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This post isn't likely to catch the interest of a whole lot of people, but I was inspired to write up an update after a small eternity, so eh.

So what's on the bill today? Well, I released v1.1 of my GZDoom randomizer mod Vandomizer a while back, completing the Heretic compatibility implementation and bringing some minor tweaks. I'm also - somewhat unexpectedly - working on a v2.2 update for Satanic Gameshow Deluxe. In fact, it may not be too far from seeing a release, though nothing has been set in stone date-wise as of yet.

The biggest update of the day, though, regards yet another gameplay mod that I started working on the other week. Said mod goes by the working title Nocturnist.

My initial idea with Nocturnist was to make it an action-oriented mod akin to SGD, with a unique weapon arsenal and an ability set that would make the player feel almost like a ninja, but I'm beginning to lean more towards a survival horror-inspired gameplay loop. The mod is still in a very early stage anyway, with only some basic test code having been made so far, so I still have time to decide on the exact direction I want it to take. We'll see which way it ends up going.

Also, a dedicated mapset for SGD may or may not become a thing at some point.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

- Santtu Pesonen

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