A total conversion of the Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, inspired in two games; Tiberian Sun and Tiberian Dawn. Global Crisis (GC) want tell a new history in modern age and modern combat, with real countries and his armies, under an apocalyptic world caused by the Tiberium and the humanity.

War and Tiberium is coming!

First Public Beta (soon):

-The future first beta will contain with 2 factions (Russia and USA), more factions soon...

-One of the main objectives of the mod is the visual experience.

-The campaign want be a memorable experience (under development)



Current Ion Storm [WIP]

Special thanks:

-NimoStar (Balancing and coding)

-Ares DLL (...)

Do you like the project?

The mod is mainly developed by one person... maybe do you can buy me a beer?


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RSS Articles

Greetings commanders, we are here with news and the latest updates of the project. it's been a long time since I started the project, many years learning and improving my quality as a modder and as an artist, defining my final style during all those years. finally we can announce that we will soon release the first playable beta of the mod, but there are still many details to work on, for now we can show you something really exciting.

Group of tanks patrolling red zones.
Devastated cities after the nuclear war and the total infection of the earth.

All the VFX evolved from this

to this

(ignore thos wrong FLH, I forgot fix it haha)

I'm really happy with most of the weapons, they all looks more realistic and brutal.
I've been exploring new tools and methods to make better VFX and effects ingame, using EmberGen to make realistic simulations, eventually I'll replace all the explosions/fire/smoke... etc

(recorded from a Youtube video of one of my closed betatesters, 30 fps)

Weapons with partilces, simulating shrapnels (WIP)

Ricocheting bullets

Debris / Explosions (without shrapnels-old video)

How much time take to make a new building with this quality? around 4-6 hours, more horus if youre learning something or makinf frames with snow and extra animations, the effort is colossal, but i really like the results.
After some years making 3ds stuff and sprites, this kind of results are just incredible compared with my first models.

USA Construction Yard final design

Most of the combat vehicles of the two factions are fully operattional at this point, of course GC only use sprites for the vehicles.
There are some multiplayer units and campaign units. of course I'm planning add more variations, trucks and maybe some T4 tanks with tiberium technology.

USA combat vehicles

Russia Combat vehicles / civilian vehicles


This image shows most of the graphics needed to make a new unit, there is a lot of work for each single unit. and of course you need consider the codes, balancing of the unit (codes) and errors while I'm making the new unit haha


There is some Mutated buildings, basically a giant visceroid living inside of buildings


Ruins, part of the red zones, specially for abandoned cities and infected cities.
Those are like 12/60 buildins that I've beend making along those years.

The funniest thing is that I'm using a program specially made for architecture...

And 3ds max to destroy them heh

Recently I've been making more civilian stuff/terrain/weather events for the game than factions units or buildings, the reason is simple, i really love to make civ stuff and mapping. that is the only way to show the lore of this mod, i cant do it with RA2 stuff.

Militar Base into an abandonded city (Red Zone)
Notice the infantry with special suits and of course harvesters to collect tiberium.

Infected and abandoned city, with some... mutans or zombies?

Infected city, Red Zone (map made by CatTanker "smh")


Building a base (Red Zone)


Mega City (Blue-Yellow zone)

"choo choo 🚄"

You may be wondering why all the maps looks so dark? because the planet is enveloped in a radioactive cloud after the nuclear war by the tiberium (?) maybe, but actually you can change everything and customize your games, a sunny day or a day with ion storm/ meteor storm/ random zombies/ or another mutation.


meteors? wtf

The question here is, how I've made all those super detailed maps? with magic, of course.
The magic is called WAE, a new map editor developed by Rampastring, this tool is one of the reasons why I want make more civilian stuff haha.

With two clicks you can detail entire maps, it's simply the best tool ever created.

Are you interested in testing the mod and creating some maps? you are welcome! we are looking for mappers.

we're testing the mod in a closed beta with our team, cheking errors and specially looking for potential mappers.

and working on the campaign, adding performance settings, changing the client, making the music, fisnishing some old VFX and more...

The next article will be about the first release! :)

ATA_Andrada is our new composer, he is creating music for the mod.

-CatTanker - mapper, coder, beta tester, etc...
-To all the people who has been helping the development of the mod <3

join our discord


Do you like the project?

The mod is mainly developed by one person. consider support me :)
you can find some interesting stuff on my patreon if you're making your own mod.


Global Crisis | News and Development #01

Global Crisis | News and Development #01

News 24 comments

War and Tiberium is coming! After years the project has define final artistic direction; Graphics, Sprites, FX, 3d models, programs, Codes and more...

Global Crisis (SC)

Global Crisis (SC)

News 55 comments

Tiberium, ruins, destruction and mutants! This is Global Crisis... With a good graphic quality. and love for the C&C tiberian games!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 274)
lunamos - - 2 comments

It looks so good! I hope I can play the first Public beta sooner :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Anton•Slavik - - 55 comments

S O O N !

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
F5544 - - 54 comments

Wow looks great. Also a lot of defense? Like bunkers walls sandbags etc?
Like to build a good base like in the real world. Totally love it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
UnicornsVomit - - 106 comments

God it looks so beautiful!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ghanbareyalireza0 - - 40 comments

wher the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KurEye2005 - - 5 comments

for some reason Scipcion worked with multiple mods. It's best to wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
dima1944 - - 1 comments

in spanish
hola me alegra saber como a ido el mod estuve esperando mucho y la verdad me da mucha emocion probar en un futuro este mod ya que se nota que esta hecho con mucho carño a la saga buena suerte a todo el equipo

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
CommanderVN - - 6 comments

I have never seen a mod with tanks and effects this beautiful

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BetaRey - - 178 comments

any aproximate beta testing date? :) ofc for patreons and testers :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
SCIPCION - - 413 comments

Soon as posible, Ive been working on the first part of the campaign. ty :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes
思金人时代 - - 157 comments

After so many years, why not share a beta version with us

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BetaRey - - 178 comments

joy to hear this ;) thanks for response.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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