Regional Mod in the Witcher Universe, chose your Clan and become a King Of Skellige!

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This mod is a remake of my old mod with the same name which was released in 2020, this is a regional small mod, about Skellige Islands in Witcher universe.

Story of the mod

In 1268, King Bran had become a feeble old man, he cant even recognize his vassals and issuing irrational commands. His wife Birna was weaving intrigues around him, colluding behind his back with the Nilfgaardians. The jarls were tired of the old king.

The first to rebel was Madman Lugos, who sought to place his offspring on the throne. Aligning with Clan Dimun, he attacked the lands of Clan an Craite, sparking a bloody and destructive war among the clans. Many smaller clans suffered from this conflict. Eventually, tired of the tyranny of both sides, these smaller clans began forming alliances to protect their lands.

Sensing weakness in the Tuirseachs, Harald an Tordarroch proclaimed himself king, immediately entering into conflict with Clan Brokvar. Clan Brokvar, despite Bran's weakened rule, remained loyal to the king for a long time. But after Bran failed to quell the uprising, they renounced their allegiance, leading to a brutal war over the islands near Spikeroog with the Tuirseachs, and over the islands around Undvik with the Tordarrochs.

Unexpectedly, Svanrige entered the fray. Everyone had considered him a mama's boy, incapable of independent decisions. However, he proved otherwise. Learning of his mother's collusion with the Nilfgaardians, Svanrige immediately ordered the Warriors of Yngvar's to arrest her and throw her into one of the Tuirseach dungeons. He also ordered the execution of all her supporters. Since Birna's imprisonment, Svanrige has ruled An Skellige on behalf of his father. He summoned the jarls to Yngvar's Fang to affirm their loyalty. Unfortunately, only Crach an Craite, bound by kinship to the Tuirseachs, and Donar an Hindar showed up. The latter, angered by Svanrige's speeches about the need for a monarchy like the continental kingdoms, left Yngvar's Fang and began to fight against the Tuirseachs.

Skellige was awash with blood. Bran had died a week ago, and the struggle for power had crossed all conceivable boundaries. Who will emerge victorious in this battle?



First faction - Clan An-Craite is ready

medieval2 2024 02 11 05 08 19 06

medieval2 2024 02 11 05 09 13 39

medieval2 2024 02 11 05 10 45 24

More screenshots you can find in images section

Mod is in active development.

Developer of the mod:Valyrian Legionnaire

Guest - - 689,321 comments

when probably it will be done?

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Valyrian_Legionnaire Creator
Valyrian_Legionnaire - - 171 comments

End o this month i think,but as worst scenarion start of may

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,321 comments

I love Svaringe so much, can't wait

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BagaturKhan - - 7,874 comments

Good luck with this project!

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