DCI: Last Alliance is a WIP submod for Third Age: Total War, focused on the War of the Last Alliance in the Second Age of Middle-earth. Elendil's and Gil-galad's hosts march against the full might of Sauron.

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This is a sneak peak of one of the new units for Mordor.

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the Black Land, is the realm of Sauron the Dark Lord. Since the end of the first millennium of the Second Age he has made this his stronghold, here the tower of Barad-dûr is risen and in the fierce fires of Orodruin, Mount Doom, at the plateau of Gorgoroth, he forged his Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all.In the east and south, where the Eldar held no guard nor shed light on lies, most Men came under his dominion, to them Sauron is both king and god; and they fear him exceedingly, for he surround his abode with fire. He built his strength further by gathering Orcs, beasts and evil things that survived in the world since Morgoth's reign.
In the middle of the Second Age he made war upon the Elves to capture the Great Rings, but was thwarted as Gil-galad gained help from Númenor, and this settled Sauron's great hatred for the Men of the West. As the Númenóreans returned to Middle-earth and established realms therein he bided his time, and deviant Númenórean settlers came into his service.In the 33th century his strength was so great that he declared himself the King of Men and pushed the Númenóreans to the coast. This Ar-Pharazon, king of Númenor, took as a challenge of war, and so mighty was his response that Sauron's forces dared not face it, and Sauron himself surrendered to the Dúnedain host in 3262. But they were deceived, because Sauron used his captivity to enter the Land of Gift and gave the final mortal guidance, in the Númenóreans long fall from grace.
After Ilúvatar sank Númenor into the sea for its wicked sins, in 3319, Sauron's disembodied spirit returned to Mordor and reincarnated slowly, while reestablishing control over his scattered domain. In 3429 hate and confidence lead the Dark Lord to assult and capture the fortress of Minas Ithil in east Gondor, the neighbouring Dúnedain kingdom ruled by surviving lords of Númenor, Isildur and Anárion, sons of Elendil. Sauron's intent is to utterly and finally destroy all opposition to his rule over the world. The War of the Last Alliance has begun.


Even before the wars with Morgoth begun in the First Age, evil creatures came to Beleriand, from the uncharted east and south. Some were wolves, or creatures that walked in wolf-shapes, and since that time chill has grasped the heart of all free folks who hear howling in the dark of the night.
Sauron, Morgoth's Lieutenant, was a sorcerer of dreadful wisdom and might, master of shadows and of phantoms, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, a lord of werewolves, fell beasts inhabited by dreadful spirits that he had imprisoned in their bodies. Fighting Huan, the wolfhound of Valinor, Sauron himself once took the guise of a werewolf, but was defeated.
Most prominent among their breed were Draugluin, lord and sire of the werewolves of Angband, and Carcharoth, the The Red Maw, who raised by Morgoth became the greatest wolf to ever threaten Middle-earth. Of all the terrors that came ever into Beleriand ere Angband's fall the rage of Carcharoth, slayer of Beren the great, was the most dreadful, until he was defeated by Huan, who also was slain in that renowned battle.
In Middle-earth today no beasts close to Carcharoth roam the vales or forests, yet dread echoes across the lands as Sauron send his werewolves, larger than any other wolves, out to track down and devour his foes.
A tireless pack unit, Gaurhoth in the Sindarin tongue, with leathal charge. They put fear into the enemy, and excel at flank attacks and countering enemy cavalry.

Credits: Unit by Araval. Original wolves by Briarius.


Quite interesting on the lore parts too...

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Ngugi Author

Glad to hear, as friend on TWC commented upon: "Nicely done, you are going to make us all Tolkien lore scholars, whether we "wants" it or not.", which I hope shall be a unlooked for but appriciated feature of the game, to the extent the lore provides :)

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Ngugi Author

News has been updated, sorting out grammatical errors, layout & typos

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