Bannerpage tries to add where Native MBW is thin and aims to significantly improve areas in which game hasn't aged well. It creates more immersive experience for hardcore players, returners but also new, younger players. At the same time mod religiously protects game's core values - single player campaign balance and maintains Vanilla's scent. Bannerpage is a full conversion from Native back to Native. Overhauled graphics, distinctive/immersive factions, new animations, new well balanced items, new music, new sounds, new scenes, improved AI, neat UI, new game mechanics in areas that don't affect balance but significantly improve player's experience and many, many more. Mod gives player multiple new options in almost every situation and thus adds a lot to the game's depth. I am dedicating Bannerpage to my two sons as monument of their father's love. Greatest thanks goes to my wife for her patience, love and support during many hours spent in making this mod.

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BannerPage - Faction specific tournaments.
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Really awesome :) I like it better this way. There were some towns in Native that had really boring tournaments

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Bannerpage tournaments are designed to remain interesting and challenging not through one play-through but hundreds of them.

Every single town has different setup of weapons, shields, armors and horses. For example Nords will use axes, spears, throwing axes, throwing spears, round shields, their armors and no horses. Swadians will have colored caparisoned horses, colored lances, mail and plate, heater shields, bucket helms, long and bastard swords etc. All arenas are designed specially to work well with particular gear choices. All gear comes in normal and enhanced versions, quality is randomly distributed between participants.

I know, it takes time to adjust, but it is also in multiple ways rewarding. It is not anymore blindfolded, repetitive hack and slash that it used to be. It is totally different from Native but rewards are different too.

Depending on your RL playing skill (not stats) you will do in some towns better than in others, but you will notice that you are slowly making progress everywhere. Even in later stages of the game you won't dominate in tournaments that aren't compatible with your natural fighting style, but maybe your friend will and vice versa.

Finally tournaments can be as hard as you like them to be. You can tweak almost everything to your liking and after all you can anytime revert everything back to Native with just one click if it pleases you. Accept it and adjust and you'll learn to love it or throw it away and forget.

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