks. This type of model uses only half of the face texture and mirrors it on the other side, since it's old type of model. So, for these ones I've made needed copies of full face textures. There are 5 face textures for mask wearers against 1, as it was.


Duty's best buddies, same changes as for previous fractions. Green light facemasks with yellow plastic parts. But, I've changed vanilla's freedom's dawn outfit a bit. Vanilla had red parts of gasmask, same as duty, I've decided to change it to blue, so outfit has more solid style. Also I've fixed missing texture part on shoulders, but, probably, not many people saw this issue.


Mercs have new faces, not very much variated community, same as Monolith. I'll port audio files from CS, so unmasked mercs could speak unmuffled voices, but that will be only for Russian Voices, which will be optional, you could use it with subtitles (God Bless Misery Development Ltd.).


Monolith, brown GP5, as I've said before. 3rd row, 2nd and 4th - I've changed texture just yesterday. This outfit had white helmet and brown parts on chest armour, tweaked it to grey - looks better and more vanilla-like. Also, check the second exo without metal parts, I've added caps on their shoulders, and that goes for each texture of this type. Previously, only loner's light exo had this cap on shoulders, other models used standart exo texture, and there were unrealistic black spots/shadows.


Zombies. BTW, the whole idea of variative faces came from zombies. Well, when I've finished about 14 faces for zombies, I've thought: "Why not make new faces for living stalkers?". That's how I've spent a few months, 2 or 3, don't know for sure. I even added one mustached zombie. Texture from CS, probably. The main guy of Loners - Valerian.


Also, I've made some new sci suites. May be I'll use them somewhere. I think I really like the white one. Reminds me The Predator 2 movie, the mission in the fridge.

Well, that's some kind of exclusive content I developed on the base of cool Variation Mod 1.41 (God Bless Darkenneko).

I'm very happy that modding community created cool mods, so people without too much skills in modelling or texturing, like me, can make something new. Yes, I just changed colours and mixed up some textures, but, I didn't see somebody do it the exactly way I did. So, I think, I've made something new for ABR 2.0.

That's it for now, thanks for comments, recently I've seen good reviews on my mod - that's cool. It lets me know I don't waste my life time in vain, I see ABR MOD as my legacy, since I didn't succeed in music production. So, stay tuned.

Best wishes,


2019 and ABR 2.0

2019 and ABR 2.0

News 24 comments

Wishing you the best in this upcoming year plus some news about ABR MOD 2.0.

ABR MOD 2.0: Content Progress

ABR MOD 2.0: Content Progress

News 32 comments

This article is about the content I was doing last month.

ABR MOD 2.0: New weapons and development progress

ABR MOD 2.0: New weapons and development progress

News 12 comments

One more article about weapon updates and progress of development.

ABD MOD 2.0: Updates

ABD MOD 2.0: Updates

News 8 comments

Some portion of news, so you would know that ABR MOD 2.0 is alive and is in progress.

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ABR Mod - English Voices (Optional)

ABR Mod - English Voices (Optional)


If you want to play english voices. No NG is needed.

ABR Mod Low-Spec-Levels (Optional)

ABR Mod Low-Spec-Levels (Optional)

Patch 11 comments

Reskinned (Absolute Nature 2) vanilla levels for old PC's to maintain a better fps. If you had one of these - start the game with NOPREFETCH.cmd. (Works...

ABR Mod Patch v.1.2.2 10.01.19

ABR Mod Patch v.1.2.2 10.01.19

Patch 37 comments

10.01.2019 update: Just updated localization files so Spa, Fra, Ger, Ita languages could have their special symbols.



Full Version 81 comments

New overhaul mod for CoP. CHECK ABR MOD PATCH V.1.2 - NG IS NEEDED!!! DX10 DOESN"T WORK. Extract with 7zip.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 400)

any google drive link?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
alanberserkrose Creator

Nope. Wait for 2.0. It will be twice less size.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have installed this multiple times. Only some of it works. It doesn't look super nice and the lighting is totally flat and the sun is just a small circle with no effects. I have seen review videos of this mod and it looks totally different than what I am seeing, but it has changed some things, notably textures, grass, loading screen pics, and main menu. It is on DX9 on a clean install of the game and no other mods. Help plz <3

Gtx 1070
Fx 8350
16gb ram

The only thing I can think of is that somehow I am not actually on DX9. I clicked the enhanced lighting option that does not specify which API version it is using, so with process of elimination I assume that one is DX9, but as it doesnt explicitly say it I can't be certain.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
alanberserkrose Creator

Dunno, man.

I've tweaked weather, so it was not so dark like in vanilla or Atmosfear mod, and changed tint to more yellow from red. I didn't use new shaders or something, try vanilla game, may be something wrong with Stalker COP itself on your PC.

The best DX9 setup is Enhanced full dynamic lighting. Did you use user.ltx I gave with mod? Try to make some screenshots, it probably will show how game looks for you and may be I'll figure it out. I just dunno what could happen.

May be you just don't like graphics I've made, I don't like COP's reshade that some mods use, a matter of taste after all. Check screenshot section, may be there is no problem after all.

P.S. I remember only how somebody said that weather on Zaton looked bad and has bad lighting. But I'm totally ok with that, so as I've said - a matter of taste.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

can't play it mouse is not working tried to alt tab but that didn't fix it. what am i doing wrong?

edit: i fixed it by typing input__exclusive_mode 0 in the console

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

I'll add it in troubleshooting section in ReadMe. Thanks.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi i would like to know if ABR mod 2.0 will work with directx10 and direxctx11, best regards
pd: very nice mod!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Hello. Didn't test DX10 and DX11, in theory they will be working but image is better on DX9 anyway. There will be no 64 bit engine, since I have nobody to do it. Engine is old and has its limits, I don't believe in reincarnation of X-Ray Engine anyway.


Reply Good karma+2 votes

Know that even if you did not succeed in music production you DID succeed in making the most beautiful and immersive mod for CoP. And you already achieved that in version 1.1! 2.0 will blow everyones mind.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Thank you! :) it's a pleasure to hear such kind words. I'm glad that there are people which share my point of view on Stalker COP.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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