DCI: Last Alliance is the independent sequel to Dúnedain Counter Invasions: Tôl Acharn and is a WIP (Work In Progress) submod to Third Age: Total War.
For faction previews, see below (click READ MORE)

Take the role as Gil-galad, last High-king of the Noldor, or Elendil, High-king of the Númenóreans in exile, as they rally Elves and honourable Men into the League which is called the Last Alliance, at the end of the Second Age.
The counter-invasion Tôl Acharn, 'Vengeance Comes', allow you to move mighty hosts against the Dark Lord.
Strenghten the cause of the League if you wish to, as the indomitable Durin IV of Khazad-dûm or as the brave riders of Rhovanion (using DCI mechanic).

Unless you instead fulfill the will of Sauron? Unleash the hunger of Orcs and wolves, be the warlord over the Easterlings, command the savage natives of Eriador to recapture their homelands or reign as a Black Númenórean lord at the head of the grim Haradrim, in the Invasion of the West.

Will the Men of the Mountain be loyal to the Númenóreans or become the Oathbreakers? The choice is yours.


Official thread, at Total War Center
French fan thread, at MundusBellicus
Our Polish friends cover our progress here

Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics in short

The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the M2 Jihad-feature renamed; just as TATW have the "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture 'Hosts of the West' [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will. The uniqe DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporary join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.

Features examples:

  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era * Video *
  • New battle map settlements * Preview#1 * #2 * #3 * #4 *
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens, units cards) * Preview faction symbols *
  • Extensive new rosters and unit models
  • All new unit stats, prices and recruitment system
    (Fleet units here)
  • Custom prominent genrals on the battlefield like Elendil, Elrond, Galadriel etc.
  • New buildings
  • New scripts (exemple: Tôl Acharn script, Immortal Nazgûl, the One Ring-events)
  • Palantirii, truely useful palantirs, now without drawbacks, and Galadriel's Mirror * Video *
  • Extensive AoR system for the Númenórean Kingdoms, and corruption-balancing for them, the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm and the Kingdom of Lindon
  • Ample lore credibility * Background overlook *
  • etc, etc

Playable Factions:

League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

Invasion, Tôl Acharn or neither depending on player choice (Oathbreaker, Oathkeeper or neutral Middle-men)

Active team: Ngugi, Witwhnar, Araval, Earl of Memory, Veteraan, xHolyCrusader, misteed, Louis Lux/Van_louis and AugustusNocturnis

As for all our esteemed former companions, the freelancers and other contributors, see our official page.

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As thanks to all who made us an Upcoming Mod-candidate and supported us thereafter, the DCI team presents

Lindon Lords II

The Kingdom of Lindon once held dominion over Eriador from the Mountains to the Sea, and Wandering Companies still traverse the land at at their leasure. The stronghold known as Imladris ward Eriador from intrusion and has done so ever since Eregion's fall centuries ago.
Lindon was founded by refugees from Beleriand when the Second Age dawned, and here mingle Nandor and Sindar Elves under the Noldor.

Click on images to see full size

Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod

What is known about Gildor Inglorion comes from his customs and own accounts.
He is a High Elf of the Noldor, and presenting himself as being of the House of Finrod, we might discern that he was living under the household of Finrod Felgaund, king of Nargothrond in Beleriand, in the First Age.

The country by the Gulf of Lhûn had of old been named Lindon by the Noldor, and this name it bore thereafter. Many of the Eldar who did not cross the Sea to Valinor when the Second Age began settled there, lingering, unwilling yet to forsake Middle-earth where they had fought and laboured long. Gil-galad was their king.

Gildor travel with the Wandering Companies through Eriador; singing the praise of Elbereth Gilthoniel, even the mighty Ringwraiths warily turn away, and the shadows of evil flee.

In the forest of the region of Woody End (that in the Third Age became the eastern part of the Shire) the Wandering Companies has a campground. On three sides the woods press upon it; but eastward the low lands lie dim and flat under the stars.

Even in the face of mortal danger Gildor is of good hope, as he says "Courage is found in unlikely places".
The Companies act as eyes and ears on their travels, and can quickly get message to Imladris or Lindon at need. Gildor Inglorion himself has wisdom to perceive both truth and reason from small pieces of information.

But wisdom also makes him careful with advice. Elves seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill. Yet he will for friendship’s sake give it, if earnestly asked.

Gildor Inglorion is made by Araval.
Gildor is based on the work by Louis Lux, Bilwit and Arthalion.

Elrond Half-elven, Vice-regent of Lindon

Elrond and his twin brother Elros were born in Beleriand some sixty years before the First Age ended.
His parents were Eärendil the Mariner and Elwing; each descended from both Elves and Men, and therefore the sons were known as Half-elven.

Eärendil father was the human Tuor, the cousin of Túrin Turambar. His mother was Idril, daughter of Turgon of Gondolin, son of Fingolfin, son of Finwë, kings of the Noldor.
Elwing was the grand-daughter of the human hero Beren and Lúthien Tinúviel, the Elven heroine who became mortal out of love. Lúthien's father was the Sindar High King Thingol of Doriath, while her mother was Melian, a divine Maiar spirit, kin of the Valar.

The Valar may not withdraw the gift of death, which comes to Men, but in the matter of the Half-elven the sons of Eärendil were given choice of their own destiny.
Elrond chose to remain with the Firstborn, and to him the life of the Firstborn was granted. Elros chose to live, and finally die, with Men, and founded the royal house of the Númenóreans.
From these brethren alone has come among Men the blood of the Firstborn and a strain of the spirits divine that were before the world.

In Lindon Elrond became close to his distant kinsman Gil-galad, and supported the rejection of Annatar, a stranger that appeared about year 1200, and who later was revealed to be Sauron.

Sauron set out to invade Eriador in 1695 to capture the Rings of Power. When news of this reached Gil-galad he sent out a force under Elrond Half-elven. Sauron made at once for the realm of Eregion in the east of Eriador, Mordor's hosts were to powerful to be stopped and Eregion was destroyed in 1697.

Elrond had gathered such a few of the Elves of Eregion as had escaped, but he had no force to withstand the onset of Sauron's host. He would indeed have been overwhelmed had not Sauron host been attacked in the rear by a force of Dwarves from Khazad-dûm, and with them came Elves of Lórinand led by Amroth.

Elrond was able to extricate himself, but he was forced away northwards, and he established a refuge and stronghold at Imladris (Rivendell).

In 1700 Sauron had mastered all Eriador, save only besieged Imladris and the Grey Havens that Gil-galad and some Númenórean allies were holding in desperate defence.
Then in the very nick of time the hosts of Númenor landed and Sauron's main force was defeated. The army that was besieging Imladris was caught between Elrond and Gil-galad, and utterly destroyed. Eriador was cleared of the enemy, but lay largely in ruins.

At this time the first White Council was held, and it was there determined that an Elvish stronghold in the east of Eriador should be maintained at Imladris rather than in the ruined Eregion. At that time also Gil-galad gave Vilya, the Blue Ring, to Elrond, and appointed him to be his vice-regent in Eriador.

Reaching the War of the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age, Elrond would in latter days retell:
'I remember well the splendour of their banners... It recalled to me the glory of the Elder Days and the hosts of Beleriand, so many great princes and captains were assembled. ...
I was the herald of Gil-galad and marched with his host. I was at the Battle of Dagorlad before the Black Gate of Mordor, where we had the mastery: for the Spear of Gil-galad and the Sword of Elendil, Aiglos and Narsil, none could withstand. I beheld the last combat on the slopes of Orodruin...'


Elrond is made by Louis Lux / Van_louis
Credits for Elrond; Razor- eldar base 3d model and texture. Yarrum - sword and legs 3d model. Lu Bü - head and hands 3d model.

Humble thanks to all who supported us!

Preview: Gil-galad and Cirdan

Preview: Gil-galad and Cirdan

News 17 comments

This is the preview of Lindon's general Cirdan and High king Gil-galad, in DCI: Last Alliance.

Preview: Galadriel

Preview: Galadriel

News 12 comments

This is the preview of Galadriel, a governor or general of Lothlórien, in DCI: Last Alliance.

Video: Lothlórien

Video: Lothlórien

News 2 comments

This is the preview video of the Elven realm of Lothlórien, a faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

Video: Rhovanion

Video: Rhovanion

News 5 comments

This is the preview video of the Northmen of Rhovanion, a faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 905)

I've just made a rapid count: only the biggest faction are missing a preview video ^^!! Lindon, Numenorean Kingdoms and Mordor.

They must be the most difficult ones to be completed!

Btw I wish you all good luck for the final steps of this mod (I suppouse) ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

I hope all the love and creativity you wonderful folks have put into this mod pays off, I'm just dying to play with these awesome looking generals, and the amazing mod that is DCI: Last Alliance. May 2019 be a great year for all of you guys, and I hope that not only do you come out swinging with this one (which I know you will :) ) But you go on to make mods and projects bigger and better than ever (no to say that this mod isn't gorgeous enough).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Ngugi Creator

Hat off to you, DeadDingoMax, and for a splendid 2019

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Man I can't wait to get my hands on this, by any chance is there a release date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

And we look foreward to when you might as well!
A date? Nothing so specific, no. Here's something for while you're waiting though: Youtube.com

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hahaha, hope he likes it xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ngugi Creator

I'm a terrible human being x)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Happy new year!
It is me, Hovland89! My name was Hovland89 gone account in Moddb.
R.I.P Hovland89!
Now my new reset account called KingOfSigmar89!
I beloved developers your mod is very successful!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Ngugi Creator

May 2019 be good, KingOfSigmar89 formerly known as Hovland89!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Happy new year, beloved developers!

At the dawn of 2019, I cannot wait to see the last preview videos ^^

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