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Homeworld Genre

I don't think that only 3DS RTS is an only option for a Homeword game. We can think of different game genres for HW, expanding its universe. For example:

  1. Kharak: Total War;
  2. Exile: the Tambuur Accident;
  3. Somtaaw Tycoon;
  4. Vaygr of Orion;
  5. Spec Ops: Hiigarian Landfall;
  6. Homeworld: The New Republic;

It would be fun (or not) if to have a HW universe tactical game like Nexus; and then, a space strike craft wing leader simulator like Descent - for example, in the walls of the MegaStation... As a spin-off, we could use Tambuur bounty hunting, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, we have now "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak", with a lot of inspiration from previous games, but was it the only option? Before it came out, I tried to image the strategy on sands of the ancient Kharak...

Kharak: Total War

It would be interesting to play some kind of land strategy, dedicated to Homeworld - to Kharak. Its history is written quite good, and it can be improved in-depth (especially I like the moment when Nabaali come from their valley with steam tanks, panzerkleins and automatic weaponry).

So, I guess one of the best variants would be the "Shogun: Total War" option (or "WH40k Dawn of War: Dark Crusade") with Kharak surface - at least the North Pole hemisphere - and kiithid to choose.

Main Kiithid:

  1. Gaalsien,
  2. Siiddim,
  3. Somtaaw,
  4. Ferriil (actually we know nothing about them but that they are religious ones),
  5. Nabaal,
  6. Paktu,
  7. Manaan,
  8. Hraal (actually, they are also not known before Nabaali rise)

About 6-8 sides.

Support Kiithid:

  1. Sobani mercenaries,
  2. Kaaleli ninjas,
  3. SJetti science...

And waste amount of vassal kiithid bringing small bonuses to the Great Kiithid when conquered. Something of "Endless Legend", you know.

One of the main resources will be water. Water and... whatever to build with. Then the coal (to have steam from), metal (to make swords and bullets) and the oil.

Game must be heavily based on survivalism. Every men must get experience, and fight with mastery, not numbers.

Possible Campaigns:

  1. Gaalsi Campaign ("Survival");
  2. Siiddim Campaign ('Purity);
  3. Paktu Campaign ("Escape");
  4. Manaani Campaign ("Vengeance");
  5. Somtaaw Campaign ("Hold");
  6. Naabal Campaign ("Reason");
  7. Sobani Campaign ("Honor");

Only thing I "fear" - that if we would dig HW manual history for realism too much, we would fail.

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