Commander of Nod's northern forces, programmer, game designer and a lunatic-level crazy backup dancer who enjoys swimming in the cherry blossom -colored sea. Creator of the CnCNet client that is used by almost every active Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 mod. Co-leader of Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection. Author of most of DTA's maps and missions as well as the lovely AI. Enjoys all cute things and large groups of enemy units to wipe out. !!! If you need help with a certain mod that uses the CnCNet client, contact the authors of that mod. Don't ask for help in my personal profile. Other comments about anything else than support requests are welcome.

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DTA Allied Mission: Frostbite (Hard) Playthrough

Rampastring Blog

A playthrough of the recent The Dawn of the Tiberium Age Allied single-player mission, Frostbite, on Hard mode by me. Make sure to enable HD mode when watching.

Tiberian Sun Client Released

Rampastring Blog 2 comments

Tiberian Sun Main Menu


  • Full Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaigns included, with optionally downloadable movies (about 1.3 GB in size)
  • Skirmish support with pre-defined starting locations and teams
  • Dynamic map preview showing starting locations and teams on the map
  • Full CnCNet multiplayer support, including automatic transfer of custom maps, passworded games and private messages*
  • Support for spectators
  • Allows modding similar to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection
  • All TS INI bugs fixed - includes fixes from Aro's Tiberian Sun: UMP
  • Compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Saves statistics from all games of your commander career
  • Automatic updates (you can opt out) for delivery of bugfixes and possible additional content like multiplayer maps
  • FinalSun Map Editor included
  • Extra game options including Build Off Ally, Harder AI, Disabled Super Weapons and Disabled Refinery/Silo Storage
  • Includes some of the best and most beautiful multiplayer maps created for TS by the community (selectable in the "Fan-made" gamemode)
  • Supports viewing and joining DTA and TI (and soon YR) games at CnCNet

*Note: This is not the only TS MP client. Most games are (currently) hosted with FunkyFr3sh's client, which is incompatible with this client. So, on CnCNet you won't see most of the games shown in the main menu.


Client / Game executable / Misc.:

  • Rampastring: For creating the client and applying various improvements to the game, including new game options and maps
  • Bittah Commander: For editing the game executable and FinalSun executable so that it reads files from subdirectories instead of MIX files, and for helping with the client's graphics
  • Iran: Created the Tiberian Sun spawner, which makes it possible to skip the in-game menu and as a result makes the client possible
  • CCHyper: Provided various useful hacks for the game executable, the most important one being the WaveClass error fix
  • zzattack: For making the CNCMaps Renderer and saving me a bit of time by hosting high-quality map preview images at
  • OmegaBolt: For extensive testing and providing useful feedback

Mods / Companies / Communities:

  • The Dawn of the Tiberium Age: For being a development and testing platform for the client
  • Twisted Insurrection: For being a development and testing platform for the client
  • Project Perfect Mod: For hosting classic C&C modding forums
  • CnCNet (including hifi, Rampastring, Iran, FunkyFr3sh, neogrant): For providing an easy-to-use online gaming service for classic Command & Conquer and for hosting this package
  • Westwood Studios: For creating the original game
  • Electronic Arts Inc.: For making Tiberian Sun freeware so that I'm able to distribute this package


  • Aro
  • Aurora196
  • Crash
  • j4m3sb0nd
  • Ixith
  • Rampastring

Skirmish lobby (click to open the whole image):
Tiberian Sun Skirmish Lobby

Tiberian Sun Statistics Window

Tiberian Sun Options Menu


Have fun!

PS. I originally released this package a few days ago at Project Perfect Mod ( ). Since then I've released multiple bug-fixing updates, so be prepared to download a few dozen extra megabytes after downloading and extracting that ZIP package.

Yuri's Revenge CnCNet Client

Rampastring Blog 10 comments

My CnCNet Client, originally made for The Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection, was recently selected as the official CnCNet Client for Yuri's Revenge.

While some UI changes to the client were made by Iran, most of the code is still by me and so I'm able to answer any questions and assist with any potential issues that you might have with the client.

Official download page:

As you can see on the CnCNet network status page, there's already a very decent amount of YR players online, so if you're interested in YR, there's plenty of people to have fun with. Other than that, my main project, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age, has lately also had some players online every single day, with usually a peak of 5 games being played at once during the week and more during weekends.

I'm naturally glad to see my code being put in good use, and I'm also glad that DTA has lately been active enough for me to get some fun matches on multiple days in a week. Right now I'm working on expanding the client with new features and I'm also working towards Tiberian Sun support, including support for any smaller Tiberian Sun mods that various modding community members might come up with.

Military Service

Rampastring Blog 3 comments

On next Monday the Commander of the Finnish Ground Forces will click the Rampastring icon on the sidebar's barracks section. Military service is practically mandatory for every Finnish male, and because of that I won't be able to be as active game development wise as I've been. Usually the real life version of Arma 3 provides gameplay for 5½ months, although in the longest case it can take a year.

What this means is that I'll have to suspend development until I'm done with the service. We get very little free time on the barracks and we also have most weekends free, but I won't be able to do much on those - the weekends are reserved for resting after the physically tiring exercises and spending time with friends and family.

However, I'm not quitting game development. The service will only last for 5½ months (unless I get unlucky, that is) and after that I'll be continuing work on all of my projects. Games and game development are and will always be a significant part of my life.

In the meanwhile, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age will naturally continue in the good hands of its leader, Bittah, and together with the TI staff I've already made sure that the Twisted Insurrection Client, essentially a slightly modified version of the DTA Client, is ready for the release of Public Beta 5.

Explaining the Renderer option in DTA

Rampastring Blog 3 comments

The next update to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age will contain a lot of technical changes. One of the more important ones is the new Renderer option, replacing the old system of having a checkbox for disabling DirectDraw hardware acceleration on XP and hardcoding the Windows 8 fix into the client. This new system gives us more flexibility in updating our compatibility fixes for different operating systems. We've also included a new compatibility option, called TS-DDRAW. This setting provides Windows 8 (and Linux) gamers much better performance (including fullscreen mode) and, as a direct result, a better gameplay experience than the compatibility fix we previously forced on Windows 8.

Because the options of the Renderer setting are not really self-explanatory, I've decided to list and explain them here. Note that while the screenshot is from The Dawn of the Tiberium Age, the same information below also applies to Twisted Insurrection.

  • Default - no special compatibility options set. Recommended for smooth performance on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Supports both fullscreen and windowed modes. Results in slow performance, crashes or odd graphics on most Windows 8 systems.
  • IE-DDRAW - the previously forced compatibility setting for Windows 8. Provides poor, but still somewhat acceptable ingame performance on all operating systems. Doesn't support fullscreen mode.
  • TS-DDRAW - provides good in-game performance, while having some slowdown and other issues in the in-game menus (but that isn't a significant issue, since with our external client you rarely get to see the ingame menu). On most (non-Windows 8) systems, Default gives you higher frame rates. However, on Windows 8, TS-DDRAW provides far better in-game performance than IE-DDRAW or Default, and as such this is the new recommended setting for Windows 8. Fullscreen mode only. Thanks to hifi (the main developer of CnCNet) for creating the TS-DDRAW library.
  • Software (Windows XP only) - Has the same effect as disabling DirectDraw Hardware Acceleration in previous versions of DTA 1.12, meaning varied results. On some XP systems, this option gives much better performance than Default, but on other XP systems it can actually slow the game down. Note: known to cause sync errors in multiplayer on some systems. Using this setting while playing online is not recommended unless your game runs too poorly to be playable with the Default renderer.

These are the compatibility options coming with the next update for DTA 1.12. The options could be changed in the future, in which case I'll update this blog post to keep it up-to-date.

Unimportant note - IE-DDRAW does actually support fullscreen mode, but the performance is too slow to be playable. Because of that, the client forces Windowed mode on whenever you select IE-DDRAW.

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