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The Steam Summer Sale brings with it plenty of opportunities for gamers looking to try out some top-notch, modern mods!

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The Steam Summer Sale is back on and we've got plenty of opportunities to lighten our wallets and pick up that title we always meant to but never did. Meanwhile, ModDB just so happens to host over 60,000 mods for almost 50,000 games, so here's five of each to give you some ideas for this year's summer sale!

Game: Doom II (in Classic Bundle): £2.49 GBP/$3.74 USD

Mod: Bloom

By Bloom Team


No prizes for guessing what would be one of the top games on this list - DOOM II and its predecessor have a rich history on-site with a bucket load of mods to pick from, should you pick it up in this year's summer sale, but Bloom is a way to get the best of both worlds as a crossover between BLOOD and DOOM. Explore this creatively violent melding of two classic 2.5D FPS games of the 90s and kick the ass of demons and cultists in iconic style.

Game: Half-Life 2 (Orange Box): £3.09 GBP/$3.99 USD

Mod: ICE

By Timian


Half-Life 2's presence on-site cannot be understated, with mods of all shapes and sizes from all entries in the franchise (even Alyx got in on the fun!), but Half-Life 2 is probably the one with the most impact overall, and it's thanks to mods like ICE - projects that blur the line between total conversion and total overhaul, creating new enemies, weapons, and entirely new gameplay loops from the original title. If you're getting the Orange Box then you're strapping yourself in, like the rest of us, to a lifetime of waiting for that elusive Episode 3 - but fan-made continuations like ICE numb the pain of waiting.

If you thought Half-Life 2 was full of total conversions, Warband'll blow you away. Think of any historical period before the early 1900s and you're almost guaranteed to find a project for it on-site restoring that period's conflicts, political climate, and geography. If fantasy's your type, you'll be hard pressed not to find a rendition of all the greats in Warband by modders as well; and then there's mods like Prophesy of Pendor, which create their own richly detailed fantasy universe within Warband, and then let you play around with it. Games are no stranger to political dramas, but Warband is uniquely a place where some modders create their own from the ground up.

Game: Star Wars Battlefront II: £2.51 GBP/$3.49 USD

Mod: Saga Edition

By Spiret


So popular they had to remake the entire franchise a second time, Battlefront is a name made legend in the Star Wars community. The newer titles haven't had such a productive time in regards to UGC - although there are still plenty of great examples of what is possible in the newer title on ModDB - but the classic Battlefront II has commanded modders for many years. Saga Edition is another addition to this modding saga of its own, with new factions, heroes, and units to explore across 18 converted maps that give you a whale of a time whether with a group of friends or alongside AI companions.

Game: C&C: Red Alert 3: £4.49 GBP/$4.99 USD

Mod: Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation

By Parametheus

Prometheus' multi-purpose arsenal

Let's be honest - if we'd picked basically any of the C&C titles on Steam, there would've been a solid pick for this placement, but Red Alert 3 seemed to strike a chord with many modders that only the classics in Yuri's Revenge and Generals can match. Many flashy, explosive, bombastic mods are there to enjoy, and Rejuvenation brings the game into the modern day with a great roster of outrageously fun units packed full of destructive arsenals. No mercy, comrade - go kick some ass!

And that's it for our breakdown of some great ModDB and modding representation in this year's summer sale. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more mod-centric breakdowns of future Steam sales? And what mods did I commit a crime by not mentioning? Let us know in the comments down below and in the mean time, happy modding!

notaclevername - - 522 comments

Very awesome to see our mod up here! in this article!
Humbled and appreciative!
- Jason, ICE Expansion pack

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 835 comments

You're welcome! Great work.

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Berzerk2k2 - - 116 comments

BLOOM really was (and still is) a lot of fun. I hope we'll see a even more crazy sequel appearing sometime in the future.

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