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Make Arma Not War submissions closed

ARMA 3 1 comment

Bohemia Interactive’s €500,000 Make Arma Not War is now closed for submissions.

You can still vote for your favorite entries in the Singleplayer category until October 31st, which will help select the 20 finalists. In the other categories the finalists will be selected by Bohemia Interactive.

The final winners in each category will be announced on March 5th, 2015.

Check out some of the featured entries below and if you are polishing your mod for release, why not tap into the massive modDB community.

Track this event for more updates and announcements.

Indie DB Steam Curator

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To much choice? Worry no more gamers, we have you covered via our shiny new Steam Indie DB Curator page. Our aim is to highlight the best games and mods Steam has to offer, by picking our favorites, by picking your favorites, by picking past indie of the year winners and everything else we love. So please hop on over and give us a follow!

For indie game developers on the site, here are some ways you can get our attention:

We are super interested in recommending any indie that deserves it, so again please follow us and promote your game on Indie DB! Oh and for upcoming games, follow our Green-light collection we've got you covered there too!

Saints Row IV

Modding SDK for Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV 7 comments

SRIV SDK Release A version 2

The great folks over at Volition, have recently released part 1 of their Saints Row IV modding SDK.
This SDK (Release A) includes tutorials, template files, and tools for creating your own new weapon models for use ingame.

Included in this release is a demo mod showcasing a new weapon from their new title Saints Row: Gat out of Hell: Damned Impaler Mod

Saints Row IV SDK Release A: Version 2

SRIV SDK Release A version 2

A separate update will allow new weapons to be added without having to remove the old files.

SR3 / SRIV Weapon ArchiveSaints Row 3 & IV Weapon Archive

SR3 / SRIV Weapon Archive

Included in this weapons archive, are all the weapons from 3 & VI they are not game ready, but are great for mixing and mashing together!

The last feature this release includes is an in-depth modeling tutorial.
There's a fair bit of work to get setup, however once done Saints Rows becomes a sandbox of your creations, it's well worth the effort!

So what are you waiting for?, if you have a mod in development, are now going to kick one off or have an awesome weapon model to show off, add your content here and get promoting.

We will keep you updated on future SDK release's, you can track the updates here!

We are looking forward to seeing what the community can create!

ModDB Hall Of Fame - Celebration of 17 Years of Modding

News 14 comments

It's that time of year again. Time to vote for the best mod's of the year. Its also the perfect time to take a look down memory lane with the Mod Hall of Fame. Every mod on this list has earned its spot be it via commercial or critical acclaim and has influenced gaming in some way, so grab your popcorn and take a seat whilst we recap on the highlights of the last century, wow thats along time!

The modding community has helped shape the industry and games in general and it shows in this list. Almost every genre of game is represented on this list from team based first person shooters like Team Fortress to real time strategies like Complex for homeworld 2. Some mods in this list even helped create entirely new genre's.


Whats this madness! ModDB Has a YouTube Page?

That's right! ModDB Does have a Youtube page. Sadly its hasn't seen new content in quite sometime. That's where I come in! Hello, My name is CaptainShack, I've been hosting the channel TheXpGamers on YouTube for quite awhile now. Our tag line has always been "Where we support the modding community". I've made it my mission to make ModDB's Youtube channel a great place to find the modding and Indie video content and a great avenue to help support our developers! Feel free to contact me over on YouTube or at

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Latest Videos

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Noesis Developer Interviews

The guys over at Noesis have kindly partnered with us to get some footage from in and around the modding scene. Last February at GDC, they had the chance to track down a few mods teams and ask them a few questions on tape. The first in the GDC series is an interview with Scott and myself. We took the time out of our hectic schedule to answer a few questions they had about this site and its future.

Flipside Mod Team

Eternal Silence Mod Team

Previous Release Spotlight Videos

Each month, a new mod spotlight video will be released showcasing the mods released. To browse all of the videos and writeup, jump to the ModDB TV features section.

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