Bannerpage tries to add where Native MBW is thin and aims to significantly improve areas in which game hasn't aged well. It creates more immersive experience for hardcore players, returners but also new, younger players. At the same time mod religiously protects game's core values - single player campaign balance and maintains Vanilla's scent. Bannerpage is a full conversion from Native back to Native. Overhauled graphics, distinctive/immersive factions, new animations, new well balanced items, new music, new sounds, new scenes, improved AI, neat UI, new game mechanics in areas that don't affect balance but significantly improve player's experience and many, many more. Mod gives player multiple new options in almost every situation and thus adds a lot to the game's depth. I am dedicating Bannerpage to my two sons as monument of their father's love. Greatest thanks goes to my wife for her patience, love and support during many hours spent in making this mod.

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BannerPage impressions by the Warband's YouTube legend REFORMIST.

Famous YouTube gamer PIXELATED APOLLO plays BannerPage serving King Ragnar

Main features.

  • Underground & Undercover Ops - build hideouts and hidden bases. Employ shady characters and play as Ali Baba and the forty thieves or go further and organize your private underground operation.
  • The King and The Beggar - allows player to choose from wide variety of campaign start options, all the way from the major Calradian faction leader, independent ruler, peasant rebellion leader, bandit leader ,.., all the way down to the barefooted and penniless beggar.
  • Ludus Calradius - main Arena in Calradia, compete against the best in following categories: jousting, roman gladiators, historical gladiators, or just watch the best fight each other and bet,
  • 20+ New Quests - Talk to the guild master, lords, ladies and village elders to receive these quests. Also, there is a quest given by each faction leader which is rewarded with a unique new weapon with skill bonuses. Talk to a king/queen when you reach level 10 to receive these quests. Be warned that these quests provide fairly stiff challenges
  • Diplomacy 4.3 - Kingdom Management
  • PBOD Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v.0.92.5 ( + all later non WSE updates added) - tactical options, important battle mechanics fixes, new commands and formations
  • Freelancer 1.6 (all known bugs fixed) - serve under any Lord as common soldier
  • Custom Commander (v.1397, some parts rewritten for better fit), level up your Companions faster by controlling them during battles, let AI control your character
  • Custom Troops (Player's Kingdom, carefully added/balanced item pools)
  • Tournament Play Enhancements 1.5 (expanded and factionized)
  • Duel Kit (rewritten code - added many new features) - Duel any Lord (improved AI)
  • Jousting (in Ludus or ask Swadian lord to duel)
  • Hunting (all across Calradia) - collect your trophies and make lucrative sale
  • New Recruitment System - 8 different ways (as realistic as it gets)
  • Camp Entrenchment (has meaning now - armies need to rest to remain fresh and maintain map speed)
  • Sea Trade, Sea faring and Sea Battles
  • Bridge Battles
  • Customizable Sparring Matches (separate from dueling)
  • Investment/Bank system Landowners/Moneylenders
  • Dark knight invasion (fully implemented, optional - player's choice)
  • Enslaving villagers - put them to work in Salt mine, make gold
  • Enhanced Trade (Trade Ledger, trade goods item modifiers, new commodities, new trade goods from hunting, sea trade)
  • Executing lords - as one of the outcomes of sending them to trial

User Interface

  • New reports (20+ neat reports, such as troop trees and all items list, dueling stats, Companions Overseer, Relation reports etc.)
  • In game manuals (explanation of main new features under "Game concepts" menu)
  • Extended Camp Action Menus - lot of new actions (Party Book-chest, Trade Ledger etc.)
  • Extensive settings - you can customize almost everything to suit your liking
  • HD campaign map and new icons (animals, lords, bandits, pine tree, castles, towns)
  • Custom Lord Notes (add your note on any lord)
  • Added controls, crouch, whistle for horse, spear bracing, deploy tower shield, shield bash etc. (check and redefine controls in-game)
  • Mouse death cam - Numpad death cam was replaced with mouse+arrow keys death cam
  • New Character Creation Screen
  • Expanded location UI notes (villages, towns)
  • Optional automated functions Auto-sell /Auto-buy / Auto-loot menus
  • Extended item descriptions
  • Book Library - Books are shared, Companions can learn too

Artificial Intelligence

  • Tweaked old and added new AI meshes (arenas and sieges)
  • Improved NPC Hero fighting AI - for a real Dueling challenge

Troops, skins and RPG elements

  • Extended Nobility Titles (Faction specific)
  • Dynamic Nobility Titles (they change in time depending on the Lord's current allegiance and holdings)
  • All faction troops - completely visually re-imagined, overhauled and now more distinctive but vanilla stats completely kept
  • 2 new fully lore integrated NPC companions Tin & Sven (with all dialogues and relationships)
  • Katrin is useful companion now - All Companions with Native Inventory Management skill over 2 got those points deducted and redistributed, Katrin benefited the most (Trade skill 5) , Rolf will now always recruit Sarranid troops
  • Medieval History inspired Mercenary Trees
  • 36 Different Carefully designed Mercenary Troops
  • Awol Historical Mercenary Parties who behave as bandits (Brigands, Routiers and Catalan Company)
  • Medieval History inspired Bandit Trees (all Native Bandits now come in 3 tiers)
  • 24 different Bandit Units
  • Medieval History inspired Faction Guards / Elite Troops (2x per faction) - recruit-able in towns
  • 10 Dark Knights Units in a special troop tree
  • 20 Dark Knights Nobles led by their Queen (by default they don't invade)
  • All New Banners - recognizable faction characteristics design, history inspired
  • Unique Combat and Civil outfits for each Lord (Factionized)
  • Lords wear Cloaks in Faction Colors or Heraldic Cloaks
  • Unique weapon and armor sets for each Lord to complement new dueling mod (Factionized)
  • Dynamic Outfits for Ladies loosely based on their character (Factionized)
  • New Faces (Factionized - Racial) - carefully chosen combo of multiple facepacks
  • Unique Faces (Factionized) - many characters got hand made redesign like Ragnar (image attached)
  • No double Faces - all young ladies have different face, some are beauties some are not
  • Top-tier-troop can be promoted to a Hero (after they have many, many battles survived)
  • New Npcs in taverns with many unique roles (Pro Recruiters, Black Market Merchants, Trainers ...)
  • Wife can become Party member and ride with you (fixed, now she never goes nuts)
  • Wife can be dressed (equipped) as companion buy her luxury dresses (or arm her)
  • 4 NPC gang leaders - with Gang Management options - Hidden Base staff

Scenes and scene props:

  • New Castles (all are completely different now and architecture has faction characteristics, roughly matched map icons)
  • Improved Siege scenes (AI movement tested and tweaked)
  • Optimized and Polished Landscapes Mod (carefully scene by scene added - bugfixed, all lods created for faster loading - better FPS)
  • Random Scene Generation - rewritten - used Polished Landscapes Mod flora as base
  • Polished Buildings Mod (all Swadian and Vaegir towns completely overhauled)
  • 54 different Skyboxes, moving Sun, time clock
  • New Terrain Borders designed to work with New Expanded horizons
  • Expanded horizons, added in multiple layers and shaders applied to create right illusion
  • Arena Overhaul Mod ( + new objects added, + new and tweaked AI meshes)
  • 3 Completely new Arenas (Suno as Calradia's Tournaments Capital, Narra and Halmar designed to accommodate horseback fights better)
  • Training Fields Mod
  • All coastal villages now have beach
  • New Flora (added more variety Sarranid lands)
  • New AI meshes
  • Salt mine - (leave and rent out your slaves there or buy cheapest salt in the Realm)
  • Live Taverns - musicians, people drinking, bartender new dialogues, new important Npcs
  • Moving watermills and windmills
  • Ludus Calradius with lot of new interiors and exteriors

Music - Completely overhauled and expanded:

  • SRing ambient sound tracks mod (Campaign map, town, village)
  • Battle music - multiple factions specific tracks
  • Duel music - multiple factions specific tracks
  • Castle music - multiple factions specific tracks
  • Bandit culture - different bandits have different sets of battle music (with variations), meaning totally different tracks will now play when you face sea-riders compared to what will be played when
  • 100+ new carefully chosen copyright free or rights received tracks
  • BannerPage main music theme: Celtic Music - Warrior - composed by Filip Lackovic
  • Lady meetings have music background
  • Added ambient sounds in Hunting scenes
  • Added ambient sounds in Walk around scenes


  • More metal sound Mod
  • Sounds of Suffering Mod
  • Added new sounds, expanded repetitive palettes

New animations:

  • All carefully chosen and tested to either improve functionality or immersion or both
  • Decapitation - when large cutting damage is applied on someones neck
  • Polearm Bracing
  • Shield Bash
  • Slingshot - perfected sling (not staff sling) set of animations
  • 1H Spear - considerably improved shield and spear animations
  • 1H and 2H overhead spear animation
  • 1H greatsword horseback thrust
  • thrown weapon ALT animation sets
  • Throw Grenade
  • Crouch animations
  • Throw Boleadora (Bola)
  • Throw gladiator net
  • Pike standing, walking and runing animations,
  • New Death and Stand animations,
  • Crossbow reload animation (crossbowman is more protected during reload)
  • Tavern animations

Uncut - 1 vs many with only sling, shield and spear

1969 Items:

  • New Books (Companions can now learn too, Party Book chest)
  • Merchant's Trade Ledger (keeps logs on trade changes, based on your past inquires and transactions)
  • Treasure chests revived (samurai sets back AND 25+ new hidden treasure chests added, over 70 unique items, FIND them!)
  • Factionized Shops (to aquire some things you will have to travel)
  • Carefully Balanced Item Modifiers, price and shop spawn probability
  • Improved Trade Goods (now have item modifiers too)
  • Armorer and Weaponsmith can repair items
  • Horse Merchant can make horse timid (-1 riding skill requirement)
  • Bugfixed Native items (wrong textures swapped and correct shaders applied)
  • Retxtured Native items and brought back to life
  • Hundreds if not thousands of new/tweaked textures to develop visual identities and to make everything blend together well
  • Ale, Wine, Date-fruit are food and give morale bonuses now
  • Lumber is a new commodity
  • Crowns - get Crown with leadership bonus when becoming a faction leader
  • Quest Items give skill bonuses

New Mounts (carefully designed both visually and stat wise)

  • Historically and geographically inspired 13 x Horse Breeds
  • 18 different 3D mount models - factionized according to historical breeds
  • In more than 200 variants, different/realistic skins and coats/ barded & caparisoned
  • Added Meek (+3 speed) to horse item modifiers
  • Bactrian and Dromedary Camels (horses fear camels, some breeds don't)
  • War Elephants, Asian and African (horses fear elephants)

New Weapons, Shields, Armor

  • Thoughtfully added to fit within preset max and min values, aim to add functional variety
  • No meaningless doubles or OPs
  • Slings - come with new weapon proficiency
  • Medieval grenades (Naft and Greek Fire)
  • Flaming/explosive arrows
  • NO firearms
  • Heraldic deployable pavise (Tower shield)
  • Many, many new heraldic items (most of them are dirty and sun bleached though :)
  • Chu Ko Nu - semi automatic crossbow
  • Boleadora thrown blunt weapon (gladiator net uses same mechanic)

Minor features and Tweaks

  • New buildings:
  1. Blacksmith - refills defender's ammo supply (player included) every minute during a defensive siege and weapons are repairable
  2. University - build it to increase and spread knowledge in your name. Increases your renown and improves town's relation standing every week
  3. Guild Hall - build it to please the merchant community and engage in trade enterprises. increases the town prosperity every week
  4. Palisade - a simple wooden wall around the village that helps protect from enemies. The time that it takes enemies to loot the village is now increases by 25%.
  5. Granary - increases village prosperity
  • NPC lords build improvements
  • Begging as beggar in towns - start from the very bottom is possible
  • Working hard as a farmer in villages
  • Bribing and Extortion of village elders
  • Prostitution in Swadian and Rhodok towns
  • Recruiting Farmers and Peasant woman (if in role of Rebellion Leader)
  • Recruiting Bandits (through Hidden Base and underground staff menus)
  • Killing regular troops or throwing them in chains
  • Killing regular prisoners or recruiting them as per your choice
  • Multiple ways of selling / renting out prisoners
  • Always choose side when joining battles (fixed)
  • Shield Bash depends on shield skill and shield weight, to shield bash you need at least shield 1
  • Hero escape probability is now based on party Tracking skill, higher skill lower chance
  • Party Looting skill level has now direct impact on raid loot amount
  • Player and Companions Battle Kills Counter - Post Battle Screen
  • Reduced Lord's defecting probability
  • Random events
  • Companion Bodyguards/Escorts
  • New dialogue options with the shop owners, tavern keepers, village elders and arena masters.
  • More mercenaries in taverns
  • New Npcs in taverns (spec item traders, trainers, recruiters etc.)
  • Kings will give the player a gift when they pledge
  • Equip Player's Faction Lord via dialogue menu
  • Companion export/import function added
  • Player can now besiege fiefs with neutral relation standing
  • Village raids can be aborted
  • Towns & villages prosperity tuned | fief income/rents changes [to make defending it worth]
  • Bonus for player and AI troop size in relative to title and holdings
  • The player can end his mercenary contract by speaking to liege
  • Removed the impossibility to get a quest from an village elder
  • The player can now always ask the guild master for a new quest
  • Increased renown required to become a vassal
  • All Castle/Towns Garrisons now get small amount of elite unit reinforcements
  • The player can change the color of his faction via action menu
  • Change banner anytime
  • Added ability to walk around without the cheat menu enabled
  • Added option to change your party's name
  • Added option to change your kingdom's color and name (many colors in palette)
  • Blood Enhancement Tweaks
  • Get renown for killing a Hart (male deer with large horns- antlers)
  • Native Quest and Dialogue Bugfixes

CHANGELOG from 1.3

You can reward BannerPage by
making one time donation here:

100% safe transaction


Installation is fairly simple. You download the file(archive) and then use WinRar or 7zip to unpack it. Either you unpack it directly in your Modules folder or anywhere else and then cut it and paste in your Modules folder. Beware, if you have unpacked it in folder named as the archive then you need to get the folder inside called BannerPage and cut/paste that one in your Modules folder. Repeat the same with any updates, check for updates here. Start it as you'd start any other mod. Please note BannerPage does NOT use WSE, nor is supported.


  1. (in Video Options) Disable HDR and Auto-exposure. Mod has its own solution. Disable it before starting to play, if you do it afterwards it may create some unwanted visual effects, in that case just quit WB and relaunch it. Turn everything else ON and max it out. If you need to lower something t in order to increase performance, do it in this order, first lower the number of rag dolls than the number of corpses and in the end only if you must anti-aliasing.
  2. Read Game Concepts - accessible through Campaign Map / Notes - most importantly study a new recruitment system
  3. MAC & Linux users - If experiencing problems, please check EXTRAS folder included in the BannerPage folder and seek solution there
  4. Turn OFF Cheat Mode - Mod is very resource hungry. If you have it ON, use it on pause, don't run more than few in game hours.


  1. For interesting Hunting experience and challenging Duels Combat AI has to be put on at least Good.
  2. Tournament mod default preset is to match faction culture. So armors, helmets, weapon choices, horses - are first faction and then arena specific (because horses are on larger fields, archers require natural shields et) It is recommended that you leave it this way.
  3. You may also consider getting something called 4GB patch, google for it and decide yourself
  4. Some UI parts are only available in English so for the best experience play in English
  5. MUSIC turn it ON. Best way to adjust right volume is to move it up until you are able to hear winds blowing while wandering on the Campaign Map. See sound tuning guide below.
  6. For those who go beyond Warband's max battle size limit of 150, recommended values are in-between 250 and 450 depending on your rig. Whatever you decide make sure you set the same in PBOD options. Please check EXTRAS folder included in the BannerPage folder.
  7. Set the same "Battle size" in PBOD options (accessible through Camp menu on Campaign Map) as you've set in Main options (or file itself for experienced users only).

Detailed Mod sound tuning guide:

To set up the sound properly first turn music off, then go in any arena and practice. Tune main sound bar until loudness is satisfactory to your ear. Then go on the Campaign map and turn a music ON. If any music track is playing wait till it stops or it becomes ambient sound. Then travel on the campaign map and turn up only a music bar until you can clearly hear winds.

Warband compatibility:

  • 1.174 - current
  • backwards compatibility 1.168


  • XXL battle tools with instructions
    • Quantity plugin with instructions (less plant variation, lower plant population density,lower plant detail, smaller random scenes)
    • Quality plugin with instructions (default setting)
  • Font alternatives with instructions
  • Mac and Linux support with instructions
  • Player Kingdom Titles switch with instructions

Your help is highly appreciated.

Uncut battle shot.4 years old rig, running OBS screen capturing software in the background.

330 Battle size adjusted with tools provided in EXTRAS folder.

Video Settings as in Recommendations below. HDR and Auto-Exposure Off.

Everything else maxed out. Corpses 10, Rag Dolls 5.


BANNERPAGE is not OSP, that especially refers to BannerPage assets, which are easier to grab,

every single item or scene prop was touched and very often reworked, model, shaders, textures, mip maps, vertex colors, vertex animations, rigging, LODs...You can ask though, send a PM.

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BannerPage 2.2

BannerPage 2.2

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BannerPage 2.0

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... AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE ... BannerPage already had a great reception and BannerPage 2.0 is expanding and improving BannerPage in every possible way.

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BannerPage QUANTITY Plugin Updated to 2.0

BannerPage QUANTITY Plugin Updated to 2.0


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BannerPage QUALITY Plugin Updated to 2.0

BannerPage QUALITY Plugin Updated to 2.0


This plugin is by default installed and delivered with BannerPage core installation. It is here for your convenience itf you want to revert from QUANTITY...

BannerPage 2.1

BannerPage 2.1

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 676)

Great mod, the only 1 thing i dont like is the campaign map stamina. Too realistic to stop every day when ai parties have infinite stamina and you also get fatigued when doing forced fastforward on map because of a quest or task.

Otherwise really looking forward to the next new mod, except for graphics wb with mods like this still rival bannerlord. Wb shine with tons of tiny minor things fixed like this. I have a few ideas, i will keep for later.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GorillaGuerrilla Creator

You can enable/disable "Campaign map fatigue" as you please in mod options. AI lords aren't affected because if they would campaign balance would be severely altered.

Graphics are debatable. Bannerpage has vastly improved graphics in all aspects when compared to Native. Yes in Bannerlord tree leafs move, horse hair jumps etc, but graphic impression is not defined by pixels and details in general, on contrary take a look at the greatest and most valued painters their work is almost always blurred. Photo realism is dull/empty.
All together has to balanced, somewhat believable with impression transfer in focus and then human mind can easily close all non photo realistic gaps - immersion. On contrary, if stack of medieval soldiers moves and acts like SW troopers or if you see birch tree growing in dry climate those things hurt someone's eyes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Congrats on the mod award, very well deserved sir. To be honest I'd be a bit irked if you didn't win something and I wasted my vote!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Mate,how to vote for MofYear ?
And i have 2.0 instaled can i just add 2.2 over it ?
Thanks and all the best

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GorillaGuerrilla Creator

Hi mate, yes, just dowload 2.2 and put it on top of the 2.0 and when asked to, overwrite. To vote, please follow top 100 link above and then vote for BannerPage. Thank you.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

Voted .
Good luck and thank you again for this wonderful project.
ive read you creating another Bannerpage mod ? Cool.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This mod is really fun! Voted for mod of the year.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

what a masterpiece, but I'd like to see this mod more challenging cuz its at some point easy to play and have nothing else to do u know what I mean,but I love it and love to see it get me smashesh by the difficulties

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod is a jewel among M&B!
If you use settings at 106% difficulty rating it proven to be fairly a challenge.
Turcopoles and Khmer Mahout are a nightmare sometimes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Absolutely love the mod. Still, it would be nice if weaponry and armours were less anachronistic and more consistent with one time period, like the XIIIth century Warband's set on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
GorillaGuerrilla Creator

Immersion vs Historical accuracy

This is not historical mod, nor it aspires to be one. It is historically inspired Native conversion, with immersion in focus, located in 1257 Calradia. Don't get me wrong lot of research has been put into and all items and units were carefully selected and crafted to resemble to what's considered to be truth.
During my life I have read many books, comic books, watched movies, as most of us have. They are stored in all of us. Historically inspired with greater immersion means bringing out multimedia content which evokes greatest feelings and memories that we keep deep in ourselves. This further engages our minds and souls to dive deep into the game's world, forget real world and completely identify ourselves with our character, culture, customs and tradition. If we already hold lot of that information inside us, about our faction and other factions around us, immersion process will be faster and greater. If that information is dear to us and what we see and hear on the screen pushes our buttons, immersion will completely explode. We will live and breathe gorgeous Medieval life.
You mention 13th century, yes correct, let me tell you that I loved taking inspiration from much wider range. I wanted the mod to be packed with emotions, memories and rich in variety, but quickly recognizable. So taking only factions alone, my inspiration goes from 10th to 15th century. Mercenary span is even wider and items hidden in treasure chests take inspiration all the way from 500BC till 16th century.
I am guessing that you have analytical mind and everything you read from publicly recognized source you hold as sacred truth. Maybe I am wrong, anyway let me help you to accept this mod as potential reality, by accepting only three premises:
a) In any given time in history there were huge technological differences between nations. As a most radical well known example take Imperial forces vs New World civs. Muskets and guns on one side clashed with arrows and spears on the other and all around the World. During 15th Century there were huge differences between neighboring EMEA civs. Differences in wealth, known tech, resources and culture.
b) Technological breakthroughs were really rare back them. Less would be accomplished globally in 500 years then today in just 10. So being loose in those terms is not an offence especially when the above assumption of various differences is taken into account.
c) Historical correctness is at least doubtful. Mainstream theories have changed several times only during last 50 years and in some aspects they change on daily basis. There is a lack of reliable history sources, lot of assumptions made, lot of interpretations and opposing theories, usually depending on who will win a right to claim something. Forgive me for saying this but some parts of "correct" history are really boring. There are tons of videos on YT were Roman soldier is compared to Medieval knight and none were they compare Milan's Cavalier vs Geona's Cavalier.
Taking all tech in Bannerpage into brief analysis (visuallly only because numbers are the same as in Native). All factions have chainmail and all have some application of plate. Only Lords and Elite Troops wear more expensive variants of armor. There are no firearms only fire grenades.
We can finally jump to conclusion that Bannerpage has entirely possible world that we already all know and love or hate which is equally good.
As you can see I've put a lot of thought into what will be in the mod and how it will be represented. I love Warband and I stay behind all hard decisions made for Bannerpage. I am always open to new ideas but they have to fall on the right ground.

Reply Good karma+13 votes
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If you like native, than this is a MUST! Brilliant.

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