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Capcom has announced a new event covering info on their newly announced titles, and since Resident Evil is part of that line-up, here's five mods to practice your skills!

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Capcom has announced an exciting new games show that will unveil details for their recently announced titles. With a healthy showing from some of Capcom's most iconic franchises, including Resident Evil, here's five RE mods to practice your survival horror skills!

Resident Evil: Mortal Night

By Resevilnemesis30

Mortal Night is a mod for Resident Evil 2 Sourcenext that adds a completely new story and radically changes the gameplay by adding new mechanics. Randomization has been included, which means that items, enemies, door locks and cutscenes will vary (slightly or greatly) every time you start a new playthrough. In addition to this, the order in which you go to the different areas and the choices you make will also affect the story and gameplay.

Resident Evil 2: Destiny

By PixelAvenger01


You play as "Vander", another survivor in the Racoon City incident, and this time you make your own destiny in the game! Play inside Capcom's best survival horror in an all new character, alternate stories and maps, while meeting memorable characters both new and old. Resident Evil 2 mods are quite alive and sprawling, thanks to various ports over the years to the PC that give the community more access to this game than others.

Enhanced Environment

By Cerberus84

island_truck-elevator 2

This mod improves the complete surrounding textures of RE4. Already a tightly made game with an art style and graphical fidelity that ages well than most, RE4 is regarded by some as the best of the franchise. Aged it has by now, though, and even in 2007, modders were looking to maintain its graphical style for longer. The remake will invariably look better but also change many aspects of the game, and so, if you'd like the original with a new coat of paint instead, this mod's the one for you.

Resident Evil - Barry's Mod

By AydanWatkins

Resident Evil - Barry's Mod Screenshots

Resident Evil (Barry's Mod) is a stand-alone modification to the PC version of Resident Evil and allows you to play through the original game campaign as Barry Burton but with many changes to the game including new item and enemy locations, story and much more.

Resident Evil 3 Overhaul Mod (SOURCENEXT)

By Komizo


This is the project to pursue the origin of "Survival Horror" again in the world of classic Resident Evil. I'm thinking about ResidentEvil-ness. Many new features have been added in concert with the core tenets of Resident Evil 3. New items, new enemies, and new puzzles increase the depth of the playing strategy. This mod requires more observation, consideration, and swift decisionā€making than before.

Capping A Win

Capcom as a publisher are best known for iconic franchises like Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and of course, Resident Evil. The latter IP, in particular, has done pretty well in recent years, after a stint of poorly-received games triggered a "reboot" of design direction with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Part of this reboot takes the form of remakes, with RE2 and 3 having received some (the first entry received a few remakes over the years, but is not within this recent line-up). Now, a remake for Resident Evil 4 - some would say, the last great entry of the classics - is announced, around the same time as another announcement from Capcom - regarding a games show on June 13th. Diving into news regarding recently announced titles, it seems likely that the remake of this iconic survival horror will make the cut.

Resident Evil 4 HD screenshot

Vastly different from its predecessors, Resident Evil 4 was more action-focused but retained the chilling, eerie atmosphere and hit the mark with some freakish enemy designs

One Long Night

Other games possibly making an appearance include another RE title, Re:Verse, as well as the next entry in the almost-equally notable Street Fighter line-up and a VR port of the seventh mainline game. Capcom fans are eating well at the moment - and the next course is on the way.

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