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Or, well, technically my second, but my first attempt at making such a thing was merely a collection of minor tweaks for the weapons.

This new one, though, is slightly more complex than that. I've been working on it almost obsessively over the past month and a half-ish, and things have shaped up to the point where I feel confident enough to announce the thing. So, without further ado, I hereby announce Satanic Gameshow Deluxe!

At this stage, the mod features a brand new weapon set consisting of 10 weapons. The enemies have also been tweaked - most of them have had their lethality increased by different means. For instance, the speeds of most enemy projectiles have been increased. My personal favorite feature, though, is definitely the "feat"/reward system - the player obtains weapon upgrades by killing certain numbers of specific enemies. Finally, there's a custom powerup that turns the player into an unstoppable killing machine for a minute, in a fashion similar to Doom 3's Berserk.

Other planned features are finishers á la Wrack and more custom powerups. What kinds of powerups I'll have in the mod, however, has yet to be decided upon.

Either way, I hope you're as excited to play the mod as I am to develop it. It's been immensely fun for sure.

Stay tuned!

- Santtu Pesonen

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