Commander of Nod's northern forces, programmer, reverse-engineer, game designer and a 東方 lunatic who enjoys swimming in the cherry blossom -colored sea. Original creator of the CnCNet client that is used by almost every active Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 mod. Co-leader of @[Dawn of the Tiberium Age](mods:the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age:10865) and the author of various Tiberian Sun game engine improvements. Ex-staff of @[Twisted Insurrection](mods:twisted-insurrection:10974). Enjoys all cute things and large groups of enemy units to wipe out.

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For those interested, I just launched a page on Patreon:

If you've been enjoying my stuff and feel like providing extra incentive to C&C modding, whether it's for CnCNet, the client, Tiberian Sun engine hacks, or more content for Dawn of the Tiberium Age, you are now have an option of saying "thanks" in a financial form. There's multiple tiers to choose from, hopefully they're good enough for covering any financial situation.

I'm copy/pasting my whole Patreon introduction below, in case you're interested in reading it:

I'm a programmer, hobbyist game designer, reverse-engineer and 2D graphics artist. I'm mostly occupied with Command & Conquer mods and related tools and best known as the original author of the CnCNet Client, creator of various advanced C&C Tiberian Sun engine hacks, and the co-leader of Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA).

Lately I've also been working on a new map editor for Tiberian Sun / Dawn of the Tiberium Age with advanced features, like terrain generation. I've also contributed to the "Vinifera" TS engine extension project.

Most of the work I've done is related to behind-the-scenes code on the game engine that can't be demonstrated visually. Overall I've written multiple tens of thousands of lines of code for Command & Conquer games, pioneered several trends in modding from automatic updates to CnCNet multiplayer, and practically all current classic Command & Conquer projects use my code to a significant extent - especially Tiberian Sun mods.

All of my code is open-source and while my work is often motivated by DTA, I share my creations openly with the wider TS and C&C community and provide support to other projects. I'm financially stable, but some people have previously told me that they'd like to donate. If you'd like to provide some extra incentive for my projects in the form of financial "thanks", this page provides you with an option for that - regardless of whether you're a fan of my content for DTA or my contributions to the wider community.

Regardless of which tier you are on, if you subscribe, feel free to get in touch and inform me what kind of C&C content you enjoy! Whether it's more content for Dawn of the Tiberium Age engine hacks or client features, I'm interested in hearing what made you subscribe.


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