The goal of this mod is to make combat look more realistic while maintaining balance by adjusting squad cost and training speed. To determine how strong a unit or weapon is I consider how its described in the lore, how it looks ingame and its relative strength on the tabletop. Most units do not use squad or vehicle cap, and the few that are limited have a lore reason (like the leman russ vanquisher) or balance reason (artillery). - No squad limits on most units. - Dozens of new units. - The AI can use all the new units. - New AI profiles for all factions. - Campaign and multiplayer compatible. - Greater emphasis on macro-management and aggressive gameplay. - Knockdown is now very rare. - Better vehicle pathfinding. - Research removed. Each races traits are more pronounced, space marines are more elite, eldar are faster, imperial guard and orks are big horde armies, necrons are hard to kill but slow, tau still like their gunlines.

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KyraAssDragoness says

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While new units and realistic damage sound appealing, the mod is unplayable.

I don't mind having realistic damage and units that easily die. After all, DoW2 has a nice balance between damage realism and fun, or the Blitzkrieg mod for CoH as well.

In this mod, infantry is utterly pointless. Most weapons will one-shot them, regardless of what unit it is. Felt strong with your marines in Vanilla ? Well, they're now as resilient as a paper sheet now.
By the time you figure they're under attack, by the time you select them and order to go back, they're already dead.

And no unit limit drives games into a blobspam shitfest.
Massive armies may work in games like Supreme Commander because everything is made for this, from pathfinding, formations to production automation. Here, you lost 10 squads in 6 seconds and a half, prepare to click 10 times in your barracks, select one by one your squads for weapon upgrade and leaders, and assign one by one an "external" squad leader. Why bother ? Make tanks, tanks, and even more tanks.
Ah, not exactly. Vanilla DoW already had some pathfinding issues with regular unit popcap. Now imagine with unlimited units.

Can't recommend the mod because it is too extreme. Ultimate Apocalypse has several game rules to reduce units HP and one of them seems fine for me : not too bullet-spongy, not too fragile.
Demons are supposed to be a nightmarish threat. They're now a joke and not a threat anymore. Actually, nothing supposed to be a threat is one anymore, from demons to super-heavy tanks.


TheFinalSeeker says

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Absolute banger of a mod, very fun and enjoyable. Has only a few bugs and issues that can easily be fixed (I think). One most annoying gameplay hangups I've been having as of late is against guard AI. Normally they're fine to play against until you get constantly spammed by their commander units ability to airstrike you anywhere on the map. To put it simply, it is not fun to play against. Doing a guard 1 v 1 v 1 you'll find yourself constantly targeted by this attack destroying your infantry units while they're in the middle of taking a point or standing around awaiting orders. This would not be so bad if for one, the enemy actually needed a line of sight on you to issue an airstrike; which they don't, and two, if they used these airstrikes on other AI enemies; which I also believe they do not. An issue like this would likely be fixed by adding a game rule that removes the ability for the enemy AI to use airstrike abilities, similer to "restriction: aircraft" game rule. One thing i'd also like to see added would be extra game rules. A couple I can think of right off the bat would definitely be "Auto Abilities" for people like myself that can't micromanage things like infantry throwing krak grenades and, something like an "infantry only" mode, or better yet, a few tier limiter game rules for when you want to see units of a certain tier hash it out. And one last thing i'd like to see more of that specifically relates to chaos is the use of renegades late into a match. I've noticed the AI will still use cultists instead of renegades later into matchs as scout units or whatever, when I think it would be a lot better if they bothered to use renegades more often. Anyway, thanks for the amazing mod that I've put many an hour into. I think I can safely say on behalf of another friend that also plays this mod is that we hope to see more updates for it soon.


itssimply says

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Really fun mod! Adds tons of units and makes battles feel much more realistic. No longer can a squad of guardsmen beat a squad of space marines but instead the guardsmen use their numbers to overwhelm and defeat the space marine. Works with campaign and is tons of fun.


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