After the war is a mod that take place after the events of iron plague, when the last war ended. After some peace time the 5 kingdoms expanded their military in case of a future war against each other and developed many new strategies making the battles more interesting than ever. The mod aim to bring new balance to the game with new unit interactions between each other. It is now a revisited, but still close to crusade balance with many more possibilities since all units have now strengths and weaknesses against certain type of units. Many new unit types make their apparition like wood, stone, steel, demon, skeleton, etc which enhance the strategy possibilities compared to the old model with few unit types which led to very little interactions between units.

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How to instal this mod or any other similar mods and all usefull links to get the last patch for TAK, to play online with its community or with friends and find any other old TA:K content.

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After the war installation instructions:

To be able to play with the mod without problems you first need to make sure you have the expansion Iron Plague installed with the last patch for TA:K . (When this manual was written out the last patch was 4.1BB .)
Then simply extract the .fbi file in your kingdoms folder.
Search for the file named “Kingdom.key” and rename it into “Kingdom.key.disable”. (Don’t delete it!)
You may need to rename that file back if you don’t want to play with mods.
You can leave the mod file where it is since all mods are disabled if “kingdom.key” isn’t deleted or renamed.

DO NOT use TAK SWITCHER with after the war or you may encounter some bugs !

TA:K useful links:

■ Patch 4.1BB:

■ Gameranger (To play with friends or with TA:K community online):

■ All TA:K tools, old mods, mappacks, AIs, mini fix, etc:

■ TA:K discorde:

■ TA:K Forum:

■ other useful links/ new tileset:

■ TA:K facebook page:

■ Total annihilation universe forum:

Contact me if any of those links doesn't work.

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