The goal of this mod is to make combat look more realistic while maintaining balance by adjusting squad cost and training speed. To determine how strong a unit or weapon is I consider how its described in the lore, how it looks ingame and its relative strength on the tabletop. Most units do not use squad or vehicle cap, and the few that are limited have a lore reason (like the leman russ vanquisher) or balance reason (artillery). - No squad limits on most units. - Dozens of new units. - The AI can use all the new units. - New AI profiles for all factions. - Campaign and multiplayer compatible. - Greater emphasis on macro-management and aggressive gameplay. - Knockdown is now very rare. - Better vehicle pathfinding. - Research removed. Each races traits are more pronounced, space marines are more elite, eldar are faster, imperial guard and orks are big horde armies, necrons are hard to kill but slow, tau still like their gunlines.

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v1.2 released


New features and fixes

Added many community made maps
added camera mod for greater zoom range
added new tactical marine, assault marine, and vanguard veteran models
fixed terminators appering grey in campign
bloodletter fx fixed
Lord of change fx fixed
rubric marine speed fixed
added chaos dreadclaw
aspiring sorcerers and the lord of change now fire magical bolts of energy that do 50 damage each
moved rhino back to machine cult
max generators halved, each generator now has twice as much cost, build time, and power generation, this will save some clicking without much impact on gameplay
increased bloodthirster flying speed to a normal level, it was far too slow
buffed shining spear laser lance
fire prism now has focused and dispersed fire modes
reduced scarab flying speed
shining spears now regenerate slowly when not in combat
shining spears are now heavy infantry
eldar jetbike and shining spears now have more space between squadmembers
eldar rangers now require the soul shrine
eldar banshees no longer require the soul shrine
smite damage reduced
doombolt damage reduced
improved ork ai
added necron pylon and sentry pylon
added tomb stalker
added lychguard
added deathmarks
Necron AI can build the new units
increased monolith health to 2000 from 1500
fixed monolith movement, it will now move and turn smoothly like a hovercraft
monolith now has unlimited jump distance
all necron infantry can now teleport to their buildings just like warriors
nightbringer now trains at the energy core
removed fog from multiplalyer maps
reduced lasgun damage vs heavy infantry vehicles and buildings
increased hellhound damage vs buildings
increased heavy bolter damage vs heavy infantry
increased burst cannon ap damage

Known issues
aspiring sorcerer warp time doesn't work
howling banshee scream will demoralize themselves
CSM untextured in campaign

Better patch notes

Better patch notes


I've decided to commit to making better patch notes.

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Cinematic Battles for Dark Crusade v 1.2

Cinematic Battles for Dark Crusade v 1.2

Full Version 3 comments

Added Necron units, many balance improvements and graphics fixes.

Cinematic Battles for dark crusade v1.1

Cinematic Battles for dark crusade v1.1

Full Version

Revamped ai, added new build plans and unit strengths ratings for most races.

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