This mod aim to add more depth to the original game and make it more player friendly.
(It is highly recommended to play with the 4.1BB patch and the iron plague expansion to play the mod.)

What can you expect in this mod? :

■ At least 8 new quality units per races (more than 10 new for creon) carefully chosen to enhance each race while staying true to their characteristic.
■ A complete damage system overhaul and a bonus sight range for all units.
■ A balance very similar to what crusade balance has to offer except for the damage system change.
■ A mod made with multiplayer in mind with lots of minor additions to units to enhance player possibilities. (It is still compatible with the campaign.)
■ Units characterisitcs visible on their unit icons for a better comprehension of what does what.
■ Some unit behavior and bug fixing from the 4.1BB patch.
■ All units may give a certain percentage of their mana cost to their killer upon death. (will be togglable in the future by activating/deacticating crusade balance.)
■ Mogrium bounty !

Check this mod articles here " " for more informations!

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback. I am available on discord by the nickname “ako”.

If you ever want to get in touch with the still living TA:K community, check Deekay's website "alltakdownload". You should find anything TA:K related you need there and a link to TA:K discord server.



creator of the mod : AKO

goblin bomber unit come from the age of wonder mod.
elite spearman unit come from the call of arda mod.
mindwhiper, balloonist, nautilus, black scorpion, pikeman units were designed by TA Biohazard.
avalanche unit was made by PDG.
thunder hand unit come from the cursed faction.
Ice yeti, weather spire units come from the azurian faction.
Salamander unit made by Red warlord.
royal guard created by TDFedit.
aegis tower, war bot created by vaerun.
stinger bomber created by aquadraconicus.
army ant and giant spider, sky demon units were created by Kylin.
(cursed mummy, sea guardian, devourer, trapdoor spider units comes from the campaign.)

all other 3rd party models, textures and animations used are not made by me.
i don't know who made those units so i ll just credit the "unknown modder" :)

disclaimer : all unit added to the mod were modified to some extent so they are quite different from their original design.


i also want to thank Vaerun and Deekay for providing me help in understanding and fixing some TA:K stuff and West for testing the mod with me and providing some feedback.
(And thanks to deekay's site alltakdownload for providing me all the tools, mods and game files i needed to make this mod.)

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After the war installation instructions:

To be able to play with the mod without problems you first need to make sure you have the expansion Iron Plague installed with the last patch for TA:K . (When this manual was written out the last patch was 4.1BB .)
Then simply extract the .fbi file in your kingdoms folder.
Search for the file named “Kingdom.key” and rename it into “Kingdom.key.disable”. (Don’t delete it!)
You may need to rename that file back if you don’t want to play with mods.
You can leave the mod file where it is since all mods are disabled if “kingdom.key” isn’t deleted or renamed.

DO NOT use TAK SWITCHER with after the war or you may encounter some bugs !

TA:K useful links:

■ Patch 4.1BB:

■ Gameranger (To play with friends or with TA:K community online):

■ All TA:K tools, old mods, mappacks, AIs, mini fix, etc:

■ TA:K discorde:

■ TA:K Forum:

■ other useful links/ new tileset:

■ TA:K facebook page:

■ Total annihilation universe forum:

Contact me if any of those links doesn't work.

After the war features

After the war features


The complete list of new features you can find in ATW mod.

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Evergreen tileset

Evergreen tileset

Multiplayer Map

An unfinished evergreen tileset for TAK using Aramon color set. It has a few new features compared to the one from TA but also lack some. you can access...

TAK after the war AI 0.1.8

TAK after the war AI 0.1.8


A new AI for the after the war mod to make solo/coop game vs AI more interesting! Comes now with a new boosted AI to increase the challenge!

TAK after the war 1.2.3

TAK after the war 1.2.3

Full Version 4 comments

Full version with all units for all factions available. Also contain a Custom manual with information about the mod and the game for any experienced or...

After the war maps n13

After the war maps n13

Multiplayer Map

A set of maps i created for the After the war mod or just for fun. (13 maps.)

TAK after the war AI 0.1.6

TAK after the war AI 0.1.6


A new AI for the after the war mod to make solo/coop game vs AI more interesting!

After the War 1.1.5b

After the War 1.1.5b

Full Version

Full version with all units for all factions available. (beta version)


does this work with new era mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ledernierrempart Creator

this mod has a pretty unique damage system that units from new era doesn't have. also new era building priority and tiers don't work the same as vanilla which after ther war is based on.

so no.

however you could still load this mod with new era anyway and maybe still make the game work but balance, unit info and unit build order will would be in a total mess.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

its Lord Chris i have to say ... im going to use TA:K Switcher :D

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