Dark Interval is a restoration/revision mod that lets you play Half-Life 2 as it could have been: with custom maps, new voiced dialogue, new models and textures, all based on Valve's early concepts. The mod is released in episodes, the most recent being Dark Interval: Part I - an intro chapter to the bigger story.

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boris59 says

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Generally a very nice mod, especially since it has a few fresh ideas and a good story for a mod.

However, the level design could use some improvement imho. There are quite a few dead ends that take time to explore, with no reward for the player whatsoever. In other mods you can find additional loot or a nice vista or something. Second, a few levels involve quite a bit of walking with nothing happening on the way. Those passages could also be a bit shorter - or filled with a few distractions on the way. And some of the levels are not very detailed, they look quite empty and thus unbelievable.

In general I still look forward to the next parts, as I'd really like to see the story unfold further.


Blue199 says

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It's ok. My only problem is that maps are hard to navigate around, most of the time the least obvious path turns out to be the one you have to take, while a lot of other corridors/streets/etc. eventually lead to a dead end. It wouldn't be so annoying if it wasn't for the player's moving speed.
At one point in the sewers I ended up stuck for a couple of minutes, first because a vortigaunt that followed me run into a dead end after me and couldn't leave. Then I was searching for the exit, which was hidden in the ceiling in one of the (supposed) side areas.
Surprisingly I didn't have a lot of serious problems with it, fighting a poison zombie using only a stunstick was ok, there were not many loading sreens, but near the end i got stuck in the wall, also in the appartment you can follow the staircase to the point where you end up pretty much outside the map.
My advise: for next chapter try making maps smaller, or give us the HEV suit already ;)


EnZuLian says

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The revamped maps look nice and for a mod created by a few people in their spare time it's pretty good.

Compared to other mods out there however there were quite a few issues I had while playing, ranging from getting stuck, having to play this entire first chapter (which includes combat) without any flashlight/sprint indicators (and health/ammo too if it wasn't for the crosshair), confusing level layouts not knowing where to go or what the devs expect you to do (thanks for not telling me the windows inside the Borealis required you to break them with objects wasting 10 minutes of my time trying to find an alternative route), pressing "E" to mount/dismount ladders and getting a prompt to do so EVERY time, endless scenes of waiting for your NPC ally to arrive to open a door for you, essential NPC's being killable (all they need is a bump to the head with a wrench to make them go ape and fly across the room) etc.

As usual I'm not giving this a 10/10 just so the devs can feel good, that rating is reserved for VERY special mods that make me feel like I'm playing a AAA title and with the problems I encountered during my playthrough and the feeling that these maps were simply made to "look good and beta-like" without any thought put into the gameplay a 6 is what I consider this mod deserves at most at this time.


grihajedy says

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(Episode 1 v.1.1)
Half-life 2: Noir version without Alyx. Very boring gameplay because of the large and empty locations, the unique atmosphere is not felt, but overall not bad, it's interesting to look at an alternative version of the same plot, waiting to continue.
Half-life 2: Нуар без Аликс. Очень скучный геймлпей из-за огромный и пустых локаций, уникальной атмосферы не чувствуется, но в целом не плохо, интересно смотреть альтернативную версию того же сюжета, жду продолжения.


Tleno says

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A recreation of Half-Life 2 early development story that strikes a (in my opinion) fine balance between reinterpretation of patchwork of early story elements of varying quality and staying true to Valve's old vision.

The environments are very cool, have an interesting combination of old brush map-heavy environments and more modern visual effects like reflections, without looking like some unholy ENB-ladden remaster with everything overflowing with bloom and blur. Atmosphere is pretty cool, while it's hard to create a coherent aesthetic from all the fragments of original story, this mod succeeds at it way better than any other.

Of course there are major issues. There are some absolutely ugly transitions between areas, with black-outs, which I hope will be removed. There are some invisible walls. Unclear scenes where I had to abuse noclip instead of bothering to figure out an inane puzzle. Also characters don't move their lips - could at least have used gasmasks as seen in beta iterations where combine were meddling with atmosphere.

So far this is a walking simulator with some shooting gallery scenes using a single weapon at best. The environments are cool and really worth taking a moment to examine every nook and cranny of this more dystopian version of HL2, but polish and gameplay-wise this is weak.


LambdaGames22 says

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Hezus says

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As a huge Half-life fan I always love to see projects like these: bringing old content to life! Dark Interval gives you a peek into 'what could have been' if Valve continued on the path of the earlier drafts of the HL2 scripts. I own the book 'Raising the Bar' and recognised quite a bit of the artwork in this MOD.

Let's cover the artwork first: many of the outside areas are really well done. I enjoy that gloomy industrial feeling the authors have created here. There is quite a lot of space around you (which is very unlike HL). A few of the highlights can also be found inside, but some of the inside areas could use some visual improvements. Pretty often corridors and rooms you pass through are just empty boxes with props in it and I've even encountered rooms with just 1 texture all around. Quite the eyesore on an otherwise well done job.

While I'm allowed to complain: It's DARK! I've set my screen to the optimal gamma settings but still I have to resort to the flashlight a LOT! The mod could really benefit from some extra light.

Then the gameplay.. or rather the lack thereof. Dark Interval feels more like a scenic tour than an actual game to me. There is hardly any action and storywise it's quite bland. A few vital NPC's (lacking proper choreographed scenes) tell you where to go but all other characters are mute and inactive. I did enjoy touring around for a while but once Barney told me the metropolice were on to me, I imagined the game would pick up the pace. Yet, the combine still stare at me as if I was a regular person. A few good chase scenes (like HL2 did in the residential areas) would be good.

As I said, areas often look nice, but lack the dynamics to be really convincing. I hoped to see more life (such as the combine military parade or the dementors going around burning stuff) in these maps! Add more puzzles, add more action!

One last thing you should REALLY adress are the transitions between areas. In 1998 Half-Life was one of the first 3D shooters to adapt a seamless game experience. Valve would never resort to 'fade to black' travel which you used frequently. In some cases I looked behind me and I couldn't even see where I originaly came from. It's really a sign of lazy design and doesn't do justice to an otherwise pretty well done MOD.


Re-synthesizer says

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"Dark Interval" has the makings of a very interesting and original HL2 mod with an original and unique setting.

Very annoyingly -- from the very beginning, I had to resort to a 'youtube' video walkthrough to figure out how to progress in this mod: At the very beginning, a ship arises out of the icebergs.....and once you walk upwards to the deck of the ship, there are 'seemingly' no doors or exits -- hence, you are stuck on the deck of the ship with nowhere to go... The 'you-tube' video walkthrough which I was FORCED immediately to resort to -- does show an exact point on the deck of the ship that you must walk to -- in order to 'transport' to a locale that would otherwise be inaccessible, which is somewhere INSIDE the ship.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION, RHYME OR REASON, that this aforementioned exact 'point' on the deck even exists; in other words, without resorting to the youtube walkthrough, it would've been impossible to figure out how to get off the 'deck' of the ship and how to progress to the next level.

Once inside the ship, very soon afterwards I found it necessary to use an 'all ammo' cheat to give me weapons -- as I was being attacked by spiders. There were no weapons to be found where the spiders were located. This was another big 'turn-off' and 'nuisance.' Also, there wasn't a functional flashlight, for as long as I played this mod inexplicably.

Towards the beginning of this mod, when you are required to 'stay low to sneak past the two guards,' -- once you do end up sneaking past them, a door that does open up in the 'youtube' walkthrough failed to open for me. I even used a 'noclip' cheat to enter the exact same door that is SUPPOSED to open up; but there was no passageway. Hence, this mod ended for me after only about 10 minutes due to a faulty script error.

In its present 'buggy' state, I rate 'Dark Interval' a dismal 2/10...
I don't understand how other people who played this mod didn't experience the same 'bugs' that I did -- if they didn't.


VXP says

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I love the atmosphere of this mod. Also such a nice mapping and lighting, very adds to a overall feel. Very nice maps made from scratch and based on HL2 beta maps. Definitely deserves a whole lot of screenshots and videos also :)


DmitRex says

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Четкий модик помню играл не мог остановиться, думал в тот самый халф лайф играю, а оказывается это четкая модификация от четкого поцана
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As of date, this is the most complete and well-done take on the old storyline. In addition, despite being the beginning of the game, there is plenty to offer in terms of gameplay. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapters

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