• Well thought out cultures, armies, and conflicts
  • Unique Backstory and expanded Character Generation System- The World of Pendor
  • Low Fantasy setting
  • New battle AI System
  • Enhanced Goals
  • Enhanced and Detailed Economic and location building system
  • Deep Immersion
  • Knighthood Orders - Dynamic, premade and custom
  • Minor Factions - some to destroy, some to align, some to fear
  • More Events
  • More quests
  • Dynamic rumor system
  • Dozens of unique spawns that bring the lore to life
  • Dymanic Conversation System
  • Dynamic Event System
  • Expanded amount of Companions
  • Voice acting in encounters
  • Expanded encounter conversation system
  • Heartbeat Quest system for when you own
  • Claim your own Kingdom and Kingdom Management system
  • Dynamic Event System
  • All new and unique items (Hundreds)
  • Expanded victory conditions
  • Special Items
  • Specialty Enemy Heroes and minor Factions
  • Designed to be a Challenge to Play - recommended for experienced players
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Hello everyone!

It's been a bit since we made an article but I thought with the new release; I'll make one!

So we have finally reached v3.9.5 of the v3.9 series. This is nothing short of amazing. Pendor is over 10 YEARS OLD, that's right. Going back all the way to original Mount and Blade, before Warband!

There have been plenty, hundreds, of people helping out with the modification. We would not be here today without standing on their shoulders. Thank you so much for all the hard work yous put through if you are reading this!

So onto v3.9.5. We got lots of things going on here!

Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5

This time around, thanks to many volunteers, we have full translations of PoP in Russian and Chinese! This would not be possible without them and their community owes them a great deal. You can find their online personas in the credit section of our download for v3.9.5. Thanks again and we are glad PoP can be played INTERNATIONALLY!!!

demon guys

Now, for those of you who don't know. Pendor has Demons. Scary right? Well now their even more demonic in v3.9.5. They not only got an entirely NEW look to them. But they now wield FLAMING SWORDS. Like why...why devs!!!?? Well not only that, they also got armor changes and new items to fit their demonic retinue. They are now more fearsome then EVER!

Some other big changes you'll see in the mod are CKO QoL Changes. You can now, in game, adjust how fast and expensive your Custom Knighthood Order equips and trains itself. That's right. No more being subject to The Man, the power is with YOU. We realized after lots of feedback, that many players don't always want to invest so much time and energy that by late game, there's no need for using these overpowered units. Now you can change it to in-game perimeters provided for you. Hope you guys enjoy that one! Oh, we also added some new items that are not only found as merchandise, but can also be equipped on your CKO for their own unique look!


That's right. Look at these bad boys. Well, I shouldn't say that. They form to female physique when you play as a female! Amazing huh? I think we got some more.. Oh yeah!!


We also threw in some new variants that you can find on a few lords. Other than that, they are located randomly in shops and are available for your CKO should you meet their requirements (if any are needed that is). We thought having some variant of one of the coolest helmets in the game would be worth it!

Speaking of shops, merchants have more money and restock quicker. Shopping should be a bit more fun for those fashionistas!

So while I can't list EVERY change we did, we have a whole sleuth of changes that may catch your eye. Between new armors, bug fixes, requested features like remote completion of radiant quests. There's a lot here that may convince you to start over from previous saves. Or maybe this is where you'll finally land in Pendor!

I'll show a few more things to entice you, like Griffon Grandmaster (on the right)!


Well that about wraps up for what we have to talk about. Lots of our changes can be found on our mod page.

We are only a few short ways away from the release of Early Access Bannerlord. Now I know what you're thinking here: are we going to mod PoP for Bannerlord?

Simple put: we don't know at this point. We don't have the mod tools that are to come with 'release' of the game (if early access counts as that).

We don't know how the set up will be with their module system like you see in Elder Scrolls game files or if it's in the EA release at the end of March.

We may have plans but we aren't at that point where we know for sure. I mean how can we not want Pendor in Bannerlord? It's too savory or awesome to NOT imagine. Maybe one day, if we are certain though. You all will know!

Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5

With that said, we hope you all enjoy our newest patch. Happy gaming everyone and enjoy your sail to the land of Pendor!


The Prophesy of Pendor Development Team


Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.2 Release!

Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.2 Release!

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Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 Possible Release Date

Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 Possible Release Date

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We have news on the possible release date for Prophesy of Pendor v3.9!

Upcoming Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 Changelog

Upcoming Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 Changelog

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This is the current WIP changelog for Prophesy of Pendor v3.9

Prophesy of Pendor v3.8 Release!

Prophesy of Pendor v3.8 Release!

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Release of the total conversion mod for Mount & Blade Warband: Prophesy of Pendor! v3.8 Has finally been release after a year in development!

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Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5

Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5

Full Version 114 comments

This is the 5th patch to hit main version 3.9 in the mod: Prophesy of Pendor. With it, you will find many quality of life changes, new additions and many...

[OUTDATED] v3.9.4 Hot Fix 3 (07/18/2019)

[OUTDATED] v3.9.4 Hot Fix 3 (07/18/2019)

Patch 15 comments

Compatible with 3.9.4 savegames To install, unzip and copy/paste files onto v3.9.4 directory and overwrite. This file contains all the hotfixs. So if...

[OUTDATED] Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.4

[OUTDATED] Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.4

Full Version 82 comments

Prophesy of Pendors 4th Patch for v3.9 is now here! It will require a new game to play and is not save-game compatible with other versions, or tweaks...

Prophesy of Pendor V3.9.3 [OUTDATED]

Prophesy of Pendor V3.9.3 [OUTDATED]

Full Version 75 comments

This is Prophesy of Pendor Full Version 3.9.3! This version is NOT save-game compatible with previous PoP saves/versions. This is the full download and...

v3.9.2 Hotfix-Patch [OUTDATED]

v3.9.2 Hotfix-Patch [OUTDATED]

Patch 25 comments

Latest Patch to upgrade v3.9.x to v3.9.2 - Fixes KHO bounty points - Cko equipment bug fixed - Companion sent to train CKO, will report increase in firearm...

PoP V3.611 Full Version [LEGACY/OUTDATED]

PoP V3.611 Full Version [LEGACY/OUTDATED]

Full Version 3 comments

This is an upload of Version 3.611 for those who have an interest in playing the older version of the mod.

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is there a mod discord?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I have some ideas for a possible 3.9.6 update. Here they are:
1)Addition of foraging skill. In the late game, a group of 500-700 soldiers consume way too much food way too fast and you need them for unique spawns and armies. It made Perisno so much more fun.
2)Balancing the morale change rate. I'm tired of my group of 500 soldiers declaring war on me because I spent 2 seconds without fighting.
3) A new skill that may be called "Steady Aim". It basically increases accuracy for bows, crossbows and guns, and increases crossbow and gun damage by . Basically power draw, but for crossbows and guns.
4) Power draw also increases projectile speed for bows.
5)Leadership should multiplicatively decrease negative morale changes rather than additively increasing the overall morale.
6)I think potions having diminishing returns after 3 uses is unnecessary. It should either be completely removed, or fixed so that every 3 uses of a SPECIFIC potion starts having diminishing returns for THAT potion type only. For example, if I drink a Potion Of Harkon 3 times, it gives me 1 increase to all stats next time but I still get 2 intelligence when I use an Elixir Of Janos.
7) New diplomatic options like trade agreements and sanctions.
8) To be able to play as a companion in battle so that we can control their actions and level them up faster.
9) To be able to switch to a pre-determined troop once we get knocked out in battle so that momentum doesn't stop.
10) Making trading a viable way of making money. As its current state, it's useless.
11) New ways of gaining honor and expanding its consequences like more taxes from fiefs, higher party morale and the tolerance of vassals with negative relations.

Overall, I think these should improve the mod that is already a masterpiece even further. You guys are doing an incredible job. If Taleworlds released this as a completely new game like Fire And Sword, nobody would think that this is a mod. As a Turkish person just like most workers at Taleworlds, I humbly thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

6 - that is not "diminishing returns". It is not what this term means.
Plus people should really stop seeing that as a penalty. It's the other way around: +1 is standard, while +2 is an extra bonus for the first 3 uses. Most mods don't even have that.

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1 + 8 + 9
this is highly needed

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Good ideas, i just don't really agree on the 6th one. I think the problem is the fact that increasing levels becomes a pain in the a** since lvl 40. Increasing the amount of xp gained should be the first thing to do (you can actually tweak it easily), thus the potions don't become a way to replace a level-up that never comes.

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Hi, I have a question : where can we see how the development is going (if it's still under devlpment) ? are there regular updates about it on a website or smthing ?

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hello, i tried to tweak latest POP version (3.9.5) with 'MB Barracks Editor Package 2.46', but after i clicked on the IMPORT button in the excel version, it ran for about 3 secs, then an error appeared:

Runtime error '13':
Type mismatch

Then I clicked on the debug button to see more error's info, there was a yellow arrow point at this line:

If ct8(ct9) = -1 Then

can i still use excel to edit POP? if i can't use Barrack Editor, is there any other program that can mass edit troops.txt? Seems like Viking Conquest's module has the same problem. Thanks

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Hi. Have you tried Morgh's editor?

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It's Prophesy of Pendor, what more can be said about it? It's just such a great mod which really takes the Native base and deepens it in every conceivable way.

Dec 23 2015 by ThaLord

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